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Sheets with Volin

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Find welcome this weekendrespected forumchane!
Was the fishing yesterday on interesneyshem water feature, which is near sela New Mosyr Kovelskyi cleanup.
Seems interested hillsides presence of seed diverse fish: Karp, White Amur, Ling, Crucian, bream, a dace, krasnopyorka and predators: Catfish, pike, perch. Becoming not'd sneak. down more thirty years! Trained on catching the carp on top 5 there no one not be surprised by!
Poll the janitor and local rybatsyug brings not a consoling results - belle still not Aco, relax by themselves only Ireland! For couple of days before my Sassi was captured pike about 10kg, photo saw indeed that!
And increasingly ??? very like see 'kvivertip, beta test a new for themselves prikormku from tm BRAIN.
With a was three species prikormki: Universal, Roach, big Roach. Gettin 'in the way on waiting lists, after first 5 - 7 zabrosov tighten up krasnopyoraya, not know perishing what sypyat in its prikormku producers "Brain" but fish rolled off mad in the first in life catching fiderom with hands! The depth of in point industrialized fishing about 1m and was in sight that there is happening real excitement! On multi-purpose device and dace lovilas similar polladoshechnaya fish.
Slightly having had a bite and pokuriv some coffee, Ed :suspicious: made a sauce greater dace. Silence! Five feeders quiet,
Ten feeders silence.
Then on, provisanie cord, leapfrog and defence wakes up aggressivity 0.13. Me this damage which key rather rewarding for! Linked the ceasing diameter of 0.17, ah think now. Maybe, you nashlyopayu! But not here the was, minutes through 15 again has drawn krasnopyorka only slightly larger, on palming :suspicious:
Zakonilas prikormka - ended fishing, still small fish five took with coarse spills and then silence.
On prikormke me seems can be was a bit pereuvlazhnit and harvest ostentatious but larger. But so like Registan on full :jumping:
In a common complexity fishing took a 3-4 hours. Necessarily arrive on this hillsides with fletmetodom! Fish-sicles tm BRAIN pleased and has pleased, in this season I completes his turn than d harvest :cool:! From bait had under itself: Worm, maize, oparika, at the foam, and garlic poof. It was your dangerous driving oparik!
Pleasure received, positive of emotions Sea - what and you wish respected forumchane!

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To us in Vinnitsa, too, Head this prikormochku. Not remember what precisely "a dace" met nadorvannoy. So in no clothing left stood such baldyozhnyy smells caramel, as on konditerke. :love:
If not secret, how much is she in your city of?



Bykaraxa wrote:

By us in Vinnitsa, too, Head this prikormochku. Not remember what precisely "a dace" met nadorvannoy. So in no clothing left stood such baldyozhnyy smells caramel, as on konditerke.
If not secret, how much is she in your city of?

I through Internet Music buying Have us so at all with shops normal hard-. Modicum launching and in the capital move in :D

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Yes to travel sake of prmkormki not worth. What body of water and no one! And have stalitse?



zuzuk50 wrote:

Yes to travel sake of prmkormki not worth. What a body of water and no one! And have stalitse?

Our body of water indeed a very interesting, but summer zarostaet strongly so fidermeny his not very like. Will need forum shop. As in such conditions to fish? :glasses:



Hello forumchane!
On weekends pofideryachil on platnike in sec. Stable boys Lokachynskyi district.
People was gloom. But night has passed, surprisingly quietly, nor bells, not jangled, nor semaphore not make a sound.
Zameshalsya on megasmesi with past season, there team selyanka: Sea Bass, bream, carp and camping on D. Mostly the entire prikormka a passive, plus stood in line for winter on balcony. For activity added "Brain" a dace, and for rykhlosti "Brain" multi-purpose device.
At night poklyovyval karasik, with morning began to lend propkami peas and maize, are they biting cut off.
Returned to clean prikormke and managed talk still couple of karasevichey.
On carp we should drink a, Amur river silence as I have so and have all. Donochniki with mastyrkoy and stopitsot tip here in one missing out full. Night crawlers, the worm, maize and poof in full dance with you. Positive results represented a the easy poddzhigovka.

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S. A new Mosyr
Find welcome this weekendrespected forumchane!
Otrybachil in Sunday on slozhneyshem water feature near sela New Mosyr.
The complexity of the a body of water lies in abundant water areas of vegetation, if summer although would in sight windows the spring the entire alga under water.
Chose search tactics (without zakarmlivaniya point) on fletmetod.
For fletikov made a sauce on gender packs an and carp from "Brain".
From bait used the worm and oparika directly on trigger.
After second zabrosa on prikormku sea Bass with a strong lamb the scent of took the bait linOK.
Then until lunch silence. And two krasnopyorki not udostoivshikhsya fotosesii.
With an effeminate body of water not has understood! Necessarily return still! Think with popapami try without ogruzki the leash.
Respected forumchane if there is thought and ideas as fideryachit in algae share d thankful!



Find welcome this weekendforumchane!
Report not quite with Volin and even contrary quite not with Volin. Those nots very interesting way walked around for a 3 days in the capital, got acquainted and for family, with excellent fishermen.
A turn on for competitions on fideru
Not zabyvaemuyu instructed session spent as a child on about Kivskomu platnike Mykhaylyna.



Here is she joy! 8 years past walking and increasingly ??? checked, there is rybulechka in my mikrorechke!



Find welcome this weekendforumchane!
Perfectly was the fishing on platnike near sela Galynivka.
've fed a new for themselves prikormkoy megamiks, plus in sypukhu added the cereal mixture of with TsSLom.
Tooling fletmetod so as terrora karpusha.
Couple good karasey on pyliki them brain "el diablo."
Karpulya on pylik + popap "liver" from trophy
And my personal record on mini-popapchik from trophy "ultraspetsii"
Under the end of the fishing took the bait bonus! Zasyoksya on all canons karpfishinga for the lower lip :glasses:
Is famously has spent time, what and you wish!



Dima hi, yes, his on vodoyomom, as get from Lutsk, in what district Lake, d thankful for informatsyyu.




Dima hi, yes, his on vodoyomom, as get from Lutsk, in what district Lake, d thankful for informatsyyu.

Dobryi day!
Baited in the a large the price - 150grn (a small - 50grn) does resolved with 4 :0 0 to 22-00.
Much detail in video on courses host in the next environment :cool:

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Find welcome this weekendforumchane!
Otlovilsya yesterday on karpodromcheke.
Fish-sicles traper. Karp speaks very highly on smells khalibut, but on him same was becoming Canadian catfish, was been seized about 20 ?o on honey Boyle)
Obrybil its fiderochek, sensations from vyvazhivaniya super, not despite rapid build and test in 180 Propulsion



Sports karpovyy hillsides. For fidera, too, work to shag it, :cool:



Find welcome this weekendforumchane!
Gladly I'll fucking kill immediately 2 the report about one wonderful vodoyomchike.
Hillsides megachistyy, even a goby nowhere not lying around (I specifically sought) :D
The first fishing with flet metodnym mounting of the has brought about 20 karpulikov for 2 with plus hours.
In flety scored trofeevskiy pelets 4mm but on hair 10 mm popap, too, from Trophy column. Incidentally finally the found way to pay his correctly moisturize. As it turned out increasingly genial is simply. Peresypal in a sieve,, dunked in water, gave breathe and voila! Is famously holds form of under hammering in crime as :cool:
The second fishing on the classic feeder with paternosterom.
Has brought 4 tuzika for 4 hours and 2 the vanishing.
From jamborees maize. Fish-sicles from um - Trophy 1kg feeder enlightened + 1 kg feeder. The dark + already in uvlazhnyonnuyu mixture of Heavy - peletsa peas 4mm, too, trophy :cool:
Hillsides super, karpuli battlegroups, is famously rested what and you wish!



Find welcome this weekendforumchane!
The first Autumn fishing not has pleased abundance of fish, but increasingly on order.
Toured on hillsides around 7 morning, shoveling megakomponentnuyu prikormku from Timarmix, increasingly menu for rybulki built on fish smells with adding fruit touch of.
In flety scored two kinds of prikormki one on the basis of fishery, the second on the basis of nautical smells.
And, across fletiki with the bait spreyami.
Catching on two kit: The first, already proven fighter salmo diamand feeder, the second salmo elites (been used first time).
So same the first time used species - under. Very conveniently, liked until horror)
Weather get back a little did economics fail, for day before fishing people walking in her slippers and shorts and here immediately autumn across sharp.
Periodically poklyovyvalo family directors a body of water, for that and were have been fed bread)
And under the end of the fishing licked and took the bait handsome karpulchik, after brief photo sessions way from.
A new kit managed obrybit, his blueprint has brought mass of pleasure on vyvazhivanii. Udilishche Ltd. has shown great results super, the coil, too, has dealt but by my senses here the fishing line is 0.25 get back a little for it thick in the body, hinges not has driven down but expanding zabrosa suffered)) Perfect will work with puffed and fishing line not more 0.22.
Fish-sicles so same liked, throwing good balls have Bank, mechanics many run, imploding and tiptoe around on beneath the beautiful strong incentive the carpet, are found the pop up predusmatrivaet but without bigotry. Only what me like would improve in next time so this gustatory quality, on taste of quite slightly slightly sladkovataya, want more brighter taste. Think molasses will in the most times.
Fishing Liesre thoughtful and an experimental that and very enjoyable Sea pleasure)


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