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Zvod quiver's on use...

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Ah here is and's been a hell of a great opportunity to trough pomokat and done pokvivertipit …. Still when the very long one old very timid man said: Ripe blueberries – bream is beginning to actively feeds on … luck for the long have a crush in memory and on fact so and happened. Common body of water in drying cities … Location already to four hours morning take not realistically, so they moved before. Still with night glance on murmured water not particularly raised mood, and when it's fine now the was very green. Ah yes and okay … Birdseed – molitvakh himself – yachka, so-, chunks are biscuits plus vde roach aditive – a bit molasses and batter's box now over. With morning proklyunulas a dace – on a hook one night crawlers and yellow the boot. Ceasing a short 25 … 30 centimeters – 0.12 gamakatsu. Trigger not a minor, the thin # 12 gamakatsu 1010R. Most importantly fear was that on fodder will face verkhovodka …. But a major fish on not away for vytisnila casualties and very produce garment their terms zagibami. Most importantly was not to rush, and if II already came the it turns out particularly nor far not going anywhere and on done necessarily will happen. Vyvazhivanie on shimanovskoy superultegre simply a fairy tale. Done used special Z # kvivertip- 0.35 and 0.5 oz - slightly longer than for standard – that gives very a good a company of the whip and this very quickly is done on stagnant water – can be simply weighed down her and put feeder on stand. Knock 'em down, on've called dubinschiki with their cells satellites and murderers an, kalechaschikh fish. The sun stand and the beginning of normal so beating down, nibble petty fish priutikh and in return not very frequent but includes confident poklevki … Even were mini-paravoziki … Birdseed mold dries. But moisten not became, so it works as me it looked better …. Bream stood Post's … After lunch need to was already stray …. Mood was very elated ….
All wish well conduct weekend and to visit retaions ….

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On same place, „Briedisi later.
After nepoganogo rain all looked it is tempting. All around pay would ozhevitelno vzdokhnulo. Land. Water. Trees ah and thought at that fish, last need was test.
Made a sauce fodder - all the same, the only the that, that added a bit cannabis - melennoy, of bought on bazaar in package 0.5 kg. Crashed so. And nor gu. Bogu. Rarely podleschik on palming, small fry there is no, good podlescha there is no and so couple of hours. About eight a bit so itself kimarnul and as a consequence “the leash. Not understandable that and when. Perevyazalsya began harvest. Fish began themselves show - first easily herdable podleschik and then and leschi. The nozzle sitch the classic sammich - with starters night crawlers and then he poddevaem oparik. All works. To dipam am as the skeptical but today used spray: Star anise - Kuplennyi in mark divorce, water. Not the say to he unambiguously influenced situation, but positive fruits with were very visible. The first this the that fish if Takes - the already Takes boldly, this way in zaglot. So and eiaee. Ah and Hi. Did you many fish. Even Crucian in prilove. The entire petty and a small fish not.
Here is and such affairs.

PS - (for themselves the tagging) - the distance 39 about. Exage 3,000 MRA - kvivery 0.25 Anabelle Lake now. Under 40 Propulsion Trough small, if there is no large wind.

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Very was large desire to swim exclusively bream …. Ah what be - moreover not bypass …) At lake of the situation very positive – water not very green, dorks were on the ground not concentrated way – seats good are free. Tactic and strategy already long is clear, made fodder – I allow a bit time, that it comes scale grinding cereals William: Turgidity of on dissolved soles of and then'm kneading it everything else. Today used Fishdrim – bream. Ribka themselves has shown immediately. A minor podleschik on palm. This need – there is no …. Ukrupnyayu jamborees, trough more closed and only sealed plastic saying … So and enleve … enclosed a bit larger. On pshenichku to go Sweet is the Takes a dace … enleve accurately community -temp about 8. 10 mines … And here is on classics of genre - a small the crease, then more …. A bit eased - mega the crease and on done. Soft leapfrog, Friction clutch worked until clips … Vyvazhivanie with swings and there is handsome … pity that it was the first and the latter poklevka such a plan but and so all very good … same Christmas mood mega … idyllic still family cats very a major a dace until 300 Propulsion And many a white bream versatile … Day very feel hot … Level water very low ….

The kind the oaea. Introduction’…

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Еще одна целенаправленная вылазка на леща.
Водоем местного назначения. Не очень комфортно - все задействовано от шашлыка до моторок. Ну да и ладно ... Одним словом жара... Рыб не активный абсолютно. Плотва показывает себя еле .. еле... непонятные тычки ... Но крупная... Можно было поставить самую мягенькую вершину под кормушку 20 г... и все утончить... Но осознано продолжал ловить леща.... На крючку пару пинок и мотыль... Прикормка трапер фидер спешел... (корм зачетный стоит где то в два раза дороже за аналоги на рынке - но и на мой взгляд в два раза лучший)... Кормил ... кормил и поклевка .. корабль пошел в сторону.... Подтянул ... перенаправил ... а далее все просто.... Очень нравятся такие жизненные ситуации когда рыба с трудом влазит в подхват ... ))) Приятно... Красавчик... Особенно приятно что то что задумывалось - выполнено. А далее тароночные были только варианты... Всем нхнч.


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