30 - 31 on May on a reservoir Gamaleevka, has passed direct LOFRS on it catching fish poplavochnoy line:

The first affair want thank organizers of the tournament Lvov area on how to catch fish on company your cast. Thanks to the courage and perseverance Andrei Petria, all passed organized and clearly. Separate lasting gratitude contributors arrangements companies FLAGMAN and ROSTFISHING. This was real celebration for participants: With excellent prizes, solemn always moments and appropriate malities.
Otlazhennye actions forensic brigades (Palyan Arak, Melnichuk the Peter) - 'm assessing on is famously.
Now about really action. 29 on May (Friday) in the early eleventh profits on body of water Gamalievka - a huge water murmured with three sides chain gang looks good concrete a dam. Prestupaem to train, - I razmeschayus in right-wing zone In, and previous on team preparing platform with left the brink zone A. Fish that loiters just downstream there - displaying activity and for definitions its preferences preparing two the composition prikormki. Novel zakarmlivaet dark and of inertial prikormkoy with adding clay and coarse very. For kneading he uses a series of Gold from Flagman - mix black small fry and black of bream. I same one package PRO Competition Squam Lake and kilos GOLD Secret, elegant fashion, Roach Brown copiously obogaschayu business in the copha trade-molasses and d harvest on very active prikormku.
With start-up zakorm and'm enleve. On hook # 20 sticking my boner in a butterworm and'm starting it up plug on 13 metres distance. Poklevku account for wait 2 - 3 minutes and fish Takes slow - slowly pritaplivaet the antenna floater. In catch a small a dace 30 - 40 grams. I'm just trying a to change the pourer on moldy worm, becomes business. Poklevki more often, but dominates nekrupnaya (10 - 20 grams) bleak. Through minutes 40 after zakorma, began to appear sustained pause. On one of them the lingering poklevka on rise. Leapfrog and rubber # 4 0.87mm smoothly goes from the tip of the rods up amortiziruya tugging fish. One - two desperate breakout and fish does. 'm starting it up in podsachek two hundred a dime karpika. Continue to harvest - algorithm the same: 3 - 4 ukleyki, one a dace and long pause, which ends poklevkoy scale carp. I'm just trying a feed casualties under fell swoop 3 - 5 meters, she today not managed and poklevki wear the casual character.
Just swung watch as affairs have running mate,. Novel "put" dace 50 - 70 grams on distance there is in 9.5 meters from kharius water. Uses in as bait very and achieved a decent pace industrialized fishing. Here samere making meets and accept decision on tactics at first tour:
- the main prikormka (5 liters) - option testing Roma;
- rate on enleve small fry 50 - 70 grams;
- the distance industrialized fishing 11.5 meters;
- making the Flagman 0.75 and 1 gram frequency for document, hooks MILO AMI SUEHIRO R 305 BLK # 20 - 18;
- the additional prikormka (3 liter) - active option.
On the morning on we need first full extension of my lift zone In and extreme rightist sector - a small bonus. Signal start first round of the and are starting enleve. The first hour fish damaged, rare poklevki small fry. Neighbor with lev, draw torchbearer Markievicz Andrei, is beginning to very vigorously claimed dace and ukleyu. I not very a member, knowing that my prikormka starts work in late first, the early second hours industrialized fishing. Continue to has consistently raskarmlivat point and are -Stop baiting fish. Soon pulling in dace in its sector and entered good pace of industrialized fishing. Have neighbor Andrei poklevki are ostentatious and emerge sustained pause. Have other athletes my zone pace of industrialized fishing leaves much to be desired and I gradually drag myself in before. Markievicz "unless" in plug, actively feeds point and on latest hour's industrialized fishing "receives" two series of poklevok fat karpikov (250 portent grams). Reckoning. Weighing up the shows, that I relented lvovskomu a specialist on carp we should drink a 600 grams and policies--and the second place in zone with weight 3121 (album) grams.
Previous on team, too, the second, relented in his zone experienced to an athlete from Ivano - Frankivsk Rostislav Polivchak (team Rostfishing). Three first team with sum game seats 4, there is an incomparable interest in running for gold.
After round and pdvedennya outcome of first day, festive lunch, which smoothly Crosses in dinner. Speak with odnodumtsami on designed, share impressions and're talking about services they like or dislike fishing market. Only rain with burst, according us on sending sleep.
The second day begins as always with kneading prikormki. Decide what's nothing not to change, only a bit increase dose coarse very. According to a lot am installing equipment in the fifth sector zone A. With never after start, entered good pace of industrialized fishing small fry. Fish are biting solely on very, the nozzle sitch first round of the - maggot in full ignoring. Sometimes emerge small pause and I'm cutting back on my time between dokormom. Small lumps, shavings ultrapremium a mixture, 'm filing in point only prikormochnoy a cup of under aid Cup Kit. Rivals in zone significantly lag in the number of & chips that gets picked fish. On latest ano industrialized fishing torchbearer Sergei Mlynko from team Rostfishing, shows masterly ownership quill pounder. He is gathering it worked fantastically well pace of industrialized fishing major small fry, but time remained little. On the results of second round I with weight 5022G-012 grams "I take" edinichku in zone. Previous on team Roman Kovalski confidently flatlining rather and again ranks 2 place in his zone.
On the results of two tours two team leading with sum game key 7. Thanks to greater common weight capture of, team Rostfishing (Propulsion Ivano-Frankovsk) pull victory and Takes gold the tournament. Our team "Khizhiy lyn" (Propulsion Exactly) but these leader just 100 grams weight, ranks second stance. By third become "Lvvsk it" with sum game key 10.
A lovely championship: Uneasy struggle, constant scheming and an excellent nibble fish. Rivals decent, no one, ever gave up and all fought until the end of. Level of training athletes high. Equipment, rods up, snap and prikormka - sporting class. Skills and experience participants deserves attention, much took on article and has emulated for his use.
Only such arrangements allow us would and reflect on them their skills and skill, competition will force us change and move in before. Until new meetings on championships and festivals Ukraine!
Catch coaching received.
Our camp.
Prizes, clubs, medals.

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