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Not cost. I have raskosami on the main worked good better any feeder-gamma alarm :flag:'ve been would with puffed - put would feeder-rage in have order.



Sergei are a good day!
As newcomer in fidernom fact with great interest read Your interesting and highly cognitive sheets!
Wanted to would turn to you for help as obscheizvestnomu guru in as it catching on Dnieper River and not only. Deal in is that with Monday I finally in dolgozhadannom Holiday! Under this I have will as much as free three weeks, which I will be able you shine a light beloved trial - fishing on feeder on Dnieper River (if of course "dark forces" not housed this). In expectation case I still winter specifically blackcurrant EBM 14.2-160gr., which now gather in pantry are and awaits wings. But until now raze not can clearly figure out with choice reliable forceful reel for conditions industrialized fishing on Dnieper River in drying of Kyiv (harbor promenade brought to you, Hidropark (Kiev metro) and camping on D. A commonplace speaking than more read orumy and opinion those stronger putayutsya thought (understandable that every "kulik praises its quagmire"). And those not mneee I want ask you suggest the most optimum (with Vashoy perspective) model reel (can be different price categories), which amounted to the optimal balance with EBM 160 gr in conditions strong of blasting (until 120 gr) on Dnieper River.
Otherwise fear, that until I will on their own deal and seek achieve escape me coil and vacation will end.
In advance thank you.
With respect,



From dura-Ace: Ultegra 5500 - there there is various model and need look on their finance (stripped value of from 1800 until 3000grn. In Internet stores). Vitya VIVA but one of such on its EBM 14.2 until 130gr - kit have super.
Preston: PXR 5,000 or PC-R 5,000 or 6,000. 'm using such on EBM interestingly until 100gr and on Browning King Feder 15 feet until 200 g.
Ultegra and PXR 5,000 like as in Kyiv in sale there is. Also can be watch it comes / have but in good able.



Sergei, want simply say you huge human thank you. For your sheets, articles and remittances, always read-turner, and with look forward await the sleduyuschkh, and of which I (yes and not only), as a latecomer in as it comes to shagging, discover very many useful. And also for what always help Council nachinanayuschim, and on this site and on other. With respect Igor.



duffy333 wrote:

Ultegra and PXR 5,000 like as in Kyiv in sale there is.

And that these two coils can be put in one a series of? As on me, then shimano this leader on a range of with dayvoy, and Preston slightly better iguanas or monitor, but on level zebko, rhino and camping on D.



fm967 wrote:

and Preston slightly better iguanas or monitor

Ah this too but on level even asked you unambiguously :flag:



Romeo wrote:

ah this too but on level even asked you unambiguously

Ah yes, red the price 500 our.



fm967 wrote:

Nu yes, red the price 500 our.

For example can argue that perednefriktsionnaya even asked you super I castes by the quality of details and assembling nothing Preston will not cave. And under price just in 500-600 Grzywna (.

Incidentally very Regrettable option for ekstrakhevikov and-zabrosa. :flag: and if trophy sits down at perfectly with him tackles :cool: ribs budget substitute for ultegry. Ah if whom need to will something similar advise watch :yep:

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And here is in dayve regale perednefriktsionnoy frustrated. For three season and under price in district 500 Grzywna (. In shit, piss razdolbalas. Taking pens you are unreal. With other hand teak sportera for 6 seasons and industrialized fishing spoils as Goodyear - not naraduyus and this under price just in 400 Grzywna (. DETO chichas. So that budget budget’:flag:



fm967 wrote:

And that these two coils can be put in one a series of? As the me, then shimano this leader on a range of with dayvoy, and Preston slightly better iguanas or monitor, but on level zebko, rhino and camping on D.

Dura-Ace - this dura-Ace, Dayva - this Dayva, Preston - this Preston. I pointed out reel which I would put on EBM 14.2 until 160gr. Coils level zebko, rhino and camping on D. I have were, showed its and were successfully succeeded by.
That until coils from Preston. Guys, you their in the hands of what happens for starters, polovite then with them with kormushkami 80gr + for season least on two fishing in week, and then to discuss let us. 'oc? If I have there is with them problems, then I about them write, as I have now with samosbrosom had to on PC-R6000. Than I highly unpleasantly amused and upset by. To more cheap series of PXR (80 with wheelbarrows ?) I have reservations there is no already almost for two season exploitation.



Met some remarks about duzhek. Dalnyaki specifically their otkruchivayut\ otpilivayut that would not was surprises under zabrose, increasingly would still perhaps all we while turning a blind it hand and not grip tucked after zabrosa. To live will be even long :D



duffy333- Serezha, and the Shimano USA 4500, that in "the flagship" under share now for 1066 Grzywna (., not watched? And at all, that the for they such?



I don't know, :dontknow:, not watched



Long not otpisyvalsya. And here such) Well, wife on „Briedisi relegated go - no one not hovers brains about trips on liberal scattering, cultural vacation with family or another cleaning on home :D So that all weekend decided to devote fishing. As times and weather, judging by forecast was laying out to this.
So, plans was gromade. First, on the evening in Friday to go on night fishing trip either on a dam of Kyiv reservoir (KVKh), either on point on obvodnom host this same reservoir. Second, in Saturday with Tokhoy Myslivny on any for plotvoy on a dam KVKh. Third, in Sunday swim on sees in district 3-it scale, (zone competition). Write immediately - all I have broke a))

dive # 1 - the overnight:
Friday. Cosy outdoor dining it is time. Wife already "would directly kill" otvezena in airport Borispol and has passed registration. Can be "to tear bears" :D. Quickly home (good congestion on the way home with airport not was), global officially-business style on, the fishing, we'll load kholdal with udilischami and build with prikormkoy in machine and page down! Truth this very loudly said was. Yandex. Congestion on my path have shown full ZhOPU. But other pathways not was. Riding out in 4 I on place was about 6 ((Skyfall to the speedo app less nov.
Riding out on a dam KVKh, saw, that wind "with sea" and walking big wave of. Day this still far nor resisted, but at night as something not very. So "phone call friend", clearer coordinates and on obvodnoy. A bit poblukav was on point as times to twilight most of the time. Managed to degrade like, cooked prikormku, cram down svetlyaki. Zabrosilsya with start darkness (the beginning of on 8).

Point industrialized fishing:
The distance - about 20m
The depth of - turret until

As times began to to lend water. Knowing "habits" this seats (water walking until 70sm) sat respectively. Udilishche Excel 12.5 with glass vershinkoy 0.75oz, kormushechka 40gr. What this [kayf]after all these khevikov!

Fish-sicles (sypuchka - all Browning):
Sweet Bream - 1 part of
Etang - 1 part of
"Reek" (hot dry) Squam Lake Cracker
Paint is biscuit
Maggot (obvarenyy)

With 7 until 10 not received nor one trigger. To 10 as times water achieved its maximum levels. Somewhere until 11 she on this level and was, and then with 11 starters fall. As times after this time I and received in during half an hour three poklevki podleschikov weight from 400gr until 600gr. After this again silence and in hour night I already was curled up. All the more, that on next day again on fishing trip.

Fishing # 2 - on KVKh:
Sozvonivshis on the eve with Tokhoy we decided, that going to travel by the afternoon so to sit before dark. And to seize slice of the evening. All the more, that on the eve my acquaintance there highly well otlovilsya at night on plotve. So and have made. Somewhere to 1: 30 in the were on place. There same was greeted known fishermen-athletes, which were sutra and already svorachivalis. Have them lovilas nekrupnaya a dace. But often. Did get in trouble several spirited golavlikov-toddlers.
Zhestkoy decomposed, yet-zamesilis.

Fish-sicles (sypuchka - all Browning):
Gardons - 1 part of
Etang - 1 part of
"Reek" (hot dry) spicy Roach
Paint is biscuit
The aft night crawlers Tyres in the feeder

I have Excel 12.6 with vershinkoy 1oz (glass), and have Tokhi MAP-have Matchtek 12 feet. Zabrosilis. Although the first fish not incited optimism :D:

Began to polavlivat ladoshechnuyu plotvichku. Point industrialized fishing:
The distance - 33m (the first brovka)
The depth of - 3.5-4m
Somewhere through couple of hours have Tokhi fly in the back of fish - dream spinningista-ultralaytchika:

On the sly licked evening. On evening zorke did get in trouble several "batonistykh" plotvits. "Here is it, began!", - happily it occurs to. Javadxan.
It was dark. On dam GRES enshrined a powerful coverage. GRES has become antagonize water - fulsome for in side dam. Had to change the feeder 40gr on 56gr.
We also until 11 not look at nor one trigger. If would not a golden weather (wind was from of Kyiv and, the dam dick us from him) and the that local sit and nowhere not go, then we would shriveled up before. From nothing to acquire to do have become wander about along Bank and shine puffed sleeves in water under Bank. Little moreover, that there was full petty fish, so still and Goose or Whooper Swan ponavypolzalo literally to urezu water o.o. toch grabbed podsak and let their harvest :D Over any something gender hours he harvested a sweet good-third 17-range and buckets. "Having played this game with breeding bungalows issued their back.
And local all sit. Truth sat they virtually have the most GRES where coverage was whether well - can be was and without category: Lampyridae harvest. And we sat significantly further. Judging by around the precisely because of this have us nothing and not was biting,. Despite this mass positive of emotions was obtained. It is time and home. Tomorrow awaits harbor promenade brought to you.

Fishing # 3 - on sees:
In 6 to stop to for Tokhoy. Phone call "’" Alex here - he, too, has sworn be. And he already on place fishing! And as usually his discontented: "Where you lot barge? Now. Maybe, you all seats pozanimayut!! I already policies--and you.. " In 6.30 we already on place. People virtually there is no, but Alex us seats would still on anyone case policies--and :D
Zamesilis, promeryalis, populyaren with distance.

Fish-sicles (sypuchka - all Browning):
River - 1 part of
Black Magic - 1 part of
-M7 - 1 part of
"Reek" (hot dry) spicy Roach
Paint is biscuit
The aft night crawlers Tyres in crime as or maggot / Custer several units in crime as.

Tide virtually there is no. Temperatures water + 15-16 degrees. I took out DM13.8 with vershinkoy # 7. Have Alexa the same set of. Coil PXR5000 with Nanofilom and shock from pletni German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran secor 38lb - the conch has the power there insane% -)
Toch said, that hates Embankment with its khevikami, monstruoznyvi kormushkami and tsepoy. So took out its 12-foot Machtek and said, that will harvest on a near.
Alex catching roughly on 40 scandisk. I first on 60, but then moved roughly on his distance. Without of blasting trough in 80gr created with, only to faster were drowning. Peck fish starters enough quickly. And under than very pleasant "batonistykh" sizes.
But here is I have with fulfillment was full ass :( Should was find the right form of hook and length the leash. Good the conch has the power "helped" with this constantly. Like found, but all was not the. Until with this my gave a jet of. Under than "the right" - had to borrow the feeder 120gr. Alex regret has seen and gave its ceasing with crocheted - immediately same all for a year and on each poklevke was fish. Until not shears off ceasing about hold a shell up. And grinding halt after model likely I have not was (on-my, Gamakatsu 2030. Picked up by something more less a similar. Became better idea, than before, but this, than with got a little trigger "from Alexa."
Best lovilos on 2-3 oparika with podsadkoy frothiness and a leash around 80-100sm. Have Alexa better worked Custer. I have was a bit nasadochnogo very - under his podsadke quickly followed poklevki of the fatted gustery.
Toch confidently catching with a near. He the roarin 'over us, that we fishing "two knuckleheads" and "pickaxes." With "kick ass kettle bell class", in the time when he with easy snastyu and the feeding trough in 40gr. Truth after another piece of fastening / - sawed-off shorty easy trough were "recognition in love" to sees :D
Otlovilis very well - and in size, and on number of fish (a dace from 200 g) :cool: To understand as teetered on point and klevala a dace let me give you example: Alex caught dace grams on 300 with its same previously drastically stripped a leash around and got a little trigger! It seems, that it had now the munchies and she's lashing on all.

Weekend succeeded the :cool: especially looking today on pouring a minor and cold rain.

After these fishing trips I have enough acutely embarked question about purchase in its arsenal "plotvinogo" fidera - the medium, 12-futovika, with rapid "sand" form and necessarily karbonovymi vershinkami in tests from 0.5oz until 1.5oz. Until that think about MAP-ovskom Parabolikse and Garbolinovskom G-Max.

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duffy333 wrote:

As that think about MAP-ovskom Parabolikse

The most baldezhnaya and the most mysterious stick in my arsenal. I so and not can understand how badly its can be upload and as far can be fling) But sensitivity the most the most) A under vyvazhivanii Friction clutch nor has never worked. On AC in Minsk only Ideology and catching.

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Sin-Tai wrote:

I so and not can understand how badly its can be upload and as far can be fling.

I confidently'm dropping him 60 grams akhs + fodder.



El Amigo wrote:

I confidently'm dropping him 60 grams akhs + fodder.

on distance?)



Forth 60 gather steam; 4,000-pay not was need. At all comfortable experience on 40-55 gather steam;.



duffy333 wrote:

fish-sicles (sypuchka - all Browning):
Gardons - 1 part of

Serozha why only Browning? Or this game on two Front: MI5 and Stasi? :D



BAMBUR wrote:

Serozha why only Browning?

The that was, a stable on recent shares "-20%" in no clothing left "Three China" :dontknow: Now in the flagship theater "30%" - let us buy vde.
Tolerate not can purchase the for later on prikormki - buying usually not more 4 packs one species. So'm using the that there is in this moment.




celebrate tomorrow on fishing!

On weekdays I have raze not is obtained :dontknow:

Incidentally, on’a fishing trip on sees was interesting the situation - if would himself not saw, then thought, that yet another fishing bike. On stick limpet-like (metres in 120-150 from Bank) catching the guy on inflatable boat. What and than eiaee it is unclear. Periodically was pulling out something enough major to the surface and bagorchikom's what you told in the boat. And then have him happened THAT - took catfish. Even not so - took catfish. I not know no size was this Synthet, but she his about hours ottaskala on farvateru and upward, and down downstream on, and across. On the very moment I on distance there is 40m catching with the feeding trough 112gr - she was on the brink of breakdown. And fool dragged his downstream on upward not less 200m% -) We with by Alex King and Tokhoy joke, that the guy reveal Sheat, and then where we meet his to donochnikam and fideristam and entire nataskannuyu until this nemelkuyu fish will put with words: "Hold, turYsty!" :crazyfun:
And then appeared steerability with barzhoy. A grown man's urgently had to stray with channel, newcomers under this as such. And then occurred social. Or “. Or tooling not weathering. I don't know. We cheered for Sheat - was well known from and deservedly so won. And were almost viscerally upset, that not get from Outlook fish :D



duffy333 wrote:

. Incidentally, on’fishing to sees was interesting the situation - if would himself not saw, then thought, that yet another fishing bike. On stick limpet-like (metres in 120-150 from Bank) eiaee the guy on inflatable boat.

Truly so and was - I, too, watched this process "who-whom", only with several another angle.
"Craxi" A guy from barge well remember!



duffy333 wrote:

maggot (obvarenyy)

And you can clarify, that knight such?



I do so – nasypayu necessary number of survivors larvae in capacious for prikormki; pumping their Cold water so, to she barely covered whereas dead; gradually'm adding more boiled water and I stir whereas dead, staring at those, to they not obvarilis; when they stop wriggle stop promoted boiling hot water; merged water, cool the housing price (can be bag pour on a newspaper or do you want some paper towel - together leaves and fact water) and peresypat in hermetic a capacious or package. Now their can be borrow Gone Fishin '(.
The same is done and with pinkoy. Under than option "such Alpo with the dead pinkoy - fishing on living maggot" on nekrupnoy fish works better, than "such Alpo with dead nobody - fishing on living maggot", I.M.H.O.,.



Duffy333, you this on kitchen homes trilling?



Romeo- they have him doves and amazing, from and not run off.



Carlos wrote:

Romeo - they have him doves and amazing, from and not run off.

The kind not in this deal. Here is think these would go like. And if sho I’d say that I not the first :flag: need to same have plan B!



Romeo wrote:

duffy333, you this on kitchen homes trilling?

There is no, in toilet :D I knoW, of walking in toilet, and in one drawn display with than something, and in the other am a boiling kettle - that about me host before ordering o.o.? Of course on kitchen - I have she enough big, to brained not pushing with wife.
Moreover I have wife absolutely quietly applies to my fishing "cooking, though" - only would purely and deleted after this was.
Truth was one more time case :hobo: I bought on the eve fishing several) remain worm (on bream leader was coming), peresypal in box, shut down a lid and in refrigerator in separate with vegetables - to not have frozen and not we're overheating :D.
Wife, decided do salad with kapustochkoy young. Has become its cut into. And here hear its MAT, very resounding. And recalled she me and my fishing why something o.o. I on cuisine, and there picture oils - a bit nashinkovannoy cabbage in these with nashinkovannymi that originally. And wife with knife.
In short, as it turned out I aren't flush shut down plastic lid firmly capacity with that originally - they and began to get out on the sly. And seek a mink. And ??? found their between sign-up sheets halves of cabbage your nugget% -). Is logical in principle.
All ended those, that me had to going bust a tray with vegetables, can chase and return on place worms, to wash it a tray and go for a new ogurtsy :)

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duffy333 wrote:

Everyone ended those, that me had to going bust a tray with vegetables, can chase and return on place worms, to wash it a tray and go for a new ogurtsy

Yes you i.e. American) easily off :crazyfun: without of violent assault.



duffy333 wrote:

Truth was one more time case

:D I have this regularly, BUT wife trained and she, too, Fisherwoman are, so living. :D Although to collect account for me. :disappointed:

Question on topic: And for what this increasingly need Brewster? :question:

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