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Feder without trough or had forced on small reservoirs. Milan Tychler.

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Fidernoe place it very effective tool for industrialized fishing fish on various reservoirs, even on the most small, but on "faint water" can arise problems with use of true potential as industrialized fishing - precise feed, because hard time delivering feed with the help as trough on small reservoirs is on many reasons maloperspektivnym sport. Many fly fishermen genuinely consider, that on small rechushkakh and conduits based can be normally harvest only on poplavochnye cordage, but this far not so, if your the bait a small Plato feed, like in promising place.

On small reservoirs fish enough wary of blustery spin feed. So as same deliver fodder in perspective point without risk scare deep-fish and especially a major? On first glance this may seem complex, but this is not so. Simply need move away from classic the beliefs of as industrialized fishing and try something another! I often enleve on a small River, jobs so of a shallow, that in clean water can be to consider as is leading themselves fish and as she reacts on various stimuli. When its something worries, even spike in a small trough, she always prefers sail in more deep place or hide in what something shelter, and expects, when starts accusations petty fish. And only in one of ten cases she all-??? swims out to bird feeder. Most often she simply is floating away or not interested in Alpo. But when fodder gets delivered not the feeding trough, in the pure, a major fish enough quickly suited accusations.

To read further. … 7-1-0-200#



Podskajite, where find, or as do similar press forms for "sypuchki."
Saw on "the flagship" manual press forms from Guru, but they suited to correctly zapravlennogo pelletsa.
This way to even allows save on the gelva external relations materials under-fishing medium-size and precept made it, the only minus-the absence of "explosion", as from the gelva-stick. Is famously will work under spin nozzles on already raskormlennuyu point.
Remarkable was-would try to balance cube than add feed under neutral buoyancy, Lies-would super mega prizentatsiya. Only as, until the end of not understandable, wasn that applied with pop up act.

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Denis, as option two 20 fringes kubikovykh syringe. From one vytaskivaesh plunger, and body REZhESh in half.
Form of a small is obtained, but from ideas can be jump to.



Those who tekhnoplanktonom is keen on can be borrow decisions :flag: Of course same putting the squeeze on need to much less.



And there are in nature thimbles without donyshek, himself saw and in the hands of was playing on the Stripper.



Den2811 wrote:

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In my opinion, as Corps can be use the pieces Kurz the iron and truby- from half-an-inch and until. And pistons whet under Made to Order.



Incidentally, if there is toptushka for metodnykh feeders, then one greater press form of you already have :cool:



Very interesting theme. Himself often enleve in silent Pirelli, and under this account for use your fishing bobber. But this option decides question use fidera in such conditions :cool:



And this not, too, most?? … r-carp-pro



Can button accordion (look with 15.25)



How this method without trough effective on small river with small the passage?


You are here » All about it catching on a British donnuyu your cast » Articles » Feder without trough or had forced on small reservoirs. Milan Tychler.