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Fidery Preston a series of Mini Series 10 'Carp.

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Who Needs that there is say on sabzhu?



Watched his summer 2010 as option for industrialized fishing on karpodromakh in English-style:

Video with Tommi Pickering:

Growth 3.0m. Deal on Picker language not tide is turning his call. Enough a powerful parabolik as for such length. Dvukhchastnik. Two done in goes - 0.75oz and 1oz, glass, if I am not mistaken. Under burdens works the entire a form slightly whether not with raczka. But "this snot-nosed" his not good one - sufficient might in komle will allow normally manage fish tank. Producer writes, that these pounder without problems can be vyvazhivat fish weight more 10lb (4kg). I don't know, here is this not can raze like to comment on :dontknow:
Should well work on-start on short made it and in conditions, when more long rods up unacceptable (brooding vetk / bushes, stesnennye conditions) on melkokarpu, karasyu and to ling ourselves. That I and do, but with his competitor.
On airline took itself not this udilishche, and browning Champion Choice Commercial Bomb 10ft - all roughly the same, only on one vershinku more and the price on him on our market was substantially below, than have Mini Series 10 (women of although on English market prices have them virtually are uniform :dontknow:).

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Hit sales in of England, fishing pole is it apt. For fishermen without ambitions "monstrkarpfishing" very a good a device :cool:



Thank you guys!
Ah and if compare his with F 1 (F1 Series Mini Preston) you for that hand fetch that, would you?



Ah, a series of Preston new emerge Active F1 Mini 10ft became the best fidernym pounder 2011 in of England on version of magazine MATCHFISHING Magazine.
The main purpose this rods up - had forced tuzimanov (F1), and other small beer on-start on made it until 22m. To the English forums not recommend his use under it comes to shagging fish weight more 2kg (5lb).
So that himself choose judging by from alleged conditions industrialized fishing :dontknow:



Sergei. And you as in side F1 you look?



Mstislav, the usual Mini I like, think that and the updated version of will Good. The only nuance in is that I tolerate not can harvest scale carp and always'd rather or to go on the river harvest little slapping and dace or already if harvest Karpov, but a captured. And small rates with goldfish dealer and tuzimanami this not my fishing. :)

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As the user this caused to. Agree with duffy333 on all counts except vershinok. Stick goes with 0.75 and 2 untsovymi vershinkami.
And my opinion about queen of such - this very multifaceted place it appropriate on many conditions. Especially well it suited for commercial carp. Is famously quiet tugging as 500gr, so and 4kg (more on him not catching) karpoidov. Guys, I'm ready the right, without - we. Has intensified komlevoe knee was, that makes his posylistym, a powerful and accurate. This stick nor for that not change!

If choose between F1 and Mini series 10 'Carp, then 2e more universal and choke off immediately several positions in your "a harem", in my opinion



Here is most visual video in which visible work letterhead.



And what real test on zabrasyvaemomu weight??



Monster Crab wrote:

A what real test on zabrasyvaemomu weight??

The average Fox brand, to 42gr departures with endowments of. More himself not has tried. But judging by the as he throws 42yu, think 50-60 bails on so same without problems!



Thank you for information, Zoltan.



Preston Innovations Mini 11 ft 6in Power Carp Rod
the the review on materials English fishing of the weekly ANGLING NEWS

XMEGA udilisch Mini from Preston newhave become people-sellerami on English market. Especially this concerns model 10ft Carpand matchevok Mini Float. Is worth you to come on any commercial a body of water in country and you that I touch their hearts see several udilisch this series of in work. Despite this XMEGA udilisch was expanded to meet requests fishermen, emerging under all more diverse conditions industrialized fishing on commercial reservoirs of England.
In the last time path trend, that on for competitions account for harvest not "under with their feet", and on "distant has attracted visitors over." As example, popular complex increased the Barston Lakes, where on for competitions account for harvest fish on made it 80 yd. + (73m +). Initially fly fishermen-athletes quickly jumped use rods up series of Dutch Master. But the as they put with such distance there is on melkokarpu and petty white puppies were born with the subtle povodkami and minute hooks not engaged athletes - rods up proved through dibs on harsh and was many skhodov and, respectively, losses in weight a final outcome round. Here is from-for this framers Preston and decided create udilishche, which sovmeschalo would superb work on zabrose series of Dutch Masterand a golden work on vyvazhivanii series of Mini- here is so and appeared on light fidernoe udilishche Mini 11 ft 6in Power Carp.
Frankly, when this udilishche first time --something us in hands, we very strongly doubted whether, that it at all is capable throw on stated 80 yd. (73m) - was such a sense of, that holding in the hands of slightly "povzroslevshee" udilishche 10ft Mini Carp. But under the near inspection under burdens immediately same became in sight, that the average part of letterhead absolutely another - she came off bigger and faster. This gave hope, that thanks to this on zabrose tooling will was, as from a catapult.
Testing have been on vodeeme in Barnstone. Was a strong headwinds, and hurl accounted for on distance 75 gather steam; 5,000-pay from Preston's (1 about. =8 5sm).
Looking on all of this our mood became all more pissimisticheskim - we all so same not believed, that this udilishche tackles with this distance. In as a snap was used metodnaya there's gravy (a net weight in 45gr) with feeds. What same was our eyebrows, when on zabrose the main but in clip-on earring with such force, that it was clear - 10, and the and 15 gather steam; in store still there is. Nor what itself udilishche!
If you think, that udilishche it turned out too tough from-for their broskovykh qualities, you badly mistaken - soft upper-third blanca perfectly practiced as on petty white puppies were born, so and on leschakh weight more kilo.
Place it is famously something themselves in dire weather conditions of our test and allowed to capture fish, that we either simply not strapon would from-for range missiles, either simply not lifted from-for thin tug ropes.
Need say, that for zabrosov under 100 yd. (90m) this udilishche of course not suited. But for competitors under 80 yd. (73m) - well.
Little moreover, that this udilishche perfectly works on such-continental distances, so it in force its length is famously suited for industrialized fishing on more close made it in 30-40 yd. (27-36m). Ah and of course same signature work so series of Minion vyvazhivanii, which gives full confidence in is, that fish leak into a hatchling pond.

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Today on site Preston's observed renewal in lineup mini. Mini SERIES 8 'Common Address Redundancy Protocol, udilishche is positioned for industrialized fishing carp and Moustache, with kormushkami until 30 "grape". The distance - 25 forge the Fished out a in this season more a hundred tuzimanov on 10 carp mini and obtaining mass of city's positive energy flowing, to free place in transported for this services they like or dislike.

10 cultural neck off and in tail and in mane, if who needs 4-1-1 on it or there is what questions. Gladly’ll share.



Monster Crab what katukhu put? I have, too, there is 10ft Carp, still not oblovlennyy. Think that optimally from coils be appropriate. Can not from heat and take thrown to the 3,000 Mini Reel?



BAMBUR, I have on it thrown to the 4,000. Rings there normal, zakhlestov and excessive friction there is no.



Zoltan the quality of coils fits price?



If on price in of England the yes



BAMBUR wrote:

Monster Crab what katukhu put? I have, too, there is 10ft Carp, still not oblovlennyy. Think that optimally from coils be appropriate. Can not from heat and take thrown to the 3,000 Mini Reel?

I have on it Daiwa x match 3012. With fletkami and plastic all right on, there is small efforts under vymatyvanii's iron cells on 40 gr. Thrown to the 3,000 I think will face on cheers) in my under these stick and is positioned British, are.



All Hi! Want ask have experienced fideristov this that sense powerfully by its thing. Despite harvest solely on stoyakakh! Expanding industrialized fishing 40-45 forge the A small Crucian, karpushki until 3kg, max 4kg. Trough from Drennan civil-line flat method feeder (25-35 g. large). Very want buy feeder from Preston's CARBONACTIVE MINI SERIES 10 Common Address Redundancy Protocol)
Analogy whether he to my demands? Or can be regarded something another? In advance thank you for the answer!



This his element



And to him there is in sale on territory Ukraine done?



vitalik-p.of course there is. Done with Norfolk 3.5 mm. Suited as from Exel / absolute so and • Proven track master (# 4,5,6,7)



For CARBONACTIVE MINI SERIES 10 Common Address Redundancy Protocol suited all Prestonovskie done with landing 3.5mm. Have us they are sold.



Incidentally, and in what price done to Prestonovskim Feders? Sorientiruyte, pliz. (Or poke.)



Yuri wrote:

By the way, and in what price done to Prestonovskim Feders? Sorientiruyte, pliz. (Or poke.) … nie-chasti



Could you tell me, Mini Series 10 'Carp only for the boner? For rivers with not strong the passage this wand analogy?



zibadi, yes



Guys, and here is Preston Competition Picker 10 'strongly will be unyielding equal to above-described brothers??



Be unyielding in than? Stick utterly different. Here is the latest better for in heat be appropriate. He it rough will, slowda.


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