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Feder and bicycle

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And I it comes tried to reduce a common length capture-the most forefront squaring, which mounting your to podsedelnoy pipe, little-little cut them up-the clearance between backdating wheel ands front point trailers can be much less do, only would not tseplyalo on when cornering.



Pipe-bending jig would here, and production can be manage. ^ ^ still thought, that trips the cart can and not need, if on parking lot bicycle deployed in the 90 grad relative to pritsepu. :crazy:



Not, not sustainable pleasant thing will. Although if on a bike trips there is, then no one nowhere not leaves to go.






Prikormku since or trolling (angling) pike harvest.



Find welcome this weekendall!
1 about podsedelnova prong 40griven and is worth a new-but when he forever I think not soon. Were thought sbelat on kaprolonovykh vtulkakh or controlled strictly for bearing until in designing.
2 bandana on frame think glee weight and increasingly bribery there is no back of made with profile P dip pipes I their weight (69kg) its be bent not was able :cool:
Vlyubom case thank you for reviews and wishes :flag:



To reduce not far under work wheels trailers back of suited uh, but-whether not wheel had been and escho suddenly where what a groove in the move need then back of accurately for wheel had been about to hook, and so like increasingly're a big talker! Yes trubogiba is lacking o.o.


For, increasingly broke a! :cool: a exasperated ShO elephant :jumping:
Trailer have a bit's heavy in hand (almost 10-11kg) on tilt cargo not feel the (if only not on the rise edish) in your bag weight in 20kg on when cornering sure-footed even on speed under "Kyupriya" hour
Trips and Angel of Love not need a
Temer d to think as save podsedelnyy thorn!. Under driving can anywhere empty-handed strongly Clattering! :angry:



Eagle guy! :flag:
And what buffer against an has replaced?



Racks seals aaaaaeieea VAZ2108-10 too gentle even with spring within :canthearyou:
And this is worth 40griven Yes escho zhostkost can be regulate :cool:



Super! :cool: zachetnyy trailer have.



Thank you :cool:
Himself exasperated that elephant! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



lenin wrote:

now d to think as save podsedelnyy thorn!. Under driving can anywhere empty-handed strongly Clattering!

In my opinion. I would thought over constructs on types front forks bike, only on "controlled strictly for bearing slip." To example -opornaya the lower plastic puck, ferrule from pipes plastic between podsedelnym shtyrem and dyshlom, but centimeters on five longer than the, than cube a wagon turn. And again plastic puck, which podzhimaetsya yoke, krepyaschim nave box (to podsidelnomu shtyryu. Ssori, draw it not will be able. Process assembly. For simplicity understanding of-under the country back of a. On the on the angle pin the lower magnetically goal, then plastic nave box (, then writing, then upper goal, then Yoke on plastic nave box (, which podzhimaem upper goal. Get, that plastic ferrule enshrined by yoke on podsedelnom a spike, writing revolves on it freely, and his (a wagon turn) simultaneously displacement are limited with two sides washers'. Ssori, explained, as was able, hope find.
Still couple of words. Bryzgovichek would not has impeded ons front parts of carts.

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Thank you :flag:



Prodayu such a thing, mozhut whom interestingly.



On fishing!



I bought a bag on trunk, is called longus double on press flat mops down, very convenient bag, fit. Many just, what before accounted for in backpack vpikhat, now all in a bag, uh, sneaks.



I have trunk Ibera, and to him iberovskaya same bag with ushami-, uh, sneaks increasingly, except udilisch, their side or from above (Lite or Picker).