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The kind was idea from Summer photo in qualify to slightly podshamanit couple of the images, to have people blood was popping :crazyfun: But then all ??? cannot be so over people the urge to mock me.

ZooM wrote:

A what was distance until the far-edge trimming ice?

Under a hundie. And the depth of there widths 8m +.
A grey, you pro the that there need was? Yes ah nah so urodovatsya.

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Gather steam; 120-130 was :dontknow:



Ah yes, from the club, it is unrealistic. But as on me there more small new.



We on Rusanovke (previous my report), too, first under edge ice abandoned - until one seats was :dontknow: violations in-style "far God would send" :D - modicum fish eye saw.
In sorry under Bank (30-35 gather steam;) was full third convocation - Andryukha Chima there the entire illegally had served. But on distance there is order 60 gather steam; modicum these many lynxes was picked on. Incidentally, there was clear the border between shell and ukatannym with sand with most exciting trails at Riekstukalns silt. Ah, by my strictly subjective senses here from punching trawling :blush:
Perhaps on the border clean water and ice fish and could be. But she clearly not in pridonnykh layers hanging out must, in my opinion.



Roma, about choice room for this time year - agree, shit, piss. But choice not was where the morning - this "pyatachek" was the only the clean from ice place on the entire aquatoriums Ukrainka-Tripolskaya culture. On 50m below was clear cutting gruel from Sugie and large pieces ice from which reverse-the passage constantly something otryvalo and suggested.
Can be was of course and on 1-Interwiev gateway to go. But, frankly, like more comfortable conditions industrialized fishing, not wind in yo 'face. - and khevik in hand. And so were under point Bank and with mediums on a regular basis with kormushkami 40-50 g of. Although make more sense, of course, was would somewhere "popingvinit." But the thirst for open water proved stronger :D



Not, not want through the entire city there to go. I and on emotional outburst during in Ternovsky Canal on pokatok like normally eiaee.




So who same under Spring but the dace with right Bank?

Pro "under Spring" not I’d say, and here is spring there she goes in respectable numbers. Virtually the entire "humanity which" last spring there dace catching.



Today in the number of fishermen with platforms can be was think, that again some sports seyshin died in the damn :D But competed "on small" only athletes-poplavochniki, which seated closer exhorts entry in Canal. Fideristy same toured who simply swim, who bask on sunshine, who work out before with mid in soon host at Walter.
People already at dawn was full. With both sides Canal. The first jangling sleigh bells-their good have dubinschikov on the opposite Bank. On "sporting event" Bank enough long was "on. You become roadkill" - people loss for which to fish. Then began on magnifying - first have one, then have another, then several man immediately it and vyvazhivali fish. With morning poplevyvala mostly a dace from 200 g. Rarely. And with distance there is roughly 25-was manufactured. Except it were electric small gustirki and yaziki.
With center Canal nothing not was biting,. And there need a was there's gravy weight not less 80gr (with Nanofilom 10lb). Although if the cord was 15lb, then and 112gr needed. On "a near" can be was use and 70-cultural.
Somewhere after 11-00 have become from discharging water. Water very quickly fell perhaps on gender Dam not less in absolute water mark - to 13-00 my platform teetered in turret until from kharius water although in clean I its put squarely on ureze o.o. Also stream has fallen so, that on the center of the Canal can be was quietly use trough 56-60gr. And where something suggested've been watching so much debris, that at times was al was very problematic :disappointed:
With the fall water on a near emerged petty "local" plotvichka. Had to shift on center Canal - there has become skip big a dace and podleschiki on 150-250 g of.
The entire fish drowned.
Day have on 5 +: Many run weather (the sun shining, virtually without wind, + 20. + 23), active fish, company friends-comrades - that still need for full but old fishermen’s happiness after all these tiresome, informal and cold days?
Until that this the most pleasant in all relations fishing in this season :cool:.

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For daffy333:

Yes Sergei, envy you a white envy. Have us still season in really swing.
Not, Hi,.
With service from production to exportation



filial18 wrote:

Yes Sergei, envy you a white envy

Better ask author, when will report on yesterday’s story events :flag:



And sho yesterday was? Or I something missed? :hobo:

Yesterday and saw me on Rusanovke again - friends-athletes prepare to upcoming in these weekend competitions, and I as usually was accustomed "to cling heap" :D Meanwhile more, that as has shown Saturday fishing in host fish there is. Not the to she was eating all consecutive, but already not such a half off her rocker, as week ago.
Not in least choice Canal in another times for fishing is due and those, that in Kyiv and his neighborhood continues spring madness under name "move small fry" :disappointed: - me this highly strongly lifts from themselves.
, the weather has,, too, contributed their readjustments - was blown out by a strong northern wind, which depressed temperatures after awaiting "fever" until aine?aniiai "specifically fresh."
's the water for clock was gets dropped specifically - only on official data Grabovets water for clock averaged -101sm% -) By all indications around the await greater water with Belarus and Russia.
All of this undoubtedly dynamic exemplified on numbers personalities with two knuckleheads and crocodiles on how Bank. Turkic forward I’d say, that all this, and so same fish, which on the sly is beginning to rebound, already to 10 morning virtually fully released the opposite Bank from "fishermen" :D

Host at was about six. Alex harmonies pointed out on place below him downstream on - I not became debate with Uchitelem :D above should was sited Andrei Mokrush, Sergei Zoom and other guys-athletes. In short, one zone proved fully overrun by "persons on platforms has" :D. Most interesting, that local the fishers particularly not loath to become near with compete even if there is free seats.
On the eve I handling of a the remnants of prikormki in garage. The most "ancient" proved several packs vde. In including, it's Turbo and The secret. Here is their the I and decided to mixing, buzonuv there same such a same "ancient" cool plotvinuyu stink box from vde. Zamesilsya homes before strong Gone Fishin '(- in two approach with douvlazhneniem through roughly 30 minutes after launch kneading. From changeable tips the boot, maggot, dendrobena and some dire night crawlers.
Until crashed so, until has taken a sip tea, until been-said hello with all, who was something next door on Bank, then already and without something seven was. Finally he put himself on platform and became choose point industrialized fishing. Alighted on rakushanom blind roughly in 22m from Bank. On the very moment for was a slight and can be was use the feeder 56gr. But a strong winds wind pute strictly along Canal and his time after time, needs was and men,. So I took crime as any seafood brunch. And metre ceasing: 0.10.
Place it chose Excel 12.6 (an excellent supply ruggedness and dalnoboynosti) with carbon vershinkoy # 7 from EBM interestingly (many run sensitivity and least parasitic fluctuations as on zabrose, so and on the wind). The coil PXR 5,000 with Nanofilom 8lb (waited strengthening of blasting). Tooling Pater Noster (disambiguation) on chunk twist are spaced a tethered to Nanofilu. Trough from Browning's (mini-nets) and AKhS (mini-drinking glasses).
"Nothing not ground once evils" - drip forever elcome, pute wind, on how Bank remained silent their good. And here on third or fourth zabrose I get on done and on vyvazhivanii characteristic zhimy :O Whilst podleschik proved and not very large, but I realistically kayfonul :cool: Alex stick my neck out for with podsakom because as I its unfolding still not one bothered. On hours was 6 :5 3:

As times in this moment arrived Mokrush with Zoom. Andrei was as always laconic, easy and asked: "Where bought?" :crazyfun:
Through several zabrosov took the bait simpatichnaya plotvichka:

Then was even a few such same. But than higher would rise the sun, the more became local petty small fry. From the ensuing fishing remember the the next moments:
- somewhere after 4 hours industrialized fishing in a series of did get in trouble with poklevki three perch grams on 150-200; this with, that in stern already long not was coarse very, and on the hook'm hanging oparik :dontknow:;
- hard klevaka perhaps golavlika with the relevant jerkily on vyvazhivanii; has marched in brovku and "snip!" About hold a shell up - is gone with piercings :(;
- nasty-ass poklevki fish-nezasekayki (petty local gustery), which bring simply until Cow Disease;
- very tough impulses Meza wind from which prestonovskiy umbrella for nozzles happened on leg platforms; nasadochnyy Pandora in another times very strongly bailed out :cool:

As always Canal was foreseeable. As always gave mass of of emotions. Ah and a hatchling pond I even and not had been bugging - so that photo fish in the bucket / sadke / sink not will ^ ^

Text or: Yesterday below other footbridge someone already caught zachetnogo local an weight more kilo.

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19 June 2013
Until there in topic have Zoom-and terminated "-fighting local meaning "I decided to with o 'the morning to, strictly before work on several hours able swim fiderom. So as time was just nothing (in 9-00 need was curl up), then I decided to harvest quite not far from homes (if on machine, of course :D) - namely on Bereznyakovskoy or as its still call "Lazy" La. All the more, that there rumored to nips bream.
Long whether umeyuchi? Brief :D [decided to take on package FD bream (incidentally, a new chocolate smells very grassroots), FD dace, add there likvida FD Skopeks and some major faction. Local donochniki there gets caught "on bag for" - this either spelt be scattered, either peas, either and the, and another mixed together. Loath I not became to dwell on and decided to use micro-pellets in numbers 300 and size 2-3mm Mark PSHENO ZAPARENNOIE :crazyfun: and diponutoe those same FD Skopeks. All preparations prikormki were with the evening.
Rise in 3: 30, mug coffee for vivacity, douvlazhnenie prikormki, perebivka in a sieve, grab Burrito its kit "Zefferino-Light" (Korumovskiy backpack with EU Light (in chair went head podsaka, nasadochnyy table and flying-holder of from puny Prestonovskogo tazika), 12-gallon build with construction market (in it prikormka, capacious with ready PSHENO ZAPARENNOIE and capacity with by a worm and nobody-pinkoy), cover from Dutch Masters in interestingly until 100gr (in it the very place it, tube with vershinkami, here podsaka and feeder-carefully XS from Preston) and "on the exit" - stylishly, fashionable to, it's young, it :D
Until there-here on place I proved in dissapointed. On La well freely - only a few "develop" and couple of man, which come virtually together with me. So that choose not want, where sit down. Rapid organization "worker seats" and'm the search for promising point. Initially decided to harvest scales not more 100gr - so and sought point, where can be use trough 80-100gr. On my place this proved point immediately for "the first brovkoy" - for a stony kilometer. Stacking Bank, roughly on 50 scandisk PXR5000 (about 43-44 meters) and depth little more 4 meters. In principle and until channel not far, but hurl on him trough-bullets there is no sense - there the sandy educators bottom with rare spots seashells, and stream 120gr +.
So as the distance "child", then harvest decided to with puffed 10lb and without taking any shock-leader. All the more, that already began to appear nitchatye seaweeds, which like "remarkable" flock on any node on the main. Yes and bottom in point industrialized fishing has stony brovku with specific tsepoy, but without clams.
Trough used my beloved for year-old industrialized fishing on Dnieper River - AKhS-facial. Tooling - Pater Noster (disambiguation) on the main. Dog leashes but also from fishing line of yours Tubertini Dragon the Neutral from 0.14 to 0.18 and-from 100sm until 30sm. Hooks - different, from different producers in size from # 14 until # 8. But all "leschevye." Udilishche - DM13.8 until 100gr, vershinka # 7.
So as prikormka was ready believe that with the evening, then me only remained watch as she works in water and add "major faction." Spite, on the that mesil with the evening, prikormka ??? represented a loop pop-up paper - this pieces of and lushpayki enough cannabis from FD a dace. However these paper was a bit and they hurriedly enough quickly. FD bream gave its stickiness and inertia proactively with the evening filth a mixture. In principle me this well pretended, so as I wanted to attract on point gusteru, give major faction and then wait in the hope, that on seething be appropriate and bream.
Until I did with start-up zakorm from 10 feeders past me on distance meters 15 from Bank methodically pins first down downstream on, and then ago upward sailed native to the o.o. Nu, I if anything think, that this native to the - beast / was size of with enough nemelkuyu dog.

Initially I Gwinnett County metre ceasing with crocheted # 14 and a couple of oparikov - poklevka ladoshechnoy gustery on expense 30. On every next zabrose an interval until poklevki all declining and declining, until fish not has become peck immediately after of touching trough trawling. Me this quickly ARGUMENTY. Put hook # 10 and 4 oparika on it - poklevki steli not "vzaglot" and "with preparation." But the size of the fish (ladoshechnaya Blicca bjoerkna) not has changed% -) I'll bet you a hook # 8 and concrete such tuft moldy worm - vershinka simply dancing from-pokes, but hang myself on hook goldfish already not so simply.
Meanwhile already the beginning of seventh and on La becomes enough crowded - not so to on the minds each have friend sat, but gaps between fishermen not more 15 meters. Higher me downstream on became fisherman with a couple of of rods and having looked as I in impose baggy full around gusteru decided to on which mental "teach harvest the right fish", modicum I and Masonic trough in one point ^ ^ I as man whether and polite received his a lecture about the "correct dneprovskoy some tackle" and gorokhe. He me even gave "on try" its snap - a pity I its not meanwhile. The crux of the its in next:
- there's gravy represents a the length tolstostennogo gofroshlanga-5sm and diameter of order 1.5-2sm - in it keeps clogging up mixture of from answered pea plants and of ground in bag for the same pea plants;
- to the lower parts of trough through otvermtie in wall on chunk twist are spaced with karabinchikom on late determined removable my weight-a drop;
- in the upper parts of trough so same through hole in wall mounting your directing from steel wire to which then mounting your through shotgun the main;
- on central to dismiss enshrined two averting-koromysla from such same steel wire, they made enough tricky - can keep on turning on central to dismiss, but simultaneously look in one side not can; bends differ on length of his roughly on 20%;
- on sword Shipper the stitches for to which especially dog leashes but also from filament as least for gross and with gakami least # 6;
- in as bait are used balls a white frothiness, which must sit slightly below distinguished beard the stings out.
To what I this all wrote? To what how many need effort, materials, instruments and hands, which good with his hands correctly, to produce a THAT!

A meanwhile in the sky is said that balloon.

I then detached from paternostera its the feeder and ceasing and spent 20 minutes on testing stingy "miracle engineering thought." And even caught a couple gustirok "on foam." But then began any a suspicious pause without-pokes and twitching...... and I decided to, that it is time stop improper use. "Genuinely thanking" neighbor for so useful the intel, I potsepil back crime as and ceasing 30sm with crocheted 8 th numbers and beam of from pieces of the worm - through couple of minutes took the bait podleschik grams on 150. In this same time metres in 30 downstream guy with several rods roughly with distance there is 30 meters's parking bream, which clearly more kilo. I have a stray thought: "Here is it! Began! "Leave rezannogo worm in crime as and'm throwing up bricks here. But the coming half an hour of exercise I enleve podleschikov in these with sintsom and slightly more major gusteroy.
On hours 7.50. For is intensifying - if initially there's gravy 100gr confidently clutched bottom even after washer 'function feed, then now has become clearly catch, when fodder virtually is clean, your Highness. And its became zaganyat under brovku. After another sintsa perezabrasyvayu tackle - and nothing. There is no poklevok! Fish as pulled blew it away with point. Decided to sit wait. Until the last. Although I and waited leschovoy poklevki, but she occurred would still suddenly - first suddenly straightened vershinka, and then sits up I :D When I took feeder in hands he already chameleon zhimy fish. More just I feared for tsepu in stone the sidelines. But go off. Without much pressure this almost-bream fell in podsak:

Adam and under otvalivshuyusya jaw neighbor are.
Again tuft answered worm on hook, dorezayu worm in the feeder, densely putting a hammer to a and impose. Passes already enough time, vershinka is beginning to wriggle as-if there's gravy on the sly goes to on beneath the. Then a nod-straightening as-if its blown it off with seats - but vershinka NOT dying man over here back! I’m taking picture feeder with feeder-the arma and feel a pleasant severity of on how late :love:. But only I wanted myself to shift the fish with seats, as followed powerful zhimy. And here I've dropped a clanger - instead of to try to immediately raise fish I gave it take. And near stone brovka! In short, there's gravy-Here's a hundred ??? stuck between stones and who I have took the bait I so and not learned - all ended the dead tsepoy, namatyvaniem twist are spaced on hand and derganem until Pater Noster (disambiguation) not ruptured on node :disappointed: We wish we swears, strongly swears. But except as on itself more not on whom. Gladly would lit a cigarette, if would was smoking.
On hours 8.20. Vyazatsya on a new already there is no sense. Yes and not want, if honestly. Weapon clearest of emotions received. That in principle and needed. So that, Thanks, grandfather Dnepr river, for this :flag:

Text or: All ??? Kopru fish not equal their an estranged cousin with the boner - she significantly stronger.

ZYY: For time my fishing nor one fish / native to the / man on my impulse not have suffered :D

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Here is, Serozha, the peas and so boorish and his super of each snastyu pokormil and received bonus ;)



Peas - ??? the good and the right theme for tide and bream, in my opinion. And himself thus sometimes'm using. But together with sypukhoy. All the more, that have us fish to him reliable :D halves of remain on place, and peretertyy peas gives drinks been loop downstream on.
Incidentally, the guy ??? caught a white bream grams on 400 on its snap. Truth, except this more nothing - fish with small a mouth simply could not nasaditsya on hook # 6.

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+ 1Gorokh on bream thing useful and badly!! One problem in heat prikormka on apartment mess, actually quickly stew in his juices: '(



Advice from Kiev "stalechnikov", which on gorokhe "her teeth ate":

Steel wrote:

Should keep in the shadows and in tryapichnom bag, to swipe in scraps for nailing shanek / feeders separately, to out of those wet shanku in him not mokat. Then not stew in his juices clock.




MAXIK wrote:

one problem in heat prikormka on apartment mess, actually quickly stew in his juices

Under cooking need to promoted on more of salt and sugar (if in measure fish they not scare), they preservatives and partly based this problem. ;)



Nice. Adore harvest this fish. So same always'm using peas. But think that

duffy333 wrote:

peretertyy peas gives drinks been loop downstream on.

Not drinks been and obloko muti- peas and porridge (a. He so same love) as no one give an attractive loop.
Have athletes loop gives easily-factional prikormka, and have local for lack onnoy -gorokh.

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Here opinion: If watch on physics work pea plants on during, as prikormki from as much as answered + peretertoy masses, then can be find many similar with work fodder Jesolo and micro-pelletsov on same during -, too, "major faction",, too, on during give drinks been footprint. However such pelletsy overwhelmingly on the basis of fishing flour. And sciatica "in zero" in during moreover or conjures time.



Interesting combination of is obtained. Prikormku be preparing on apartment mess, actually from flakes, and halves of pea plants, to with them not stuff gave me an axe, boil separately and promoted which packed.

There is thought to store on a fishing trip as basic part of prikormki, so and halves of pea plants with first fill in build / capacious the tape by for bags-refrigerators.



In night with Saturday on Sunday (22.06 / 23.06.2013)
Again on the eve weekends check in on each other with by Alex King far same to jerk spend some time fishing. Me like from-for heat to go so to become with the evening, swim on evening zorke, at night and until heat with o 'the morning to. Alex supported me in this. All the more, that on his words of, there is information, that at night on Rusanovke already bream polavlivaetsya. Loath he proposed to go on his "old point"have bridge Paton Electric Welding Institute - exiting from Rusanovskogo Canal. And near, and machine can be directly to community down, and terrain trawling very an opportune - hole, the exit with it and shoals off. But on bream before ano night wait not worth - this he, too, said. Truth the last time he there catching even 4000m2 as well as in August 2010 o.o..

On how and they iced. In Friday on the evening "that alternative" 'll jump out on liberal scattering - all ??? "day of liberation of Kyiv" :D. Yes and illegally on Odes'ka lane repair dorozhniki and cork was even the kind% -). In Saturday day back, prepare for an a fishing trip - advance mixing "leschevuyu" prikormku (FD bream + FD donnaya + molasses), cook pea plants. Although we and perhaps to 20-00 training on point, but in the process plans have adjusted - Alex was to 18.30 (take place :confused:), and I in the early on 8. To our joy place was enough profoundly been swabbed from algae. Although Alex here would still had to in water crawl.

Until I zhestkoy groomed place, this bottom, sought point for industrialized fishing, Alex already with all completes his turn (he at all guy-zipper :D), zakormilsya and became polavlivat ladoshechnuyu gustirku. And as usually there will someone from prazdnoshatayuschikhsya passers-by, which is beginning to "teach", as correctly harvest fish :canthearyou: The most interesting, me very rarely someone suited but to Alex here or To he simply as wasps on honey :crazyfun:
And so of course beauty: Easy breeze, fever subsides, the sun sets - beauty. If would still not boats / water motorcycles, then was would at all super. Meanwhile I already opredililsya with seals like and promising spots. Decided to to bet on night 2 rods up: One thing - in the pit on somenka or still whom (the distance 55 gather steam; PXR5000, Israel’s right to-layn with puffed 10lb and counting # 6 with beam of worm and Karpov gruzkom grams in 120), the second - on bream for shoals off on exit with pits (36 gather steam; PXR5000, with peternosterom on a fishing line 0.25 dura-Ace Tekhnium). Checked in water as works equipped Stern mixture of - liked shone. In zakormochnuyu once added pea plants (halves of and perebitogo through a sieve 4mm). Again checked mixture of in water. 'm accusations big Fidersportovskoy the feeding trough with a near point. Current was enough a strong a bird feeder 98gr after washer 'function feed was on the brink of breakdown. So that my zakormochnuyu after washer 'function feed blew the. And were on this signal I and he launched it vymatyvat. Only here is on fifth zabrose after breakdown I get Taking a deaf tsepu, which ends breakage snap. Chertykhayus and perevyazyvayus anew. Again the same the distance. Again the same there's gravy. And on third zabrose all repeats itself :angry:! I still not began harvest, and already "minus 2."
Decided to to retreat on 10 gather steam; further and swim somewhere in the early rise of with pits. Took feeder with puffed and let accusations - has become poklevyvat in impose ladoshechnaya gustirka. Then nibble part "something bigger than others", I not keep up raise "on our ride" fish - on 36 scandisk again deaf Thresh, trough and “snap :tired:.
Already time questioning "fireflies" on vershinku, and I again perevyazyvayus. Zabrasyvayus, enleve several gustirok, yet another poklevka more Weighty fish and all repeats again - "minus 4" :angry:! I decided to shift point zabrosa meters on 6-8 downstream and harvest already directly with shoals off - with 34 gather steam;. There already there's gravy 84gr lay in normal.

Until I despaired in themselves it's time include lights. And foraging out mosquitoes yes' - at night seemed, that they us simply's gonna get eaten. Have Alexa? His "nalobnik", so that I him cast his. And himself tried its "concept" - LED video luminaire with pumped (in form net building block :D), enshrined transparent packaging adhesive tape on Korumovskoy angle ARM. And this pribluda in turn was Godliness on pace-telescope, which through Prestonovskoy 100.000 Nm ARMmounting your to the back leftist leg Korumovskogo chairs. Have lamp 2 regime work - shines either 50 diodes, either 4. Test passed successfully - labor zone (a table, the pelvis with prikormkoy, space directly directly to me) were well and comfortable experience, Mali. Thanks to telescope leg and angle ARM-have I quietly "was playing around" as with altitude, so and with angle the tilt lamp. Especially I this have from-for permanent perevyazyvaniy osnastok: Somewhere in mid-night I have "gone mad" cord - first on on zabrose, then “where lies somewhere on drive fish on vymatyvanii and then again on% -) I ready was even break a already its Dutch Master interestingly until 100gr. Went sit in machine, then took a walk, calmed down. Believed rings on udilishche on subject splintering ]-cracks-pressing edges - all in order. Alex neighs and says, that I have already there whole a herd little slapping on “torpedos osnastkakh hang should. And at all, that I have today rebooting podsumka with kormushkami. Yes, "minus 7" - I have never still such a "outcome" for one fishing trip not was :( You spit, put shpulyu with dura-Ace Tekhnium and already with its amelioration capturing the until the end of fishing.

And still at night, as times together with my ocheredymi slope down-otstrelami, lupanula the storm. All as been paved - with thunder, negotiate and rain waters missiles. Good in machine "on anyone case" lay Prestonovskiy umbrella over. I his put shelterom and safely in dryness peresidel rain, until Alex hid in its machine. With included the lantern? Me'm reminded times neskolkodnevnykh cyprinids kept fishing trips, when accurately also outside erected tents at night noise from rain, and I sat under light of you and something there did with trend to.

On fish. I have never before at night not was biting, so much petty (in sense ladoshechnoy) gustery - usually it lovilas until of call and after identity. And here only somewhere with 2 until 4 gave breathing space. And as times in this time have become getting caught almost-leschi - more kilo nothing not was. At night for poduspokoilos and I already catching the feeding trough any seafood brunch. "Fireflies" - isotopes from Drennana. Hooks 8 th numbers with beam of answered worm. Maggot was on darkness in full dance with you. On tight leash raskosami 0.18.

As only the beginning of seret again has become peck Blicca bjoerkna. So decided swim maximum to 6 and wrap this up, okay. And here I have somewhere in clean such a klevaka, that feeder with the tripod it flew off o.o. As usually I its "proschelkal" - have bended down with land raise our reduced with hands extractor. So that feeder I have on a shoulder proved :D however raskosami on the main teetered. Grab Burrito his'm vyvazhivat - on how late someone is and a strong. First thought, that golavl. But there is no - he differently is leading themselves on the hook. And here fish goes in tsepu in the grass. And in tsepu virtually Taking a deaf! Alex advises crawl: Diving. That I exactly and made. , for airline it turned out, that on tuft worm took the bait sea bass grams on 600 - a handsome, a disease.

Here is exactly on this we and ended. Despite the contestant once negative including, which I khaponul on this a fishing trip, personally would still was significantly more. So that we still here review and we still see with this place.

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And photo will?



duffy333 wrote:

Yes, "minus 7" - I have never still such a "outcome" for one fishing trip not was

I, too, thought, that me this would mean fate not hurts. Are there is no, first day FD, past under divizom, "A on victory, get me so much feeders?!" On the evening, before intensely this second round in fact snap had to knitting anew, for almost the entire supply resigned in Visitors to residents Mikhail Kakhovsky Canal. :canthearyou:



duffy333, can is worth try the cord 12 mikronization?



Денис Лизунов wrote:

duffy333, can is worth try the cord 12 mikronization?

In my opinion, here not how many in as twist are spaced deal how many in really document with a string - this was Fox Matrix Submerge Feeder Braid. Took winter on you - this producer as drowning. More just he me was Pro reminded. Only black color of. And already not less dozen fishing trips with him capturing the - reproaches no not was. And here such :dontknow: Either he got mangled about "something" on bottom, either he simply "rotted." But for such short term in such not want to believe :disappointed:, right, I'll his look day. Although and the fishing line is dura-Ace Tekhnium 0.25 with this tsepoy not has dealt - in "zone contact" she was on are its very posechena.

Yuri wrote:

A photo will?

Unfortunately there is no. Although and photo camera bought these, and a tripod - thought beautiful nightly species capture. But all these precipices beat the crap out me from rut - calculated, that today "my day" and still and photo camera'll fucking kill on plates of levees :disappointed:
But this hope not the latter the overnight fishing in this season - so that photo still will :flag:



duffy333 wrote:

in my opinion, here not how many in as twist are spaced deal how many in really document with a string - this was Fox Matrix Submerge Feeder Braid. Took winter on you - this producer as drowning. More just he me was Pro reminded.

I in the past year bought these foksovskiy the cord, but already forgot what precisely :( Awful not grassroots, with him were frequent otstrely and even on klipse. But I sinned on curves hands, although with kasteveem and 8-braidom this all disappeared.



Can be :disappointed: need was me nothing not o.s., but as usually harvest with nanofilom and shock from twist are spaced 15lb - in the worst case on breakages-obrezakh used to bandage would a new shock several times.

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duffy333 wrote:

The most interesting, me very rarely someone suited but to Alex here or To he simply as wasps on honey

And you shave their head shaved and witnessed reaction. :)



Them even and fatten up need :crazyfun:



Lilian wrote:

A you shave their head shaved

This the old and Creator really paranoid slow runs round, unlike victims! :D


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