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Чечако wrote:

Just very 'hochet'sya try trofeevskiy pea pelets in as a jamborees

Only installation of with eraser at the end under pellets kicksledging. And pellets pylyaschiy not forget times in hour perezabrasyvat. But can be and more often. Method all-???.

Чечако wrote:

5 days there is no and on the boat until ban

Strange. On the boat on Donce, fuck ban 20 on May over. That on created until 10 June?

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In my yes if and on 2008 over the where then remained precisely such and want try with with a rubber band question is worth whether his window over upside or in method want me to pack that would lay on prikormke



I have question, in primarily to trophej and those, who knows.
Podskajite, please. In no clothing left there is "The dough nasadochnoe" corndude's "." As to know date his issuing, what his shelf life? And double: How many it can hold out for in water until full raskisaniya, provided, that the ball from this test (roughly 10 mm in diameter) mounted on hook by cordage? Modicum roughly. Understand, that many factors on this process affects, but all same. Perhaps there is response to this part of issue? Thank you!

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Anyone enjoyed pylyaschimi 8-12 mm peletsami (crab, smoked salmon, peas and camping on D.) in as bait, is worth whether try? In economic sense benefits like is obtained -1 kg jamborees on price small newspaper miniboylov.



ssslayer wrote:

Who any enjoyed pylyaschimi 8-12 mm peletsami

By logical reflection can do conclusion that pylyaschiy pellets is no different from pylyaschego s palette. Therefore already in this year pyliki is a mulberry and liver worked, means and pellets will work. :idea:

Although pellets can be not so attractive with, nutritious perspective as Boyle (expense of more simple the composition - purely assumption. In general only producer can to answer :yep:

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Yuri wrote:

"The dough nasadochnoe" corndude's ""

Yura, this the nozzle sitch for poplavochnoy with President, fiderom hope to throw a problematic, to will, here acceleration on zabrose and magic show flub about water under a splash landing decently differ from poplavochnykh (match not mean in mind) A deposited long, in refrigerator with before period year some peas and honeyed lying around. Not dried up, not presume.
The only times applied gorokhovoe- fletku them have filled at the second feeder, caught one fish and not became bombarding-with one not Frenchman; but timid, be governed, was biting, well.



Mikhail Pavlovych! Tomorrow on fishing trip. There this dough and'll run a test on. I from him made the ball, slapped in this the ball hook and in the glass with water purple neon lights under. 1 hour (+ - 1 shadowing) ProCredit on the hook. Very stable to razmokaniyu, if his not grattarmi the face, toccarmi in ECNs. Pylyaschee, if hook move our in water. If will to with hook - will punch his in the feeder and say good-bye. And sho to do? :D

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Enura Abdullayeva, you OK fletkami you catch. Shed, of course.
I mentioned and returned. A "kid even saw-to the roller ball smyatogo bread podmeshivali sliver of cotton wool, to not of flew.
On extreme case can be try.

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Yuri wrote:

how many it can hold out for in water until full raskisaniya, provided, that the ball from this test (roughly 10 mm in diameter) mounted on hook by cordage? Modicum roughly.

Mike correctly all wrote pro the that dough stetaet, but. In principle there is various threads he has specifically for order to use dough on feeder - this and special Pruzhinkion Handguards / poddev hook, and various Kong for test, and simply any balabukhi for oblepki test:



Have us in stores are outfitted with forelevye hooks with pruzhinkoy on Handguards (truth, –) A our kulibiny in purposes austerity raskusyvayut on parts of this slinky for from lighters and put on on hook.



I in its time from ball pens-gun Pruzhinki bought these. Truth hooks were not 12 th numbers :confused:



duffy333! Serozha! Thank you for photo priblud for test changeable tips! Age live - age East! Such even not saw. For information. Were today with mate on a fishing trip. In 5-00 impose likely in a body of water. I baited in the 1 feeder. Dough "TM." "Trophy column" held on the hook well enough. 3 times showered, not sletalo. Poklevki on him were, but on exit I have "0." Comrade on 4 Donkey (on each on 3 hook) dragged her up 2 an and all. Ah, this is great more not was. Through hour went rain. A strong rain and winds wind. Shriveled up and left. Dough from "um - Trophy" still remained. Need to to change body of water. Catfish Lidia. Iai?i!



лётчик wrote:

, but I’d say so sporting fish collects poorly

Housing office you same know, that I with you most often stand in solidarity, BUT here is here I have the other experience died in the damn. Yesterday catching with boats on Donce, fuck on Picker. Used Trophy column Feder Corn. it gives you gas. Near stood partner on a fishing trip. Aboard our boats touched, i.e. distance between kormushkami just couple of meters and downstream on stood on par. He had engaged FD Feder + Database + bream Sport. And I have and have him in a mixture was a bit some dried bread and barley. In end I dragged on pea trophy gusteru, and have neighbor silence (though until I not has with its trophy have him Blicca bjoerkna klevala like. I not say that FD worse, simply flavor pea plants as me seems mark. I moreover that on sports fish (and Blicca bjoerkna was 70-150 grams) is famously pea trophy on Donce, fuck the bricks. Selective on the morning on the same pea trophy heap gustery and small fry and two leschika. :dontknow:

So that your conclusions on expense sports fish very hasty as it turned out. On major the and understandable that will work so as the peas and deysno I'm on the Sauce whether well :flag:

And still not abandon a shoe at. Ah here is seriously two times US trofeevskiy the peas and clumps I have not was and prikormka perfect on mechanics for trough. Moderate and remotely real and was crisp :dontknow:

For klubninyy feeder agree, that difficult correctly get somethin '. But I have is obtained :crazyfun:

In the first two days catching on FD bream + with betainom + FD Lake. Was biting,, too, well plywood. Here simply amply across semblance the peas uh, I bumd it.

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And at all khrenovastenko in this year I on the paradigm persuasively about on its favorite place on Donce, fuck. Previous three years traveled on 3-4 days precisely on the paradigm and already on 2-3 bottom and on 5-7 leschikov catching for morning vigor session and lobatyy ever responds. And here for 4 three time session just 7 leschikov :( Perhaps from-for sooner nastavshego summer vhat nezaladilos, and can because weather wildly kolbasilo :( and iiaea hands have become from asses. But're upset. Although fish polovil. Has pleased a dace and Blicca bjoerkna. If in past years she was nanorazmera the in this year and gusterki and plotvichki in 150-200 grams very even often come across, and nano monsters virtually not was. :flag:

It seems it is time to change date of origin on Donets and touring as in the first years in the second decade of September.

Weather vytrepala nerves. Only swam out of the lake and here again or rain or the storm past flies or created begun such that simply prozhivu. Look to the fishing trip pogodatak and not gave.

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Romeo wrote:

and iiaea hands have become from asses. But're upset.

Roma! Ah, you this. Not push it! And not be upset. On your experience many learn. And I so at all - konspektiruyu some your lessons industrialized fishing. Even Gone Fishin '(with a I take. Removal of? Correctly. This truth. , printing right now on a laser printer (to from water not razmokalo) and some your prescriptions for repeat. Base - your experience. You, perishing excuse, for "plagiarism." This, too, knowledge and experience. And very valuable. For this you - thank you!



Yuri wrote:

At your experience many learn. Base - your experience. You, perishing excuse, for "plagiarism." This, too, knowledge and experience. And very valuable. For this you - thank you!

+ 10000000 :flag:, himself such :writing: :writing: :writing:



The DIMASIKKr77! Said as there is. If man deserves good words, need to him their to speak. This lends wings. Correctly? :)
And where hands have Romeo - on avatar in sight. Not very readable, truth, but.
Something mesit there. Between legs. And establish! Ay, Poifect! :D

Truth say, that in feet truth there. She somewhere. Between.

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Beate. In general whereas facts. Weather shit, piss. Is a mulberry from trophy again is so apparently driving. Feder farm is so apparently driving constantly. Cook is so apparently driving on karasyu and is a mulberry in including. Catching with 5 morning until 3 days.

And so a small fairs. Karpov was 6 units. All take the bait on mulberry trees 12kh16.

Amurov was five units. Two take the bait on mulberry trees in including and the biggest. The rest on kuk.

Karasey was prozhivu how many and all kalibrovanye. But more two dozen accurately.

Thank you trofeyu for prikormku and for super Boyle is a mulberry. Thank you lifelong Hungarian brothers for super the pourer kuk. Maize was in dance with you. Other both: Boyle in dance with you. Maggot in a wild dance with you.

In general whacked off on full. Left after three so as ended prikormka. Neozhida that on method can be 4 kg sypukhi vykidat without launch zakorma. Is deprived Sea - read pozitiffff!

Crucian carps are you kidding me what cool. Laggards with black some. Still was dozen poklevok in milk. Weather apparently had on fish and parvozov not was nor one. Weak potyazhechki.

All of fish had let.

For 4 fishing clocked bank shelkovichnykh Boylov o.o.

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This you fiderom so major?



But Roman, derzhitsya simply as the! :flag: Respect :cool:, otlovilsya simply bombezno! Is a mulberry again favorite! :cool:



Romeo! Roma! Bravo! :cool:
Roma, understand, that is content. On least opportunities couple of issues.
1 - What for Hungarian the nozzle sitch "kuk"? I have there is cover slips, any something small white pellets. Nor never still not enjoyed. Hungarian. Written type "Cuk" # 3. This it? This works? As his correctly cooked to fishing or as on this magnet harvest?
2 - What maize was "in dance with you" and not worked?
Thank you!



Here see Link



Thank you trofeyu for prikormku

And I have contrary made a sauce dark feeder what the sour smells and nibble as obrezalo all gear has flown away in bushes

Although before these on FD 12 tests little slapping



лёша wrote:

This is you fiderom so major?

Fidernye rods up, but with hair trend to. Two fidera with method kormushkami with sliding mounting of the with Boyle and I and Cook and one thing place it with transmixers with safe klipsoy with the gelva in which farm pellets and maggot and Boyle the nozzle sitch.

Simply when food on one day Gone Fishin '(without overnights deployed entire karpovuyu training packages'm too bored, so recall that and on feeder once catching :crazyfun:

Geu. Guard does confirmed my thought on expense Boylov. Said direct texts that fish their hasn in this a reservoir not seen o.o. MA – It interestingly why she on them enjoyed. On next fishing want try damblsy pineapple and tutti-frutti. Can feel that it is time.

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Yuri wrote:

What for Hungarian the nozzle sitch "kuk"

Here is this miracle Hungarian industry.

I'm using the biggest the size of the. In diameter roughly 12-15 mm. Give on hair. Held then us and fish better zasekaetsya.

Incidentally not want wary of offending believers fidera, but method on track fish hopelessly loses the gelva: '(

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Чечако wrote:

and I have contrary made a sauce dark feeder what the sour smells and nibble as obrezalo all gear has flown away in bushes

????? its experience and this well. I on dark eiaee two times in March a white bream. Lovilsya podleschik. :dontknow:

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Yuri wrote:

What maize was "in dance with you" and not worked?

Has tried maize Cook in the Honeymoon and banana of mixed. Both in a wild dance with you.



But as you such monster. For our edges simply a huge a dace. Without problems full-figured gals ate kuk got a big-ass on the hook 3 th numbers o.o. People caught 3 pieces. Were when thought that Crucian large.

Incidentally that still want say pro farm feeder. Like with mind prikormka as prikormka and get somethin 'its enough difficult correctly, BUT something there there is such in the composition of the, that fish well on it becomes :dontknow: Perhaps aminokompleksy and prevents betainy from karpovoy themes, but fact remains fact.

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Today we are going on rates with a-a sleepover I'll try strawberries if of course buy range of I um - Trophy but can Head
But big hopes there is no Feder fully in dance with you getting caught on connected with foam and your fishing bobber. Stuck launch floating crime as if wind will allow



Pavel K! Romeo! Thank you for demonstrative benefits!
The, that in huge, not saw nor in one no clothing left. And in glass banks - such a maize saw. Truth, just couple of named.

Here is such a cover slips I have there is.

Who tell pollsters, that this such and as with it correctly to do?

The, that under sheaf of written speak English, I understood. But as on practice? In what better the feeder his slaughter? On "method" fletku Israel’s right to-layn goes or better in "basket complimentary" on KMT or "nesimmetrichku" (and others. Montages)? Can be whether his mix with our "FishDrim" ("Trophy column" and camping on P.)?

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