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Feeder Fishing: Lay people amatoram, and not only.

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Friends, all Hi. Open a new subject. Here with friends let us tell about our church and interesting chips, which will deserving attention. Plan more about prikormkakh, but they, of course same, solve not increasingly) So that, will just on slightly-slightly.

Today the first experience with prikormkoy, about which already typically recognized base many) Yesterday tried and I. New prikormki, new experiments. Until only busy briefing, video later before, when will by clearly understanding of, that advise. Until the first the impression.

Conditions industrialized fishing: Dnepr river, the depth of 5-7 meters, secondary and on devices up a strong for.

I chose for industrialized fishing the next composition: Flagman Gold Secret, elegant fashion, Roach Black & Flagman Gold Super Bream Black. On all a indices, this promised be many run mixture of for industrialized fishing on during on even neprogrevsheysya water.

Content each packs Kyivites a sieve 2 mm. Began with small fry.

Faction indeed very an equal and petty. Virtually the entire failed through a sieve. Immediately Id say fun thing: The kind faction, that has remained in this prikormke (grain, cannabis ) virtually nothing not differ from major of particles, which not proseyalis on 2 mm in prikormke Super Bream Black. Unambiguously, not on them rate, so immediately are embarking on garbage.

Have of bream faction, too, very rovnenkaya and sports and petty)) Ponravilis odors. Clearlyt get, active and Id say immediately, after dampening even more bright. Bream somewhere a bit different from declared producer: There accurately not only sweet spices)

Unambiguously not was able without likvida) But even he not was able underbid smells the most prikormki!

Further humidification. Nothing particularly unique not did. Grass mixing. From a trickle see on photo) Immediate, Id say, that water prikormka drinks little: On 2 kg 300-350 mg Fish-sicles under such a numbers water is obtained very a passive. Who Needs need to more a dynamic, let us less water and keep in 1 phase. On the river, I uvlazhnyal in two.

Hands black tin, but laundered without problems. Modicum and with toothbrush again) Boor prikormka holds color increasingly time, which is on bottom.

Katyshki Enough already about them. Look the next two photo. This not peretiranie. Under most low pridavlivanii, increasingly crumbles and another takes through 2 mm:

Here is such a Lies mixture of. Heavy, moderately active, with very staunch aroma.

With 3rd trough gathered fish.

Unfortunately, long poeksperimentrovat not managed: One telephone phone call and had to catch home. Until such composition likes, but on conditions and fish even plan try and specify. Here is then already, Perhaps, and video arrive after 18.00. All with the Passover. World us. Christ resurrected!



A belated report with Rusanovki. On photo a golden, the weather has,) Chego now from it wait, at all it is unclear. And here is in Monday, managed gladly swim. And try a new composition. Flagman Gold Secret Roach Black & Flagman Gold Secret Roach Brown.

Immediately can say, that for Canal the Black dace has replaced would a loud speaker, but on the very moment its not was. So prikormka Lies not so active, as I would wanted to. Prikormku proseival through 2mm a sieve. Faction, which on offense remained after of brown small fry, decently different from Sub-Saharan. The same and with the smell, is. He it much more sweet.

Prikolno seemed so smeshanyy composition in separating the form of)

Won black color. Although, of course, on airline color closer to brown.

Javadxan, slightly not forgot: Katyshki) In the last time return to this topic. I have with them problems no:

Fish-sicles very exactly uvlazhnyaetsya, but need to keep, to not you overdo it with water. In courses composition, she easily lepilas, and that most importantly on bottom, was being blown in of seconds. Go quietly of particles more, than in courses the preceding composition Black bream + a dace. Very interestingly the 1949 and immediately lowered. Think, for fish should be attractive, especially for small fry. As in sight at the second photo below (sorry, can, the quality of not an ideal) - composition from Sub-Saharan small fry and bream (each catching on him) lies dense stain, in the time, as my composition (higher) more kind of sandy.

Fish teetered not point. The other question, - picking the nozzles and hook. Something broke a)) And even managed muster fish bigger than others. Can deal in activity prikormki, and can increasingly-??? in nozzle of. D study, likely already on for competitions) Until meeting!



All Hi! As Rushtik already wrote, a with him in Monday, on Rusanovke. Staged a a small rock on prikormok. I catching Flagmanovskim Gold Black a dace and Black bream + Fried Coconut. And although for me with unaccustomed prikormka 6600m unusual, in general composition grassroots. Fish he eiaee)

Vitalya US brown dace with the iron and. Surprisingly, have him despaired podlesch, and I have teetered wall a dace. Under fix mostly petty. Perhaps, this effect use coconut. But likely, this question nozzles. Modicum fish and lovilas, to outcome there is questions)

On prikormke: If flagship are declared, that this sports prikormka, question black hands need to to decide. Grapple laundered their from soot. On Katyshkam, then think, that children from as the flagship of need to put Dafiku Pandora brandy for such a subject.) If would their and not was, their need to was would devise)) Heath spring Festival. Who only pro them not spoke?) In general with your dough they emerge. As and in any other prikormke)

Hope, in Sunday on Plotve on weather will modicum something similar on Monday,)



Oaught with guys in this day. my chair the second on picture have Sasha. Here is my otchetik.
Perhaps, in the future, been thinking about staying to guys in this subject. :)



Seryoga, judging by around the your "Brain" indeed sharpened on Specimen Fish (They're massive copies of) - well "beribelnye" rybyokhi for good outcome on Rusanovke) presence Means, Perhaps, only their number of) A fish increasingly-??? one senses, that tends to gorging himself on food. And what faction it to lend remains puzzle ;)

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alexcry wrote:

Seryoga, judging by around the your "Brain"

My them brain sharpened under engineering. :D
Point, all have made conclusion, that now fish in of RK would still, that there is. Apparently winter of starved was. :)
Yes and big Fish Hurricane, if this can be so call :D, have Vetalya was much more than I have.

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Today was sent phone call, that on La, nips podlesch soon let us on truly all test. Is possible rock on.



All Hi! Very glad the, that this year not became the exception, and in Sunday has passed yet another Springtime a dace 2015. Make-out marathon truly cult, and majority participants the expected virtually the entire year. Me personally in this year he gave even times feel, that in me there is exactly so much fishing sport, how me this want. But clearly not enough, to show the best outcome. In principle, me this balance suits, because I not is boring nor on second for all 5 hours industrialized fishing. On ordinary church motivate themselves work in such a regime gets the extremely rarely. So [kayf]otlovlen. Fish there is no)

For moreover, to will be close to understanding, that need to do, to win in Plotve , better to read busy briefing winners. They have moved realistically a freaking amazing span work, that is logical gave outcome. I more want to share trumps emotion and by some always moments, which, I believe, deserving attention.

First I have was cultural shock from sector)

The that on photo seems land and dead branches, under first move it turned out, viscous... snot, sure. Where minutes with ten, to organize about the penny, and began raskladyvatsya. Precisely this time me lacked, to quietly promeryatsya. And so, if without force-jags, 45 minutes should of the lack. Sorely tested.

I US mix from Flagmanovskogo Golda, which obtain very for week before sorevov.

In this time decided to outstanding autochthon landscapes its more in detail. Black a dace was proseyana through wheat intolerance a sieve. Very interestingly was watch on the, that on offense remained. Perhaps, this and there is complex sponge and liftingovye particles. With home-can wrong (motley size gray particles), and here is in as a active components I saw shell quality, production - powdered farmi "the weed and... the linen and, importantly dry the spices. Their there indeed many, that explains the mechanics prikormki: Even with strong, watering,, mixture of well compresses, but in water is torn in matter of of seconds. And that it is important, particles not departures upward to the surface, and through several seconds passed on to bottom.

In uvlazhnyonnuyu mixture of fell to sleep my favourite cool excess fare on plotve.

Also inscription its separately in the feeder, but in Sunday, unlike previous fishing trips, such stunts fish not bodril) Boor its bodrilo adding scale red biscuits own production)

Was even secret ingredient. Yes, he must be. And should be so classified, that even you himself not don, why in him removal of.)

Hooks: This Perhaps the only, that I can confidently say, I have has worked. Of those poklyovok, that me managed obtain, idle virtually not was. And because hook deal very personal) I simply want show my established.

Owner Sode Red 50286, 14. As nor surprisingly, (if judge in size) this my an ideal hook with povodkami 70-90 centimeters on Rusanovku already the second year.

Owner Sirahae, 16. My friend recommended his for poreva melkosralki )) exe works with povodkami from 90 see

Owner Pin Hook, 16. For short tug ropes. I eiaee 60 centimeters, fish simply was swooning on him.

Below photo for comparisons sizes:

Fun became, when starters climb water. In excited industrialized fishing, I its observed only, when understood, that its feet in water)

And have neighbor from Left at all was such a picture:

Even times want thank and organizers of, and participants. With you with steeply. A separate thank you contributors. Podzatarili) A if seriously, then stimulate to the audition pen with new prikormkami. From Brain me the apparently enlightened bream. Even I'll pick some up their of Florence and realizuyu its desire to swim bream on very sunny prikormku. Precisely in as a experiment) A flagmanovskiy bream shed in move on leschyovym ryboidam already in any time soon. It has very close me tanks. But with paint something to do unambiguously. People, which inimical flagship Gold, on Plotve can be was to know colored hands)

Even times all thank you for company!



Hello, friends! Today had gone fair company Gone Fishin '(.

Choice fell on promenade in district 7-oops scale,. In this year I on this place first time, so has felt, will be whether there fish or not. And perishing those more not knew, what surprise can rolled out today Dnepr river in this place.

So the main question was, what fodder hinder on todays fishing, active or,. In end choice fell on such a combination feed from companies flagship. Black bream 1kg, Yellow's the in colour bream 1kg. Id say immediately, no liquid and of the dry Arom or survivors components not inscription, because wanted to test work feed in the pure.

Why choice fell on this composition? In this place much profundity and present for. On point can approach the podlesch and even bream, and in such conditions this a fish need will keep the on point. So I decided to get somethin 'severe, fodder.

Then have spread the entire worker inventory, and in battle.

Made with start-up zakorm from seven feeders. Chose point on 55 metres. Pute a strong, winds wind, and I understood, that point keep locally will be difficult.

First poklevku realizovyvayu immediately after zakorma: Podleschik. Then the second and the third. I understand, that fodder deal with its task. This aren.)

During strong push water poklevki would still were, but rare. Under curtain fishing get classic leschevuyu poklevku, raise feeder and feel on how late strong tugging fish, do couple of gather steam; coils and get social. Fish not zaseklas. Immediately do perezabros. Pause minutes four. Two zhima and on. Again pleasant severity of, powerful tugging, in sight's spotted Ur, modicum bonus see. But not here something was, again social. Remont, trigger with N-16 on N-14, and ceasing with 0.9 on 0.11. Impose and silence. Then was captured another Blicca bjoerkna and all.

In which times might be certain, that decisions need to accept quickly. What I long have been toying about hook, was a mistake. Need to was increase the size of the hook immediately after first the vanishing. It's a shame, when a major fish is worth on point, and you from-for their mistakes not can its raise.

On nazhivkam, with morning worked combination of one kicks with two motylikami. Closer to 9-00 one the boot and three piece of red the worm.

I believe, that fishing I have Commission itself. Combination of feed with postavlenymi tasks has dealt. Believe, that precisely she has brought me the best catch on Bank. But would still I will its finalize the, and as only can find the money the optimal composition with topping various supplements, perhaps will talk about offense much detail in video. Ah and over their mistakes work of course need to. Until new meetings on church. NKhNCh.

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All Hi. Decided open season raid fishing trips on La. Profits with friend in its izlyublenoe place 30.04 in 20-30. Weather was super, from fishermen no one. This rewarding for.

So as already darkened, need was suggested a rozlozhitsya. Gettin 'in the way I homes: 1kg. Bream black, 1kg. Bream enlightened (a series of Gold from as the flagship of). And also 250ml. Aroma bream + 250g. Pastonchino mix.

Composition uvlazhnyal in three phase, so as wanted to do severe, leschevyy composition. Here is how he looks in motives the form of.

Further about a fishing trip. Promeryatsya was not perhaps, so as was very a strong crosscurrents, and I decided to weather. Ended it in 00-30. Then and began promer. Through 15-20 minutes the distance alternatives. With start-up zakorm, and in battle. One hour good pace brings first poklevku bream.

Fish teetered on point well. Still I have was otvarennyy and peretertyy in a sieve 4mm. The peas. His I gave Tyres every 3-four crime as. In as bait fish has chosen combination from one oparika and the now pieces of red the worm in numbers 3-company.

In this time I not became melchitsya and put trigger # 14 and ceasing 0.11, 60cm. I remained exasperated fulfillment poklyovok. With leschovym composition # 1, me seems, I completes his turn, and he me has brought here is such an outcome.

With composition # 2 d work, if tickles, necessarily with youll share.

With the sunrise sun was taken decision flock home. Fish the entire was not.

Friends, a huge request: Nurture nature of, remove garbage after themselves and now, let him go fish, after all if we this to do not let us, for us this not will make no one. NKhNCh.



Vetal, he there and day enjoyed, today tested.




Vetal, he there and day enjoyed, today tested.

And when you increasingly outperform everyone: Records on karasyu clearly same not on La pose)




Vetal, he there and day enjoyed, today tested.

Andryukha I know I eiaee, too,.




Vetal, he there and day enjoyed, today tested.

If have you tickles, let in Monday, don't we.


Vetal, he there and day enjoyed, today tested.

If have you tickles, let in Monday, don't we.



As the saying goes, and I there was (30.04-1 May until, harbor promenade brought to you), and in night fed, each catching, and me not chimneys down)

Decided to I dolavlivat the remnants of grab Trapera. In this time in battle went not the most popular on past year, but from this not mene qualitative Traper Feeder Special.

An excellent smells sponge-and sweet spices. The most petty faction - chopped pomolotyy a biscuit, 30% - the average faction (on photo, what remained on 2 mm sieve), and 10% a major.

Fish-sicles itself lighted, so zatemnyal paint. Shoveling on vanilnom likvide with adding biscuits red and yellow color of. Ah, and a bit cannabis. Here is outcome in's mixed up the form of.

Pro night can say only one thing, not variants with living component of: A twist the worm with garlic Treaty be bad service. Fish deaf date refused visit my point. Usually, with a mealy worm, gladly in prikormke I very bit overly cautious, okay, and here freaked out, and virtually in every crime as his inscription. In the past year the result was super, in this. In general, consider - always check on slightly-slightly.

And here is with morning gustyor became wall, and after hours industrialized fishing its first time without fail with 60 meters, I understood, that myasorubit there-ago in such a pace - pleasure below middle)

Coupled with those, that plan on bonusu not worked, aktivnichat desires already not was.) In any case, moments the first nightlife fishing were classically sugar! Behind this there and go... I go ;)




Vetal, he there and day enjoyed, today tested.

Nor lovitstsa - I today tested: '(But gustery - as dirt! Are biting in impose. And on any (ah virtually :D) size hook and ceasing: For yuks put hook # 8 with 8 kicking ass on tight leash 0.14-bulb each 10 cm - through minute on Bank already was Blicca bjoerkna slightly more their fingertips% -) Since motylem harvest at all it is unrealistic. And with metre a leash around: 0.10 and crocheted # 14 need at all harvest with hands.
Not endured wide soul of poet, - 's scarpered with ???? not despite MACHlNE in the back wife and mother-in-law :D And despite rain and shkvalistyy wind with morning. With lunch and began. The Northern wind TMI Ukraine helps% -) But to by the evening it turned out real fine.



duffy333 wrote:

No lovitstsa - I today tested

Turyst) Come are always tomorrow, that as need to his claimed)



Seryoga, let with fell swoop on karasevicha)



Sanya, forget it on traper. :)
F. Propulsion Cheaper, yes and but is famously. ;)



Svyatoslav wrote:

Seryoga, let with fell swoop on karasevicha)

Water the Cold, apparently. :)
Obbegali 2 rate, his mouth closed on anal emptyings have karasevicha. :)



duffy333 wrote:

No lovitstsa - I today tested But gustery - as dirt! Are biting in impose. And on any (ah virtually) size hook and ceasing: For yuks put hook # 8 with 8 kicking ass on tight leash 0.14-bulb each 10 cm - through minute on Bank already was Blicca bjoerkna slightly more their fingertips Since motylem harvest at all it is unrealistic. And with metre a leash around: 0.10 and crocheted # 14 need at all harvest with hands.
Not endured wide soul of poet, - 's scarpered with ???? not despite MACHlNE in the back wife and mother-in-law And despite rain and shkvalistyy wind with morning. With lunch and began. The Northern wind TMI Ukraine helps But to by the evening it turned out real fine.

A grey, make your dreams come true tomorrow, to us.




Sanya, forget it on traper.
F. Propulsion Cheaper, yes and but is famously.

Have him the remnants of.



Ah that, pulled up I today to children on Embankment - stood they 30-40 meters from that point, where I yesterday catching and in next to ya with Dood & Co. 'm - sit bored three athlete :flirt: The situation, that with weather, that with catch of the day tonight as in late the report Vsevolod Ivanovich. Iaaoou davln. polnolun :D

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The action around began with 16, when water still was pushed, Blicca bjoerkna as you and spoke -vlet, I took out 2 podleschey and is gone in 17.




Sanya, forget it on traper. :)
F. Propulsion Cheaper, yes and but is famously. ;)

This, Seryoga, not the Traper, who gave results on past year :flag: Of remnants of, trial :rolleyes: A on Flagmanovskomu Gold to agree, but. But even important, to in hand went :playful: Traper in the past year me anchor is perfectly, and now he roads, and not always is available. So until experiments with the flagship of the.


. Blicca bjoerkna as you and spoke -vlet, I took out 2 podleschey and is gone in 17.

Gusteryachiy year brewing :crazyfun: If so, then I not against - pleasant fish, yes and good copies of vletayut. Importantly, to in prilove to lescham :D

duffy333 wrote:

- - sit bored three athlete :flirt:

With with your the arrival more lively became :cool: And as only you resigned, immediately are they biting began - increasingly, as you and predicted :D




Dvizhukha began with 16, when water still was pushed, Blicca bjoerkna as you and spoke -vlet, I took out 2 podleschey and is gone in 17.

Yes Andryukha you rights. You is gone I one a white bream took out, and couple of gusterok, and all on homes. On weekends, trip brewing, you as?

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duffy333 wrote:

Nu that, pulled up I today to children at Embankment - stood they 30-40 meters from that point, where I yesterday catching and in next to ya with Dood & Co. 'm - sit bored three athlete The situation, that with weather, that with catch of the day tonight as in late the report Vsevolod Ivanovich. Iaaoou davln. polnolun

Edited duffy333 (Yesterday 14 :27: 45)

Yes Seryoga, in next time all of the with us.



All Hi. Began trudo vyebudni, under fix very actively, and not was time posting report about church on weekends. Their was two. In Saturday had gone on Dnepr river, which us met as always their never-, on which teach those launched wind. At times he stikhal, and we took care promeryatsya. Then vrubali savage evening a jet of, and water starters podnmatsya literally on the eyes of. Bolted on Bank upward metres at the 8 and engaged ordinary patois in there about okolorybatskikh things)

I same continued their experiments with prikormkoy Flagman Gold. For this session chose mega a simple the combination of, namely Double Black Bream :rofl: + biscuits own assemble. If honestly, simply not was bream Yellow, want try such the combination of. But this certainly already in next series of. And until:

In a sieve 4 mm hot dry prikormka went a-whistling by with Delhi. But something increasingly same on offense remained. Friends, while turning a blind subject katyshki, opening a new: Dowels! :crazyfun:

All quietly! Under compliant nadavlivanii, dowels Turn in elegant katyshkimelkoperedavlennye complex sponge :flag:

On 2 mm. Cite remained quite many average faction: Cereals, cookies, Mary Jane and other classic components. In this time I decided to their to leave.

A major faction I separated on two parts of. First poured melaskoy and of honey-Busterom.

This can be of course not to do. But personally I always come in drooling from species between tasty motley crispy kashitsy :dontknow:

Second part of added before the second cleansing one, prinaryadiv prikormku 8-)

Shoveling entire this on vanilnom bustere his preparations. Immediately should tell, that were far way not is obtained do the Liquid with intensive aroma. The right yes, staunch there is no. And if in invertnyy syrup promoted many-many aromatizavtora, deaf financial Sense create their Booster, easier buy ready. :confused: Although I think, in any case buy easier, simply I love have a bang on this with such things. :cool:

In general, the Liquid added sweets prikormke, but aromatiku raze not changed. Have Black bream she me very likes. I would its defined as candy apple-biskvitnuyu. Although observed fun thing: After first uvlazheniya smells is changing, and prikormka simply tasty reeks. Bread. After second dampening and some leap time for nastoyatsya, flavor is returning. :cool:

On devices up harvest not stomach, a bit pofotkalis, talked in anticipation downturn water.

At night not can displaying pulemyotnym a fat suit meets Undercover, closer to 4 morning flew two gustyorki and increasingly. Have Dima, and he began before on recession water, was in the very moment Dmitry: More energy, vletali good, large gusteryatory. In general, only I youtube to dunk him in my klyovu, pulled up little man on machine and began. Be preparing the boat to Proficiency on water :angry: There deal in is, that sat across we in is place, where made a special for this the to water. With the evening men their their from water, and with morning began a new the action around. "Spawning? Not, not heard. " Having understood, that each time communicate with lodochnikami me will weaken, I in another times voiced increasingly, that about them think, rallied and siding with with prikormlennogo seats meters on 20 in side. It me Kyivites with all hospitality: :D

After five prikormochnykh zabrosov began are they biting. First sinets, then Blicca bjoerkna. Fish teetered over upside, and replanting frothiness was very incidentally.

Are they biting was a good. Had of course and failings, but fish return helped active perezabrosy. It was your dangerous driving ceasing 70-90 see During how fish was on point, managed experiment with hooks. One of them until accurately'm going to postpone in a long Pandora. ;)

In some point received a good poklyovku,. Razgib hook (with, that catching with fidergamom).

On devices up are they biting began turn, and in Visitors even cameTsar Blizhnyaka)

Want, of course, bonus, but this fishing was again about petty and average goldfish. Well modicum in pace and not bored 8-)

Fishing in Monday, was aimed at to attract rising generation to as it comes to shagging. Daughter with interest has passed with me the whole process from that they prikormki until knitting circle snap and search for-otpuskaniya the first imaginations :cool: When prichine such a smiley mordyaku, harvest becomes more lively, yes and to live, too, :D

Been caught we on Rusanovke. In as a prikormki made a sauce gender packs black of bream. 've trawled through a major faction, biskvitnykh obviously not observed :crazyfun: In nedouvlazhnyonnuyu prikormku copiously added petty (less 2 mm) biscuits and forward.

For three hours in catch 3 small fry, one Blicca bjoerkna and two perch - far same without them. A butterworm not was, so had to izgolyatsya with nobody: In topic was combination of mini-penyk + maggot compression-sock-covered. Simple landing moldy worm represented a juicy just lame-o :canthearyou: Trigger for implementation poklyovok best red line of being able email to the Owner Sirahae 16.

In general, weekend boldly can be called once a ;)



In night with 12 on 13 on May fished with left Bank of Dnepr (Hidropark (Kiev metro)). To degrade like managed as times by the early evening Soaker. On devices up did get in trouble just couple of gusterok; on recession, hours with 12 night, fish a bit rasklevalas. Lovilas "commodity" fish until dissapointed, then in impose began to vletat you little runts with gender-hands.
Izlovleno around 3 kg fish, bonus was podlesch grams 600. Leschika still seduce not managed ((
Oaught with a near distance there is (35 meters) on blind seashells for brovkoy, fed relics of vde, then leschevym the flagship of the Gold. Leashes are has tried different, best 60 centimeters from 0,13 filament. Still better the nozzle remains Red, not were that it comes in this year on white normally was biting, :dontknow:
Z. Policies.: At night marks a strong dew, advise clean up fidernye / fishing pasochki on night in machine. I this not made and severely mince (to read sworn) when leader was coming on-Towards, after all around sand, and the entire stuff to as under rain a turn :mad:



Was a pretty short otchyotets about nightlife fishing to La.

Labor Friday's been a hell of dooolgoy, so time on fees was least. Seeking to reconstitute as can be faster, decided not tied a new prikormku, and dolavlivat its by Double Bream from Flagman Gold. But with more peretyortogo through 4 mm a sieve pea plants.

About the most prikormke Bream Black want add - she heavy. Even in nedouvlazhnyonnoy a mixture all particles densely held on trawling. After adding pea plants, prikormka gained its a pleasant velvety on are and very fun flexibility. From it can be was easily create achieve escape-in feeding trough. In general, interestingly.

With these thoughts remains ready, domeshavshis, startanul on evening subway. On station Khreshchatyk itself has gone pleasant female rocky road-muskatno-Arabic kitchen anise company :crazyfun: If would prikormka had such a powerful flavor as their perfume, fish would and I were hopping with point directly in a hatchling pond :D

Stream almost Slept in 0 :3 0. On distance there is in 56 meters she even there, and I eiaee the feeding trough 100 g, on 43 flushed can be was boldly harvest 70 Propulsion The feeding trough. Dump truck worked do, but the first fish was slovlen only in 2 :2 6, them proved blue-andwhite-eye. Krasnoknizhnaya, say :flag: Serebristaya! In general, immediately in Sea :crazy:

Tuft moldy worm, about ceasing Xilo 0,128, 56 centimeters, with one of the most favorite likely :cool: Skyfall stagnant water and a small downstream for me is indispensable. Ah, almost is indispensable :D

Are they biting was not the best drawer, so typically recognized discuss and catches on Cup of Kyiv, and zharivo Calcio Serie A in Thursday,. In general, even couple of fish on three figures until of blasting and running home. Wind was gone wildest entire night and morning. Tortured. Not think, that photo hands over corporate law, but increasingly same:

Soaker not and facebook, go home. And some who well cared for by, and like there something did get in trouble :cool:


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