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fishing umbrella over

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In the past year, when on for competitions several times decently so you go, ozadachilsya-buying have an umbrella.

In end, review all, that sells in stores, boughtfishing umbrella over-tent Golden pilots. Dozen to 1.85 Dam. The quality of assembly, Hhardware and fabric on level:

So as Bank our increased the oftentimes the enough stony arises question. There is whether what the adjustment, to consolidate umbrella over, not course I his in land?



I think can be privatize fastening for umbrellas in Summer cafes. Sand or water inward and is prepared. Only, though what wind.



Serge_B wrote:

Only, though what wind.

From wind me counseled to do stretching as on tent. A rope mounting your to zontu and kolyshkom to earth. Two on the sides and one obey.



Romeo wrote:

There are whether what the adjustment, to consolidate umbrella over, not course I his in land?

In my opinion, again will need course, can be, course - a tripod for camera, quite heavy I.

A big problem with known have an umbrella can arise in a surprise a fit of wind, so adjusting should possess quite significant host for retaining have an umbrella on the wind.




one the tripwire pegged to him

Stretching in this umbrella envisaged producer? and second model someone alive saw? :question: How on me she lagoon :glasses: But not fact, that more practical.



shkatula wrote:

. And second model someone alive saw?

Saw in Crimea on rate in the mountains have people. As me it looked, there there is big minus, that this the mosquito mesh mounting your lightning around the the perimeter, and here is doors, or entry there is no. Is obtained, went, .pdf attachments, fish took the bait, until opened, ran clear, then farewell fish.

But under finalization "a file in it" I think, can be, something devise :)



Romeo wrote:

boughtfishing umbrella over-tent Golden pilots. Dozen 1.85m.

But on site Golden pilots - dozen 250 centimeters! :dontknow:

If who enjoys these parasols, convincing request unsubscribe :flirt: (than more details - the better) :yep:

Plan with offensive "heat" borrow with a on fishing Arad son, to so say with milk mothers. 8-)

And until "preparing sleighs." :crazy:


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shkatula wrote:

A on site Golden pilots - dozen 250 centimeters!

Hugh mistake withdrew, indeed 250 centimeters I have :blush:

Without platforms them enjoy enough problematic, native APC in can dig such umbrella over whole deal. Easier with a electrify a coaster, that use for installations New Year pine trees :crazyfun:



Romeo wrote:

native APC in can dig such umbrella over whole deal.

Ah and if all OK jab :yep: the is worth normally? :question: a cot, if that, under him'll hide? :question:

If who knows, what is the price on todays day? :question:



shkatula wrote:

Nu and if all OK jab, then is worth normally?

Normally, only if a strong wind need to will put on stretching (dowels in goes there is) :glasses:

shkatula wrote:

a cot, if that, under him'll hide?

Fully hardly, but if its feet devoted, then, as option, although length legs have all different :rofl:

shkatula wrote:

If who knows, what is the price on todays day?

In district 500 Grzywna (.



The price will be not less 600 Grzywna (. If who ??? for 500 UAH. - you can boldly borrow!

Incidentally for umbrellas there is special dowels, which vbivayutsya in can dig. I tried to simply native APC, but I have not broke a putting a two-foot corner on achieve escape depth. Had to at nothing to drive in history are (as I his was pulling out, under a down-pour rain - separate the).

In my opinion the best fastening of course to platform through adapter. Ah and unlike solar weather - I mostly used his in rain. Ah very comfortable experience. Yes and I have Flagman UAH something about 300.

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And such option someone saw?
Magnificent umbrella over-tent for short for travels on fishing trip summer. Convenience mounting and dismantling, negligible weight (4.4 kg), put to better the ratio prices and quality. Under podolzhitelnykh the field in a while, very conveniently use, as addition to tent, for storage things. Dozen: 2.5 forge the


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shkatula wrote:

Diameter: 2.5 forge the

And high?




A high?

Not know. Here is the reference :http: / / / catalog / ids organs is 111 / 364 /



'm using thus already not the first season. Harvest under him, of course, awkward, but ride out rain, not the truth from industrialized fishing, can be. From shortcomings I shall note khlipkost crossbars - under wind push is so it falls sideways on your head. Under insufficient of fixing headwinds claims tent far. From positive moments I shall note convenience storage under him from September 1 - racks simply'm cleaning up and umbrella over densely his covers up - from rain, dew, Europe, deer and camping on D. :)



'm using umbrella for Preston new Flat Back Brolly 50 '' with zips. The crux of the this fishing have an umbrella in is, that with one hand fabric have an umbrella as would skoshena. This allows questioning his this side on land and is obtained a douchey canopy (Shelter). With this same hand on staunch overhead line sewn with deal for obviously and fastening to suit. And here same two electric storm in the most tissue have an umbrella. Nah they need I so and not understood. Normally mounting your through broli-is up to korumovskomu to chair. Material tight, its robust. Seams prorezineny. Leg have an umbrella dvukhsostavnaya from tolstostennogo an aluminium alloy - break the it is unrealistic. Spoke have an umbrella, too, very massive. If anything this summer all thunderstorms and squalls umbrella over weathered without problems. Well stood for the as from rain in the early summer, so and from sun then, as purely umbrella over, and as Shelter. Bombarding with coup and enshrined to baby umbrella for it is unrealistic. If put on side in position a shelter downtown without fasteners to chair, then bombarding sitting in got almost nothing not prevents.


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Bought itself such a thing for protection from stormy weather, here - tent shelter for fisherman Maverick (World of Maverick) bystrosbornoe. … fish_1.jpg
Weight: 2.7kg, the size of the in one first the form of (wrapping bag): 90's 15's bulb each 10 cm, … fish_2.jpg

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Here is such holder of can be order any a locksmith-svarschiku under any dozen peg have an umbrella.
On of the match in Luhansk Vovke to Lisowski gave, Roma can watch have him, itself did and several units so on anyone case whom need to, so as in sand umbrellas not held on. Care a can be in any can dig a hammer or in history are, and in soft foot on tore off his pushed and all. … lder-t-034

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'm using umbrella for for Summer plein air . Issuing 198lokhmatogo year. Dome bilateral - outside enlightened, from within dark blue. Fabric that the type flax with additives, after processing appropriate with herb aerosol it acquires vodootalkivayuschie properties. Dozen not measure it, but roughly Dam and a half. There is on spokes rings for joints pulling. Upper part of racks under desire "it" under 45 degrees to horizontally. Done increasingly solidly and on conscience. Respectively weight not weak, engine bed four weighs.

ASU (fr- painting on open the air.

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And I know. I'm looking here is to such thing … 20ba33b233



And I despite to purchase such umbrella for nasadochnogo table.When something saw in the flagship, but already long not like to take them. Raze not theyll fix it.



Boev wrote:

A I despite to purchase such umbrella for nasadochnogo table. Once saw in the flagship, but already long not like to take them. Raze not theyll fix it.

Oleg, have us in "fishing" such were (I shall remind that you there there is credit on 10%), there is even Tubertini.



clav wrote:

A I know. I'm looking here is to such thing 20ba33b233

There is still such options 1. … 5644d06446 2.http :/ / 3.http :/ / 4.http :/ / =2 96822232457&customid =o esg&item =3 80386224120. Can who has or heard reviews?



Could you tell me, as interact umbrella over and the storm during rain? Which measures precautionary?



I think, that the who sat under wet umbrella for in which engulfed zipper already not what not tell pollsters: (Women of
The safest place-in parlor scene car!



E, people, it is ridiculous - never heard and not read nowhere, to someone suffered from electric storm under once a umbrella for. Believe me, if would such chance was, then all Western producers wrote would on umbrella: "Not sit during thunderstorms under umbrella for" :D - on forms udilisch same write not use under lines transmission line :flag:



Can it of course and so, but zipper typically hits in the most a high point, is and yavlyaitsya umbrella over.
In city of Korkino Cheliabinsk area during thunderstorms died three human, still two cured of in hospital. Zipper but in tip have an umbrella, under which had taken refuge immediately five people.

As told ITAR-TASS chief of Investigation Office on city Korkino Sergei Kester is, bodies three man were found in city of in the second half of days on the roadside, leading in careers.

In the course verification was review, that company from five man returned home after bathing in career and engulfed in mobilize vigorous position. On all proved only one umbrella over, under which and Ark kupalschiki. -permanent electric storm've landed in the most tip have an umbrella. In a result two men and woman died on place. Still one woman and its 13-year-old daughter were cured of in ICU Korkinskoy urban hospitals. Doctors are fighting for their life
So that think themselves :dontknow:

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andreynan wrote:

zipper typically hits in the most a high point,

Host at Neshinal Geografik as the a host the film watched on this about. Proven over- route, the most number of misses as hits electric storm not because of working mobilok or A what another, namely in the most a high point. Clearly remember recommendations from their the techs take a, as can be below to earth!



Men, here is how often you choice in such conditions to the tip have an umbrella was the most high point terrain?? We sit have water, that implies the most low point terrain, for us absolutely flat Bank on tens of meters and from areas of vegetation the grasses on belt, so that whether :O?



Glukhozime :disappointed:
And to talk to the? :yep: