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Sheets from Andrika

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A bit debate in context. Work in a fishing no clothing left obliges, to except theory, was and practice use those or other fishing goods, and so as fidernaya had forced long already hooked me and not pitnu, then been decided was on the short a fishing trip test prikormku Brain , that me accommodating granted company-house. Except prikormki, were provided hooks firms Decoy series M-of Medicinal Products, Medical and M-002, povodochnaya raskosami Sunline Super Z 0.104 and Super Ayu II 0.097. Hooks, naturally, were are tied by immediately, remained only wait time-specific. Deal in that when you living in Melitopol, then need to be ready, that for spend some time fishing, you need to these would go path distance of, as least, 100 kilometers, and no matter, in what side, whether Zaporozhye or direction on vyborom, so that you know, getting ready certainly. And here is on that--at weekends was been stiffed cry - we are going for Zaporozhye, on Dnepr river. On fish promised dace, an, leschika and, ostensibly, even a carp could look on of music. Fishing there only the overnight, so need to was at lighttime get and unprepared for, with than we, in principle, unwound successfully. Choice fell on prikormku Brain Bream and Brain River , all of this deal I sdobril molasses from this same producer Liver Pool and Ligalize Hemp.
Lies prikormka light, homogeneous, prevailed sweet fruits with, Id say immediately, never handling of a prikormki on molecules smells, so and now to do this not d, most importantly, that me liked what broke a. With cleansing one, I not got greedy, prikormka has become of inertial, that and needed, so say, prove.
In general, from foreplay with you, hmm it is time move directly to the action. Say something inaccurate, my friends, with whom me met Elisabeth spend some time fishing, promised to carve, me under nut, because have them compositions were VDE and Sensas.
Here we go. On range missiles 40 meters and conceals, roughly, 4 Dam I found fun point and began to it catching. Through while, showed up 1500 meters, here their call black placemark , because if on point bull, isn't he, then the other fish not wait for, but and sensas with vde a goby, too, been an option for. On nozzle of worked, mostly, sandwich from worm with nobody. Friends talked, that closer to midnight should begin sold, only not on bychku, and on normal fish, this realizing forces, guys began to with booking very decent dace and podleschikov, bull, isn't he somewhere has vanished, and me began get caught sea Bass. And, truth, closer to midnight began sold, only, unfortunately, not on fish rose very a strong headwinds, poklevok almost not in sight, water has become flows in, forcing us rollback, experienced grass, which nalipala on the cord, and, harassing the tackle, you inevitably had been bugging tuft such a happiness. In general, my patience cracked the latest and had to hang on dream, in the hope, that on the morning element normal times.
In 4 hours morning I already was on feet, wind, if and weakened, then quite a bit, and to fish something bear, so to do nothing to acquire need to tolerate all these the rigors of the and deprivation, and, literally, with third zabrosa, me are blessed with you karasem. Someone else's success began cool rivals and process again went, was been seized still a bit karasey and plotvits, and, when, in seven morning starters annoyed to bleak and petty a dace, was been decided to complete fishing.
Have of nature there is no bad weather, but am confident, if would not this force-Majeure , then fishing accurately was would much more success, on that place I necessarily still return. Nor number of, nor weight no one of us not registered all instances, all-??? we more rested, not competed, but all a roughly on par, without obvious established, so cannot be say, that any prikormka proved steep rest, but if time calculating what on budget, then Brain I saved money on beer. Incidentally, that concerns filament and likely, me very liked the combination of likely Decoy series of M-002 # 10 with fishing line Sunline Super Ayu ll 0,097. Have these likely very yourself a nice, funky form of, which simply not gives fish chance on social, and the fishing line is nor never not being spun, as this I have: Let before. Hooks Decoy M-001, too, showed on cheers, so these series of now necessarily preoccupy its respectable place in my magnetic box for likely. Let`s summarize the outcome, raskosami super, hooks bomb, and prikormka works, so let us purchase the and let us sell. On this I, perhaps, finish the, remained only thank friends, with whom was lucky spend some time fishing, Alexander, however and Valery, thank you you for warm company and hope, that very soon we again shall reconvene on this same place.

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An excellent report. Waiting for new. :cool:


You are here » All about it catching on a British donnuyu your cast » Sheets » Sheets from Andrika