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Championship independent area on fideru "Rogozyanka 2015"

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And second desirable.



Body of water was generous on fish.
In the second day 2 human rounded up more 14 kg fish!
Just been seized 24 participants for 2 days about 370! Kg fish, camping on E. In average 7.7 kg on stakeholder for tour.
With that large bonus almost not was. BigFish - about 600 "grape".
The main fish - podleschik 150-300 gr

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Thank you.



My greetings "First capital" and personally mouth and.
Men, you beauties. :cool:



And which spectacular weight have participants. o.O
Very want revere busy briefing.



benderr wrote:

A what spectacular weight have participants.

Through week the Asian Poltava area. I, perhaps, results putting not d. Very can be, that we the entire crowd less nakolyaduem, than winner in Kharkiv. :crazyfun:



format wrote:

Through week the Asian Poltava area. I, perhaps, results putting not d. Very can be, that we the entire crowd less nakolyaduem, than winner in Kharkiv.

With he for one tour, and you for two :D



For PHOTOa separate thank you Arsenij Smirnovu



A bit pictures for those whom recently flipping album :)

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Championship independent area on it comes to shagging fiderom
Rogozyanka 2015
Fishing always goes as day for two, and here is contest think even for three.
For month before arrangements accept decision to visit this action, because as very like to end season 2015 under any outcome.
The first weeks viewing registration participants and see, that activity very little with hand competitors, for week until the early Sally my permanent previous reports, that with work not is obtained to come, I upset, but its decision not'm canceling and as to go, food with child which will act as a a trainer.
Skupivshis in Friday on the evening food as for themselves so and for imaginations, living component on one day accept decision use or same have in store:
Night crawlers the aft 0.5 kg.
Night crawlers nasadochnyy 50 gr.
The boot 100 "grape".
Glissade in 03 :3 0 protiranie poluchilos by pharmaceutical, purge examination...... of the piston, zalivaemsya it fuel (tea) and a steadfast fuel tanks (sandwiches).
In 03 :5 0 are moving for auction, the janitor look at us in such a early immediately with voprososm: Gone Fishin '(?
Faced lack: YES
And here us command in the form of ah luck )
They moved, thought car, zhestkoy have retreated nightlife Kharkiv distance was given as until points In 43 km. Of them Id say you frankly 12 km. Motorway for tanks, later one hours hour We on place, people on the sly chin-ups to community events on building. In 06 :1 5 building and draw

Full extension of my lift zone A sector two this the second back from the brink,
The switching from Left was Vitalik Duday two years ago We already with him sat near, ah, that same second chance pull draw not was.
In team me interpolate with Gurzhievym Children perekinuvshis were a couple words I are splittin 'up on sectors is preparing.
My composition was the next:
Brain PREMIUM BIG ROACH- 1.5 kg.
Fish-sicles Brain PREMIUM sport- 2 kg.
Fish-sicles Brain PREMIUM Feeder 1 kg.
Brain Molasses Coriander 60 ml.

08 :5 0 start zakorma.
Before start on 43 scandisk FLAGMAN squadron Feeder (22m.) find brovku strong and transition with power on hold a shell up. Everything else towards Bank clear cutting the conch has the power
On zakormu: Wise 7 feeders clean without any supplements in point and one with motylem last, in 09 :0 0 start
'm tempovat (mistake # 1 under it comes to shagging bream and a white bream) through 10 shadowing Get poklevku, I take it out first a white bream grams 100-150 one and'm gradually promoted in point coarse very. The first hour fishing I have five fish in store, neighbor from Left already failing'm promoted Pinku in crime as, nothing not is changing and here began later 2 hours 15 minutes industrialized fishing I have otrezaetsya pletenka directly near clips I would even said not otrezaetsya and Maxin. This was pletenka that has acquired still initially season spring but so its and does not pose all waited when a new coil buy and d use, Sunline superBraid # 5 until otmeryayu'm that neighbors polavlivayut, fish in their Tarifa our marketing I all more'm nervous, but not get upset, all made found distance do impose one the second the third and again on . As think, yes yes yes, swearing or they not was simply laugh much and broiling as in, uh, cartoon. Seaman Popeye)) again procedure for me already the familiar remont, otmeryayu and in battle but as same these Oilers the expensive, who knows the will understand.
All's okay thank vodyanomu wise a trainer on rozvedku to brand-new command kin
He the agent environment, podleschik you can catch a but not so as like.
The fourth hour Sally and fish moves away, with not only I have all in resentful. The latest hour industrialized fishing more intensified but this not saved. First day over not quite well

Minus 3 trough and a half dozen tug ropes, all leashes are I have were:

Sunline Super Ayu II 0,10
Hooks Maver Katana 1040 # 16

First day ends not in our favor with catch of the day tonight 4,340 kg.

This far not the best outcome. Collect their seats and in path home so as to spend the night in tent not planned.
The second day Sally food already one without a trainer, in 03 :3 0 rise weapon vivacity traveling on road stayed in - Brusyliv. A settlement Dergachi popit your six espressos and further on the roads glory tanks and
Drink coffee world with new partner and think, that let us to do.
On the second day my composition was:
Fish-sicles Brain PREMIUM sport- 2 pounds.
Fish-sicles Brain PREMIUM Feeder 1 kg.
Brain PREMIUM BIG ROACH- 0.5 kg.

08 :5 0 start second days find such a same brovku only already on 53 scandisk, 'm feeding, start I have fish the second, the third right on board-deaf, from Left-deaf, the first hour 7 fish aren and again the: At the second hour's in 10 :1 5 I have on, only otmeryav distance tackle the entire get mixed up, cutting I'm untangling impose poklevka pull and , I take it out its tackle which several minutes ago had an infected, I cut off all and on a new measured and forward,
On all pro all my 47 shadowing Sports Sally, hands not degenerated when some tackle peremeryal,
Saw as neighbor from Left on 15 meters away actively porit such same podleschikov as I on 38 forge the Turn virtually on his distance and I'm turning it off his on hour, fish enjoyed spravno I entered traction, precipices
Otstrely ended.
In end neighbors began to harvest such a same a white bream.
Thus peretyagivaniem fish from each other lasted until the end of the round.
Signal finish spoke, that all ended after signal I have took the bait podleschik which I in a hatchling pond of course same not sent. Scales, second round have shown 4,700 this already better, but mistakes was a million.

Conclusions many: One of them Rogozyanka suited for exercises industrialized fishing a white bream this I the expedition to, a body of water opened with other hand, necessarily if until whisk will opportunity Myslivny, then will this precisely Rogozyanka perishing want still to talk to the with that charter leschikami.

Place it Flagman Invader 30-90 gr.
Coil - FLAGMAN squadron Feeder 4,000
Pletenka - Sunline superBraid # 5
Povodochnaya raskosami - Sunline Super Ayu II 0.10
Hooks - Maver Katana 1040 # 16
Fish-sicles TM Brain
Chair Korum
Fisherman lyubitel- Polubinskiy Vitaly.
All thank you for healthy competition and until rapid meetings on reservoirs Ukraine.

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