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The Internet Music

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Welcome to the Internet Music

The main destination retailer is FIDERNA had forced.

Z-Fishing is official dealer trade brands:
- Volzhanka.
- LeRoy.

In this topic will every information about missions, new goods, and also interesting articles.

Basic branches goods:
- rods up
- reel
- Accessories for as industrialized fishing
- Prikormki
- a Drippin 'Dots, bags, tubes

Branches site:
- Oh us
- Payment and hard time delivering
- Guarantee return




Bountiful days, Tung Chee e aaea in nayavnost prikormki fish-sicles G.STREAM Premium of Morgan Fish, fish-sicles G.STREAM Premium Feeder?



buchko2007 wrote:

outskirts days, Tung Chee e aaea in nayavnost prikormki fish-sicles G.STREAM Premium of Morgan Fish, fish-sicles G.STREAM Premium Feeder?

Dobryi day!
Of Morgan Fish already next week, and Feeder there is in available.

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Already very soon in no clothing left Z-Fishing you can PERVYMI to purchase fundraising to exits in this year prikormki TM G.STREAM series of Premium River and of Morgan Fish.

Not big video the commercial about prikormkakh G.Stream:



Manowar wrote:

A Big Fish Hurricane, long not will on a? Or he there is, if there is I would have took on you 3 packs and + 1.

Edited Manowar (2015-03-29 11 :03: 03)

Dobryi day! Big Fish and River there are already in available.



Already in available! … ath=76_148



Only to 24 and 31 on May, under purchase 3 packs prikormi G.Stream from series of Premium the fourth cover slips In lifestyle!

:flag: Buy Prikormku G.STREAM Premium of Morgan Fish
:flag: Buy Prikormku G.STREAM Premium River
:flag: Buy Prikormku G.STREAM Premium Sport
:flag: Buy Prikormku G.STREAM Premium Feeder



Until 31.05.2015 Propulsion Under purchase mailbox (10 packs) any prikormki G.Stream hard time delivering FREE OF CHARGE!



Tube from Leroy custom specifically for Internet retailer Z-Fishing.



Today the latest day shares!



Prikormki G.STREAM Premium of Morgan Fish and G.STREAM Premium River already help some rise on the pedestal!

:flag: Buy Prikormku G.STREAM Premium of Morgan Fish
:flag: Buy Prikormku G.STREAM Premium River

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In available 3 model coils VOLZhANKA

Baikal from 318 UAH.
Quantum from 930 UAH.
Master from 398 UAH. … =20_84_144



Novelty - rapidly nabirayuschaya popularity expense of use of exclusively natural components prikormka Ebisu. … ath=76_217

Fish-sicles series of Ebisu Feeder represented six original prikormkami (Ebisu Feder , Ebisu Karp series of feeder, Ebisu Sea Bass series of feeder, Ebisu bream series of feeder, Ebisu ATC code A16AA06 series of feeder, Ebisu Muscle milk series of feeder) in unified for series of packaging with KievBuild is each separate prikormki nakleennym on Hero lets side wrapping appropriate stickers (a sticker upon your). Fish-sicles Ebisu Feder without sticker.

Appointment and the use of Prikormki series of Feeder are intended, above all, for industrialized fishing fish fiderom, however can with success be applied and for fishing with poplavkovoy line. The rich composition (each prikormka includes in themselves not less 15 various elements of) and Arrowhead way Analogues formulae allow under the right application of satisfy requests any the most demanding the fishing trainer and achieve good outcome under various conditions fishing, on all types freshwater increased the. Despite a special composition in each separate prikormke, salmonella adjusted for preferences moreover or conjures species fish, each prikormka remains attractive for any fish family cyprinids kept.

Composition prikormok The basis of all prikormok this series of is the sponge-cake with a mixture of grasses, beans and place.The cultures, and attracts components of serve seeds cannabis, seeds flax, groundnuts, garlic, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, the fennel, star anise and camping on D. As and in series of prikormok EVISU Classical we fully refused from artificial smells and attraktantov. All prikormki contain only organic attraktanty, that excludes opportunity negative reaction fish and guarantees almost 100% effectiveness.

A defining feature of Otlichitelnoy feature of this series of prikormki from other known domestic prikormok is special mechanical word processing parts of components a mixture (ekstruziya). Expense of this components receive some ingenious an attractive sweet smells, a special taste of and waste value for fish. Under extrusion is happening transformation complex molecular components cells feed in more ordinary (easier sun their energies) to ease process perevarivaemosti this feed in body fish. Given, that, to example, such a fish as carp, essentially, not has stomach at all, she has simply a long bloating, where is happening perevarivanie food. This mechanical word processing very daunting and particularly is attractive for this family fish.



Novelty 2015! … 80_137_219

A series of new high-class udilisch Lies truly universal and a comprehensive. In it includes 6 models with broad line of tests and lengths. Thanks to this, virtually every fisherman can choose itself udilishche, with which he gets maximum pleasure from fishing.

Volzhanka Master place it fidernoe 3.5m (2 of + 3) test 40 + gr
1795 Grzywna (.
We recommend this feeder for industrialized fishing in complex conditions - sensible kvivertipy (dozen 2.2 mm) will help see the most ostrozhnye poklevki even petty fish, and enormous supply ruggedness letterhead will allow cope with the salvage worst. Progressive build rods up
Promotes distant and the accurate zabrosu, and so same use of very thin osnastok, that substantially increases number of poklevok. An ideal the distance industrialized fishing accounts for order 40 meters, and comfortable weight used feeders is limited to weight in 40 Propulsion

Volzhanka Master udilishche fidernoe 3.8m (3 of + 3) test 60 + gr
Twenty-first century UAH.
Most universal fidernoe udilishche from the entire vast line of. With his help can be to do accurate zabrosy as on distance in 30 meters, so and on distance in 50 meters. Comfortable weight feeders used under it catching is limited to 60 grams. Your
Dozen kvivertipov 3.0 mm

Volzhanka Master place it fidernoe 4m (3 of + 3) test 80 + gr
2158 Grzywna (.
This feeder perfect for industrialized fishing in rags reservoirs, on nekrupnye bullets or metodnye trough on distance there is until 70 meters, when need precise and so cozy. will definitely stay impose. Aside from this, have the fishing trainer not will emerge problems and under it catching on River with moderate the passage on trough weight until 80 Propulsion Your dozen kvivertipov 3.0 mm (rings of the enlarged diameter).

Volzhanka Master udilishche fidernoe 4,16m (3 of + 3) test 100 + "grape"
2435 Grzywna (.
This, can be said, most elegant place it, from the entire line of, for use on rivers with a strong the passage. Tighter and a powerful the form, this extended dozen kvivertipov (3.5 mm with vertical-diameter of rings) provides an obscure and precise impose and attaches fideru ability to to confront downstream. Comfortable the distance industrialized fishing accounts for order 80 meters, recommended trough confined to weight in 100g.

Volzhanka Master place it fidernoe 4,32m (3 of + 3) test 120 + gr
2502 Grzywna (.
Ideal rods up for industrialized fishing on big rivers with a strong the passage. Tight and a powerful the form, allows even in windy weather to do long drives and accurate zabrosy on distance until 100 meters. Build fidera allows cope with the salvage worst of bream or a carp, even with using the homey twist are spaced. Top marginal recommended weight feeders confined to 120 g and 140 g, respectively. Dozen kvivertipov 3.5 mm (this extended dozen rings).

Choosing one thing their these udilisch you forever coolest hotspot in him and not want to harvest nor on that, except Masters in. … 80_137_219

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Cover for udilisch Rod Holdall
1,25m. - Hawaii Grzywna (.
1,50m. - 297 Grzywna (.
1,75m. - 409 Grzywna (.



Direct Feeder Arm StarGrip360 Straight
252 Grzywna (.



Until 15 August Fidernoe udilishche Volzhanka Optima 3.9m test 120g (M7) at a discount 15%!
1463 Grzywna (.instead 1722 Grzywna (.
A series of udilisch specifically designed for real connoisseurs of as industrialized fishing. Volzhanka Optima possesses difficult-parabolicheskim marched, that true to form udilischam high-level. Such build allows incredibly easily, and importantly very accurately, fulfill zabrosy trough in chair chosen place industrialized fishing. Expense of soft average parts of, udilishche, without risk assistance ceasing, allows impose s forceful vyvazhivanie even particularly defiant when fish, and thanks to rapid and powerful is, nor one trophy not proves in vain podsechennym.

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floating artificial nozzles G.Stream

Has a positive buoyancy, that allows under certain conditions, industrialized fishing raise hook over upside. Is famously works with combination of with alive and natural nozzles. For example for natural aromatiki and movement on hook determined one living maggot or the worm, and for positive buoyancy peg finally collided maize or maggot.
Composition - silicon.

The Cost - 19 UAH.



Received superb reel with baytranerom in size 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000. 5 steel ball bearings. … path=20_86

4,000 - 375 Grzywna (.
5,000 - 390 Grzywna (.
6,000 - 405 Grzywna (.



Trophy driven carps with prikormkoy G.Stream Premium on masterklasse Alexey pugacha in Odessa. … ath=76_148



Felt new species budgetary prikormok G.Stream from series of TOP.

Fish-sicles G.STREAM TOP Series Karp (plum) … uct_id=925
Fish-sicles G.STREAM TOP Series Crucian (caramel) … uct_id=926
Fish-sicles G.STREAM TOP Series bream (chocolate) … uct_id=927



Credit on artificial purposefulness G.Stream!
17 Grzywna (. In September on:
Maggot (with aroma moldy worm)
Maize (with aroma strawberry)

Peg finally collided the nozzle sitch on hook. Has a positive buoyancy, that allows under certain conditions, industrialized fishing raise hook over upside. Is famously works with combination of with alive and natural nozzles. For example for natural aromatiki and movement on hook determined one real maggot, and one artificial for positive buoyancy.
Composition - silicon.



Coil Volzhanka Leader in size 3,000 and 4,000. Substitute for Shimano Exage!

The 1232 Grzywna (. And 1240 Grzywna (.

Bearings: 9 + 1

In design services they like or dislike realized the most advanced technical and technological amp; D. The coil equipped an independent system rapid governance friktsionnym drag (check box , Foundation civilDrag), which allows instantaneously to change effort instigation twist are spaced after settings the principal clutch. And, very important, that have the fishing trainer there is opportunity regulation the principal clutch in any interim position checkboxes. In the system lesoukladyvatelya we imposed on two sharikopodshipnikakh ceramic the commercial - precisely such a solution creates a gentle regime for the woods / cords in the process intense industrialized fishing. The rest 8 closed steel ball bearings provide lasting term exploitation and faultless the softness course just mechanism under maximally possible payloads. Corps and shpulya reel manufactured by East from AL-alloy and protected newly emerging lakokrasochnym the cover, sustainable to various existence. In designing coils series of Leader participated experts shopping center PPM and leading specialists our partners. On the results of tests novelty received top estimates among unparalleled in categories coils, those seen for as and spinningovoy industrialized fishing from as team Volzhanka and Champion World 2011 (Italy) I. Of modern.

tochenaya shpulya from Al-alloy

then from graphite.

ceramic the commercial lesoukladyvatelya on 2-'s sharikopodshipnikakh.

System protivozakruchivatelya filament.

Federation shackle lesoukladyvatelya.

instantaneous the blockage rear course

repair - balancing rotor.

Bezzazornoe fastening pens.

Additional down shpulya.



Already're getting ready to winter:

1. The ice drill "NERO"
784 Grzywna (. - 110-1 L (spiral) -0,62m, L (Consulting and) -0,88m, L (worked) -1,60m, m-2,2kg
776 Grzywna (. - 130-2 L (spiral) -0,50m, L (Consulting and) -0,88m, L (worked) -1,6m, m-2,3kg
832 Grzywna (. 150 L (spiral) -0,50m, L (Consulting and) -0,88m, L (worked) -1,6m, m-per

2. Pandora winter 528 Grzywna (.

3. Sleeping bag (warm) 640 Grzywna (.

4. Sledges "the fisherman" 272 Grzywna (.



Fish-sicles G.STREAM baja potencia (albumen and night crawlers)

Fish-sicles in sieving. Has an excellent effect the geyser, expense of active oxygen is rising particles pelletsa and attract fish. Weight 0,5kg

Night crawlers: … uct_id=929

Albumen: … duct_id=65



Handbag Black Magic Multi Net Carrier browning

421 Grzywna (.

Handbag for transportation 2-'s a nursery Black Magic browning. Within bags there is coverage thanks to which moisture not will exits. Also size bags allow its use for transportation heads for podsaki, begins for fish, bags for weighting. Outside there is big pocket for additional ethnicity and accessories.



A series of prikormok G.Stream devised specifically for industrialized fishing in Cold water. … ath=76_130



The cord Power Pro 135m (China) … uct_id=903

The price 139 UAH.


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LeRoy wrote:

Schnur Power Pro 135m uct_id =9 03

The price 139 UAH.


Specify producer cord.



Yrik wrote:

Cannot create producer cord.

Of course China.



Winter Pylyaschiy baja potencia G.Stream

Winter prikormka G.STREAM baja potencia "albumen" - … duct_id=65
23 Grzywna (.

Winter prikormka G.STREAM baja potencia "night crawlers" - … uct_id=929
23 UAH.


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