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All about favorite fishing from Molchun

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Dobryi evening, day, morning all quietly hindered on a fishing trip!
Hope, that attempt to first year of the has passed side, irreversibly!
Yes, believe all who any from species fishing a bit happy!
As arguing against with hand: "Ah, not normally sit and hours harvest any fish, and then its mock!"
Yes, I with them agree, that not a normal and then fish'm letting go. And in the same time believe such people unhappy.
Them not given to see, to hear, to live these morning of May zoryami!
Them not given vegetating on December taranevykh church!
Them not known the excitement and drooling struggle with record-giant (only for you the most) fish tank!
And, how many them still not given.
Here is in such a direction and plan hand their joy and the misery of about a fishing trip.



Find welcome this weekend ’, a fishing brotherhood!
This report for me svoeobraznaya premier.
Themselves realize - as ship good one, so he and will float!
The main task any the report, whether something about tovari or crucial – to hand their sensations from events or products.
The last time often have attended Music “flagship of the ”
Here is and decided to field on Court strict companies report about products TM “the flagship of the. ”
Will try field several reports about products TM “flagship of the ”
With what start, perhaps with raw materials.
And so …
Report about the cow sheds TM “flagship of the ”
In a range of producers plastic fidernykh feeders, We most often appeal to other producers.
But here is on site as the flagship of emerged novelty – a series of plastic feeders (FK2S; FK1S).

Adjusted for crucial prices and "; decided to, take the most suitable me, in weight.
It turns out, that the new collection plastic fidernykh feeders begins weight 42 grams, and upper bar 112 grams and displayed on simply cylindrical and cylindrical with stabilisers.
In available, in my Italian tastes, were 42 grams cylindrical 56 grams with stabilisers
In household conditions had turned a, as a dented, even other allegations
Impression positive – good workers ponies. Very grassroots fixing instruments vertlyuzhka, executed from benign and a lasting kaprona residential image of the.
Household enquiry curtailed enough, I can clarify, that competitors chose trough Feder-sport and Vegas.
I not d deepen in comparative dynamic and kinematicheskie characteristics.

I’d say one thing, the quality of entitle not fits even his lower price, and trough from Feder-sport its price ah simply Cocktail.
Trough "TM." “flagship of the ” for two these criteria, plus is it apt system discount purchases on map flagship – unambiguously in top.

What OK, we are going Gone Fishin '(.

Ending the on May and the first a decade June allow speed and on an and on belorybitsu (podlyaschikov, taranushku, gustyrochka)

The first fishing clearly up trapped on an, under all positive humans catch can be more 10 pounds. The location of: Ishim, floor Canal reach, one of further (very a similar on the Gulf) the upper plavnevoy parts of of Dnepr Goal: Something in district 5 kg, place fishing with grass not deep, but already densely zarosshee water habitats. For allows harvest on 42 and 56 trough. The distance under grass 35-40 meters, the cord Chinese 4-'s zhilnyy hadn mm. Feder-rage, 4 a1,600. Drenan, about ceasing ot35 until 60 centimeters, Tubertini 0,12mm. Knows from Ovnera and Preston's mostly # 10 and 12. The nozzle sitch the worm and oparik, in iuo eiiaeiaoeyo.
Tasks pose two:
1. Test feeders TM “flagship of the ”;
2. Swim in the course session on three different on character my own rods medium (3,9m); d?? (3,6m 3,9m);
Fish-sicles for an – oppressive, with granular karasevymi smells.

Literally with first zabrosov understood, that trough not embarrass. If the feeder 42 grams sought to put an before grass, then the feeder in 56 grams with stabilisers deliberately showered on 2 Dam in grass. And, on how many, in the course fishing level of water times four passed-been, both trough so or otherwise constantly were in zone water areas of vegetation. There's gravy in 42 grams performed its function token, without leverage, here is 56-and one 420 grams inherited tinker, accounted for use its stabilizers for sharp rise of from grass, although would in upper tier, with than there's gravy coping well, as outcome fishing without losses. Under this point not very actively razmyvalas (bank with grass omyvalas with two sides junction). And already through 2 hours, can be was stray from grass, reducing distance. Me managed engage an and some whom still.
That say, on outcomes fishing:
1. Established tasks – met;
2. Losses for session not was;
3. The result - met. Some

The second fishing atop the befe, in one of bays of Dnepr
Rise in 2-00, to 4-00 We with his exclusive video interview on place, roughly in 5-00 are starting session. Conditions: Two style of on distance there is 15 and 35 meters – fishing with “gatki ” - gathering spaces that offer universal from as on serving on distance there is 15 meters from of coastline, that allows cut off makes grass.

Depth until 10 meters, on a near the sidelines under 6 meters petty the conch has the power, on the second the sidelines the same picture. It is worth noting, that next of brovka intense, and Ouite a more a sloper.
And began adventures …. Under so sharp decline on brovkakh desirable place it from 3.6 forge the Understanding, that are possible complexity, all same I'm taping up 3.3 forge the Perhaps, this was my in what may mistake. Perishing very like spend some time fishing brand new Light.
Kuntsevo point kept quiet, and Ouite a starters work immediately after launch zakarmlivaniya.

About composition a mixture for zakarmlivaniya - separate conversation. Can say only one thing, as conceived, so and broke a

And, now about work feeders. Judging by from singled rods up, was in work only there's gravy on 42 grams, a cylindrical without stabilizers. Zakorm and vyvazhivanie first-mega “goat guys ”
, taranushki until 250 grams – VSE the Administrative Department. However we waiting for always, even with fishing to casualties – bonus. Ah, was this bonus or not, but on a near the sidelines dug his heels in and lasting expectation miracles beaten ended loss of defence wakes up aggressivity. Submit, that if would was there's gravy with stabilisers, me has ever managed would raising fish over brovkoy. Nevertheless, me this moment not cared about, continued keep point and on the sly you remove belorybitsu, all that until 100 grams call “melkosran. ” Pardon me, naturally! But from songs words, as states not we can throw out. Seemed would, there is the first a wake-upall, ah just need you to put a medium on 3.9 flushed and’t forget about the problems with a near brovkoy, put would 56 with stabilisers, plus the good the length of the rods up. And, all became would on their seats.
For upertost - us's where God and punishes.
Ended morning star, is rousing itself purchasing breeze. Went what, I expected roughly to 11-00 leschevuyu poklevku. But licked sea Bass …. The first, the second, the third (all grams 350-400) – silence and here is clearly leschevaya poklevka. Heart of flutters, laytik in arc, but with khoroschim endowments of ruggedness, allows to pump. Far brovku has passed without problems. , like, pulling up hands as can be higher and have been arguing not to float, Friction clutch on the sly pitch to Smash. On the hook a something beckoning and is compressing, but this someone very through his confident. Clearly memorizing, thought: “Fidergam helps! ” Until crest a near style of 4- 3 2 -1 meter all has passed! Figs MUMBAI! Through his confident pridavlivanie and I in zhotsepe. The endgame, such is – on feeding trough the remnants of clams, ceasing donated, in place gap are visible cuts. And so lasted until the 14-00. Have Dima on 3.6 one focus, I have on 3.3 four. Losses in the cow sheds and otstrelov thank god not was.
The endgame: Roughly on 3 with start kilograms raznorybitsy.
Conclusion: 1. Not be a stubborn (Where is something within themselves, Tesu justification - razmochil Lite and know his opportunities);
2. To feeders "TM." “flagship of the ” - issues there is no.
On ruggedness, kormoemkosti, category: Aerodynamics insurance — – me all satisfy!
Common conclusions on feeders TM “flagship of the ” series of FK2S; FK1S
1. Unambiguously trough have the right on life;
2. Desirable to expand you bar;
3. Believe kapronovoe fastening vertlyuzhka – unfortunate technological solution;

I wish further development and prosperity firm flagship of the

A, fishing brethren NKhNCh.

With respect, Vladimir (Molchun)


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