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Tandem "your fishing bobber VS Feeder 2015 (Zhytomyr)

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1. Goal and tasks
Contest ???? with goal:
nurture cautious relations to nature and harmonious development personality;
raising fishing of excellence participants;
compare efficiency floater and fidera;
bold and command spirit
reveal strongest.
propaganda healthy way of life and popularize fishing sport
2. Organization and holding contest
The general governance preparation and the hardest to competition servesfishing club ZhRK. Directly holding contest is undertaken forensic European, in accordance with operating rules sporting fisheries and this position.
3. Timeline and place conducting competition
Festival is conducted Zhitomirskim once a club "ZhRK" on a reservoir eth. Vodotyi, Zhytomyr area 12.07.2015g. In 1 round, the duration 5 hours. … amp;dg=brw

4. Participants competition

To participate in for competitions are permitted all wishing to reaching 14 years and podtverdivshie their participation in for competitions until 10.07.2015g. The total number of participants limited 25 teams of twos for the (poplavochnikov / fideristov).
5. Rules conducting competition

5.1. Resolved basis that is one poplavochnoy snastyu (match, to max, plug, Bichon Frise\ feeder) with one crocheted
Number of cordages collected on Bank not limited. The nozzle sitch without restrictions.
5.2 availability of charge a long not less 2 Dam - necessarily;
5.3 In laps. Go all species fish any size; - beach linet share on sector, number of which equals number of teams contest. Width sectors 15 meters on team.
Number of Warranty prikormki accounts for 30 liters on team on one tour, nozzles and prikormki animal 3 liter, of them a butterworm not more 1 liter.
To application of resolved species mounting some tackle fidernye montages, metodnye montages.
In the course competition torchbearer can situated in his sector for industrialized fishing, as believes please, however, objects, raspolagaemye in sector or their parts of should not reach beyond the sector.
- In his sector athletes must move freely on opportunities's corridors.
- It is not permitted use your fishing bobber-the marker.
- Distance between sketches one team should constitute not more Bajaus meters.
- During the competition some permitted enjoy platforms or armchairs (chairs). On moment start, although would one counseling must situated outside water, on Bank. During round realignment permitted only in side Bank.

5.4 All financially-engineered here on for competitions fish after weighting released (let off)


- had forced fish outside limits own sector
- use metal a nursery;
- on minnow back, artificial foresight and nozzles;
- prikormki, which contain living or dead fish, and so same because the fish;
- deliberate bagrenie fish.

6. Regulations contest

12 July wood.

6.30-7.00 - Registration / draw
7.05 entry in zone, preparation;
8.50 1 th signal Starter zakorm;
9.00 2 th signal START;
14.00 3 th signal across the line, weighing up the
15.00 Coordinator, awarding winners, closing competition.

7. Definition of results

Winner is determined by on second his-wu key for two round. If his-in key coincides, then in weight & chips that gets picked fish for two round.

8. Awarding:
1 a command place;
2 a command place;
3 a command place;

9. Costs

Ribolovniy club ZhRK bears costs associated with organization and the hardest to competition;
Registration collection with participants competition 50 Grzywna (. (With stakeholder)

10. The applications

Bid must contain:
1. F. I. O. Stakeholder, name team;
2. Kind of some tackle (your fishing bobber or feeder)
Contacts organizers of:
0931227557 Taras

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An interesting hillsides in numbers district Zhytomyr area in sec. Vodotyi, length levees 800m (concrete plates of), there in 2013 implemented direct Zhytomyr on spinningu, fish a white a decent size very many, the depth of under shtekerom 3-old

From of Kyiv until a body of water 79km
From Zhytomyr until a body of water 78km
So same can be unleash into a town



How remember, there bad porch to the pond, and place very interesting.
Only many people on boats in weekend Comes.



opelevod wrote:

Seneng remember, there bad porch to the pond, and place very interesting.
Only many people on boats in weekend Comes.

Think this will be not hindrance!



Like would participate, but the problem is, that in Zhytomyr fideristov-rans more, than poplavochnikov-rans. 't seek running mate, on Tandem. Coo-ee poplavochniki :flag: 't seek running mate,:flag:
Write in lichku.



Tournament conveyed on July!



Yesterday comrades tested hillsides in Vodotyyakh on the availability of fish, been caught fiderami and on your fishing bobber. Fish there is and in sufficient numbers from 30-60 grams the main mass, family cats and until 200 g, the main mass a dace, Blicca bjoerkna and podleschiki, so same enclosed and Bleak (fish) 30-50 g of. Catch for 3 hours averaged from 1 until 2kg raznorybitsi. Width levees 700-800m the depth of under shtekerom 2.7-3m



On numerous opened'm amending change in regulations on tandem:
1. Instead 2-'s tours on 3 hours will one tour 5 hours
2. Razreshino to accept participation except tandem your fishing bobber / feeder, feeder / feeder! Tandem your fishing bobber / your fishing bobber - banned!



Ah times such deal, I'm gonna book and I itself place

Bay Vitaly - feeder
Sribnyy Nikolai - feeder (participation under question, will determine in the coming days)



Vitaly112 wrote:

Sribnyy Nikolai - feeder (participation under question, will determine in the coming days)

Already decided to, I with you :flag:



Arrival on a dam, as I understood, through Kocherov and Brusilov (disambiguation)? Describe who any detail route with landmarks. Or let us to negotiate whom on tail fall let us.



Am asking register:
Team "Braty" (Kyiv)
Alexander Isko - feeder
Vladimir Isko - feeder

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Registering the:

1. Team "Two kuma"
Begerskiy Dmitri - your fishing bobber
Vonsovich Sergei - feeder

2. Team "Dream have Team"
Koval Andrei - your fishing bobber,
A. Troyanovsky Denis - feeder

3. Team "Profish"
Woodpecker Taras - your fishing bobber
Grigorenko Vyacheslav - feeder

4. Team "stating":
Vityuk Ivan - your fishing bobber
, that the coachman Ruslan - feeder

5. ???
Sribny Nikolai -fider
Bay Vitaly - feeder

Lobachyov Andrei - feeder
Malinovsky Vlad - feeder

7. "Timon and Pumbaa"
Androsovich Mikhail -fider
Antpchuk Vladimir - feeder

Dzyubak Igor - your fishing bobber
Salva Andrei - feeder - paid

9. "Braty" (Kyiv)
Alexander Isko - feeder
Vladimir Isko - feeder

Bogdanovich Mikhail -fider

11. "Fish team"
Priymak Nikolai - your fishing bobber
Lysak Maxim - feeder

12. "lucky fisher"
Sviridenko Alexey - your fishing bobber
Mudrik Alexander - feeder

13. "Two an"
Vakhovskiy Alexander
Stodolskiy Dmitri

Bogdanovich Mikhail

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-spender tournaments company "flagship"



Today ended Zhytomyr fiderno / poplavochnyy tournament tandem 2015! Photo awardees and participants.



If not is difficult, give and information on outcomes. Who how many've caught, what fish dominated, big-fish.





In past Sunday near sela Vodotyi on created By tournament-tandem, under auspices companies Flagman feeder & your fishing bobber. … tcount=148








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