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1 th Zhytomyr fidernyy Marathon / tandem 2015

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1 th Zhytomyr fidernyy Marathon / tandem 2015

-spender tournament’s company "flagship"

1. Goal and tasks
1.1. Propaganda active healthy way of life, popularization sports industrialized fishing fish by snastyu
1.2. Raising fishing of excellence, exchange experience.
1.3. Definition of winners and prizewinners contest in command Monster.
2. Place and time conducting competition
2.1. Contest ???? 16-17 on May 2015.
2.2. Place conducting contest: Commercial starts at sec. Kodnya, Zhitomir area. … a=!3m1!1e3
The species composition: Karp, White Amur, catfish, sea Bass, krasnoperka, perch, pike perch, a dace.
3. The organizers, refereeing
3.1. Leading the festival - Zhytomyr, the fishing club "ZhRK"
Woodpecker Taras and Begerskiy Dmitri
4. Participants
4.1. To participate in for competitions are permitted all wishing to, reaching 18 years,
With satisfactory condition health.
4.2. Contest ???? teams (tandemami) nuclear from two man, continually for 24 hours.
4.3. Participants owe:
- fulfill rules behavior on a reservoir, rules competition and this Order, morally-ethical norms behavior in society;
- participants competition owe know and fulfill rules competition to how to catch fish fiderom;
- abide by rules behavior on a reservoir;
- implicitly fulfill demands and instructions judges;
- under deteriorating health immediately to inform about this main Judge
4.4. Participants competition bear full responsibility for consequences, to which can lead noncompliance rules behavior on a reservoir, sporting regime, norms behavior in places common possession.
4.5. Maximum number of fly very comfortable - 15 teams.
4.6. The applications are taken until 10.05.2015 Propulsion
4.7. In damages must be identifies a: Name team, city, surname, name of, phone.
5. Rules conducting competition
5.1. A competition is conducted in one tour. Expectancy industrialized fishing accounts for 24 hours.
Each team comes 120 minutes on training. On arrival in its sector team must to place all their cordage and prikormku within sector, a certain a. Preparation cordages and prikormki, can be launched immediately on preceding in sector.
5.2. Had forced fish participants is conducted by snastyu (feeder, Mr. Picker), equipped one a leash around with one single crocheted.
5.3. To application of resolved species mounting some tackle – fidernye montages, karpovye montages.
5.4. Tineri purposefulness and prikormki, containing in not pererabotannom the form of living or dead fish, survivors and dead ants, ant eggs and because the fish.
5.5. Number of Warranty prikormki, and also, nozzles and prikormki animal not limited. The nozzle sitch permitted only of plant or animal.
5.6. Prikarmlivanie permitted to with Bank throughout industrialized fishing any convenient way (feeder, spomb, slingshot, with hands and others. Prohibited from use the little boats.
5.7. The size of the sector tandem, not less 20 meters.
5.8. Number of dugout udilisch and cordages is not confined to.
5.9. Poklevka fish is determined by participants only on vershinke rods up (on kvivertipu).
5.10. Impose cordage in place industrialized fishing produced only pounder.
5.11. Expanding zabrosa some tackle is not confined to.
5.12. Impose and had forced outside own sector prohibited.
5.13. In the course competition participants can situated in his sector for industrialized fishing, as consider please, however, objects, raspolagaemye in sector or their parts of should not reach beyond the sector.
5.14. In his sector athletes must move freely on opportunities's corridors.
5.15. For definitions terrain trawling permitted to use your fishing bobber-the marker on a special place it, not equipped the feeding trough and a leash around with crocheted. Pounder, armed connected float switch-Marker permitted to enjoy the, as until signal “start ”, so and after him, your fishing bobber – the marker permitted to leave in water as their shopping for zabrosa cordage.
5.16. After signal “start ”, tandemu permitted had forced fish only on two rods up.
5.17. Participants during industrialized fishing can to quit their sector with resolution judges, in including and vacation - on one, a participant remaining in sector has the right harvest on two fidera simultaneously. In the nighttime time permitted to apply fireflies.
5.18. Prohibited from report water lanterns and spotlights, but use source lighting within erected tents permissible. Under establishment fish in podsachek can be enjoy nalobnym the lantern? Faint capacity.
Dear bonfires in sectors prohibited from.
5.19. In the process competition participants owe to store its catch in sadke (the koi bag), which maximally are immersed in water. Minimum the length of the charge ?? in water accounts for 2 Dam. Mesh charge must be was made from natural or an artificial threads lead. The use of metal charge prohibited from.
Until arrival judges participants should not you remove fish from water.
That Spain the use of cyprinids kept curses.
5.20. Permitted to use radio stations, and mobile funds ties. Participants competition must use means ties so, to not hinder other some.
5.21. During competition participants permitted enjoy platforms or armchairs (chairs). On moment start, although would one counseling must situated outside water, on Bank. During round realignment permitted only in side Bank.
5.22. In laps. Goes any fish, here and recovered from water until signal “OK, it's over. ”
In case poklevki fish directly before signal “OK, it's over ” needs immediately to inform about this the linear Judge. In this case team percolate additional 15 minutes for vyvazhivaniya.
5.23. Sector are distributed among fly very comfortable by drawing.
5.24. Winner recognized tandem (team), with the greatest weight capture of.
Under equal weight capture of, decisive will weight the largest fish tandem.
Results counted only team in a whole.
5.25. Participants, remaining without capture of, receive number of points (seats), equal a recent community.
6. Weighing up the:
6.1. To midweek weigh-in takes into only going to hear live fish without visible significant damage. Weighing up the produced electronic headings, with price division not more 20 Mr. not ostentatious one times in three hours in bright spot time days. Fish, here at night, must kept safely out in sadkakh (cyprinids kept sacks) until first frank weighting. In case the search for fish weight more 7 kg, athletes can trigger judges in sector phone wake-up call. Judges must on such a challenge arrive in sector team and weighed only the contestant fish, weight which exceeds 7 kg. The rest fish, here compete, osuschestvivshimi challenge, will weighed on the morning.
6.2. In procedure weighting participate judges and a participant from neighboring team (on desire neighboring team). Under weighing fish weight above 7 kg or fish, currently tied on BigFish) tournament, presence stakeholder from neighboring team necessarily.
Fish after weighting released (let off) in body of water. No amount protests after the return of fish into a body of water not are taken.
6.3. Weighing up the produced in hewed.
6.4. A participant should attend under weighing capture of and its signature confirm vividly weight, listed as in Protocol.
7. Financial conditions
7.1. All spending athletes, associated with transiently until seats conducting competition, and also with address on for competitions, bear themselves athletes.
7.2. Premium on the right participation in Sally accounts for 200 UAH. With stakeholder (400 Grzywna (. With tandem).

7.3. Premium is faring on organization tournament’s (ukha, barbecue, tea, coffee)

8. Regulations:
16 on May
12.00 - collection participants.
12.00-13.00 - building, draw.
13.00-15.00 - preparation (includes in themselves and equipment sectors and preparation for it comes to shagging)
15.00 – “Start ”
17 on May
15.00 – “OK, it's over ”
15.00 - 16.00 – weighing up the,’s, awarding.
Administration, leaves for a right partly to change position.
Registering the teams is undertaken in this the Frost Forum.
About pay write in lichku or call on the telephone below.

Phone convener - (093) 122-75-57 Taras



Registering the:

1. "Clan Mr. Soprano" (Propulsion Zhytomyr)
A. Troyanovsky Denis
Khalimonchuk Yuri

2.? (Propulsion Zhytomyr)
Antypchuk Vladimir
Androsovich Mikhail - paid

3. "Guard :-dentist" (Propulsion Zhytomyr)
Legkun Paul - paid
Rather distant place Alexander - paid

4. "Kiev Feeder Club" (Zhytomyr-Kyiv)
Grigorenko Vyacheslav
Konyushevskiy Yevgeny

5. ???
Nortsov Andrei
Dzyadyuk Artyom

6. ???
Lapshin Nikolai - paid
Melnik Igor - paid

7. "Braty" (Kyiv)
Oleksander Isko - paid
There Isko - paid

8. "Misha and Tarik" (Kyiv-Zhytomyr)
Bogdanovich Mikhail
Woodpecker Taras

9. "Catch fortune for tail"
Bay Vitaly - paid
Vonsovich Sergei - paid

10. "'s cool a day"
, that the coachman Ruslan "- paid
Kozub Alexander

11. ???
Lobachev Andrei - paid
Chechet Vitaly - paid

12. "Golden sea Bass" (Propulsion Kyiv)
Sviridenko Alexei
Borsuk Dmitri

13. ???
Яnaki Vladimir - paid
Malenovskiy Vlad

14. ???


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List registration updated!

In catch on this moment prevails sea Bass 120-200 g, and so same karpik mere 0.5-1.5kg, so same in prilove somiki until 2kg

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In Friday took away prizes from companies the flagship of the for awardees tournament’s "Zhytomyr fidernyy Marathon 2015" in sec. Kodnya Zhytomyr area which will undergo 16-17 on May!

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Report Dima Begerskogo on last night's train, on water feature:

10 on May decided with co-players go fishing. Been caught on the lake in farms Kodnya Zhytomyr area. Precisely on this a reservoir already in these weekend will pass fidernyy Marathon.
Sea Bass in this day afford to be. Poklevki were very cautious. Had lasting failings in Cleves. But those who picked up by efforts to fish, remained with highly impressive catches.
My comrades (Sergei and Ruslan) been caught fiderami - prepared for the upcoming competitions. I same catching drawings contest and simply enjoyed weather and fishing.
The biggest catch was have Ruslana - was impression that prisutstvuesh on master classroom on it comes to shagging carp fiderom - he caught 14 Karpov weight from 350 until 700 gr., and about three tens of karasey. Catches we not weigh the chain. did you but think that his outcome transshipment over for 13 kg. Have Seregi in catch one karpik grams on 500. In the sum have him about 4 - 5 kilograms fish.
I have also one karpik grams 500 weight, and overall catch about 5-6 kg.
All enjoyed prikormkoy flagship, but all did different compositions. As have shown results, best worked sweet prikormka, mixed on the basis of prikormki Feder Big Fish (prikormka Ruslana), with added features any the secret ingredients.
Ah and photo strikes in there:

Catch Ruslana.

The catch of the Seregi.

Ah and my modest catch.



Today took away clubs for award shows winners in fidernom the long 16-17maya!!



Bogdanovich Misha on the long / tandem in Zhytomyr vyvazhivaet karpika!



In nomination of Morgan Fish victory won Vladimir Isko, catches carp weight 900 grams




sportfishing wrote:

1 th Zhytomyr fidernyy Marathon / tandem 2015

-spender tournament’s company "flagship"

Come into themselves, after tournament’s.
Lasting gratitude organizers and contributors leading for tournament and for prizes.
All participants thank you for participation. Was mentally and interestingly, are happy were to see old rivals, on past year.
Tarasu and Michet as neighbors on sector for nightly sit-round gathering a separate thankie.
Kodnya WE review.
Until new meetings.



VIsko wrote:

come into themselves, after tournament’s.
Lasting gratitude organizers and contributors leading for tournament and for prizes.
All participants thank you for participation. Was mentally and interestingly, are happy were to see old rivals, on past year.
Tarasu and Michet as neighbors on sector for nightly sit-round gathering a separate thankie.
Kodnya WE review.
Until new meetings.

Skloubeni report!



For me Marathon was the first as in it catching 24 hours, so and it catching an and carp. That the broke a, that the there is no. But importantly that Opening on such fish included. With report until not is obtained, so that simply want congratulate winners and prizewinners, and so same thank organizers of and people which helped in organizations competition. Organization on level. Thank you recreate, as always all tasty and in right time. Large thank you Muslim Isko, for company, for treats and advice on it comes to shagging. Thank you your partner with your for will to victory, (until the last spoke that wants the Asian. Thank you participants for fight and for their presence, without you as and without organizers of nothing would not broke a. In general Thanks all who was, helped and made that the for marathon.



All photo have us in group



A bit otdokhnuvshi from marathon decided write its report.
Marathon was a complex and an, team strong, and weather not ready rest.
We initially nastroenny places on Kadett won; place, of devotion on full. Us fell 8 th sector, after the labeling we chose promising distance there is, for fed on and set to it comes to shagging. The first weighing up the happened in 22.00 have us weight was 990 grams (cool not very was). We adopted decision harvest at night camps without vacation and sleep (but I hour or so kemarnul). In district 23.00 have wee was poklyovki carp (took on sandwich) and we his safely dispatched in a hatchling pond, and I by taking over karasika.
Hope on night fishing trip not was never justified (poklyovok I not saw).
Poklyovki began in district 5.00 but weak and not very confident. Mostly been caught with the a moth and oparika, the worm and a Cheeto remained silent.
About 10.00 safely extracted and my of a soldier, took on motylika (I have was 5-Ventotene breakages from their one razognutyy hook). Are they biting ulutshilsya, and weather contrary (strong impulses wind not always allowed fall into point).
We have achieved victory in this the long thanks to military command work. Many was interesting moments but this in photo and video quadrennial.
A huge lasting gratitude organizers and leading for prizes (they red).
Separate lasting gratitude uncle Whyte (ukha and barbecue super).
All participants marathon huge thank you was fun and in.
P.s. On platform herhangi this. Hard need to chair!

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Download all photos could here



Report on fidernomu the marathon 16-17maya in Zhytomyr:

Idea conducting fidernogo daily marathon brewing long, but alas raze could not realize respect in ties with dense timetable competition and directly the participation in them, but here is in March month decided to conduct their on water feature in seele Kodnya Zhytomyr area, our body of water very an interesting and "a free fish" there not case simply, need always work and deal some, constantly eksperementiruya with nazhivkami and prikormkami. To participate in really the not planned, and wanted to conduct on high-level, bought proactively Turing and small flags for rozbivki sectors for teams participants. Unfortunately have running mate, on team Club for Micha's Bogdanovich Films not broke a to go for Family circumstances and to not collapsed trip friends from of Kyiv proposed its candidacy for participation in the long, buy bed with Micha's suite last night nasadochnogo very and oparika, kicks and a worm, and so same different prikormok several Ukraїnskikh producers, and so same stocked up several of currently the iron and light clay.

On appeared that our team marks extreme sector # 13 and this aren, in sector # 12 is mired team "Braty" Alexander and Vladimir Isko, welcome each other and are starting to engage in raskladyvaniem and tackle shop and fishing depots. Prikormku Misha shoveling dj the Gulf Stream series of premium (what accurately not remember), I made a sauce two packs prikormki flagship of the "black bream" series of in for industrialized fishing carp (for week before tournament’s with it enough confidently klevali driven carps), so de for industrialized fishing an made a sauce two packs prikormki "karasio" + a bottle of likvida motylnogo rostfishing.

Even on two zameshali package prikormki fishdrim sea Bass garlic (local sea Bass likes there chesnochyok), Turkic forward I’d say that unfortunately in this time have us garlic so and not earned as and prikormka for a carp with sweet aroma "black bream."

Start, such distance there is about 20m (the total), I 35m, and Misha 22m, the first hour a fish on not managed to capture, but the Brothers Isko in the first hour began to to capture karasey and Karpov, severing nervous system rivals in fluff and by, for several hours managed to capture several karasikov Michet and I on Picker "vymuchil" two bass and several karasikov, the first weighing up the our catch averaged 1235gramm and this 5’s place, brothers Isko rounded up 4 karpika and many karasey with a large margin almost in 3 kg they began to top.

After weighting are they biting particularly not independent poklyovkami, their simply not was or we that the did not so. After evening gastronomic meals caldrons from ", uh, Uncle Viti" and shashlychka from Andryukhi propose a take turns sleep, but Misha proved very crossbars and not In to leave workplace, although very hard sit through clock on platform.
At night temperatures plunged to 4 degrees and was very chilly, I decided to go more spring from several hours, so as promised be a strong be exiting for the first seats, in dissapointed I already met dawn and learned that Misha caught for night 3 an, karpovaya point not worked. On the morning domeshivayu another composition prikormki carp pro "pineapple" + gender package spicy rice cakes method mix from the same series of caps pro. To 8 morning under aid 5 fringes a dime gruzika enleve 3 karasika, dokarmlivayu far point fucking slingshot, this brings lying fish and are they biting clams up fully, Misha podlavlivaet several karasey and this anything but reassuring, so as have neighbors affairs hit with this than have us, but gap ” existed need to cut. В 10 часов мы сильно отстаём от участников имея в улове всего до десятка рыб, Мишка решает добавить глину до 50% в прикормку и это срабатывает, поймай подряд 8 карасей хоть и не больших, зато очень нам необходимых, тоже начинаю домешивать в прикормку "карасио" глину в такой же пропорции как и у напарника, кормлюсь тремя кормушками с прикормкой и пробками из насадочного мотыля и начинаю извлекать увесистых карасей одного за другим шесть штук подряд причём средний вс карася больше ста грамм, Миша не выдерживает и говорит мол напарничек ты меня уже начинаешь такой ловлей напрягать, так как клёв у него пропал, говорю что нам просто необходимо первое место и это единственная цель забрать кубки, Миша говорит что это нереально и через несколько минут начинает борьбу с карпиком и благополучно берёт его в подсак,
After are starting ?? and recruit pace of industrialized fishing,, intermittently simultaneously abide the fish in podsaki, in the same time the rest participants nervously for us are watching, strongest advance wind raises wave of and sea Bass is beginning to peck first time without fail and the who this not on alert remained without an active capture of, best worked night crawlers, I peak times.The buffet 5 units, and Misha 3 very, hooks # 18 Katana 1090 on a fishing line hadn-0.14 mm and meter tight leash, so until the end of round and podlavlivali. Reckoning and weighing up the shows our overall catch 7610 grams and third place, the second place us bisected 125 grams and from first 340 grams, in the same time from 4G seats we lost them more than on two and a half kilograms.

Third place of course us not strongly pleased its, after all determined were precisely on victory, but unfortunately not ‘ so as like, but ahead another Marathon and victory not fast approaching!
Lasting gratitude permanent sponsor zhitomirskikh globally televised tournaments companies "flagship", and so same Alexey Pashukevichu for provided by prizes and prikormki for all participants) tournament, special lasting gratitude Mikhail Bogdanovich (the tall drink) for science and plitki in sector, was not bored, lasting gratitude Dima Begerskomu for refereeing and Andryukhe Tkachenko for Prime photo, refereeing and of those skewers, and so same Uncle Whyte - "Bata" for ear. So same want thank all of for create an honest fight, albeit were some violations have participants.
Until meeting on next tournaments, with respect the woodpecker Taras!!




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