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Sheets from James

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Spring ranges, feeder-Fest, 24.03.2012, By. Adopted active participation 12 man, plus visited in the form of amiss. Guests several respected fishermen.
Place conducting: Beach near Athens. Cushy porch and parking. Not far go. Net sandy beach, bottom without grass and Tsepov. For weak. The depth of until 4 flushed maximum.
Weather: With morning the clean the sky, shines the sun shining, easiest breeze. Closer to afternoon wind strengthened, experienced clouds. To by the evening wind cooled. Warmly.
After winters, especially for parts of fidermenov which winter not gets caught with ice (there is same such), like extricate to River, he meets with brothers on fideru, try to someone or something to capture, test some tackle, show obnovochki. I personally checked its a new cord was Pro, and a new backpack And the and another is famously.
Was discussed many: Fishing sites, legal as, rybinspektsiya, creation public organizations and camping on D., just not vspomnish. Even some two (one of them I) fishermen after discuss these hot those, me had to force cool the housing price its temperament in dneprovskoy Cold water, that gladly was and done. Season open not only on fideru, but and bathing, too,.
A separate gromadneyshee THANK YOU Stanislavovichu, which in which times on own example showed the young, that importantly this not the number and the quality of caught fish in a joint a fishing trip, not distances and fortune, and a simple human communication people close in spirit and bound together love to nature, a fishing trip and fideru in particular.
Pro fish: Fish not was, quite for this seats. Case. But Spring is gathering traction and the next fishing will rezultativnee. Am confident.
An interesting episode, but first events that led to it: The first catches fish nagrazhdalsya of Honor Over first 5700 rounds per destroyed. So here is this the most the letter first not prizes had to, and harvest. Pulled blew away out there in water and experienced from Bank. Bravo Oleg Korote, not flustered, pripomoschi stick-line the first its and caught. This same was a badge of above: Here products of NO!
Vspominalis last years contest on fideru on a . Green, with hopes that in this year manages conduct such same.



Familiar all faces :)



Stanislavovich entire previous week called and asked pro environment with plotvoy on psle, information was little, are they biting loosely. Been decided to go and to do exploration arc of. Stanislavovich arrived from Poltava together with Mayor Yuri Mikhailovich. Place nobody chose I, where two years ago well lovilas a dace, plus convenient porch machine and relatively not big press fishermen. To our fundraising champion here makes a sharp reversal and form of the assistant sushi reminds Peninsula, an all barren diagonal position. Width in this place about 80 meters. Precisely below this streamer for turn we and intended find April dace.
With night on a highway a. On place were about six morning. Konkurentov (fishermen), except the janitor base there is no. Selecting cushy seats, which on psle traditionally not many. Level of water surprised, ah very little as for Spring, (far same she just... go away?) but to do nothing to acquire, fishing.
It's cloudy, not big elcome. Explore an olive bottom. From opposite Bank there's a ditch wide 15 depth to 5 meters, Ouite a brovka and the exit on 2.5-3 Dam wide some 40 meters and under Bank on distance 10 of-the-next of brovochka. Was feeding a mixture of own production (grits-- grits maize and wheat stalks, peatmosses, her - I, chunks are biscuits) + Fisch-dream a dace. The bait traditional: Begunets, maggot, foam in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo. Shock-leader, the fishing line is adds 0.3 length 1 forge the Ceasing hadn, length 60 see Began with trough 100 grams AKhS on the far-the sidelines. For a strong, bears. Remont, on 120 grams, like held better. Passes two hours, poklyovok not there is. Smeschayus on round 6 brovku. , too, quietly. Have all.
To 11 hours has looked out the sun shining, began go up level of water. Ringing Seryoga Karasik to know as affairs. 7.10: Yes raze!. And in direct live happens what so long waited, on Keever type such welcome and happy a twitch, leapfrog, there is is, darling. Fu Wu Wu-not shoot better now. What OK you before not called Hi,. Virtually immediately the second poklyovka, but social. Already business. Poklyovuet taranochka 200-250 grams. But very rarely. Sit down have dinner. Immediately after lunch have Stanislavovicha happens a powerful poklyovochka, and here is he the first trophy, Angelin a dace 780 grams. Here is this yes, sake of this tarani I and love spring to our fundraising champion. But until the most the evening only rare poklyovki not major tarani. Harks back on red + foam. All hope remain on tomorrow.
Spring evening on Bank Psyol River. On saucer spits up sausage, there vbivaetsya dozen eggs, on the table black bana bread, the pickles-pomidorchiki. Increasingly simply and tasty. So tasty case only on nature and in good companies. Beauty-and-and-and! Bottled on stakanchikam vodochka: Over meeting!. Soul he is singing together with our feathered masters of forests. Traditional talk pro Grk zhitiyo-bytiyo. As are pleasant these minutes. But fatigue harks back its, 're gonna go to bed sleep. At night rain.
Morning. Sunny. Trawl some tackle. Today with morning business, slightly larger a dace, but, too, not often. Yuri Mikhalych calls the snack, tea ready, flapjacked sausages on iron pan. Are having breakfast and harvest. Until shone the sun shining fish couldn't speak highly, as only the sky was sucked clouds, followed rain, cut off are they biting. And until the most the evening single rare poklyovki. Yuri Mikhalych well cared for by, too, trophy, incidentally, as and have Stanislavovicha immediately after dining perekusa, a dace 720 grams super. Modicum and not densely, but and not empty. Like see real move small fry, but, alas. I have trophy dragged even 4000m2 as well as 240 grams.
With hope, that in next time supposed to get the on this famous move small fry on psle in 17-00 are going on homes. Thank you Yuri Mikhalychu and Stanislavovichu for some very good company, delivering with comfort. Until meeting on a fishing trip! NKhNCh!



Want such plotvey!
Low tints of Psyolushke from his origins of.



That is a quality fish! :cool: Wu us, too, is beginning to are proklyovyvat. Truth such fatty not yet saw.



Boev wrote:

such fatty not yet saw.

Ah rather in measure so well-fed. Incidentally such ekzemplyarchiki now. Maybe, you on psle are not rare, truth not long.



Has passed another the Asian portal Propulsion Kremenchug on fideru - 2013 The details here: … ideru-2013
My report.
Technical nuances, whom interestingly.
First day: Began to in the early conventional ninth.
Weather: Calm, it's cloudy. After lunch rose ever-shifting Druze moderate wind. For is missing.
Fish-sicles: Fish Dream. On the, Sea Bass, bream, sport Black, flavouring Sportiks
The bait: Sammich, Red (one-two) with nobody (one-three)
Ceasing: 0,12-, hotspots Formaks the fishing line is inches 40sm.
Hooks: Gamakatsu. 10 Number
Thanks: Pater Noster (disambiguation) on document with a string (shock leader)
There's gravy: 100 gram it. AKhS, in the early. After push water 120 gram it.
Zherebyovka, the penultimate sector with rights. Water is worth, on the early. Strong zakorm point, but in the answer silence. After push water in 9.40 Crucian proklyunulsya, until 11.00 seemed now. Maybe, you'm gonna tear all, but stop sign. 11-00 better now on Bank Pittsburgh to be sinful again. Became undermine crime as 100 gram it. Put 120 gram it. - holds. But not are they biting virtually. Bears renounce all hell is that water (camping on BC Pineapples, grass). Under non-CIS zabrose do the math about, that it comes there's gravy generalship between these watch khrenyami. Reminds computer game. In end the main catch until 11. Seryoga Karasik with rights on the early like increasingly past, but on finish with dalnyaka stretching out about three-five karasey failing me on 60 grams.
Realistically don, that here tough to sports fish (as impact - the before was differently).
Vzveshivane: 1210 grams, 9s place. Very ghost hope on Kadett won; the general place place, poperedniki not leave virtually chance, hope only on their full failure in the second round.
WWII day: Calm, little will have cloudy weather.
Fish-sicles: Fish Dream. On the, Sea Bass, bream, sport Black, flavouring Sportiks, cannabis.
The bait: On the early maggot 3 Tennessee Then sammich.
Hooks: Ovner, of PIN of them. Approved-recommend.
Tour began (8 :1 5) in the time when Working water, sadness .
Got a girl's gusteru on the far-distance there is, in these with pipisochnoy plotvoy. Like and are they biting, but copies of 30-50 grams. Rescued Poltava cognac doping with apelsinkoy taste of childhood Stanislavovicha.
And here klevachka: Not habitual on day.. outrageous.. Shoo, goat boy, after vzveshivanya 530 gram it. On airline proved trophy.
Not big push water and couple karasey in palming, in sadke, and couple idle karasyovykh past till
Water not was, and under outcome and not went.
The sun is grilling. Vzveshivane: 2070 grams. On vote third place, in end ADR.

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