During my Summer fishing trips in August 2013, my permanent partner on fishing became Uncle vecherinok.
Fisherman in age, with experience and serious a multi-year once a-serving autocrat.

I on a fishing trip remained without machines, me on Bank with all my with treasures for my oldest boy and its people.
I pose tent, groomed camp and Roulette head over tactic industrialized fishing fish.

Hours in eight-nine the evening came Uncle vecherinok (BO), he came after work and remained on clock. He had enormous experience search for major fish, a much greater than my, knew its habits and was me an indispensable assistant in complex situations, understanding me without words, and sometimes and working on allows tracing. In general, we here very be each other pad frames and us alternativeto both, was comfortable experience.

So in one of August polls days I arrived for my its place, roughly hours in 14-15, most the best time, peak heat of this. In this time even the most persistent leaving, leaving zanimaemye seats, and there is chance sited comfort and without friction.

I has broken camp and turning over in anybody the possible options prikarmlivaniya, went swim in neighboring in the blank, there a small sandy plyazhik, this very conveniently sometimes in the most hot days I bought these with a pager and we has been going swim. Impoverished prolonged, researched to his cues from.

Distance until my seats from plyazhika not more 10-15 meters, plodding times spit. Here is and in this time I basking about hours, water in host such a same hot as air, but after bathing would still became much easier. I became to set racks and with President, which I on two give at different struts and on a small greater distance from each other.

BO baited in the two fidera, so seats was enough. Imposing karpoviki, I from greed decided to equip still and fidernoe udilishche Drenan (ah like he me, yes and stick happy). Put I his on individual racks and Chinese indicator, which not stems with a pager, put his decided to only on bright spot time days, at night on Bank (not let-god what).

Zamesil a bit prikormki from bran, wheat and corn and put in side for a moment. In head nothing not lezlo. Is easiest, as it turned out, harvest on place in the first time, arrived, defined seats industrialized fishing, zamesil prikormku, a major zakorm, then you look on outcome and define tactics dokarmlivaniya, if in head nothing not climbs, dokarmlivaesh small in scraps through equal gaps time, and on several balls or missiles in point industrialized fishing after poklevki.

Precisely after poklevki, not after vyvazhivaniya and photo sessions with find German bombers at night. One removes fish with prikormlennoy point in side, and the other in this time feeds point. And here is when fly-fish in one place constantly, here the problem, ah a major lures from day one after fishing the very a. And start the its with what?

Can be fill trough corn, as I did in day fishing. The outcome will be, am confident, two, three or four carp endowed. And then? Then feed, not feed nothing not will, sorely tested warlord tests. So as be the? Here even and fever, go more, Partzuf, where is worth fish. Two tide with different temperature, an interesting, such termoklin. Can she there? And can she in the grass? And can on the Black Sea coast otkisaet, in Holiday!!

Ah zakinu I now trough, with traffic jams from prikormki and stuffed with corn, ah'll catch several ve, and tomorrow a host day let us with BO on volynkakh play, goldfish dealer you to warm up, we so much times already nutritious point after poklevok, that fish seeing this deal chooses a cozies and in a bomb shelter. With us on that spot catching little man Seryoga, in age, grandchildren there is. He before on rybkhoze in American proposal to allow worked, habits ?uaeea knows, yes and himself attentive.

So he, mentioned that when with witnessed on clam shell, contrary us catching, repeatedly watched such a picture, is worth maslaet spinning, the and in metres five from him, close to the surface are worth several of snapper, size of with the log. Tolstolob likely, and there his the Buryat constantly, yes and not only his.

So here is, when: Diving are falling different snap, trough, connected, voblery with tvisterami, all quietly, but as only: Diving shlepaetsya tee borax,, these logs after semi-caught up in the pause, so on bushes run off, that slightly with legs his notand sit there still minutes forty after last splat, and then again graze go.

I even not doubted, that tactic counteract the have our respective Syrian clients already otrabotalas, on anxiety have risen quickly, acted clearly, have them there increasingly very clearly. Was I have such a a small fishechka, which I have reserved on the most extreme case. With some time I after the end of the fishing stopped a feeding 5322991 and missiles, and has been stymied: Diving, on how many this perhaps, Commonwealth. With a build with clean corn, without impurities so was easier, than sculpt balls or rattle you can.

Was becoming in the middle and dvukhlitrovoy plastic bottle, lawns inside a cut-, on manners might, which in supermarkets are gaining in packages shrimp with pierogi buffet, tearing up maize across aquatoriums. Until the borders, far was tossing snap, I dokidyval, and hoped, that for convey its until caregiver seats. This zakorm made their very quiet and secure, noise from of falling: Diving kukuruzin, acted as something ubayukivayusche. But chip I decided to to leave on morning. Here is than take else time, yes so, that - would not harm?

Not can handle and zabamblivayu the enemy area, five ammunition, of a on two hundred grams every in kukuruzno-fermentirovannom equivalent. Through five minutes, ROYO at still one such same the air strike, but in composition a mixture leave striking a elements, (slightly uvlazhnennoy prikormki) for increasing Tiananmen destruction, by pyleniya. Coordinates focus enemy forces not mean, bomblyu at random. 'm applying ????? carpets bombing.

'm in command - Helmet to put on the running, on bushes!. After what with a sense of iLand debt, of walking swim, hoping, that Crucian starts Frozen Cocktails, shooting drooled, loudly munch orgasmically on, ikaya and farting, and these sounds karasevogo sharing in here until ear interest me persons.

Some tackle are ready to zabrosu, but await on Bank wings, and I raze not as their continue to cast until, fearing mistaking the. Supper from doubt, went in neighboring in the blank and coached this several fish the half ling different breeds, on ear.

After of bombing passed forty five minutes, as continue to cast until cordage.

Two left karpovika to the left in Canal, the distance 30-35 meters, there's gravy khokhlofoks host 120 grams, without the feathers, weapon round, HE, maize. The detonator the usual without Thermalization of a neutron (slightly uvlazhnennaya prikormka). Tooling Pater Noster (disambiguation). Ceasing 120-130 see Hook caliber # 8, on burzhuyskoy classifications, installation of follicle, with kembrikom two and three kukuruziny respectively on udochkakh, with powders to location nozzles, holdup ahead - Royal funghi. On specified specified coordinates located the fire.

Two right karpovika shift to the in district the thermocline, on level of of coastline adjoining under direct angle rivers, the distance 50-60 meters, there's gravy khokhlofoks host 120 grams, with plumage, weapon one, maize with pylyaschimi components of. The detonator with the retardant (pereuvlazhnennaya prikormka). Ceasing 90-100 see Hook caliber # 8, on burzhuyskoy classifications, installation of follicle, with kembrikom one composed of two kukuruzin, along demagnetization products and chain from six kukuruzin along demagnetization products, holdup ahead V-shaped plastic. On specified coordinates located the fire.

Am installing rods up, J'adoube racks, 'm tuning up semaphore, Drenan in affects the, raze not'll... I'll figure, far his to channel and as to apply. Twenty-five minutes after of shelling, PC starts beeping signalizatora, poklevka on the second, leftist karpovik, leapfrog, suggested a good at pulling down leads from water an, size of with spouse one, will abandon on ear.

With some since I stopped mock an in is place, where I eiaee, good many his and not your visitors, this a lovely fish can so densely become on prikormku, that close no one not admit, and will constantly umudryatsya to cling on the pourer, which and in his mouth it not is placed, dokonav their poklyovkami.

Even a few poklevok, ah naturally all those - same. Just sit down brush your fish on ear. When a deserved with a-a sleepover, in tradition enter ukha, yes so be, that fishing without it already not of thought crime.

Still through hour with the far-distance there is, took in capturing the ginger man, under crisis, weigh the his was nothing with which, asking both not about than, placed in a hatchling pond.
Through some time arrived my previous BO, had brought cold a beer, eh, was refreshing, 've wallowed.

After this I repeated an air raid, pyatnatsatyu bomboudarami on aquatoriums adversary, with viewing striking a elements and without fall. Through twenty-five minutes after fifth, have observed calling sun.

Ukha, dinner, dream all on the distractions of the. Long could not fall asleep, all Roulette head over strategy frank prikorma, yes and his necessity.
At night saw a nightmare, sazany in helmets engaged in do preparation on that tiny place trawling from clams, on fusion increased the, and commanded an they a healthy and, the brazen sea Bass, in status as captain.

In mouth have him was be blown, salmonella from several healthy kukkruzin, he gave team sazanam, whooshed in him with different intonation and into pauses,. First one times, then several times consecutive, sazany clearly and fit upstaged team, skillfully helping itself some. But then Crucian zasvistel sharp and speaking in a, without breaks.

Before sharp, that I have zazvenelo in tinnitus. From this inhabit the I has awakened and saw, that near busting my back, beeps pager detection, themselves detection virtually not heard, I taped her dynamics adhesive tape. 'll jump out from erected tents, BO hearing PC starts beeping pager, too, is waking up. He prefers sleep on porolonovom the mattress on the street.

Worked Ouite a the distance, two kukukruziny demagnetization products with V-imaginative, stoporom. Leapfrog. Counterattacking became jump and not weak. With prosonya not can understand that hooked up with. Keep track of the time three hours fifteen minutes. BO quietly is beginning to to wear the zabrodnye trousers.

From kharius water deeper and deeper leftist than half mergers two rivers begins the Long the Scarborough and for what would take fish in podsak, need to go enough deeply: Diving, and trousers there is only have BO. Knots same half of mergers begins a sharp svalom in depth recognized from Bank.

Do all in absolute s, nor speaking not words, every knows their duties. I try as can be faster deflecting prospective catch from point industrialized fishing, do this can be only podtyanuv his on themselves, guide the in side impossible, there everywhere some tackle. BO Takes spodovoe place it and looks at me, I negatively nod head, he puts an his on place, Takes turned thus spoken native and quite not scary Chinese podsak.

He tastes the tenacity all sequences, makes all spell out the and not cater. We not my buns and understanding sound, all in the hollow s. Several dim and blurred movements me manages cashing the ginger man on themselves with point industrialized fishing, although if so deal, get his knows, where she there this point, more correctly say with point poklevki, hoping, that this one and the same point. Provozivshis minutes twenty-, me manages devoted the ginger man to shoals off even not though mistaking their some tackle.

I some tackle pose so, that lightning fishing gear were in water, otherwise their as such was fouling Lemna and in other with algae so, that we with enormous hardtheir with President with huge in tufts salad on a fishing line in district feeders. Only thanks to this fishing line of yours rest fishing gear remained not pereputannymi.

We deduce his to the left on for, where BO's with first times Takes his in the landing net. Are removing, 're locking down. A carp weight more four kilograms. I take in hands and long'm on him, trying to understand, that in it not so, and through several seconds understanding, zakatyvayus in a fit of unstoppable laughter. Here is Hi,, a carp the without cozies. He, too, some sleepy, looks confused mournfully, and me even frightening to imagine as we with BO can look in sazanikh nightmares.

A carp in capturing, in a hatchling pond, themselves has to.
On the morning marshal about seven hours, pokhlebali Ushitsy, have spoken about curiously things, thinking every about his. Hours with eight, when already - I feel warm, I began to implementation designed, United: Diving roughly on thumping, I bottle tearing up maize from buckets, gradually increasing the number and intervals.

I hoped on two things, the first embed on aquatoriums forever a hungry, its indefatigable an, forcing his as ugorelogo run around on beneath the and collecting singles grain maize, the second, of course same, attract attention more decent adversary, which looking on madness an necessarily should approach the and look at this near. I so would and made.

Prikarmlivanie than something remotely resembling. Encompassing dances with bells.
Approaches the largest fish occurred in noon, on this time I and governor intended.
BO became right from me in the river.

Drenan I put between him and a, snaryadiv his the feeding trough khokhlofoks host fifty six grams, in the feeder maize with Tyres from prikormki. Tooling Pater Noster (disambiguation). Ceasing a long 120 centimeters, hook # 8, on Aurum / maize a distinguished in the form of hew Tbilisi, with fixation stoporom in the form of fungi, in the upper parts of hew, hook with kembrikom.

On all karpovikakh the main raskosami, measuring 0.4, dog leashes but also 0.35 producer to call not d, you me and metaphors are important, because, that she resembles on a rag, immediately same it acquires form of all, with than to fame, but weight holds. On Drenane katukha karmaran 4,000 with baytranerom, the main adds 0.3, about ceasing, too, adds 0.3 sour of course, but less ceasing, simply, it's idiotic and thicker basic,, it's idiotic in of increasing.

The first capercaillies sing turned on on rightist extreme karpovik, immediately being in fully-fledged steam locomotive. After sweep (martial arts) strong jerks not was, he as would immediately went on me, but not weakening natyazhku and allowing themselves to control and these sedate my vigilance. He moving on me, nurtured illusion, that I his'm in control of and then sharply yanked for a corner for cane in the river and only trying to his stop, I estimated his real weight, he was not the for whom themselves lent out, and was much larger.

He miracle it skip to let the line out Drenana and filament types BO us until good.
BO stood in me leathers, ready to act I licked his to him and handed karpovik, explaining to the, that the ginger man need to cashing from reed opt in Canal and ottaskivaya his back to mid-dam. In this time worked one of karpovikov camped further River. Us simply has undone greed.

BO went to capture new the alien, and I presumptuous column: Diving, in the hope correct situation. The depth of in River on distance two meters from Bank, was on thumping. Silt in water slightly above knee, from above though covered reduce the rogalistnika, in which I in shorts with its scope and broke in, Vercellina on him fifth point, sensations such, as if ass have driven on egoze .

And me became not until fishing, I with hard crawled out ago, for the same trajectory, that and dropped by. Next I dragged her up put a confused in of refraction fishing pole, without hook. Fish ran away, not paying nor pittance for piercings. A bit poboleli seats which higher on rogalistniku and have calmed down. Psyche ideal suffered longer, so me even no one and never've been messing with, this simply masterpiece fraudulent thought, this need to same so khitrozado to do, what same experience have this guy?

BO benefited scaley friend, slightly more two kilograms. All were simply happy, especially I. Have been a prisoner in a hatchling pond, works some tackle back: Diving, I again favour in-style voodoo dances. Yet another poklevka caught me for work over mistakes, worked Drenan, he was abandoned meters on 30-35 in the river between my karpovikami and fiderami BO.

Quietly strike, and right off the bat zaletayu in the river. Me, too, podsekli. I dead-bolted latched on and shook in shpulyu coils, and if would on place Drenana was karpovik, was would is inevitable. Drenan izognuvshis orthodontic wire, there energy breakout, I then provernulas in drawn shpulya and go off without losses. Some time the other, I already estimated his size, and suddenly he is beginning to behave so same as and who stole hook.

He, not showing its masses, subject to and quietly, a bit not cooperating, goes me. I already understood his vision, so of incorporating baytraner, of walking in side Canal, withholding shpulyu hand. And in this moment stunts repeats itself, with distances several meters, the sly one changes trajectory and Reserve wind back for a corner, for cane.

'm shutting off baytraner, present to stick in hands BO and United States him on point in water, far him need to plodding. He quickly goes: Diving and smoothly sees sage from reed, back: Diving. Manages this with hard, but manages. A wise fish is beginning to their deal, as would primeryayas in what cane escape. BO goes from water, awarded me fishing pole.

Takes podsak and goes with him back. I continue to fight, despite silence, our dance attracted together people, obey gathered crowd viewers. .... honesty. Hard struggle lasted about half an hour, for this time me repeatedly seemed, that I lost, but luck was on my side. Times with the tenth angry his in podsak, this white White Amur, he very big and severely'm tired (subsequent weighing up the showed 7.5 kg).

Hear obey sighs ands Whispering negotiations. Taking out hook, he even not was twitchin '. And here in me of the most the depths etched something such a primitive, such pet.
Something such, lies at the basis of feelings the primeval a hunter, which carring home Earth them a mammoth, that would displaying them before stone and show its half of, what he the great hunter and caring each.

I understood immediately, that I his not I shall release, no one his not'll trade you everything and rip out features any serves as an. This ghastly sense of and it such a heady, as smells fresh blood.
His production on kukan. He several hours given upward while, to the end, fishing so and not decided in sense of.
Viewers farmhands have run away to its gear and have become actively harvest fish, obtaining a powerful incentive.

Especially prostimulirovannym proved fisherman contrary, which fished in host, on distance about fifty meters from me. He has passed on Bank, the right to break down Passage in kamyshe and quietly, without of emotions works its tackle in my zone industrialized fishing, though mistaking my extreme your cast. Then quietly just tugged up your to itself snap, rasputav their, took away its, and my spewed in waterfront cane.

On my remark about his nesportivnom behavior Ivan Kalita me nepechatno and only after promises BO dares and just explain this to rules behavior on water, have deigned to foot dopinat crime as until water, just me hook. After this demonstrations act vandalism returned again on its place.

No one from inherent so and not understood his wouldn. On this for me fishing ended, and that we still rounded up, simply's erasing from memory. I fooled with it in of euphoria, to the end fishing, from which me lifted grand indignation BO, have which under rally someone from viewers spioneril mobile phone.

Spode (Spodovoe place it) - place it intended for zabrosa a special adjustment (missiles) filled prikormkoy in point industrialized fishing fish.

"Egoza" - variety tree wire.