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IBIS Feeder Cup 2015

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IBIS Feeder Cup 2015

1. Goal and tasks
1.1. Propaganda active healthy way of life, popularization sports industrialized fishing fish by snastyu
1.2. Raising fishing of excellence, exchange experience.
1.3. Definition of winners and prizewinners contest in command Monster.

2. Place and time conducting competition
2.1. Contest ???? 1-1 August 2015.
2.2. Place conducting contest: Commercial body of water Уbeing" tough "Howeij Ф - map. The species composition: Karp, White Amur, tolstolob, sea Bass, krasnoperka, a dace, pike perch.

3. The organizers, refereeing
3.1. Leading the festival - Music Х-house Х
Judges - improves

4. Participants
4.1. To participate in for competitions are permitted all wishing to, reaching 18 years,
With satisfactory condition health.
4.2. Contest ???? teams (tandemami) nuclear from two man, continually for 24 hours.
4.3. Participants owe:
- fulfill rules behavior on a reservoir, rules competition and this Order, morally-ethical norms behavior in society;
- participants competition owe know and fulfill rules competition on it comes to shagging fish fiderom;
- abide by rules behavior on a reservoir;
- on their own pass medical examination;
- implicitly fulfill demands and instructions judges;
- under deteriorating health immediately to inform about this main Judge through of linear judges;
4.4. Participants competition bear full responsibility for consequences, to which can lead noncompliance rules behavior on a reservoir, sporting regime, norms behavior in places common possession.
4.5. Minimal number of fly very comfortable - not less 10 teams. Maximum number of fly very comfortable - 40 teams.
4.6. The applications are taken until 19.00 28.07.2015 Propulsion
4.7. In damages must be identifies a: Name team, city, surname, name of, phone.

5. Rules conducting competition
5.1. A competition is conducted in one tour. Expectancy industrialized fishing accounts for 24 hours.
Each team comes 180 minutes on training. On arrival in its sector team must to place all their some tackle and prikormku within sector, a certain a. Preparation cordages and prikormki, can be launched immediately on preceding in sector.
5.2. Had forced fish participants is conducted by snastyu (feeder, Mr. Picker), equipped one a leash around with one single crocheted.
5.3. To application of resolved species mounting cordage Ц fidernye montages, karpovye montages.
5.4. Tineri purposefulness and prikormki, containing in not pererabotannom the form of living or dead fish, survivors and dead ants, ant eggs and because the fish.
5.5. Number of Warranty prikormki, and also, nozzles and prikormki animal not limited. The nozzle sitch permitted only of plant or animal.
5.6. Prikarmlivanie permitted to with Bank throughout industrialized fishing any convenient way (feeder, spomb, slingshot, with hands and others. Prohibited from use the little boats.
5.7. The size of the sector tandem, not less 20 meters.
5.8. Number of spare udilisch and cordages is not confined to.
5.9. Poklevka fish is determined by participants only on vershinke rods up (on kvivertipu). Use mechanical and electronic detection poklyovki prohibited from. In dark, time days permitted use glowworms.
5.10. Impose cordage in place industrialized fishing produced only pounder.

5.11. Expanding zabrosa some tackle is not confined to.
5.12. Impose and had forced outside own sector prohibited.
5.13. In the course competition participants can situated in his sector for industrialized fishing, as consider please, however, objects, raspolagaemye in sector or their parts of should not reach beyond the sector.
5.14. In his sector athletes must move freely on opportunities's corridors.
5.15. For definitions terrain trawling permitted to use your fishing bobber-the marker on a special place it, not equipped the feeding trough and a leash around with crocheted. Pounder, armed connected float switch-Marker permitted to enjoy the, as until signal Уstart Ф, so and after him, your fishing bobber Ц the marker permitted to leave in water as their shopping for zabrosa some tackle.
5.16. After signal Уstart Ф, tandemu permitted had forced fish only on two rods up.
5.17. Participants during industrialized fishing can to quit their sector with resolution judges, in including and vacation - on one, a participant remaining in sector has the right harvest on two fidera simultaneously. In the nighttime time permitted to apply fireflies.
5.18. Prohibited from report water lanterns and spotlights, but use source lighting within erected tents permissible. Under establishment fish in podsachek can be enjoy nalobnym the lantern? Faint capacity.
Dear bonfires in sectors prohibited from.
5.19. In the process competition participants owe to store its the catch of the in sadke (the koi bag), which maximally are immersed in water. Minimum the length of the charge ?? in water accounts for 2 Dam. Mesh charge must be Produkowana from natural or an artificial threads lead. The use of metal charge prohibited from.
Until arrival judges participants should not you remove fish from water.
That Spain the use of cyprinids kept curses.
5.20. Permitted to use radio stations, and mobile funds ties. Participants competition must use means ties so, to not hinder other some.
5.21. During competition participants permitted enjoy platforms or armchairs (chairs). On moment start, although would one counseling must situated outside water, on Bank. During round realignment permitted only in side Bank.
5.22. In laps. Goes any fish, here and recovered from water until signal УOK, it's over. Ф
In case poklevki fish directly before signal УOK, it's over Ф needs immediately to inform about this the linear Judge. In this case team percolate additional 15 minutes for vyvazhivaniya.
5.23. Sector are distributed among fly very comfortable by drawing.
5.24. Winner recognized tandem (team), with the greatest weight capture of.
Under equal weight capture of, decisive will weight the largest fish tandem.
Results counted only team in a whole.
5.25. Participants, remaining without capture of, receive number of points (seats), equal a recent community.

6. Weighing up the:
6.1. To midweek weigh-in takes into only going to hear live fish without visible significant damage. Weighing up the produced electronic headings, with price division not more 20 g not ostentatious one times in three hours in bright spot time days. Fish, here at night, must kept safely out in sadkakh (cyprinids kept sacks) until first frank weighting. In case the search for fish weight more 3 kg, athletes can trigger judges in sector phone wake-up call. Judges must on such a challenge arrive in sector team and weighed only the contestant fish, weight which exceeds 3 kg. The rest fish, here compete, osuschestvivshimi challenge, will weighed on the morning.
6.2. In procedure weighting participate judges and a participant from neighboring team (on desire neighboring team). Under weighing fish weight above 3 kg or fish, currently tied on BigFish) tournament, presence stakeholder from neighboring team necessarily.
Fish after weighting released (let off) in body of water. No amount protests after the return of fish in a body of water not are taken.
6.3. Weighing up the produced in hewed.
6.4. A participant should attend under weighing capture of and its signature confirm vividly weight, listed as in Protocol.

7. Financial conditions
7.1. All spending athletes, associated with transiently until seats conducting competition, and also with address on for competitions, bear themselves athletes.
7.2. Premium on the right participation in Sally accounts for 1,000 UAH. With tandem. Premium dnepropetrovchanami being conducted until 02.06.2015 Propulsion, any convenient way. Those can pay premium under registration.
7.3. Contest ????, Hua 10-fringes fly very comfortable oplativshikh Kiri premium until 02.08.2015 Propulsion

8. Regulations:

1 August
7.30 am - collection participants.
7.30 am Ц 8.00 - building, draw.
8.00 Ц 9.00 - the presentation of the products TM Brain.
9.00 - 12.00 - preparation (includes in themselves and equipment sectors and preparation to busting)
12.00 Ц УStart Ф

2 August
12.00 Ц УOK, it's over Ф
12.00 - 14.00 Ц weighing up the,Тs, awarding.
14 :0 0-16-00 - A retirement party))

Administration, leaves for a right partly to change position.
Registering the teams is undertaken in appropriate the Frost Forum
About pay write in lichku or call on the telephone below.
Phone convener - 0502712145 Alik Ivan Taranov (footballer)

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Not, Alik ah you coined of course well, nice, only on anniversaries very all tightly, on training time very little. Cannot be shifting his on July-August. Gladly would adopted participation,, think not only we, and and kharkovchane, here is after "Yurchenkovo" catch its breath not'll make it on time. And maize not zabrodit as should., and there preparation for winning the of Kyiv, winning the Ukraine.

Premium not muscularly challenged?



't deliver, agree, that we wrapped.. But increasingly same decided conduct the first in June, if people may be interested in, then and on autumn will post.



Nikolai) Mr.
So can with Yurchenkovo immediately on IBlS Feeder Cup 2015? What home the touring :D finish in J.K.-the Gulf Stream,Тll update reserves prikormki and forward.



Very here also! :cool: Perhaps whom the even prizes can be spur, mentor inspire so say, if such will of course? :blush:



Prizes indulge necessarily. Tomorrow'll post an a prize Fund.





My reportwith seats conducting goblet.



Are imbabers putting a prize Fund. :cool:

1Тs place - certificate on 5 thousands of UAH on purchases of product in networks stores Х-house Х;
2Тs place - certificate on 3 thousands of UAH on purchases of product in networks stores Х-house Х;
3Тs place - certificate on 2 thousands of UAH on purchases of product in networks stores Х-house Х.

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Ox and to go to you, in the center of the would somewhere conduct on example on the lake - Mikhaylyna! Ibis in rate ;)



Siv wrote:

Ox and to go to you, in the center of the would somewhere conduct on example on the lake - Mikhaylyna! Ibis in rate

", not gonna believe this! Us to you exactly so much same to go, how many and you :crazyfun:



From-for very a dense graphics competition, tournament was been decided shifting on August. Approximate the date of the recall - 8-9.08




Of-for very a dense graphics competition, tournament was been decided shifting on August. Approximate the date of the recall - 8-9.08

Signature author
Feeder Team

This becomes interestingly)




Of-for very a dense graphics competition, tournament was been decided shifting on August. Approximate the date of the recall - 8-9.08

:cool: another matter)



Until no number of registering the and paying contributions? Or until prospect only?



Be registered you can already now. Premiums non-residents teams can be will pay on arrival or on map Privatbanka. Number karty- 5168 7420 1370 4824. After transfers otzvonites.

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an approximate the date of the recall - 8-9.08

For the same reason, "from-for very a dense graphics competition", propose a conduct this tournament 1-2 August.



Checking in.

1. "Shimano" - Dnipropetrovsk
Fighting Oleg
Ivan Taranov (footballer) Alik



2. "Tornado - KhRFK" - Kharkiv
- Semyon Gulak Maxim
- Godunenko Andrei
Until very proactively, all summer ahead. But, of course, are going.



Question to organizers: Theme died or all-??? there is sense groom?



maxgulak wrote:

The subject to organizers: Theme died or all-??? there is sense groom?

The organizers in this moment favor team Ukraine, on return with Worlds 2015 think they answer to



Yes this the known. But here is time perishing very little remained, and on teams until even on the pedestal not ukomplektovali). Have us with partner one option from two: Or on karpodrom or on its winning the. So and want in advance understand



On not podtverzhdyonnoy informatsie many people with of Dnepr and Zporozhya to you on the Asian gather, work out before the first stage EO



Yes so and there is. Artemovka and so eternal sold. Now and simply swim already the problem from for number of fishermen, but on winning the himself god had instructions in this year.



Am asking to lift team with registration.



On opened the few registered, from-for heat, the Asian again conveyed.
Plan ??? conduct this venue. Like would hear all interested. Let us will discuss date, to muster maximum participants.




Skyfall opened the few registered

And where list registered can be I merely? So to understand situation.



Third busiest regulation?)


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