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The Battle for to Bavaria (Match Fishing, April 2012, UK)

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Propose a your attention article from magazine Match Fishing Magazine , April 2012. In it been described the impression English the fishing trainer-athlete from competition in Germany. This is not only donnaya had forced, but and your fishing bobber (the so that pledge not judge strictly for terinologiyu relatively precisely this vyda industrialized fishing). Highly interestingly watch on differences in styles fishing on Ostrov and on Continent. They based not only on natural peculiarities, but and on how the local legislation, which regulates fishing at all and sports in particular.

So, Clash of for to Bavaria
Pete Thomas (Pete Thomas), from Postdoctoral Fellowship Program designed Browning team, tells about several days conducted on church in Bavaria, where fish not wants to remain on point and the feeder need hurl for horizon!

I indeed outstanding people for 4 year in English youth team and 10 years in team, that sponsors Browning, I was able to visit and compete in many places Europe. Fishing had forced on Continent utterly another, than in of England. And that me more just in this likes so this the, that after competition on G-Earth, I return home crowded new ideas.
In the past year I learned about how, that Browning intends to conduct browning EGF) Team Meeting (festival-fees European teams sponsored Browning) in Bavaria, on the southeast Germany. And could not miss such chance, to not getting there together with his current team browning Wickford. Fees must were consist from two competition: One thing on River Naab (Naab), have which it's a heck of for, and the second on zhivopisneyshem lake of Eyksendorfer (Eixendorfer Squam Lake). Data fees were special: On it were are collected all-sponsored non-Browning fly fishermen-athletes and team for order to not only compete, but and move closer craft a major team spirit, so say.
In its time I already twice eiaee on the lake Eyksendorfer and knew to what needs to be prepared this the typical had forced on sverkhdalnikh made it (until 100m) nekrupnoy fish (bream weight until 1kg). I also saw the river Naab, but never catching on it. Tobias Klein, which, too, sponsored by Browning and on moonlighting a member of team team Germany on fideru, mentioned about how, that river until 3m depth and for such, that need use company snap until 8gr. But together with those catches from 10 until 15kg small fry and a white bream for four-hour tour well usual phenomenon!
Fishing tournaments in Germany very strongly differ from what is happening in of England. In Germany positions green is very strong. From-for this principle caught release (catch-and-release) officially banned. But acts the other principle caught move , that means the following: The entire here during competition fish must be moved in the other body of water! Bavriya is the main ryboproizvodyaschim region countries, so ryborazvodniki with the carp are outfitted with virtually on every turn and are full the carp. And these retaions look so as-if created for commercial fishing and competition. But arise difficulties precisely because, that the entire fish after died must be moved. You can to imagine how many Admirals this may deliver after every contest! Local fly fishermen-athletes are often in the Czech Republic, where legislation much softly in this terms of.
On general meeting agreed to, that the main attention will lavished on examine alternative treatments for river a fishing trip. So in first day practice all team flowed on the river Naab. In is place, where we were she slightly reminds a British the river Severn in central part of its flow into. Decided use company tackle, namely plug. In is place, where I sat, bottom was flat, as 3-12 on second the table and the depth of only 6 feet (about capacities 1.8m). So were prepared snap on 2gr, 3gr and 4gr with collector floaters browning [. The main raskosami Cenex 0.14, about ceasing : 0.10, hook - # 18 V560. On case the emergence of bream was prepared tooling with a leash around hadn and new flat connected float switch browning Flowrider 6gr. Shock absorbers were chosen the next: # 8 (latex) soft for sliding osnastok and browning 6-8 Pink hollow (hollow buffer against an) tighter for snap with flat connected float switch.
On Continent well normal is considered use the small number of prikormki. So it was have just 5kg dry a mixture, namely: On 2 package Gardons and All Seasons and 1 package River Feeder, which made prikormku more viscous and better an operating on during. For starters I made 8 big balls, pre adding 200 g Caster and on good handful at moldy worm and kicks, and works their on benchmark 13 meters.
With the first same wiring it became clear, that river simply overflowing ukleykoy. This fish not commanded in laps. On conditions todays competition. And very a pity was full of the selective copies (10 such ukleek could quietly zavesit 1 pound (about 450gr!
Putting bait on bottom (adding some pellets # 8 on ceasing) between prikormkoy I tried to thus get rid of ukleyki. And this in principle I have broke a 'm using snap with connected float switch 3gr caught several quite good plotvits (3 or 4 fish on 1 pound (about 450gr. On each zavodke inscription on experience feed and all more and more raskarmlival point already were caught out several podleschikov and gustirok. Now I became feed on two globe for times! The bait from two white oparyshey (color banned) was better in this moment.
For 3 hours I caught about 7kg and used entire prikormku. Such a aggressive tactic has brought me success and goodscores. The rest athletes been caught significantly less aggressively and rounded up significantly less. And I still and sat in really extreme sector. Me it looked, that all was very easily.
On the second day practice we are trapped on more deep the assistant rivers. Moreover weather dramatically other trend became very chilly and pute piercing a strong eastern wind, as-if from the most hearts Russia. Sheet metal trawling has shown such same flat bottom as and on the eve the reason weapon was in is, that several years earlier on this rivers implemented work on vyravnivaniyu trawling. In this time the apparently sector not in late zone, but I became accusations accurately so same as and yesterday. But has passed hour and I have not was nor single poklevki and have other was the same! Having spent on point on 13m a more insufferable part of prikormki, I decided to to move on 6m and give relics of (by small 5322991) this distance. Your fishing bobber was replaced on browning [1.5gr and in a result were ??? caught out 4 plotvichki.
Won Leah's Arnold (-Arnold), which caught sole on all carp on 3 pound (about 1.4kg). Have all rest was dead. Those jangled and studying a frozen we have become flock. Local said, that in such conditions need was accusations minimally (only from a cup of) and perhaps this would worked and brought results.
On basic competition days toured fly fishermen-athletes from afar for example, Denmark and Spain. Moreover toured stars , such as the current Champion world among women Teresa Alvarez (Theresa Alverez) and himself Bob Nadd (Bob Nudd). So I was very upset by, when in a result drawing received place in heavy zone and just through one sector from moreover, where I sat on the eve on practice! Pute all the same cold eastern wind and so I zakormilsya from a cup of distance 13m only 6 5322991, but on 6 metres just 2 5322991. In the process fishing planned dokarmlivat round 6 distance beans cannabis.
My sector was the next for sector Albert Viderera (Albert Wiederer) consultant Browning's and captain local team from Master. Albert - an excellent guy and big lover of laugh. Before start he me gave a jar local of the Bavarian a special beer and said, that its need use on appointment only in the most critical situation :crazyfun:.
Tour began highly slow for hour I have was just small plotvichki with distance there is 6m. Most sectors yes, under with third convocation th, except guy in latest sector down downstream on (he caught of bream) and three first sectors from above downstream on (they polavlivali dace). Determined or two I zakormilsya distance 13 flushed 3 5322991 with large number of kicks. Olive was whipped up on 4 feet from hook, and some pellets were distributed on this intervals of. To everything this was added your fishing bobber on 5gr and my hook with the bait proved thumbs from trawling. The first same Spezialwerkzeug gebunden and plotvichka proved in sadke. The presentation of the bait here is, that was the key to success. For order to all remained also I every 15 minutes dokarmlivalsya and judging by around the it worked for the remaining time I caught 22 small fry and a white bream on a snack. My 1.660kg facilitated in order to outperform guy with a bream from last sector, but was through dibs on little for order to catch up with the first 3 sector. Sector # 1 now broken zone with improbable weight about 13kg small fry and bream. My same the result was only 4-'s from 15.
On next day I wanted to obtain either extreme sector, either fall into another zone as least. I have broke a and the, and another I fell in another zone in sector # 2. On the eve Steve Welford won zone precisely in this sector with several golavlyami and plotvitsami. So I was am confident, that need rejoin aggressive tactics prikarmlivaniya and that this should work on practice. The depth of was just 4 feet (about 1,2 m) and for was whether well. So were prepared snap 4gr, 5gr and 6gr and with flat floaters.
Moreover I zakormilsya immediately same 8 5322991 on distance there is 13m and was am confident in his success.
Mistake! Passed gender hours, and my a hatchling pond still was an empty. Should I was something undertaking and so became feed Custer on each zavodke in the hope feed chub. Through 5 minutes I caught first a good dace and then slowly, but confidently became -Stop baiting. Later 2 hours in sadke was 25 plotvits common weight about 2kg and all resisted more less well. Most a notable was that not despite a strong for a dace klevala precisely in is place, where in water found myself prikormka on zakorme. The presentation of the jamborees again was the key to success and each time, when your fishing bobber anodyne through ulovistuyu zone , this the computer poklevkoy.
On latest ano industrialized fishing point I've silenced. So I dokormilsya from a cup of two 5322991 with large number of Custer's and moldy worm. A dace so and not emerged, but followed powerful poklevka, which has pulled immediately same several yd. Absorber and someone indeed big tried to withdraw on middle rivers. I thought, that perhaps one of river Karpov, but after indeed charged struggle in podsak fell golavl about 2kg weight! Weighing up the showed 4.660kg and this was enough to win zone with margin almost in 3kg from second seats and to this outcome became the third in general Monster. The first policies--and Simon Alkhammer with weight about 14kg (mainly bream). In the other zone Bob Nadd won zone with 4kg small fry by whole the crowd fans and employing many real master-class.

The latest day competition anodyne on the lake Eyksendorfer (Eixendorfer Squam Lake). This was tandem, tackle feeder. The very Lake represents a freaking swamp seen from between hills. This body of water, luxury mansion among some of the most or militarized landscape, one of the most charming seats, where me accounted for harvest.
Contest in tandem very popular in Germany. Couples are formed in the process drawing and both athlete sit in one sector literally on distance keep anyons from entering hands from each other. On we need first my partner became Martin Brabek local expert Browning's, who knows this body of water very well. When we entered the zone I was am amazed size of sectors they were just 15m wide! After this I hardly ever d to speak, that sector narrow :D!
By the rules this contest in laps. Has been going only bream and Blicca bjoerkna all the rest were past till. Water was incredibly clean and is transparent, and sector were so narrow, that remained only one thing harvest fiderom.
Martin said, that one of us should harvest on the far-distance there is (80m +), and the second roughly on 40m. When I, whose point works better, the second leaves on the same distance. I chose round 6 distance, but prepared the and the second udilishche, on case if will have withdraw on distance Martin.
In as a prikormki me advised mixture of from calculation 1 package browning-M7 (very a saturated and a passive prikormka) on mere 0.5 package dry supplements Squam Lake Cracker (very sweet). But I, as and all todays British, fly fishermen-athletes under it catching bream leave biskvitnuyu grinds prepared, did what, that was accustomed old fishing habits hard to eradicate.
I decided to promoted worm directly in the feeder, but Martin decided to this not to do, and promoted kastery and moldy worm thus he decided avoid poklevok scale perch, which could become indeed problem under it catching on the far-distance there is.
On the lake stood standstill, weather was solar and warm. So surprise, that tour began quite slow: After launch unrest from the search for an unpleasant small fry weight in 6oz (about 170gr) went pause, hasn't narushaemaya accidental breakage / ostrelom, Vozglasom Scheisse!! , whinny neighbors and their loud remarks on German about. I not know German, but think that understandable about than was conversation :D.
Meanwhile ACP leschi were caught out German compete, which been caught on distance there is 100m +. Despite this I all also continued moisture to crime as for the feeding trough on its round 6 distance in the hope, that any bream be appropriate on it.
Finally I earned poklevku! Leapfrog was toward a and on how late was someone indeed large. After very meticulous vyvazhivaniya I hoped see in podsake large ands dark of bream. What same was my disappointment, when I saw, that this carp roughly 2kg weight, which not behaved in midterm! For tour I caught except carp still about 4kg small fry and none of these fish not went in midterm!
Thank God, that my previous Martin razmochil us podleschikom. And later while, still two podleschikami and a couple of gustirok. I wanted to modicum as any mark and to capture something rank-ass. Finally I earned poklevku, and nekrupnyy podleschik was on the hook and he was on the way to podsaku until literally in a meter from him a major pike not but on him! Good about modicum, that for the remaining time I was able to capture another a white bream and one gustirku, that allowed me not fall the face of in dirt.
Our overall weight was about 2kg and this was enough to take 2s place in zone from 15. This shows how heavy were conditions industrialized fishing. And winners days have become Tobias Klein in another times lovable lug why he is member of Team Germany on fideru, and the Englishman Andy bleat in paired they rounded up slightly more 6kg, that became an excellent the result for such dire conditions industrialized fishing.
Precisely for such conditions industrialized fishing Browning produces rods up series of King Feeder and reel big sizes. Most English fishermen-athletes were simply deklassirovany with their 12-foot roller parabolikami and by small katushechkami. So for example one of nicknames Kai again was in paired with German have which were as times rods up King Feeder and he throwing good for horizon. When same German became harvest with his distance there is, then has called the and can reduce on it. But as the with its 12-futovikom with test under 60gr could continue to cast until on such a distance? Truth in next to ya were still two nicknames, which have was such a same the situation the so that moral support and sympathy were him endowed :D. Kai, too, caught carp, which not went in laps..

Special trough simply vitally are needed under it catching on extra-distant made it.

Without big coils nowhere.

Despite all of this festival have and much managed learn to. One of the most salience features of fishing competition on Continent is that there is no whining about sectors / drawing / rules / prize and the of the sort. Prize funds, which gather from contributions participants, make small compared with those, that gather in of England. So that the English rybolovam-some is worth closely treat claims those political forces, which want to limit current rules and conditions fishing sport and impose on him restrictions. Thefishing sport and those contest, who so developed and so recourses: CPU in of England, absolutely is impossible in Germany from-for its legislation. Think, that many of us not will want such restrictions.
Hope, that the next browning EGF) Team Meeting (festival-fees European teams sponsored Browning) will mark in of England. On Continent reading our magazines and very want swim on English commercial reservoirs. And a competition in format tandem will to be sure interesting on such reservoirs.

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duffy333 wrote:

the entire here during competition fish must be moved in the other body of water!

In, the Krauts, wrote off with Donetsk federation. We already long entire is thin fish is moved in different retaions. And not from of fear punishment, as they.



duffy333 wrote:

In the other zone Bob Nadd won zone with 4kg small fry by whole the crowd fans and employing many real master-class.

Yes perishing. The old from furrow, not taints)
Interestingly, how many him years now. Wikipedia conceals, only "century the England team at international level for more than 24 years."


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