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Т fishing Internet Music cordages "Rybolov Expert"

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the Internet-Music "Rybolov Expert"

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About our networks stores a bit in this video:



In honor discoveries online retailer have us theater:

except in April 2015 -
credit 10% on all subsequent purchases

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Race photo on product on site :dontknow:



Music only opened. Are working over this question.



the New felt products Traper

Copulin and dipy
Forage for prikormki
Wood-pellet heating(Nasadochnyy)
And another

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the New felt products BRAIN

Copulin and dipy
Forage for prikormki
both: Boyle

contaminated increasingly from 10 packs of prikormki or 10 packaging Boylov - parcel C DELIVERY FREE OF CHARGE



In our stores passes theater on goods Shimano
Number of cause of product limited

Much detail about Promotion read here
Catalogue goods Shimano on our site

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Our shops continue to inspiring shares their buyers

At May holidays + 5% to your diskontu!

Read moreabout Promotion

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Recall, that until the end of shares "10% after registration on all further purchases" remained less 4 days.
So same until 10.05.2015 to this discount will added Processors PLUS 5%. Hurry up buy cheaper. Tradable commodities has in having come ;)



New Traper series of Feedernow and in abroad 2.5kg

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In Internet no clothing leftuntil the end of shares "10% after registration on all further purchases"remained MENEE days.
Needs just register.
Much detail about our the stocks here



felt product:
Full range of products Carp Baits

Read more.

Copulin and dipy
Wood-pellet heating
Forage for prikormki
both: Boyle
Ingredienty for Boylov

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New 2015!
In our stores felt floating Boylov and wafters from ST Baits

Read more.

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A significant weather advisory ruined comfortable recreation on nature? Had to change so much plans, to not to get wet under rain? Your problem am familiar to most tourists, which although would times had to in lasting approaches.
In our no clothing left has replenished by range of -related travel care-awnings World Of Maverick, osnaschenykh quickly teams frame (Quick shower.Broken Gecko Ѓ) from easy and a lasting fiberglasa. Thanks to this frame collection tent two persons ranks about 2 minutes.
Protection from rain and wind under arches cozy in using tent becomes truly effective. No amount other species shelters not can give such a comfort, which provides tent tourist.
The use of modern materials the mountings castles, effective system wastewater disposal, provarennye seams and a strengthened fabric in particularly loaded places significantly raise effectiveness by design and allow buy tent tent Maverick for a long use. All materials, used under creating awnings, have supply ruggedness and created on exploitation in extreme conditions any season. Have us you can buy tent tourist at an attractive price.

Read more.

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Cover fidernykh feeders "Feeder Sport" all affordable on todayТs day series, including model with big netting series of G and antero ogruzhennye modification, and also markernye weight. Trough developed sketches-compete, not odnokratnymiТs champions Ukraine and prizyorami host World. Suited as for start-up anglers so and for athletes. Big range of cargoes and baskets come under any conditions industrialized fishing. Trough "Bullets" come for the far-distance there is. Brick cargo for more precise definitions terrain trawling in place industrialized fishing.
Production Feeder SPORT



Felt fidernykh feeders the Polish producer Wirek
Much kormoemkost. The qualitative vertlyuzhok, claims, and paintjob. Not contain lead and are environmentally friendly.

- bird feeders Wirek round 32x37 mm (black) - 5 "grape"
- bird feeders Wirek round 32x44 mm (black) - 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 gr
- bird feeders Wirek round without trawling 32x57 Mm. (Black) - 50, 60, 70, 100 gr
- bird feeders Wirek square without trawling 44x35mm (black) - 20, 25, 30, 40 "grape"
- bird feeders Wirek square without trawling 57x35mm (black) - 50, 60, 70, 100 gr

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What's a grand scale felt kempingovoy products from leader Ukrainian market - TM Tramp
Products this producer has won popularity have broad circle buyers on the entire territory our country.
Goods Tramp differ high process efficiency, Kary to demands of market and different ratio the price-quality, that allows them often become hits sales.

Production Tramp in our no clothing left


Rubber-technical products





Gas cylinders

Gas burners



felt products Carp Baits- cukhie benchmark prikormochnye a mixture, pylyaschie both: Boyle and pelets, likvidy, Spode dzhusy, supplements and various ingredients - all the, that makes your prikormku unique, allowing contribute its ribbon vision situation on a reservoir.
On site "Rybolov Expert" is available full helpfully



In the early 2000Тs have us in country little who knew about how, that there is such a a worthy replacing the ding-dong. Today it is difficult to imagine modern karpovuyu fishing without electronic detection, after all had forced the servant-trophy-fish continues most often not one day. Indicator in a timely would mark about poklevke, even if you not see udilisch, Inn at night, will allow immediately react on poklevku under it catching in of lasting places, where for several seconds carp would lead the tackle for what any obstacle - in a whole significantly facilitating life modern rybolovu.
Of course, we actively monitored the trends in area data devices and represent rybolovam the qualitative options models detection with those or different list of functions.

Set of detection EOS 4 + 1 C-9004
Set of detection with guy on the radio
On every signalizatore is regulated - tune, loudness signal, sensitivity
Light indication - poklevki, inclusion
Nest for connectivity electronic swinging
Guidance ranges actions signal until 200 flushed
Kit: Electronic indicator-4 ?o, ratsiya- 1 ?o, suitcase for convenient transportation

Set of detection with a pager Golden pilots SN-40 Х 4
- Four signalizatora and pager
- whole productions lines volume and sensitivity
- Light and sound indication
- radius tuner until 200 flushed
- Built in in indicator transmitter are
Signal directly on pager
- Plastic-jacket
- delivered without batteries

Set of detection Wencelas Square Carp Camo 4 + 1 - stock proposal - 30%
Four regime key.
Four extent regulation chuvchtvitelnosti.
Four levels of volume.
Connector for connectivity swinging.
Automatic vklyuchenievyklyuchenie from regime.
Shows poklevku from Bank and in Bank.
Guidance ranges actions pager 150 meters.
Memory signal 20 seconds.

Set of detection ProLogic SMX super WTS 4 + 1
Compact semaphore poklevki from ProLogic. Have all major functions, whom is equipped with any a modern indicator. Is equipped with magnetic trailer, thanks to what very a credible in using. Has fully water-proof Corps. Are equipped with with additional fiksatorami rods up, which not will allow would be udilischu with signalizatora during poklevki.
Х is available in goes 3 + 1 or 4 + 1;
Х works from two AAA 1.5 V battery;
Х five levels volume plus silent regime;
Х four option adjustment sensitivity;
Х seven options adjustment tone;
Х 100% water-proof;
Х rombovidnyy magnetic the commercial;
Х various pots indication poklevki forward / ago.
Х works from two AAA 1.5 V battery;
Х function memory;
Х so cozy. will definitely stay regime;
Х regime vibration;
Х nightlife regime;
Х 100% water-proof;
Х separate LED to blink, reference which identifies poklevku in Bank.

Sets detection Fox MXr + Presentation Set-4 Rod Set CEI143and MXr + Presentation Set-3 Rod Set CEI142
It worked fantastically well kit detection MXr +, created by on the basis of incredibly popular detection MX +, now is equipped with transmitter I-Com, owing to what, their can be enlist to denied MXr +. Semaphore poklevki MXr + have much in common with model Mr +: Fully germetizirovannyy and vlagonepronitsaemyy Corps, high-quality Collins digital hypertrophied, a tiny energy consumption, a unique system sensitivity D-Tec, zaprogrammirovannoe Meaning УTru Run Ф, adjustment of the volume and connector for connectivity swinging. However aside from these functions indicator MXr + has adjustment tone and double prerogatives sensitivity, that allows you do indicator more or less sensitive in dependence from conditions industrialized fishing. Indicator MXr + is equipped with diffuzornym a loud speaker for strengthening quality understanding sound. As and under using pager MX +, in testing pager MXr + signal confidently would try on-continental distances above 200 meters, but company Fox extremely not favors behavior fishermen that allow itself so far leave from their udilisch. This test on capacity signal only gives additional confidence in is, that outside dependence from weather conditions or type landscape in move you place industrialized fishing, you arrive at net signal on pager whenever, when chase lie in your Ц industrialized fishing or near with him.
In sale are available sets on 3 and 4 signalizatora in goes.



In our stores - flamboyant novelty, boldly Coming on market fishing and tackle shop Ц destinated and bolonskie rods up from TM Brain.
This series of possesses heightened of a thanks to utolschennym walls letterhead, under this possessing rapid build and acceptable weight, combined showing comfort ownership snastyu on high-level. Rods up Brain Blast were created under immediate involvement key craftsmen poplavochnoy industrialized fishing Ukraine adjusted for series of high-priority wishes of places. XMEGA includes in themselves variations from 4 until 7 meters, provided in kolechnom and makhovom version. Fulfilled from modern vysokomodulnogo this temperature delta, all model Brain Blast are brilliant choice in his price categories.
Watch catalogue udilisch can be here



на €ркой новинки не вижу характеристики:строй,вес,а так же диаметр и вид вершинки-пустотела€ или китовый ус! o.O



станислав wrote:

на €ркой новинки не вижу характеристики:строй,вес,а так же диаметр и вид вершинки-пустотела€ или китовый ус

добавили ;)



To year old sale vospolnen range of products exempted from Acropolis - firms, producing bags, backpacks and covers those created by different appointments. Fisheries line Acropolis includes in themselves full a series of products exempted, one that allows pick a a necessary the cover under coil, kofr under rods up or tight tube under spinning, and also other accessories.

most of RSF-1 for fishing on feeder and bolonskie with President- in this a small on kind of model there is no pro pockets and tseplyayuschikhsya details. Thanks to configuration in mid-bags is placed so much, that a divo as much amazed. Simply austerity space - this not all, here need to recall even one law Murphy: УHow many nor pack your bags, necessarily something realize how lucky. Ф Buying a new a bag, you higher this law: You not gather feverishly increasingly necessary from different seats in one thing. Here there is place for everything she said,, that need to have in bag as fishing, ALL in one place and ALL under hand.

Rybatsky backpack Ц bag Acropolis XRS-1
Bag-backpack for fishermen from producer Acropolis Produkowana from vodonepronitsaemogo polyester D600 and able on the deployment volume of until 60 affairs This 2-'s a cellular fishing bag very convenient, is and praktichna has length 67 see And 5 additional external pockets. Upper section allows to place 3 boxes with fishing accessories size of (35kh21,5kh5). Lower (the main) section quite so, spacious and is designed to location basic fishing ethnicity. Applies to categories as bags, so and backpacks, because has shoulder seatbelts, which can be burying in a special pocket and take advantage of armrests of for bags.

most of Acropolis fisheries RS-4
Model fishing bags developed specifically for fishermen-sninningistov and is designed to transportation and storage accessories and ethnicity. The main department designed from vodonepronitsaemogo polyester and counts on 2 fishing boxes-35 see For safe transportation 2 coils and spare shpul is envisaged 1 pocket executed on hard basis of, and also 2 lateral enough a volumetric pocket for various little things. Is equipped with handle for wrenching and far more deregulated belt on reduce leverage.

most of hope is-1 - Termosumka for bait
Fishing termosumka with pumped cold and 4-are regular 10 speed for bait is designed to storage and transportation living fishing bait, namely for moldy worm, the worm and a butterworm.

most of hope is-2. Termosumka for bait
Innovative designing from companies s beaches were among Acropolis Ф! Bag is for a long storage survivors nazhivok for fishing industrialized fishing (the worm, maggot and others. Staffed pumped cold and two regular 10 speed (13.5kh13.5kh5 centimeters).

With full list of triangular tubes, kofrov, of covers for coils and possible medicine udilisch you can to familiarize themselves in networks our stores.
Bags for and backpacks Acropolis

covers and tubes Acropolis



Cover fidernykh feeders "Feeder Sport" all affordable on todayТs day series, including model with big netting series of G and antero ogruzhennye modification, and also markernye weight. Trough developed sketches-compete, not odnokratnymiТs champions Ukraine and prizyorami host World. Suited as for start-up fishermen so and for athletes. Big range of cargoes and baskets come under any conditions industrialized fishing. Trough "Bullets" come for the far-distance there is. Brick cargo for more precise definitions terrain trawling in place industrialized fishing.
Production Feeder SPORT

It stands be noted separately last interesting Ukrainian producer in personified by series of workflow- this compact, reduced doubled modification feeders P1, perfectly adequate for equipping Mr. Picker here. Weight range of line of consists of versions of on 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 grams. Model has excellent performance in range missiles zabrosa thanks to form and location utyazhelyayuschey "breath" and to his primary size.



A compact travel box from rapalawill useful virtually any rybolovu in the process vacation on nature, in 11 either on a picnic

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Zadne innovative contact XMEGA coils Shimano is filled one of key modifications - Shimano Twin Power CI4 4,000 RA. Had forced on feeder in the midst of the, and this model rightly belongs to the best far for equipping this cordage.

Hereis available full range of bezynertsionnykh coils Shimano with aktsionnymi discounts



TM Brain - firm, shown high potential development in respect quality rises product. Products Brain represented in our no clothing left broad assortment of prikormochnykh mixtures, over the Boylov varying degrees packing, likvidami and fidernymi accessories. With full assortment of you can to familiarize themselves in our no clothing left

We are prepared you help when choosing wood, "um,and cordsfrom companies Sunline - one of fundamental producers products this-wing, represented in our stores in a broad assortment.

With which products firms Marco Polo is functionality and high-quality under a loyal value of. In latest or presented many convenient boxes and skrinok, supplemented by a series of double models. (.
Catalogue boxes and skrinok Marco Polo

Copulin and likvidy from Sensas, in the process production which are used only organic components and supplements, that directly positively is bad for the long shoulders of a product.

A series of useful accessories Italian brand Stonfois available on site Rybolov-Expert

Karpovyy brand treatise, an a model ratio quality and prices of manufactured products - ProLogic - have us you will find filament, species pody and holders of udilisch, hooksand many a different products this TM.

And in the end he - comfortable replenishment occasion of its entire (stopping Golden pilots GCarp Duo
Description of and parameters erected tents in our Internet no clothing left

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Special offer! "Product ARRIVAL"with 8 on 15 June wood
Production CC Moore- credit 20%
Production Dynamite Baits- credit 25%

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The qualitative hooks always serve object pay close attention and enjoy enviable respect among fishermen around the world. Often, when single fishing izdeliyu want add of trustworthiness, say, that it before crocheted moreover or conjures global brand. Modern hooks manufactured from high-quality have become with viewing unique technologies grind the stings out. Thanks to this they easily it comes in fall fish, offsetting the likelihood the vanishing to minimize. In stores Rybolov-Expert represented broad vast array models popular producers, permitting the choose the right hooks for various conditions industrialized fishing.

Clothes Ace

Clothes Carp Club

Clothes Decoy

Clothes FOX

Clothes Gamakatsu

Clothes 6

Clothes Hayabusa

Clothes JRC

Clothes Kamasan

Clothes Diaz Gutierrez

Clothes Origin

Clothes email to the Owner

Clothes ProLogic


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