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Oleg_GOR wrote:

Other usually being shot donochnikami all summer.

Because and enleve in places where little who bugs but, with August, this little in this year helped.



Here is I have in this year on Dnieper River and was a couple better fishing trips(ah if to compare with with the opoy, which was in principle :blush:) as times there where pressinga virtually there is no and where proactively privazhival.

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Havent update not wrote nothing, although fishing trips lack. Pro enleve bolonkoy write - so forum not the subjects :dontknow: Although "were" I on it densely in this season - can be said, that opened for themselves this kind of industrialized fishing. And with fiderom in principle "all as always"- many times should walk in-copied and I have, and have other forums, which in those same places gets caught (Dood, rushtik, alexcry. And for order to not write one thing and the same I rigged up such itself "interface the report" - hope udobochitaemo broke a 8-)
(Click for increasing)

But here except standard "place / some tackle / prikormka / the bait"Lies interesting fishing in terms of is deprived.
Saturday. Cosy outdoor dining it is time. Only va from affairs family. Telephoned Andryukha Chima and asked sho I itself at all think on a fishing trip. And I as times about this and thought.
Deal in is, that as something boom of with fish tank seems rumored to and degrees. That and not surprising - now most time for spawning of gustery. And for it and of bream. Yes and "suddenly" svolivshayasya fever (until + 30 in the shadows) optimism not pribavlyala. Andryukha proposed as times after lunch to jerk on Embankment - its extremely ta ll Chanove in the second half of days as times and gives your safe little shadow. On how and they iced.

I made a sauce on kilo J. RemMashIndustria Big Fish + River + Feder. The latest added purely for order to was volume of. Fish-sicles Lies highly kashistaya (from-for Big Fish), highly a passive (River basketballs with whether well), but the entire brown color of (River and Feder iai?i painted over the nubs all). And inscription there are pastonchino. In principle prikormka ponrailas its "the mechanics-Physics" - as times for a powerful crosscurrents. Here is only in next time zameshayu Big Fish with than any, too, lights are flashing yellow.
On arrival on place as something suddenly broke a sit down on one highly "kozyrnom" place - there priyamok on backdrop of and so nemelkogo trawling. Usually there stalechniki always sit. In this same times sat just one. And as it turned out not for good reason - somewhere through and a half hours after of our arrival he took leschika roughly on 1,300-1400. Was feeding the peas and. In services two short defence wakes up aggressivity with concrete such gakami and on the roller ball "frothiness" (foams) on them.

We with Andryukhoy been caught roughly with one distance there is. Simply there particularly nothing not'll come up with - either] However for brovkoy on more-less impeccable bottom, either on svale useyannom shell, and other the angry tsepoy.
The bait was have us is the same ( on two). The distance let us considered one. Prikormki different, yes. On airline on dog leashes but also "meter +" lovilsya pleasant sizes sinets. Ever responds avidly and is true. But need was hook the right size and forms. Ballerus ballerus ever responds only until hook with the bait planned sink - i.e. in during 15-20 seconds after of touching trough trawling. If ceasing was in short or sinets why something not took the bait, then you hanged yourself bull, isn't he. Although Andrei and sat higher me downstream on, but caught a couple okolokilushnykh podleschikov - prowess not forget that stuff! Second he took performing easiest potyazhku snap. And for all time only one ladoshechnaya Blicca bjoerkna - not otherwise she indeed spawning now.

Incidentally about fishhook. In another times well worked and had been whipped fish hooks with such form of as have Gamakatsu 5 / powerful and - 5 in 14 th size at all my a favorite on Dnieper River under it catching gustery and sintsa. A powerful and as the me more leschevyy. Truth and the size of the under local conditions industrialized fishing need lot more. Maver Qatana good, but perishing very quickly he tupitsya from-for clams on bottom.
With "gammikami" as something's--it's not much have us in sale and so still winter I in the flagship bought very similar on them hooks from Milo. Even despite frankly horse manure the% -). Well, that just on box since bought.
Model T 143highly resembles on 5, and T 195(model "with the advent") - on a powerful and. So here is, of the last I have couple razgibalas on vyvazhivanii, and one simply has, when I his was pulling out from oral fat sintsa - I in of shock! And T 143 simply gnulis. And this I have larger 300 simply nothing not was. In short, flatly not appealed. And to purchase their not recommend.

Still me has pleased one of new plastic feeders from as the flagship of - there's gravy any seafood brunch, impose and is happening something similar on on. But not on. Chima neighs, 's egging me - nourished German that for shit, piss-the cord I bought. And that he me normal fastening Oxygene - if honestly the until this was on precisely because of peretertosti about hold a shell up. But the such, and here. Vymatyvayu the cord, and I have on a loop paternostera under the feeder is swinging vertlyuzhok. The very, which in khvostovike trough zapressovan was. Yes, affairs :disappointed:. And "thorns-Yokohama" there, too, not need - purely decorative function function perform on this clam shell.

Still from objectionable - this fluff. His already experienced and harvest with shock-leader simply not tickles. And in 9 the evening gave a jet of. ???? gave so gave - if until this I quietly itself eiaee with korumovskoy the feeding trough 75gr middle size, then then "bullet" 120gr with gruntozatsepami from Doc'ss organs is 60 simply cavorting on beneath the o.o.. Literally for 5 minutes so has intensified for. And here Andryuza proposed still a little bit of a sit - ride out a jet of and to catch some a little bit of a at night. Nourished German, when we still so shall get out. We are exhausted and stand spent, breathed fresh hear musical artists peform under air :D Posmotreli in light of lights as simply sweeps past us anyone garbage. As down downstream on simply fly rambling teplokhodiki and as then grapple prutsya back. Stream was a wild% -) Carefully 12 garbage became swim more slowly and we decided test how Slept stream - on one of zabrosov have Andryukhi crashes vershinka. some tackle. And we are going home.

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Not in is place sat.




Dont in is place sat.

There, from other until fourth, far not sit down those even seats.



Interface the report cool!



2s photo can be called: "A solitary Ranger" :D



Alexcd83 wrote:

At this the picture depicts there's gravy, which only that has fallen on bottom?

This otfotoshoplennaya the from one English magazine (e-version of) - moved different there calligraphy. I on "realizm" less just watched - simply liked visually. And there LESCh there is 8-)


Dont in is place sat.

Sanya, meter there, meter here - wasn this is so it is important? :D

And couple of photo other bridge on Trukhanov island:



BAMBUR wrote:

2s photo can be called: "A solitary Ranger"

The kind okay. Chuck Norris dormant, have him never was such Sticking out pieces as have Duffy. :D



Sergei thank you for an excellent report! :cool: Hey, nice such interface have - as in directory.



duffy333 wrote:

Pro enleve bolonkoy write

:writing: :writing: :writing:




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Alexcd83- this progressive Rock like, I its have someone from users Domika still year 2 ago saw. Although know designed afftora, this could would and in qualify to have a bang on this))



All genial is have come up with until us :D Color Correction scheme, way to groups icons and applying information were designed one weathering progoy for right now. And the very idea such applying the report couple of years ago saw have one forums on on Kyiv Cottage Rybak's - he me then and explained, that did all in qualify to with pile strata and vast, and etc. He leader was coming then this to Web interface as something no chair or any space, but with of the time so nothing and not appeared, how I know.
So that creatively rethinking, have spread on art goal and tasks, Plekhanov several sketches from hands and then went work in qualify to (some as can with him turn). Something from icons found in 120 in free access. Something of them had to finalize the. And which something to do very.
Not Id say, that until the end of exasperated, but this until that the best option of those that made. Although did zhestkoy - only when was desire to and in head came any ideas.

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Also Japan, the desire to write about bologna-it catching, very perishing amusing thing attractive opportunity. That forging the report, as and himself report. Thank you!

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Carlos wrote:

Alexcd83 - this progressive Rock like, I its have someone from users Domika still year 2 ago saw.

Here is this the (with it all and began) from forumchanina eeaaneiai Domika Rybak's with down Okay, aspiring
(click for increasing):

Carlos wrote:

Although know designed afftora, this could would and in qualify to have a bang on this))

The kind yes, done playing with it from souls.

Alexcd83 wrote:

This what the progressive Rock, or creative inspiration?

And here is "the ideological force behind" on color scheme and combinations of - a weather program Storm for iOS:

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An excellent report! As and idea vkinut interface the report on designing duffy333 on forum.d :cool:

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As would this softer say. Not LIKE ME ETA idea I've had for :angry:



In run-up to "fishing Games flagship"spent on sees in district 3 th scale,. Yes, me again "without me me married" :D - friends-comrades have registered and set before fact :dontknow:

Saturday, 20 June, in two partners Andrei Chima:

Sunday, 21 June, in two partners Alex:

That common and motley in these church? Of course same place industrialized fishing! This there is in view write "range", not concrete point. Who not very aware of that realities industrialized fishing on eeaaneie sees, then buck - with fidernymi rigging of this ship there need seek "safe" distance industrialized fishing. I.e. find on bottom such blot, to on it was as can be less chains. So that very often neighbor in 10 metres from you successfully but suppose on 40 scandisk with povodkami 0.14, and you on this same distance there is sudden you get in SERVICES tsepu, that take out that made there crime as can be only through times% -). Pro leashes are at all better not recall :disappointed:.
Here is example one of sites disgusting person in trawling (done in Excel on the basis of data zabrasyvaemogo ekholota):

And this only himself write terrain without Accounting any sign clams, and other a creepy chains directly on really bottom.
Here is so in Saturday Andrei quietly itself eiaee on roughly 40 scandisk, and me had to maslat almost on 60. And would still not less dozen tug ropes on thick (on fidernym measure) line they made I but. But in Sunday I that is. A floater baited in the 47 scandisk and reversed the even 4000m2 as well as couple of-top three likely only because, that they blunt. Alex here same had to normal so to throw some - in the second half of fishing have him already began nedolety. And still he me have read a lecture, that I -muncher - harvest with such povodkami. Fatter 0.14 questioning nizzya! But through couple of hours he took away I have missing reel with my "thick" povodochnoy :D

One and the same tackle - DM100 with Kastizmom, with thin puffed on the main and shock from a powerful twist are spaced. So for two days I lost just two trough - one unraveled (from old age perhaps :D), and the second was out together with shock-leader in quite perishing "the dead" tsepe. Although until this in during fishing periodically was pulling out on it rather a lot of are dreyseny. Which immediately same drobilas and dobavlyalas in prikormku.
Level of water very low. And of blasting in this year special there is no, so that feeders maximum in 100gr net weight been lacking. And with 9 until 10 so at all "pause" have tide was. Respectively and in Cleves all Fifties,.

Different prikormki from different producers. But common on its Physics and caloric content - flagship Gold yellow bream + Muscle milk Karp yellow + molassesin Saturday and Traper hurried bream + Riverin Sunday. Of course Traper "pobagache" prikormka - and composition, and aroma. But under the right preparation physics have them somewhat is obtained. And have this mix from Trapera, too, 21st th what katyshki under your dough have yielded - judging by around the "made dish complex competition eventually became so heated" (C)and have them present :D

One and the same fish - Blicca bjoerkna, sinets, chekhon. Single individual bream. And the omnipresent bull, isn't he, which lives between stones and shell and there same subjects escorts dog leashes but also. Fish on aquatoriums many, ah very many. But she harmful. At times simply intolerably. So questions length tug ropes / size and model likely / bait remained open. How many can be was "fill" fish? 3 / 5 / 10kg? Not know so as enleve without charge and all immediately flies: Diving. Would still in round all will on Different. There same all and will see, and you know, weigh - only would on next weekends fish not ducked out sometime somewhere "in vacation", and the such already: Let :D
And still I not caught bream! In Saturday Andryukha, and in Sunday Alex their managed take (with the consequent otapuskaniem), and I with "leschevymi" operator Kolkevich. Although couple of times was pulling out Pater Noster (disambiguation) in leschevykh "spit and glue." But this even more upsets :disappointed:.

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27 June on sees in district 3 th / 4 th eanoieo held Fishing Olympics flagship-2015. Were and Ireland, and poplavochniki, and fideristy. And I there was.

On airline the catch of the in 3425gr - 4 th actual weight, but 5s place because that 2s and 3s seats had equal weight.
harbor promenade brought to you- as many in this word. This corporates of with my hand preceded enough a serious preparation - several stand alone fishing trips with selection fodder mixtures and elements snap.

From-for the far ambiguous on tsepe sectors, and also because of the literally singular individuals of bream on aquatoriums, was taken decision to do weight on actively pecking for fish - gustere, sintse and Pelecus cultratus. And that means had forced "in pace." From this already and "'ve been jigging for" choice prikormki and likely with povodkami. As has shown had forced directly had forced in round this was correct decision.

Choice was simple - there where less chains on bottom. Ideally this must was be net ploschadochka among clams.

The tackle
The very a the main pounder was DM100with vershinkoy # 4(3oz roughly). In paired to him coil Daiwa Cast 'izm 25QDwith puffed # 0.8and shock-leader from cord under 40lb. "The second number" was assembled Zemeks Rampadzh 4.20 / 180with vershinkoy 4ozand coil Daiwa Blast 3520with puffed Sufiks performance 10lband shock-leader as and on previous a coil. Why precisely such a combination of? Simply because, that I have no (until) second Kastizma - all ??? more vymotka matters in round.
The very a klipsoval on one and the same distance - first this bottom DM100, and then rastyagivalsya on Bank for perishing quite-quite precise klipsovaniya. A recount distance there is "in mind" on this time not has trusted. Although when then Cancer traction, then "mathematical" way to transference distance there is me would did not disappoint ;)

Pater Noster (disambiguation). Take up knitting squarely on of shock. And would still two - sawed-off shorty snap was - on zabrose roared noose averting under crime as. Roared because, that the cord prokhudilsya from a permanent contact with the seashell on bottom. And all was as on hours: 2 hours industrialized fishing - the first on trough, remont, place it, enleve 2 hours - the second on trough and such a same rappin 'noose a whimper is swinging :disappointed:

dog leashes but also
From-for very aggressive trawling harvest with povodkami thinner 0.16 not i?aanoaaeyeinu possible. Although, if honestly, on tentative church I not observed difference in Cleves on raskormlennoy point in dependence from thickness the leash. Me was comfortable experience with 0.19 - fatter under it catching white puppies were born me nurture not allows questioning :D A if seriously, then on hooks from gossamer wire knitting ileum as such ah very visibly.
So as was supposed harvest "in pace" with long povodkami (100sm +), then need a was raskosami, which would not rotate (or minimally rotate) "in porosyachiy tail." And deal here even not in paired oparikov on the hook - enough one masipusenkoy weird little shell-dreysenochki to on vymatyvanii all broke a :disappointed: Pod these needs in diameter 0.16 and thinner than me s as likes povodochnaya raskosami Tubertini Dragon- she I have already not the first season in top on river church. In diameter 0.19 I have on dog leashes but also went raskosami Guru N-Gauge. Raskosami as raskosami. And its choice is due only those, that deconstructing all the rubble his fishing from September 1 found couple of nenachatykh 100-meter bobbin test this filament, thatcouple of seasons ago in of England. Nothing so she worked good on sees - some leashes are after contact with shell came on Bank all in wood shavings o.o.

About, this separate theme. Under the chosen tactics industrialized fishing need were hooks with broad poddevom. Under this maximally lungs (thin wire), but maximally strong hooks (thin robust wire). Like would "broad" likely on market lack. And thank I their from different producers mass of. But not so all simply and well :disappointed:.

As have shown preliminary fishing fodder should was be srednefraktsionnym, becoming. But under this he should was be any dust here. In horizontal a plane - to not set out to take fish from trawling upward.
Under these conditions me appealed two mix - flagship Gold yellow bream + Muscle milk Karp 1 to 1and Traper speshial bream + River 1 to 1. Both mix need was be preparing with the evening. And tied on what any "of mixed" - soles of or likvide. Me purely "on nose" on "hot" water on River more just like odors tpa "brassema"or "skopeksa". Yes and similar they.
Chose mix from Traperonly because that he immediately in his composition has and pastonchino, and some pellets - highly nelishnee, if had a chance sector with a net stain on bottom and in the process round appeared "ochuchenie", that bream on point went. And mix from as the flagship ofneed was doapolnitelno "tyuningovat" data appeal - and I leniiiiiiiivyy and if can be somewhere "sachkonut", then necessarily "sachkonu" :D. That concerns kneading, then mixes virtually identical. Color, too, look like.

The boot, maggot and night crawlers. And overwhelmingly worked only "sandwich." Constantly accounted for toying one / two oparika or kicks and one-four motylika.

Itself had forced
Razbushevavshayasya on the eve not on joke, the weather has, optimizma not inspired with - with the evening and virtually entire night behaved rain with a strong pulled (with aspirations until about 20m / with). On the morning rain not was, but here is wind nowhere not over. So pro precise zakorm point to speak particularly not accounted for. If would not trough-bullets from Doc'ss organs is 60. Should tell him huge thank you for data products - they is famously'd get hit and a strong trolley onto a side wind and allowed comfortable experience keep point "in our toes."
On startovomu signal I with first zabrosa enleve nekrupnuyu gustirku. Then another. And so in good pace'm packing up my fish the entire the first hour. Am watching myself on sides (Misha Bogdanovich on couple of sectors higher upstream) - affairs I have go better idea, than have neighbors. Means chosen tactic (had forced "on 30", length the leash, a minor the size of the easy hook, nekrupnaya the bait) chosen correctly. At the second ano begin "failings" in Cleves - I thought, that licked LESCh and tried to his "sit through." But long dog leashes but also is both impious's what you told in hold a shell up bull, isn't he, and from short bribery so and not was followed by. Back returned to tempo "30" and again became polavlivat gustirku in these with sintsom. That simptomatichno, nor one Pelecus cultratus so and not nibble part.
Later while, again "failure." Again tried to "sit through" and again except torpedos likely and of wasted time nothing not achieved.
In a strong wind harvest with povodkami if this still the pleasure - hooks so and altogether is to sink my in a hatchling pond / clothes / podsaku. And easier change ceasing, than their deceitful. Owing partly this, and owing partly laziness I podsakom enjoyed in the best case through times. In end earning the two sorvavshimisya ponds and roughly "-300gr" to outcome.
In mid-round implementation has become better with with the hooks, so # 14. Closer to the end of round better have become work dog leashes but also-cm wooden palette, but again with hooks # 16. And pace of became already "20."
In mid-round with my the distance already a and neighbor right, and neighbor from Left. And if neighbor "from below" particularly success displaying could not, then neighbor "from above" periodically polavlival "from-under me" well ??? normal sizes gusteru. And under width sectors in 9 meters this matters. But eiaee he not "in pace", and more "vysizhival" fish. Me this not very liked - took the feeder greater kormoemkosti and like as "shut down" his.

In principle with meet the for himself task (fall into have mandated-5) has coped. So exasperated percent on 95. There is Alvarez as in technology, so and in "the adequacy" taken in the process round decisions. Ah and the very themselves over "negligence" in the form of losses two fish from-for laziness use podsak - himself themselves're punishing.

For conducted tournament THANK YOU leading. Respekt all participants-opponents, who not passonul from-for weather and seats conducting.

And several photo:

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A good report! :cool:
And posektorno-pofamilnyy schedule will? :question:



And a question real quick can be?? That for yaschichik a grey are using instead nasadochnogo table.



Here pro this "chumadan": Nasadochnyy table



Understood thank. Need to now fellow citizens torture where that and as.



Yesterday returned from destined, slightly came in themselves and after lunch's wavin 'at Embankment - there after lunch the sun for Chanove moves away and already to become more less tolerable harvest on the heat. All was as usually for this pores year: Dnepr river blooms, and the spray is i.e., its already there is no, rambling teplokhodiki lakes up there-put here by the, skitter up there-put here by the "shoes" with "beduyuschimi." On fish the same all "on-usual": Its like many, but get she enjoyed, rods all sonetimes, and Ah, this is great there is no. All as always.

I arrived to 16-00. Became slightly below stalechnika. Until raskladyvalsya woofing it with him: Says, that fish there is no - with 6 morning (when he came) and until 16-00 (when I came) have him on three pruta only a few gustirok and sintsov. I am "fucking weep for"him :flirt:, suggested a monopoly point on distance there is order 45m and became "on old scheme"raskarmlivat in pace and -Stop baiting "bones." Many was petty chekhonki. In short, all resisted normally. But not about this wanted to to tell in this time.

About 18-00 stalechnik became wrap this up, okay. On his place immediately same has become couple guys - one with were a couple stalechnykh of rods, and the second with three "type fiderami." Their good-some dingle-dangle the very a in goes. So here is, judging by conversation this the second guy slightly whether not first time on fishing. On sees so accurately. And all three kit cordages were bought on the eve.
The first became teach second as hurl. Need say, that impose did "through head" (I was pleased amused, that not side zabrosom :hobo: :D) and went have them highly that's good - extra-Hevy fidera and virtually the complete lack of of blasting allowed particularly not taken off the gloves. And "tulil" they the kid away me - somewhere on 60-70m. Truth nor about what klipse speech not commanded.
Snap on these "fiderakh" were under become style industrialized fishing: On the main Building tools, which well are visible with 10 meters, has a drinking tube-protivozakruchivatel, two short defence wakes up aggressivity on a fishing line, that, too, is famously in sight meters with 10. Pro hooks perhaps write not worth. On all of this he for 2 hours Takes three little slapping - 1.800, 1.500 and okolokilushnogo o.o.. And then gustirku still grams on 300. The entire harbor promenade brought to you in full and @ it was as though in. In including and I% -) - 'm calling Chime complaining, and the neighs :angry:.
His comrade with stalechnymi rods, too, "under feeling was that" - have him nor trigger. But for Comrade glad. Pro stalechnikov, which there constantly gets caught at all to speak not worth - have them "cultural shock." But as only guys shriveled up in the early conventional ninth, these immediately same there staged a crowd, who same on "brimistoe place"will become :D

Iay back, here is such a here is rybalochka withdrew.

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duffy333 wrote:

At all of this he for 2 hours Takes three little slapping - 1.800, 1.500 and okolokilushnogo. And then gustirku still grams on 300. The entire harbor promenade brought to you in full and @ it was as though in.

There is such law - Beginner's Lucky you.
Hope his "'m hooked" and man will evolve further.



Me seems deal in bait either, no



Why then have his Comrade with accurately such same the bait nothing not was? And "gruel" have them was from one package. And abandoned plus-minus equally on range missiles.
Incidentally, a on padded stools and foam - on one the hook one thing, and at the other another. Thus gender La but. Under than much half of.




me seems deal in bait either, no

Instructor, and with what such conclusions?


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