All Hi!
Finally the having until phones that would write sheets about an church over the last few weeks.
So here is two weeks ago with vanya, again visited abrupt beam. Prediduschaya trip gave more questions than answers. Prikormochnaya program and the frequency applying feed, the distance, the depth of, time perezabrosov, jamborees. Increasingly was forcing pause.
The remittances have planned on Saturday, more accurately on night Saturday. On scenario prediduschey trip met an eye three on ATB, skimp, set my machine for auction and in path. Fever forced us Myslivny from Zaporizhia in three hours night. In this time trip took a less time camping on K. Ensured turnaround in this time was has been noted within in advance and we go in achieve escape side. Ah here is, 4,50m and we already on water feature. Feel hot. Very feel hot. This and not so if after all week teetered intense weather. Tempiratura water 27 degrees. Not long thinking signed up have the janitor, unloaded and began to training.

Way to - feeder
Tooling - flet-method

In as a prikormochnoy programs decided use a big faction - pelets,, linear incised both: Boyle and fermented extracts maize adding a bit sypuchey a mixture. After prediduschey fishing why the request opinion that bulk a mixture very attract tolstoloba, which in its time, in our view, permanent movement on point away carp. In fodder followed pelets different tastes, size of from 4 mm until 12 mm, both: Boyle focuses instead more taste from 12mm until 24 mm ah and with maize fodder varieties and varieties "giant." Zameshali, sdobrili molasses, added pack sypuchki and set steep.
If prikormochnuyu program had replaced the need and change point industrialized fishing. Last time the distance was enough close and in this time point chose on 73 meters away from Bank. The depth of in point fishing about 3-3.2 Dam, bottom without special of normalcy and on senses here enough the firm.
Point have identified, it is time and give. Time around 7 morning.
About hours took on feed bill--. Then imposed rods up. In flet zameshali sypuchuyu mixture of with zameshanuyu on clearest aminosiropakh. Nozzles used different from mini-pop Up Battlefield motley color of, focuses instead nasadochnogo peletsa, Boylov, until simply classics in the form of garland from kukuruzki. Ah after all these dances with FIBPlus decided enjoy breakfast, already after all about nine hours morning. Roasted way with buterbrodikami with Cracowian sausage! Went as never.
Since first zabrosa it has been roughly two and a half hours. Perezabrasov on every udilishche was on 4-5 and puzzling. Nor one awesome sauce.
Decide what's shift the point fishing closer. Shifted the marker meters on 30 closer, the depth of 3.2-3.4 Dam. Again've overfed, worm on hook, Donkey: Diving and skloubeni. Time the beginning of second hours, weather began to change and from dark and Calmness was leaving in side middle breeze with natyagivanie tuchek from for backs. Another couple perezabrosov and here is he, coveted PC starts beeping signalizatora. Leapfrog, and feeling that on the wrong side the standard ekzempler in 2-3kg, not long vyvazhivanie and regrettable social under the most Bank. Couple expression in side its krivorukosti, but that do about it. Again need care a fodder in flet. Not passes and five minutes after previous vyvazhivaniya, not yet managed care a flet and again PC starts beeping signalizatora. Ah here already cannot be was fail will engage rival. Several minutes unrest, neatly vyvazhivayu and get in a gift from a body of water here is such a the pretty boy.
Perezabrosili rods up. And again Kurmi's. Ah that same not so? Did - "iaaoou pressure"? The kind there is no, people on kungam but, and not simply but, and some even can be said pluschat, not a major karpika, but kilushnykh strung out on. Heap issues, that we do not so. Near guy from of Dnepr (incidentally native of our region, where the from priazovskogo rayona) in five meters away back from the brink his footbridge on peas shots up-room. Hi,. Need go in exploration. I on Bank and saw that have all who but on connected is used obvious prikormka with kukuruzkoy. Did we policymakers mistake and a major faction simply very quickly ate up karpik? Been decided, might inhibit prikormku with small number of peletsa and fermentirovanoy kukuruzki, 're also putting balls and fucking slingshot zastrelivaem point.
In as a a mixture took prikormku flagship in speaker feeder and flagship carp-pro strawberries with adding in as a svyazuyushey parts of stick PV1 collant which me already long Cardoso was for its neutral smells and excellent kleyuschie properties. Wood-pellet heating used 4 and 10 mm series of flagship Professional maize. Plum syrup and with maize perfectly have augmented this mixture of.
Added water, zamesili, gave to stand up. Thanks to stiku PV1 collant douvlazhnyat not have become camping on K. Mixture of very well lepilas in balls.
Until've been dicking around with prikormkoy weather starters quite quickly change, ea trolley onto a side wind and clouds began to coalesce into, deal resisted to have the rain to. Balls cash size of with the weather. The first 30-40 balls were hatched and otstrelyali on distance in during 20 minutes. Perezabros all udilisch, not long expectation and here is they poklevki. Increasingly ??? mistake found and maintainers fixed and on the sly began to potaskivat tuzikov.
Began nakrapat elcome and time blizilos to by the evening, but karpik increasingly would still prdolzhal getting caught.
Every two hours did another batter's box now prikormki in numbers 1.5 package with Stick and girls drop out on point industrialized fishing for retaining category: Cypriniformes.
In principle on nasadkam day has worked almost increasingly, but better were regarded nasadochnyy pelets khalibut from flagmanovskogo Karp-pro in 16m size with podsadkoy Silicon kukuruzki and sweet colourful pop bigger pushups. A Cheeto staff also, but ostentatious.
And still photosession with were a couple what small fish
Became vecheret and it is time was already be preparing dinner
And here on viberu message from krivorozhan "Heave 7ku" and invitation on dinner and on 100grm, so say wash record krivorozhtsev.
Ah as here can be to backtrack, the more that on viberu they was invited not only us, and even and dnepropetrovtsev which stood imprisoned.
Ah well, pager enshrined and went in side Tonight private dinner.
Came displacement, are acquainted live so say, not on viberu :)
Look photo krivorozhtsev and dnepryan
Had a drop of it, devoured, have spoken, debated strategy and ways industrialized fishing, congratulated viborola with trained on catching the trophy, and here is incidentally and photo trophy
And traveled dogotavlivat dinner, and prepare for an evening church zakormu, camping on K. In this time I decided to all ??? at night swim karpikov.
Another zakorm from 30 balls, dinner and preparations for nightlife it catching.
Ivan umastilsya in lanose, and I in Apartment bag sat on got in anticipation poklyovok
Night's been a hell of restless, I flew over on heavy wind and things all had to shift under of cards. At night orientation difficult those more in the absence of normal lighting're, uh, walking very neatly that would not fail in holes in the bridge or not erupt into on podsak or udilishche. But increasingly same in nightlife elcome me managed swim enough active karpika. Apparently with dozhyom and pulled activity carp has increased, camping on K. Has fallen temperatures water (on morning instead 27 yesterday's water was 23,5 degrees).
The nighttime photo karpika for which thank you neighbor-compatriot (canvassed and krivenkoe, but includes the nighttime)
Until two hours night continued I harvest, and had in 80 of already three imaginations until in one prekrassnyy moment not worked 2 rods up almost simultaneously. Attempts is ours although would one fish not met success, I only received pereputyvanie two udilisch and marker. Upset, but perevyazyvatsya not became, camping on K. Already as a podmok on dozhdike, has relocated in of cards and safely man there until the early fifth morning.
On the morning when my organism wanted to coffee. 10kW household fuel, sit on Bank, pomeditiroval. Has awakened Hunter and we decided flock zhestkoy home.

P. S.: In another times for themselves stressed that simply so for one fishing trip "defeat" hillsides and understand what wants fish hard, the more that with such the dynamism weather needs only try to foresee the and try, try, try.
Thank you, begins intense beam, Jegor President, krivorozhtsam Bogdan and mouth and, and activist Sergey from of Dnepr for's a beautiful recreation and affirmative emotions.

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