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Romeo wrote:

Hi, what same they beautiful

Agree, Romka. At all, driven carps beautiful (except crude - Ajata Yauvana-r-r-r, and these especially. At work there is make the fellow-karpyatnik - took on Kozintsakh (under Zhitomirom) financing such a - on picture realistically as model atomic submarines looks)



Interestingly, and respiration depends coloring rybov in a particular a reservoir? From nutrition, from environment habitat? Can dig, vegetation and all such? Concealment? Mimicry?

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Yuri wrote:

Interesting, and respiration depends coloring rybov in a particular a reservoir?

From genes. 8-)



Catching I as something karasey on one water feature in Podvolochiske. So on half of Lake lovilsya. The dark Crucian (there was more silt and reduce the any cultivation of the), but on the other half of (the clean the lake and relatively drifting bottom) lovilsya Crucian-the clean silver.



fm967 wrote:

From genes.

From race)



Carlos wrote:

Sasha, one of karasey the bottom. And Crucian accurately, raising the a mustache I not found.

I not dispute. Simply I ascertain fact: In '92 post both derzhitsya with karpikami. To distinguished carp from an moustache not are required. This enough different fish, to not seek the availability of a mustache.

I simply wanted to watch on black karasey.



They and on vyvazhivanii, and on poklevke absolutely other, than karpiki. Get he himself zasechetsya - his to tie a blood knot need after meticulous a twitch or done.
Is a master pond 728, spoke, that ordinary Crucian carps (those which I have on the photo) he You close program specifically, to increase population of. But there is and "the natives" - they precisely dark, cautious and keep pecking very rarely. Here is such I in its time in prilove and received just 2 with 2009 to todays moment. And the on the opposite end dam. Yes and have other fishermen they very rare "guests" were. Incidentally, these karpyata on them color very similar.

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Cergey, THANK YOU you with vast for Picker, Hollow type of for DM 13 '8 ", and for" dopy. " In especially simply killed Dinsmores-OSx86 bomb! Want their many! Very want! :) They incredibly awesome! And why want their many, because one on pendant to machine Gwinnett County :D

Mr. Picker has the right name - Bomba! This the first impression from potryakha. Especially was in no clothing left one and compared here same with two near no, which evicted on tests on tomorrow. Already obey all is ablaze, to to go beta test, but the impression the first simply super! :)

On hollow tip? So and not understood until as his use is supposed to? Abouts organs is about Theoretically he stick makes digits The most real karpovik! Me, and I realise, the poklevki goes far not on vershinke rods up.

And here is cuts me not had. Their I have unionized immediately father, on company your cast. I tried to of course resist, and one have him like as forced an invitation out, but he said that have him tomorrow DR (I have 10 th have him 12 th on May :)), and so they cross to him. Sound, of course, lack, but a strong, especially in light of moreover, that I him provide despite makhovuyu stick (long she already for him ask to be here, together with terms of a set of ready osnastok). :)



Here is you sekret-a fetishist% -) :D



duffy333 wrote:

They and on vyvazhivanii, and on poklevke absolutely other, than karpiki. Get he himself zasechetsya - his to tie a blood knot need after meticulous a twitch or done.

Precisely. I one at all accidentally adopted - were such itself lungs a twitch or, a. Me are weary, and I decided to perezabrositsya as times.

duffy333 wrote:

That you sekret-a fetishist

Accurately. And brilliant - likes, so why would and there is no? As states wives and mother in laws in such cases: "Ah, modicum not sipping." :crazyfun:



Vertex wrote:

Skyfall hollow tip? So and not understood until as his use is supposed to? Abouts organs is about Theoretically he stick makes digits The most real karpovik! Me, and I realise, the poklevki goes far not on vershinke rods up.

You all correctly wrote - this either karpovik is obtained (subjectively not less 3lb and impose for 100m classic karpovoy snap not the problem), either a powerful 1308 place it, when stream "100gr +." Trust me, on such devices up poklevka on vershinke this kit is famously being, what I himself was a long amused :flag:



duffy333 wrote:

You all correctly wrote - this either karpovik is obtained (subjectively not less 3lb and impose for 100m classic karpovoy snap not the problem), either a powerful 1308 udilishche, when stream "100gr +." Trust me, on such devices up poklevka on vershinke this kit is famously being, what I himself was a long amused

Now would find somewhere for such. :)
One thing in it wrong, vershinka black, will enjoy blending in on water. Think painting its in yellowy-red, tomorrow varnish'll take a look. Poplavochnym his can be theoretically painting will.



Beauties. And give stsyl on livered Boyle.




A give stsyl on livered Boyle.

That they.


105 … egory_id=5
In topic pro "TM." Trophy like wrote, that in Kharkiv on Barabashevo there is point on sales.



In topic pro TM Trophy column like wrote, that in Kharkiv on Barabashevo there is point on sales.

Subject not read. Shades of understood. ;)



Havent update nothing not wrote about their church, although and was about than. And here with by Alex King decided again to visit our rakitnyanskikh karpikov and "test" their please quality. All the more that over the past couple of weeks there went a strong downturn Ah, this is great karpushi - "our Galya baluvana has become" :D. But us than harder to the better :glasses: pleased its still the, that on forecast day promised be marked by simultaneously organized visiting and not the.
Agreed to, that we are going on a host day and with morning Alex drops by on machine me on liberal scattering (she quite near with Kyiv and as times on road), 're on overdrive in my and already in the so we are going in Rokytne Raion (disambiguation).
Need say, that 28 June although and was thursday, but was weekends day - day Constitution Ukraine. Another reason enter the fishing trip :D But precisely on this had to in advance book sector. Yes and the, our beloved "In" and "E" were already are busy and had to borrow the that was free in "liternoy" zone dam - neighboring "Zh" and "B."
On arrival as usually registering the, moreover, paying, obtaining packages for debris and sinki for a carp. On information shoreline over the past couple of days nibble became grow.
Sector "Zh" took itself Alex, and "B" was I have. "OK" at all extreme sector, but with very interesting widow on the opposite Bank and the end of dam with dambochkoy on left hand. Sector "B" challenging - direct wall of the reed under a balancing Bank on distance 42m. Under this TK are sticking out simple down submerged Chavez and trees - here is there the and must be karpushi. So that had to that with submarine "topography". Have the walls reed. Knowing habits local carp the other option point (more the clean place slightly further from. And the reeds) even and not was seen - sit and wait "have sea weather" personally I have not was no desires.
"Resembled map" proved enough is simple, but and does not want to hear - flet need was moisture to accurately contrary one of penkov otherwise shift on meter shift to the-to the left gave dead tsepu - roots or line. More to the right and further left than that from zone penkov under kamyshom were clean from-, but complete minute with algae and spines zone. ???? further left than that such interval was quite a small and began a new zone submarine koryazhnika, which commanded already in sector "In."
With Alpo decided particularly not do come. Alex've fed and baited in the karpovye a mixture from FD. Inscription stick or not - not Id say. Ah, and maize Louis Bonduelle-Dalle - far same without it :D I've fed same Strangers' The Dark One with adding corn and 4mm pelletsa from Carpio, and eiaee on Trophy column Klubniku with adding those same components. Shoveling all with adding Sonubaytovskoy "isn't quite your thing" F-1 - sweet tanks a bit a similar on Skopeks. Kormilos three point: The first, she same and the main ("mangal" before penkom between, directly in the middle sector), the second (further left than that "outside" zone.) and the third (under Picker). Zakorm first two fucking slingshot on distance there is 40-42m. With start-up 15 balls with the weather. Ezhechasnyy - 5-7 balls. On the second point it fixation Neoterika with more powerful River Kymi and major right complement, so in balls for this point I inscription a double dose corn. Under Picker point was more slanted and more to the right under basing kamyshom. There same on bottom any the whether roots, then whether groves collecting driftwood, which provided dead tsepu. The distance 14m. Fed with hands - 5 balls for start and 2-3 globe every hour anew.
So as place fishing was "purely the English", then and some tackle are such same. Have Alexa this were EBM 11.8 and Garbolino G-Max 12ft, and I have Excel 12.6, Corum Neoterik 12ft (in version with a whip-avonom and coil with beytranerom in the hope on Bonus fish) and Picker Super G Bomb 9ft. Tooling: Flet to-Layne 30gr from Tekhnokarp. I oaught with "a hair" and Alex at all not I bred about 30 letters and nasazhival maize squarely on hook. As it turned out, that neither I, nor Alex not took Brunelli kvik-cheyndzhey, and those a couple, that were I have in box facilitated as times on couple of breakages snap in tsepe. So that in further "worked" option from karpovoy the beads and vertlyuzhka with a Karabinek rifle back. Here is it "weapons victory" (tooling from Alexa) :writing:

Want discern, that under Tekhnokarpovskiy flet not only well suited toptushka from Preston in size L, but and simply perfectly suited toptushka from MAP-and - such a sense of that British, and Ukrainian flety simply twins in form :D
Need say, that 80% poklevok carp was with the main point. On the second ("bonus") point ??? was "steam locomotive" from "someone", but I his frankly "proschelkal" and have fish already in the final stage, when she already made clout into's worth bringing pain in - there she and has remained :(
With the main point first "tuzika" took somewhere through half an hour of exercise after zakorma. Thank mass of all, but worked either maize from metodnoy a mixture combined with somehow any pop up act for yellowcake color of, either Trofeevskaya Mulberry tree (nasadochnaya) with pop up act again same for yellowcake color of. The emergence of on the hook or Aurum / moldy worm either meat-focuses instead smell (Livers from um - Trophy, Khalibut and similar) provided poklevku either podergunchiki from a white bream. He and so stood wall on point because several times under Ukraine until perezabrose I simply bagril "snotty-nosed" for neck.
On pikernoy point, which I time from time tested, was only krasnoperka. Under than all, that was less hook # 10 she devoured virtually immediately. With crocheted # 10 and a couple of kukuruzin she this do could not, but observe to a dancing from permanent-pokes vershinkoy tired of that very quickly. Have Alexa podleschik not gave life.
Neighbors-karpyatnikami with their rodpodami "smoked a little" and periodically had been approached on screeching clutch watch, that have us happening. Fishing was highly labor: Inaccurate one at that impose - or poklevki 100% not will, or will uneasy stalemate Thresh, with breakage the entire snap; constantly an operating jamborees there is no - accounted for slightly whether not through impose to change workers options; hours to 10 rose enough a strong trolley onto a side wind, which strongly US zabrosu. Indeed do had to questioning instead fleta in 30gr flet in any seafood brunch, because flety 45gr / 50 g of (Preston / Tekhnokarp) somehow Gone Fishin '(not go :hobo:. Need say, that mysi about labor a fishing trip were with the outset and even not because, that familiar talked about bad Cleves. Simply until we on the morning raskladyvalis ands move was prepared, then not have observed special activity fish - she not plavilas, not used to walk.
Although nothing more 3kg we not rounded up, but rest up for a on glory - have Alexa 18 cyprinids kept poklevok (13 implemented of which 10 fish from 1,700kg until 2,700kg), I have 16 cyprinids kept poklevok (12 implemented of which 8 fish from 1,500kg until 2,900kg). Was also on a couple of karasey. Alex still on vymatyvanii cordage and tolstolobika grams on 300 I met - is the crisis hit maize (corn) on the hook as pike perch on blesne :crazyfun:
Here is, incidentally, small video about how as Alex "garbolinit" :rofl: karpika (children and other devoted creatures not look - there is nenormativnaya vocabulary :hobo:):

, for airline he zavesil 2.600kg:

And, as usually, thank you GDP the pond for another superb fishing trip :cool:

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". Not Jews are the his snout on the road, 'Arry "- this fat :cool: :rofl:



The latter minute voice-over - kills himself-- laugh! Sergei you the road in komentatory of our football.



Know, very mentally rest up for a :cool:

BAMBUR wrote:

Sergei you the road in komentatory of our football.

There already vecherinok VIVA Vatsko there is - we him Hi had transferred, incidentally :D



Not. Perishing let better lot more but and writes - have him until nice goes and the, and this)) :flag:



duffy333 wrote:

There already vecherinok VIVA Vatsko there is

Here is Hi,, only now understood where I saw this snoutthis face :crazyfun:



benderr wrote:

only now understood where I saw

Hi! Ah okay Romeo proudly claims, that him foot until light bulbs and not hides, when foraging in Donetsk, that "Shakhtar" him, too, in half, but you something! There same)

(Modicum not in subject, but Id say - vecherinok nice summoned its strength in materosti in his deeds. Before, in sight, was is young and's hot. Tfu's 3 to not jinx it.)

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Ukrainka, 5 July 2012
On the eve telephoned vecherinok VIVA with proposition to go far any on fishing trip. The euro-2012 finally the over and he is free. Ah as can be not support Comrade in such a crusade! And let the whole world obozhdet ;) Variant with karpovoy fishing I a compartment. Remained bream. All the more, that as times on eyes the apparently post on rodstvennom Forumabout leschevoy a fishing trip in Ukrainka.
Agreed to swim on La in Ukrainka with dawn and until racking up how many vysidim. Meeting in the early third on famous refuelling in the hope popit coffee on mat. But not request :(. And not only with this not request - sleep before strong, too, not broke a.
On La were about three. Not cater suffered their things, decomposed, yet, zamesilis. To the first zabrosam to 4 morning already and nalobnye lights were virtually not need. Behind moon, ahead for island gret striped identity, sing pets market - bodacious!
Moderate trolley onto a side wind forced unfolding Dutch Master interestingly until 100gr with vershinkoy # 7. Harvest leader was coming on old hat point on distance there is 41m with kormushkami greater volume of - for leschem all ??? arrived. That immediately same repaired so this enough weak for - there's gravy large volume of Fidersport 56gr was on the brink of breakdown. And on the brink of platoons (done. As something not very.
Feed decided to Browning - Grand Slam-- all + Big Fish + moulded there Bream, peas (and perebityy, and halves of) dobavlyalsya in a stage once feed, and then already Tyres "in the process." Moreover in mixture of was added pastonchino from Karp 352, + krazy Svitner and flavouring Almond medieval from Browning's. Mixture of was'm lubricated so to required an additional douvlazhneniya directly before catching. All was peresypano in ol and sent in removable truck refrigerator - away from solar rays. There same where and basic reserves worm and moldy worm. Vecherinok eiaee on feed from vde.
The starting Portia prikormki already is ready - douvlazhnena, added the peas. The first - went! On hours 4.19. With start-up zakorm from 10 feeders and here is already Pater Noster (disambiguation) with a leash around 0.18-30sm, crocheted # 10 I Feder from Drennan with volumetric right complement from oparyshey and answered worm is sent on point. Await the 10 minutes - until nothing. Perezabrasyvayu. Expectation and again silence. The third went and roughly on fifth minute first the easy jitter done and on! To tie a blood knot not had to - simply dismantled feeder with feeder-the arma and feel a pleasant severity of on how late :) How it turned out this was bream on ?1,100. Different the beginning of fishing, it occurs to me then.
After this began any podergunchiki. Bugging the hell out of snap, and have oparikov and the worm pigtails grapple-grapple obsosany. Begin game with hooks, nozzles, povodkami.
Meanwhile vecherinok, too, but first fish - this proved rybets roughly on 500gr. After this and have him podergunchiki. And then have him klevaka and someone Regrettable on the hook. There looking vyvazhivanie and bream on 1600 in podsake. Say, that vecherinok was exasperated this not say nothing :D Nu, and as been paved photo on memory:

And such a very rarely is mired in frame:

Bream very not wanted to in a hatchling pond. Or him simply not appreciate long being on the air, but fact remains fact, that making surprise "-feint ears "he tried to escape. But from prehensile hands our football commentators simply so still no one would leave! Vecherinok caught bream. Truth me had to harvest for belt Vityu, to he not moved out in water :D By the way, with the entire certainty say - towel-aprons from Sensas a credible in extreme situations. If anything weight one for fisherman middle physique and one middle bream he enduring the on weight :D
Was been seized still on several gustirok and have Viti another bream about kilo. But on this virtually all good and ended :( the Sun etched higher and became fry. Water "been switched off" - there's gravy 40gr stagnated stumbling on bottom and its even on meter not kept turning in side. Even chekhonka actively klevavshaya on falling trough unsupportable peck. With "dark dragon" I still as something "vydrochil" another a white bream on 600gr and all. Axiom "there is no tide - there is no fish" has been vindicated on 200%. And Dnepr river already began "" - if with the passage this was virtually imperceptibly, then under his absence of clear in sight.
In nine the sun zharilo already so, that no desires try harvest further on the other point nor I have, nor have Viti already not was :( In the early eleven have become wrap this up, okay.



Kyiv, 11 July 2012, harbor promenade brought to you, 7-I staircase.

Smith I have the free oriental tunes, and here still and, the weather has, has pleased - after heat under + 35 in the shadows% -) welled up cloud and on thermometer very even nice + 26. Still and elcome promised.
Decided to far not to go (this I pro Ukrayinka), and test Embankment on the availability of bream. Until arrived, until crashed so. The first impose was about 13.30. Catching EBM interestingly with vershinkoy # 4 and coil PXR 5,000 with fishing line Shimano Technium Tribal Specimen 0.22 - decided to on leschu test. Trough AKhS (facial) 80gr and 100gr. Was feeding a mixture of prikormok from FD (bream with betainom + Karp-mix + Feder - on box since + stick Polka dot - gender packs) + the peas (250 g of) + maggot (ice cream, 200 g) + + from Browning + "stinky" Almond medieval from Browning + couple "their" supplements. The distance industrialized fishing - 42 turnover PXR 5,000 (1ob. = '10 "or above), as times on blind clams. With start-up zakorm from 5 feeders and Pater Noster (disambiguation) on the main with a leash around 0.14 from filament Tubertini Dragon a neutral ,-60cm and crocheted Drennan I Feder # 12 with a bologna sandwich "maggot - currently the worm - maggot" is gone on point. Waited 5 minutes. After third perezabrosa the first podleschik about 400gr went in a hatchling pond. Through impose his little brother, but already grams on 600. And on next zabrose handsome on 1,500. After this on next zabrose classical leschevaya poklevka "with got me to shoot" and on how late what something man, which I simply not can raise from trawling. I understand, that there "someone" more 2kg, 'm gets jerky and do mistake - have been arguing "his" pull the on ceasing 0.14 :( There such to do! Ended all easy "snip" about hold a shell up centimeters on 10 higher hook :( and "someone" has sailed with piercings on memory. This was about 14-45. And further classical the situation under to Oslo "Pope" on point - quiet :( Years later nemnogog time, pravla, emerges Blicca bjoerkna, but mood I itself has tarnished.
Need say, that to that point on me and so already shoals with both sides people throwing good - harbor promenade brought to you in district 7-oops scale, not despite worker day was enough densely overrun by stalechnikami and simply him "Grandfather". Have all donochnikov as something profoundly sad - "iaaoou davln", and here comes a trendy and a handsome :D and on an even place is beginning to you remove little slapping one for other.
After the vanishing the quest began for defence wakes up aggressivity / hook / nozzles. With foam and without frothiness. But bream not was. On dog leashes but also dinnee 60cm on zabrose was swooning chekhon. On more short poklevyvala gustirka. The apparently yazik about 300. On even micro-podleschikov not was. About 16-00 caught first such a tipchika on ceasing 0.14-bulb each 10 cm with crocheted # 14 Drennan I Feder. Then in during hours even a few his twins-brothers in these with gustirkoy. About 17-00 the classic on and podleschik on 400gr went in the landing net. After this pause minutes in 10 and already bream little more 1,200 wass highly tuned in podsak. After this have people loss of nerve and me went "walkers" :D - "on that] However? Than you catch? Far're breaking up with? Bag for let-watch? " :rofl: Since one hand prikolno, and with the other for all of this time have neighbors (man 8 - ????? least on 2 pruta) was caught one bream about kilo and several gustirok. Global expansion coming guy, which only began harvest fiderom and zadavl highly good ones questions :cool: an him worded this Forum for "raising qualifications" - hope meet already on his pages :flag:
And then started Armagidets% -) MA It strong impulses wind had their meetings disrupted lambs are on nekhiloy wave of, over head grokhotalo, on the perimeter havasu electric storm - for full "happiness" lacked tropical downpour! But a strong rain leapfrogged ahead place my fishing. There is no, a bit pokapalo, but this were tank compared with those, that was in other parts of cities. Here is so it pogrokhotalo-pobushevalo slightly more ano and had settled down again. Need to whether to speak, that fish not lovilas. Although can be she and lovilas, but not I have - I have good half an hour of exercise feeder was not abandoned :D violations as something all the beginning of on the sly calming down and on the sky emerged rainbow:

After this I caught still a couple little slapping and several gustirok and about 20-00 became two legal with President. Outcome fishing such is (get these little slapping normally photograph broke a :():

In general, love I Embankment. Especially with such fishing ;)

Morning will become: The entire fish "drowned" under come views neighbors.

ZYY: Liked work filament Shimano Technium Tribal Specimen 0.22 on this fishing - she well shown themselves on leschevykh poklevkakh and on vyvazhivanii simply not ready fish a chance. This with one hand. And with the other she skradyvala podergunchiki small beer and not used to make of habit to tie a blood knot renounce all Holy. So there's gravy and the bait could us remain on bottom and to yield to bream. So that Specimen ('s aging trophy) well acquitted its name.

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Point, is obtained, that 7-I separate you offered not trails Ukransko La - in sense availability of Ryboidov categories "Common or Bronze Bream-Leschik-Vasya" under their rounding "correct" snastyu! :cool:



I would so said, pravilno harvest correct snastyu ;)
Although pro "worse-better" hard say :dontknow: Perhaps the right point chose and she worked good. And can Stern mixture of traffic went to Italian tastes - I in mid-fishing I take bream in hand, and have him by a full and he my prikormkoy secret :)
The main plus the that far to go need not. In this time in past year bream in entire lovilsya on 3-she and 4-oops stairs. With their the blast. Perhaps and there he now there is. But there even with stalkoy just couple of man yes, under, but on 6-oops - 7-oops we wrapped. From stalechnikov. Judging by around the on "the top of" stairs Thresh, mother not sound so glum (I in this year still there not catching). And here I have just one sawn-off the leash 0.14 on a bonus check. Yes and the on my own making.
Not want "be canonized" Embankment, because as she L with very steep temper of his and pugayusche highly grudgingly. And efforts to it account for ship types- wet on each fishing - one the peas and here not get off that easy :D

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duffy333 wrote:

I understand, that there "someone" more 2kg, 'm gets jerky and do mistake - have been arguing "his" pull the on ceasing 0.14 There such to do!

But as correctly, their stuff?
Heard couple of-top three utterly polar of views from Messieurs T., A., and Z. Someone says, that need to give off on a mucky, nourished German, himself became trawling, and if it falls. Someone contrary believes, that need to immediately his from crowds kamradov vystegivat, to voice to withon not likely. Single opinion until not heard.



So there is no only the right answer :dontknow: Everyone from specific situation depends. On organ as delicate tight leash in my case need was would give off on a mucky. We same not're competing and time us not weighs heavily. And was would ceasing although would 0.18, I would his tried to take out that. Although not fact, that on dog leashes but also 0.18 was biting, would :dontknow: I and catching the subtle because, that all the rest next door "cigarette." Been caught would they more-less normal I would with, measuring the leash not I bred about 30 letters - could would and 0.2 put ;)

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duffy333- rage not yuzal? Iaaoou, cost.


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