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Circular polarizing or sun protection lens?

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Circular polarizing lens - need whether they under as it catching or same well enough titania particles for?

What model points are considered best and kachestveni, there is whether circular polarizing lens with prescription (for myopic and dalnozorkikh), their the price and camping on D.?

Warranted information about practical application of such points :O

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Dood wrote:

. Lens with prescription (for myopic and dalnozorkikh).

'm gonna join you. Have the most lens already -3.



Dood wrote:

circular polarizing lens - need whether they under as it catching or same well enough titania particles for?

Eyes tire strongly and not only from sun, but and from wind and from highlights water and without polyarizatsionnykh points poorly.

I'm using Flying Fisherman. The price 125 UAH.:

Brown lenses (the most universal). Sun protection filters. Necessarily need to to Gault to buy some of that uh, twistix with by a terrible crash on're pussycats points (are sold in departments optics in pharmacies). 'm using 2 year, claims there is no. Wonder, as before without them managed :)

And if lens not mills are tough cover back on it necessarily need to buy. I in a fishing no clothing left bought a special a bag-cover (25 UAH.) for points (can be stowed, to belt or on belt):



Romeo and the Axe, judging by insistence and price, your circular polarizing lens, likely, from plastic. Shell circular polarizing lens are worth somewhere 300-800 UAH. (Can, I am mistaken).

What departure, except case underscore, is needed for such points, as quickly arise scratches on them? Differ whether by the quality of or plastic from glass?



Топор wrote:

Lounge Points all same better circular polarizing unambiguously …

Incidentally there is same lens as with prescription "antiblik" - why would their not use? Think itself such same buy. Still they can be "over by Chameleons" with antiblikovym the cover.



РомаД wrote:

By the way there is same lens as with prescription "antiblik" - why would their not use? Think itself such same buy. Still they can be "over by Chameleons" with antiblikovym the cover.

Not polyaroidy (ordinary lens) even with antiblikom, chameleons aren, with prescription - not reinforce one color, and other color of not make less flamboyant, they well rails protect from UV light (sun protection).

To well to see vershinku fidera, laden, say, in Red color, need polyaroidy a certain color of. They reinforce ocular perception of red color of, and perception of other flowers reduce.

Polyaroidy very relevant under game stand it catching, have poplavochnikov, when need to on a large greater distance see the antenna floater.

Moreover, on polyaroidakh can be and filters from heat UV light, antiblik, dioptry for correction of view (for myopic or dalnozorkikh) and camping on D. Naturally, for all convenience need to to pay.



Dood wrote:

. Need polyaroidy a certain color of. They reinforce ocular perception of red color of, and perception of other flowers reduce.

Here is with this the paragraph, please, in more details …



oleg wrote:

That with this the paragraph, please, in more details …

About this, to example, post # 48 here is here: … E%F7%EA%E8



10 issues on a polarizing Gault

Before not enjoyed polyarizatsionnymi ?????. Now here is bought their, tried, but, frankly, expected greater - not they break through they depth, as like would. Can, lens not quite those?

Us, rybolovam, more, than someone still, true to form much overestimate. So from the new rods up we demand, to it allowed feel every a pebble and each it was a twig on two. From ekholota, to showed fish, as in films Cousteau, ah and lens, which been paved eliminate the glare with water the surface, simply owe to see happening under water, ah roughly as the device from vision allows to see in dark time days.

On fact, opportunities polyarizatsionnykh points highly knowing, and this should initially have in mind. Real aid lens have in a near from us zone - for there in full growth human this roughly in shattered windows until 20 meters. Outside this zone some effect from polyarizatsionnykh filters, too, there is, but the benefits from him already very are small. And the main worker range of celestial distances, where lens give the greatest effect, this 5-15 meters. Here they allow see bubbling below the surface water much of what for simple eyes remained would unnoticed. Ah and, of course, circular polarizing lens hardly capable help, if water not enough transparent.

What should in primarily have in mind under selection points - degree of polarization, color filters, firm or something still?

For many this seem unexpected, but I would advised in as a the first criterion be guided by those, as lens on you sit. Tiny a sense of discomfort, whether a sense of sdavlennosti from duzhek or erzane on the bridge of your nose, this already sufficient foundation, to try different model. That very it is emblematic, one and the same model points can perfectly sit on one man and be utterly jadey for another.

I here is how something thank the entire range a series of polyarizatsionnykh points Flying Fisherman - nor alone not come, then, as many of known enjoy ????? this Mark, and special complaining from them I not heard.

All the rest factors choice have, of course, significance, but already after, as reconciled question mechanical comfort.

One of my known done a fitting yet lens under its face, warming the had to in hot water, and then or their. This as - in order things?

Opportunity regulation geometry duzhek, if and case dynamite in the very concept of points, then, typically, speech here goes about expensive models. That concerns cheap, then here prospects duzhek - already net Palace. With other hand, if cheap lens from this'll break down just, particularly and not pity, will worse, if'll break down just expensive. So makes sense inquire have seller of, how you are guaranteed from trouble, if start to dwell on with sidepieces. Of course, of import answer to this question can be expect not in one, and in serious no clothing left, for whom circular polarizing lens are one of important positions entire.

Can refer on its experience. Plastic had to me go too not accounted for, but here is with were ????? this did not times. In this case no need in heating, world steel rope market should slowly and in two-three phase, after everyone, not change, is worth whether continue to on.

Finally, have some models points Aqua LLLT opportunity repeated bend not all duzhek, and the their parts of, that directly comes into contact with ear seashells, - this part of diadem in the form of plastichnogo metal supporting structure, covered with rubber a shell. Is obtained very conveniently - lens can be seek to adjust virtually under any rights.

Wu cheap points - filters from plastic, have expensive - shell, not so whether?

Years five-seven ago this and in fact was so not always, truth, but greater part of. Now picture rather other trend on antithetical. More precisely and in cheap price categories there is lens and with plastic filters, and with glass, and in expensive, but all same in expensive sealed plastic saying is used increasingly. The last is consequence of, that now have become more accessible those kind of plastics, that have very a high degree of entrenchment from scratches and strikes. But such plasty are worth enough serious money.

In a result when applied to petalled advertising campaigns, can be to speak here is about what threshold wear resistance. The most floor level of this, as would I their called, disposable lens. Very often filters in them even same tough, but as would polumyagkie. Are intended such lens not for fishing, and, say, for luxury short term rentals trip on ski resort, where, incidentally, least contained sand and dust, which such lens very fear, coming in iaaiaiinou already after two - three days in our, fishing, conditions. Yes and in those same the mountains they live not much longer, because and disposable.

The next level - this lens Polaroid, bought in one, where traded any sign bits and pieces. The price - low, season, if treat them very neatly, they hold. Wasn that on its form they such same, as and most, purely beach points, i.e. on the fishing trainer these lens created in least.

Us more interesting special fishing lens, which on price little differ from the same Polaroid, but provide greater breadth of field of view - expense of broader filters and special geometry. On wear resistance they, however, little differ from previous, and secondary time their life year-and a half.

Finally, plastic lens expensive firms, typically, SIRC on two - three level at prices, but even and the most low of these levels (and this order 120-150 UAH.) assumes, that filters'd last year two as least.

Seneng judgements are in polyarizatsionnykh glasses sidelines screens?

Question quite ??? controversial, but my opinion rather not in favor of lateral screens. More precisely I not only believe their optional, but and in some extent harmful. Appointment screens cut off creates disadvantages direct eyesight trolley onto a side light. However, as easily ensure, substantially, big problems create not those sidelines rays, that fall side in eyes or are falling on the back the surface filters, and those that under acute angle are falling on front the surface.

Moreover, lens with side flapped screens much more often is there moisture between, especially when account for many move. As the most acceptable kompromissnyy option lens with detachable side flapped screens. Such meet often, and incisions detachable and screens or from skin (Aqua) or from plastic (Mouche quo Charette). Choice firmly - let screens will, many, but with pure intuition whereon moving their better to lift.

You can whether use circular polarizing lens not quite on appointment - for example, for hour on these?

Crucial restrictions here, perhaps, there is no, except those same lateral screens - they tightening the net peripheral vision check, and this for wheel critical way. Yes and lens with color filters (especially yellows) can skew color light signals, so with them better be careful.

Again same, considerations security make for driver more preferred plastic filters, not shell. Around the White circular polarizing lens virtually nothing on sphere his use of not differ from ordinary titania particles for.

Wu me myopia. Tried special an onlay with polyarizatsionnymi filters and remained not very exasperated. There is whether alternative?

On accounts from several man, the optimal option - contact lenses combined with ordinary polyarizatsionnymi ?????. Although an onlay on dioptriynye lens - such in deeds is used more often, this worse, so as in this case account for tolerate two additional surfaces, which not contribute to the better perception of the contemporary pictures of the. And dust on them more the extra, and parasiticus light stronger gives about itself know.

In no clothing left lie circular polarizing lens almost for mucus hundreds of dollars, and in one, that nearby, for 50 UAH. Where such a whose giant the difference?

A hundred fifty this far not limit. Even three hundreds of dollars for polyarizatsionnykh points this, too, not the most high the price. And nepoddayuschayasya to understanding the a spoon price characterized for the most different groups consumer goods. If to say, that us closer, i.e. after all spinningovye reel for twenty-dollars and for eight hundred.

In the first looming, the and those and other designed to one and the same. More expensive lens - this is not only more eciininoieeea filters and options with in the form of opportunities to change geometry duzhek and removable sheathing lateral screens. Have them still, typically, those parts of, that directly contact with skin, manufactured by East from benign and system plastic.

Often expensive lens mills are two sitting-covers: External - protects their from strikes and... strangulation, domestic - from dust and together can be used in as a matter for rubbing filters.

Ah and still some what small beer. Solve themselves - how set of all these little things for you matters.

Glass in glasses accented different various shades. What of them the optimal?

If short, then one of two, either purely neutral-a grey, either yellowy-brown. A grey color is quite universal, yellowy-brown comforting spinningistam and nakhlystovikam, so as allows more contrasts distinguish in water fish. Moreover, filters with lights are flashing yellow axis more justified in pasmurnuyu weather and at all in conditions relatively weak lighting.

If you can afford have more one couples polyarizatsionnykh points, then in addition to those same yellowy-brown well to purchase and lens with brooms filters. They, if look from outside, typically, still have it's blue-ish connotation. This option is considered the best in conditions excessive illumination, especially summer, when account for in sunny day harvest on a large water shuttles space.

Filters exotic flowers (pink, rich-green) often, it turns out, are intended in primarily not for spinningista and even not for the fishing trainer at all. But if suddenly tickles so, that you have not will choice, special objections on their use of be should not.

I already twice lose on fishing lens, although both times like would sums up your credits this simple was under them. That same to do?

I, incidentally,, too, lost two couples polyarizatsionnykh points. Truth, for dozen years this not so perishing and many, but reckon with such losses account for - this fact. Especially major implications losses its intended Japanese Coast Guard had forced in complex for of movement conditions, when we forced to bray it up through reduce the cultivation of the. When lens are in job position, losing their hardly perhaps. Another matter, when raised over cradle caps,. Order to avoid objectionable surprise, should unkind enjoy strakhovochnym lanyard.

And here, appropriately, there is their the twists and turns:

First, need necessarily ensure in reliability of fixing silk lace on duzhkakh. Sometimes this simple simply - It'll go through hole and on his late related Uzlinka, in other cases on sword silk lace there is deal, which freely antics on duzhkam, and sliding out them not give enlargement on sword duzhek. So here is, in both cases there is the likelihood, that this simple he'll roll, either Uzlinka were to somehow untangle, either noose lasts. And behind this need to regularly keep.

Second, even if with fixation insurance silk lace on duzhkakh all in full order, he can prove useless, when lens in atop position. They simply off a nun ago, and you not immediately this reply. To to exclude similar, I'm missing this simple under prerogatives size caps,. If this prerogatives in the form of Velcro or the most the generalized dyrchatyy, is done this extremely simply. If same he not applies to number of legkorazemnykh, then'm picking up on it this simple points on the principle of noose in loop.



There is opportunity order glass with a polarizing the cover and even like with urging, but this enough expensive and troublesome pleasure, which, on-my, moreover not worth.

Past season enjoyed ????? with protective strap. When Grand Canal from itself new lens in optics, drew attention on Architekten Solano with yellowy-brown protective strap. A cover plate mounting your on the bridge of your nose magnitikami. There is still option, when authentic are on attachments duzhek, but for a number of reasons he is considered not quite unfortunate.

Lens look neatly, with hand not do you say that this a cover plate. Work very even well, but I believe, that option an onlay with use of clips better. Here there is opportunity reverse acquired an as's the visor, when need white light. In my case its need was sack and somewhere moisture to, that increases the likelihood scratches.

Second, in case of a breakdown an onlay or points, all in garbage.

Third, if form of spectacle frames you not suits on aesthetic insurance —, carry them still and normal.

Color I, too, believe optimal yellowy-brown. But in this year I seriously great over aeroelastic lenses + simply lens. To not talked sellers a good layer sealed plastic saying better glass unambiguously.

Here is me still here is such option likes:

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Serge_B wrote:

Last season enjoyed ????? with protective strap.

Has acquired autumn for sample an onlay customer, d in the early this season test.



In an exhibition "Hunt and fishing" circular polarizing lens were only on 50-100 UAH., and so same billboard "Lounge Points for hours."

Has tried several polyarizatsionnykh points - not availability of, yes and sit not very comfortable experience. And most important, with prescription there is no.

Today specifically went in optics middle an, became asking both about polyarizatsionnykh glasses with prescription, me need to about 1.25-2.0. It turns out, such there is.

In available two kinds of - Mexican yellows for drivers Mexico and America’s, the price for 1 glass 800 UAH. Still there is, too, imported glass, gray on 250 UAH. For glass, plus the cost of spectacle frames 100-200 UAH., plus work 20 UAH.

This glass've tested without points on Figure for test in sight only gray figure, and with glass clearly visible on Figure MLB, hurtling out of mountainside. Under turn points around horizontal axis is changing and appearance of drawing - a sign of real polyarizatsionnykh filters.

Think become on other shops optics, their in Kyiv now not some. Knowing, that seek, 'll look for option cheap although would in two times: '(



After likely on "Optikam" alighted on version points with prescription + polyarizatsionnaya the nozzle sitch on magnitikakh. Color a grey (universal). Producer American firm, certified in years to over Ukraine. The cost of points with producing increases the UAH., that roughly fits acquisition in "optics" ordinary points with prescription.

Weathered importantly condition - lens sit on personified by as anymore, wear their comfortable experience modicum with got new boobs, modicum without them, form of spectacle frames is coming to my slap. Dioptry Krska and on 0.25 dioptry less, than prescription (for the shortsightedness). Prescription one eye 1.5 (ordered "-1.25" dioptry), at the other eye do 2.0 (ordered "-1.75" dioptry).

Is considered, that in such a case eyes will work on recovery visual ability to.

Adhere opinion, that in the absence of need in polarization (morning, evening, caliginous day and camping on D.) need to move on ordinary lenses, and nozzles burying in tight futlyar. This reassuringly certain and safer, than window nozzles upward, not removing their with spectacle frames (little whether where get your foot in the process fishing).

Plus to this already there are lens with prescription sun protection (chameleons aren Fotosan):



Dood wrote:

After likely on "Optikam" alighted on version points with prescription + polyarizatsionnaya the nozzle sitch on magnitikakh.

I.e. an onlay can be order in "optics"? Or someone saw in fishing stores themselves an onlay?



РомаД wrote:

What there is an onlay can be order in "optics"? Or someone saw in fishing stores themselves an onlay?

Under my increasingly was kit lens + an onlay. In lens I pasted glass with prescription, and an onlay at all without D of myopia, suited to any possibility precisely in these glasses. For fastening in plate there is a small shtyrek, but on the bridge of your nose points deepening, far shtyrek is inserted. Moreover, there is and authentic, but only imposing shtyrek in deepening, a cover plate becomes in the right position :glasses:

Think, that there is an onlay and separately from points. Then need look, be appropriate whether way to fastening keyhole precisely to data, concrete Gault :glasses:



Топор wrote:

In this moment'm using lens Brenda, very recommend, firm are only hours away on active types of sport, lens ergonomic, lungs, with brown filters. The price was 120 UAH.

Watched today Brenda (all-???'m switching in contact lenses + normal lens, half even already moved). Found only in no clothing left "Mir the fishing trainer." Made well, but on its face nothing not picked up by, truth, there and choice the there is no. Promise on days water transport drawing only.

As they about fragility? Here is people praise, in including and on these indices Flying Fisherman, but in city of I their not found, truth, not was still in no clothing left "Shans" and in no clothing left "Ribolovniy Paradise." Everywhere customer, in no clothing left "House for fisherman" Shimano and Snow-Bee. Shimano still like nothing, but only gray, and I want something close to dark yantarnomu, and Snow-Bee the Chinese it seems at all on its knees harvest, quite not appealed.

Incidentally, the brown, who was under the dome, on-my, not quite brown, rather sling-brown.

Where find Flying Fisherman in Donetsk?

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Serge_B wrote:

Where is find Flying Fisherman in Donetsk?

I their’in no clothing left "The tackle # 1", but Music already have closed, and Flying Fisherman more no one not sells :(



Serge’s organs is B, other rapala in no clothing left "Mir the fishing trainer." I alone successfully broken, went and bought itself still alone. There is with facilitated hand-polished outer rims.

Me like :cool:

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And Flying Fisherman I saw in no clothing left on "Solovki", but not am confident, that this all not forgery - not leveled an.



Found ??? Flying Fisherman, because, that ordered at a discount, splurged on a series of Master, with anti-drums, polikarbonatnymi lenses. With incrustations bringing luxuriously lenses was-one model, but she me fully set:

Over tests, all normal, Corps from any aluminum. All that hath measured until this, personally my eyes less relished.

Compared with constructs lens with prescription + a cover plate, system lenses + circular polarizing lens the sky and land. Yes there is their especially, on the early using, until this lens in eye cuss yourself, and now all normally.

Truth there is individual inconsistency, but this all is discussed have normal the ophthalmologist. Yes and without polyarizatsionnykh points on the sun as something news.



Serge_B wrote:

Last season enjoyed ????? with protective strap.

Where can be take an onlay and the price issue? On of last fishing lens with antiblikom not strongly the and helped.



РомаД wrote:

Where is can be take glitches come and the price issue?

I’immediately Architekten with protective strap, in no clothing left "a medical technician by the." Authorized for Architekten 60 UAH., firm Solano.

Plastic lenses for season did you scrape it on, although if would daughter on stones acquired an not marked, on which she moved out, can and not did you scrape it on would :)

Relished those, that quietly. - ???????? - acquired an on lens and can be so not only on fishing walk, all neatly was done. Only glazing from dust and camping on D. Need already two the surface.

But still times closing, contact lenses + normal lens, at least, for me accurately, option without discussions.

Ordinary glitches come on prischepke there is in many stores, this mostly, on-my, Jaxson.



Serge_B wrote:

… contact lenses + normal lens …

I would, too, not against, but me lenses not suited (has tried).

Serge_B wrote:

The Plain an onlay on prischepke there is in many stores, this mostly, on-my, Jaxson.

Modicum would what - Podskajite where there is? Travel very from Khartsyzska in, Donetsk and to make the commute around the city simply not mean opportunities :dontknow:



РомаД wrote:

Whilst would what - Podskajite where there is?

Not ” Nor do precisely on an onlay. On-my-in no clothing left "House for fisherman" and in no clothing left "Laguna" saw. But accurately not want to speak. If where see, necessarily otpishu. Can, who the other saw?



Anyone I walkedaround Donetsk hotels shops, not spit out everything, there is where any an onlay on lens with prescription?



Here is article, where there is describe flowers filters (what color for what):



Burdens lens constantly ("-4,75"), relatively expensive spectacle frames and glass (on this dimension life not'm saving the money.). There is one couple with protective strap (on a continuous), summer fishing, now and again in them.

But with got new boobs there is one feature of, if a host day wear lens with protective strap,’(natiraetsya) bridge of his nose (she as would immediate to one constant overstretched, and with protective strap burden expands, even if a cover plate very the easy). So that, under purchase need account for this factor.

I, personally, 'm combining lens with protective strap and chameleons aren.



bond wrote:

I, personally, 'm combining lens with protective strap and chameleons aren.

Fully agree. Recently found lens-chameleons aren not much worse than with got new boobs (most interesting chameleons aren with antiblikom, on past church only in them) and most interesting simply under Made to Order on market (understand, that this is not quite the, that need, not can the quality of guarantee), but me like.



Recently blackcurrant and itself circular polarizing lens from Konger.




And why fideru polyariki?


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