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Tandem FishDream 2012

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John the Revelator / Lilian, you, too, thank you for lesson, now d know that relaxing - this not pozvolitelnaya luxury!



Continuation of should.



Игорек спасибо за фото. :cool:А так же,хочу выразить ОГРОМНУЮ БЛАГОДАРНОСТЬ организаторам данного мероприятия:Тандем FishDream 2012 ,впервые побывал на таких соревнованиях,эмоции просто переполняют,позитива выше крыши,много нового для себя узнал,познакомился со многими интересными людьми,все было просто супер,спасибо огромное :cool:  :flag:

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Read and crying. I after all should was be there. Work and preparation for Belgium not have left no a chance.
Ekaty, Alexei, you simply good fellows (I'm sorry, can what not understand, and not call deserved praise actors, but the me vyborom this your territory and if there all passed is famously this your of the credit - I so think (with) :flag:)
I all I will in footprint times and necessarily will come (good South Africa nepodemnaya goal - stao be to neighbors on contest we'll just drive, get real pleasure. If not will be driven out, of course)



In Nantucket Memorial Airport and the photo contest depicted, and here is so look they dry language diagrams (perhaps someone it will be interesting).



On the second a Venn well in sight how effectively participants golden zone ottyanuli fish from bronze zone :mybb: Class material for analysis, thanks!



I congratulate winners and awardees tournament’s! :flag:
Huge thank you organizers and all participants for so an exciting venue! :idea:
Very grassroots Eiaoeao! Hope, not yet times meet on his the banks of! :flag:



JAMP wrote:

At the second a Venn well in sight how effectively participants golden zone ottyanuli fish from bronze zone Class material for analysis, thanks!

Still was would interestingly who on what range missiles catching would, was would simply mega super graph. :)



As conclusion, need to all ??? nail the’from below downstream on. Anyone anywhere, but feeding. And on-good, and from above. Can be and poplavochnikov, camping on K. Fideristy all want compete, and those would still, and would work out.




In Friday training of "team" team Kvorum-FishTaym, the most important moments managed discover: A targeted fish - karasik 50-100 grams, become on point very tightly, in case zatikhaniya awesome sauce rasshevelivaetsya either enhanced aromatikoy prikormki either prepared dose very, dipy special advantages not provided, prikormka - plotvinaya, about ceasing - dozen 0.1-until Dam, more perspective the distance - roughly 15 meters.

In Saturday get stuck with Roma in sector 8, the main and the spare distance there is are there, where and expected - 15 and 40 meters. Start Terrace which on a near, feed off, fish there is no. Passes hour, have us one bychyok and couple any something tiny small fish. Partner's mocking me - and where same promised karasinye the packs? 'm leaving on far, there begin poklyovki, in this time Roma is beginning to harvest karasika for karasikom on a near. Return on 15 meters, minutes fifteen worked implementation of and'm harvest, gradually sours. Roma to this time already going fast there and skirduet karasey in pulemyotnom pace. Without special rural so and fishing until the end of round. Are, across the line, 're its weight, skloubeni weighting. Scales, show 11700. Satisfied, that can be catch some more in the number of, the only, that embarrasses - the size of the fish, on train, karasik was bigger than others. Not for good reason was very confusing to. Surprise, we - second, the Moldovan Free Carp decently surpassed us.

Sunday, sector 21. Distance there is almost those same, prikormku slightly changed - strengthened aromatiku, part of prikormki have made slightly on Different - make more active, is and more fragrant than. The starting tactic - I'm feeding round 6, partner tastes there same harvest. Fish again there is no. Increasingly same, Roma with an updated prikormkoy time from time she sweeps my one karasika for other. I have poklyovok there is no, as and have surrounding. Passes and a half hours, surrounding are beginning harvest, previous already thresh on full speed, and I have no poklyovok! In two feet off from my hook a vicious one. Are they biting, and I cannot understand in fix deal, already'm throwing up bricks here without prikormki in point his industrialized fishing, already I take ceasing from his povodochnitsy. Then comb through the fine print've been recovering entire snap in is the form of, as this was yesterday, until little things and, finally, 'm on the sly harvest. Again believe minutes before the end of round. Reckoning. On senses here, Roma served as and yesterday, I have so and not broke a steadily harvest in high pace, until now have been arguing figure out, that seriously impair. They its catch in 8-9 kg and skloubeni weighting. On least approach judges are starting to worry - supposed to get the whether in prizes. Finally, discover our weight - 10800, again surprise, on this time comfortable. As it turned out, this surprise was enough for victory.

In custody want say THANK YOU organizers and participants) tournament, all passed simply on "is famously." FishDrim is so apparently driving!)



All Hi! Here is and having until computer. Arrived in general yesterday in simf on the morning already, now will talk as all happened!
In environment before Walter telephoned me man, and says I have no running mate, regulation to participate? I without taking any doubts say-d. Day on fees and 2 days on the search transport, in general to not draw a new running mate,, solve the to go perekladnymi I take ticket until Kherson and here is in Friday in 10 :2 0 I sit in bus ride and we eat is unknown far and not known why :-). Permanent perezvony and koriektirovki on the telephone with MTS on Kyivstar and contrary and here is in 17 :0 0 I in the indicated place makes with bus on turn NADNEPRЯNY. Until waited its crew which traveled for me linked the about 20 tug ropes in povodochnitsu, so as knew that there this to do will once. Bait and stick sent day before on auto with crew team and Simferopol. On arrival it turned out the entire oparik and the worm, in neudovletvoritelnom able ('m tired of pickin 'until drove. Not the trouble decide what's red and white the which was boiled bandy in lures from day one.
Now pro himself tournament.
day the first
On the morning rise in 4 morning zameshivaemsya verify cordage and are moving on building and's your toss- up. Numbers were on list registration us had a chance 27 Number we pull sector and get sector alongside lagerem- # 9 know that on dalnem vaudeville brovka and the conch has the power and decide what's harvest with clams, but as it turned out for good reason, so as in thereafter many breakages tupezha and disorders, yes still and pouring rain about 3-'s hours consecutive are seeing for work neighboring teams we're surprised as they gets caught and namatyvayu note. In end 1740 grams on weighing.
the second day
Rise in 4 morning, easy breakfast, draw-sector 39. Start and the fire
After first round of the was many questions and thought, in end developed tactics decided the entire the subsequent tour work on a near distance there is for rapid pace and maximum implementation, thus worked 500m in 18 meters headings, I 10 grams and previous 30 grams, tempovali all time oversaw the neighbors and in end has been going a bit behind. Again same sought not fall behind, every 30-40 seconds perezabros (mainly poklevki every 10-20 seconds), as only been falling gradually pace of poklevok started work with aktivatorami (spreyami) sweet tanks not worked, and worked mostly aroma -motyl (fishdrim and she) sometimes drive the money changers aromatiku on chervyachnuyu to not zapresovyvat motylem muddle the with bribery fish. Neighboring sector worked with informants and coaches on, so that we knew that is happening near, and themselves all discussed and helped each other whispers, but our pace of would still regarded a trainer neighbors and we knew what have us pace of and have them. And here is final hooter were issued and began weighing up the with our zone. After as us who we knew that the result good in zone, in end in weight had gone on 5mesto in bronze zone. On building we learned that team Fiolent (Sevastopol) took 3 place in zone (bronze), team Adrenaline -3 in zone (gold. Now appeared desire to increasingly travel very on Ukraine compete. Appeared many questions and saw many their mistakes. Let us seek to the best outcomes and build plans on the future. To take that picture of was once but catalogue can be watch here. Team "Province of Taurida" worked under number 27
. In the end want express lasting gratitude all who created such celebration, organizers arrangements enormous respekt. All prizeram greetings.



JAMP wrote:

At the second a Venn well in sight how effectively participants golden zone ottyanuli fish from bronze zone Class material for analysis, thanks!

We in his 33 sector felt this as no one the other.



Simply well. Forth d to do diagrams. Very likes. Full analysis on face.

Interestingly was would still major team outcome in weight for 2 days. , too, will help be is therefore revealing.

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Stuck and I write down a bit :pod_stolom11: all the more that promised.
Imbabers perhaps with moreover that to competitions virtually not were willing to. Dare question with novopriobretennym transport which was on stage lifting with Accounting. If it comes is a master auto not managed to lift the and us on Tandeme being asked. Taking auto for day before starters, therefore tank engines worked Friday and otprazdnovav its day birth and purchase auto (all of this without breath alcohol camping on K. In night drive cars on Tandem) in Friday on the evening in known huge order we're supposed to dig worms, 's load it up and we leave on its fear and risk on neoprobovannoy machine for 200 kilometers on parts unknown seats. Had gone in 10 the evening, the road was simply not unbearable! Bewildering range of Fur drive jobs 20 kilometers\ untangle shooting in windows clubs pan-blue of smoke order certainly nerves, driven turn are poised have and Mykolayiv, razvarot and again the search the right path and finally we in Novovasilevke. Vercellina until another of the late sela in poise cherished sig nal reverberates to the pond increasingly same some as his found. Going down to water increasingly closer and closer already started to beat doubts - correctly whether we we are going? Just a narrow reboot footpath with luzhami and dirt understand that if not there Prem the Four Uns head on spharischen the estate car apparently had can and have will! Water not in sight night deaf, on the street quiet, nor souls and not of light gut. Prem further. And gods! Finally the - the most favourable machine FIShDRIM! Mood etched! Finally then we on place, a small bypassing with flashlight showed that have Bank full of the machines -! Now we a calm! On hours 3 night, why questioning tent and raspologatsya when through 3 hours building and is unknown on what sector us twist flops. Decide what's perekimarit in auto. 2 minutes - my partner is beginning to qualifications the rogue snoring! ? goddamn - and as same I?) increasingly gut fall asleep not is obtained, 'm leaving gulyat on Bank,) before with Nizhniy from team home town of Dnipropetrovsk which groomed team morning tea.
Quite enough of it podmerz, pofotkal dawn, stirred up curse. Perekus, building under rain.
My team # 8 the kind dealing "KrasnoperY" from Krasnoperekopska. Full extension of my lift on zheredevke sector 38 (zone Since). Setting, preparation. Partner prevents she prikormku "Federovich Karp’s organs is sea Bass" domeshivaya its red and lights are flashing yellow HCl, want to extract fidera. Have running mate, Chinese feeder and Picker flagship ekskalibur. I have Picker Shimano nexave cx 2.7 + 2 fidera flagship Grinlayn. Transform Mr. Picker here kormushkami type cell 25 grams but on fidera're going to hang 35-meeting, prostukivaem bottom as it turned out small brovok a fucking fortune and in principle can be not do come and distance, selecting Hamas-friendly throw and klipsuemsya.
9 morning Start! Previous has been making overtures round 6 distance and I far has passed hour both have full zero! Previous vyryagivaet an, remont, distance on such a same as have running mate, like would matter on slightly slightly but both sister poklevki, I have state of as in a tank after two days without sleep. Remont, ceasing on 0.16 flyurokarbon, trigger with 6 meeting on the USSR on 10 cultural on burzhuyu Oh! Finally that the yes gradually is beginning to also arriving in a hatchling pond, Rain entirely simply gut! A suit tantalizing but water stikaet in chair and gradually becomes damp) 2000 there! Enleve with hands and hands tresutsya from cold, poklevki not in sight, 's flipping out a vicious one. Wind and blows out arc from twist are spaced Dam and a half. Remont, Mr. Picker on feeder - there 'cause there's gravy slightly harder that will allow modicum slightly slightly find out key parametres greater natyazhku - visibly on distance there is 15 meters work fiderom KhEVIKOM 3.6 - 'll leave in side, 'm knitting on Picker the feeder 35 grams! Dipuyu the worm button "night crawlers" - outcome zero, turn on a wild dipovanie VD-40) finally the - already modicum're mild enough poklevki but all same in sight and'udovit Stur can be pull better idea although arc rises with meter all same was. Behind running mate, watch team in 39 st sector "Big Fish" Odessa and marvel at their quality of attendance and clear work udilisch (impose and okay, splashdown - very iskustnoe) later I have got a peek this were spidmastera and like laytiki. Fish have them commanded with parazitelno steadily but like more petty. Looking on thwarted running mate, have which implementation poklevok additionally on there is no noticing for a disorder but translate glance on "Big Fish" and passed ad- and desire to tempovat (thank you you), not zbavlyaya traction tempoval with zalitymi eyes from rain.
Reckoning! Weighing up the showed our weight 2141 Our are aching, we in disarray - it seems the most low outcome of all. Ashamed even go to identify the results. Rumored to will know that in other Zonakh were team which rounded up even less! Is waking up hope and a bit is rising mood In his zone Since ranked last place!. Ends rain and suyunun the sun. Perekus + delicious lunch from companies Fishdrim. 5 the evening - on 50 pertsovki FOR fishing trip, your big day and AVTO Automobile Service Affiliated Company and sleep. Awakened in 11 debated tactics next days for a mug of coffee cooked on from a pipe piroliznoy the oven (on firing wood) which until withdrew on regime - perhaps zakoptila the entire camp (pardon neighbors) but the ashes not left.
Morning second days rewarding for weather and zaryadilo optimism! Draw, full extension of my lift sector 34 URA! Not strongly far transpose things) batter's box now all the same prikormki and collection udilisch, obustraivanie seats START! 'm zakorm the feeding trough type flet! (Krylchatka) at the second zabrose suited judge and says that these trough banned (strange ah yes okay) I’m taking picture, give yesterday’s cell 25 gram it and forth without zakorma enleve with a certain periodicity karasikov, partner shots up on one karasyu for hour-and a half, argues and nervous - poklevki go and podsech nepoluchaetsya, drive the money changers and hooks and dog leashes but also, and showered on my place even perekhlesty were with great loss time on, - not goes to him and increasingly. I have simple trick works quite dog leashes but also simply Quirks among and here same give new. Worms after yesterday's rain were in .7 but nevertheless on these pitiful skirts all same was biting,. Tempuyu in freak regime with minimal losses time on perezabrosy, staring to neighbors in 35 st sector ("brothers" Odessa) behind running mate, Hotel as the quietly without haste polavlivali (both) karasikov in a certain the synchronicity and across semblance not deshovymi with sticks.
Reckoning! In the same second strike and vyvazhivayu karasika - judge orders an to float: Diving - otpuskakyu and await the weighting. Weighing up the shows our weight 4308 - less than have your brothers.. Weighs neighbors fellow citizens from 33 th sector "Cosa Nostra (Simferopol)" 3654! Huh! Mean we not on latest place!
With a quiet soul of we got to get packing and quit look the award shows) Only on arrival home, look at lists results on its bronze zone been happy about that ranked 10’s place URA! For first in life contest very even nothing! Fought for the second from below)

Here is so here is sezdili on its the first a competition literally on establishment - a homemade prikormka, on worm and the that 10e place in the second round! Vdokhonovlyaet hopes and wanting to go still!
Of emotions mass! The collective united but we virtually no one not know, spharischen our Hata restaurant chain opens skrayu) and in Visitors to us no one not despaired.
Not thought that see people on tuned which spharischen the and learned that such feeder!
Thank you huge organizers for such a wonderful venue! Increasingly was on high-level.
On path madam, uh, planted before his cities Andrei Fishbon which doberalsya on hitchhiked up. Spharischen the and increasingly. Waiting for next competition - treneruyu running mate,.

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Wildly errori for delay with photo. (Were technical problems)

Exile for viewing:

Exile for racing archives, be treated (recommend)



Lilian wrote:

Interesting was would still major team outcome in weight for 2 days

Without problems.



How I understood team "Israel ordered" redeployed in mormyshechniki.



One will for me wear the drill, and the second Pandora :)



Vertex wrote:

Seneng I understood team "Israel ordered" redeployed in mormyshechniki.

, it is a pity guys only began to feel taste of as industrialized fishing. In short, are squandering cadres.



Thank you huge organizers for a lovely tournament, received mass of positive energy. Ah and all participants enormous Hi - glad was again with all to see you and contact with new!



леший wrote:

The stand-alone lasting gratitude zaporozhtsam for aid in road.

Volodya, glad was help, and so same glad was get acquainted yourself, if not hard text in lichku its Number phone and Sergei.



Greetings Igor ask straight for the photo. Want to place your work in sporting event every corner of the portions nuclear plants. Team energetic Roma ANDREY vip.poletaeva @ As until meeting.



All Hi!
Like also from our team thank all participants and organizers of.
Here is ceremony award shows



леший wrote:

Who from participants competition forgot box in the black a plastic transported, call out.

It seems my. :) If tickles, credit to our on in Pechenigy



Vinni, thank you, pleased was still times there "to return"! :)



MAXlM: Sure.
This less that could.



Still someone forgotten a cup with "Sino-Japanese" pictures. Is a master reported eariler!



леший wrote:

Necessarily will convey.

This I pro. Leshin box, tent has destroyed and have what a bedlam.
The Tigma - thanks, expensive, and for photo, and for celebration. Hope, in any time soon all problems will solved positively and we necessarily meet.



From column "kuryozy on fishing".

Until now with partner bite our elbows for their inattentiveness on qualify for stage.
Signal "ending the industrialized fishing", weighing up the, we in late zone.
Judges weighs catch our two a nursery, I sign my name, in Protocol. Go.
Route simple arithmetic operations vyschityvaem, that we will in silver zone, and until golden us lacked just 64 grams. It's a shame, deplorably, yes okay.

Kind of extended our marketing for heating screeds and in this moment I discover the offucking an grams on 80-85 which'm hanging on "ceiling" accidentally snagged's very good for back connected float switch. Curtain. Epyck feyl.

FS. If whom the managed extricate from rivers in first day competition do box Stonfo - Koristuytes on health. Blew away out there pulled with nasadochnogo table. Found loss too late, so as go anywhere.



YOKO wrote:

Signal "ending the industrialized fishing", weighing up the, we in late zone.
Judges weighs catch our two a nursery, I sign my name, in Protocol. Go.
Route simple arithmetic operations vyschityvaem, that we will is in the silver zone, and until golden us lacked just 64 grams. It's a shame, deplorably, yes okay.

Kind of extended our marketing for heating screeds and in this moment I discover the offucking an grams on 80-85 which'm hanging on "ceiling" accidentally snagged's very good for back connected float switch. Curtain. Epyck feyl.

What with karasem the was then?

Once I flew from circumpolar Arctic in vacation. Under registration on jet in Moscow, teacher airport Bykovo has pushed grandfather of-the veteran. Have him the entire thumping was in German orders and feudalism. Himself grandfather on crutches. I for him’and'd shamed the stewardess. And was I in "his." Registering the was discontinued on several minutes. Jet had fled with 20 empty armchairs on Poltava. I not had fled those flight. "Not was free seats."

Sea Bass far flew? :D

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