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Duffy333, think the main the problem is that MAP English producer (indeed do is oriented on English market mostly), and there Building tools as something not in honor no one (have us only people thread kolbasitsya) and hence all follows. Perhaps they even and not tested these coils with cords. And coils quite ??? specific even superficially.

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viv wrote:


And can more precisely knows anyone?

Simply have been arguing pick a coil for marker, with baytrannerom and vymotkoy 95sm or 1 m

A bit zadolbalsya already seek)



2 Sendy & Feederal74
Thank you for exile!
Because was time for experimentation - the Gave using 2 Floss, to the 1930 I got it clamped a gold car detail
Still times thank you)



shirs wrote:

and can more precisely knows anyone?

91 see Times zadolbalsya :D. All data here: … -p-24.html

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Ленур wrote:

Dobryi evening! Forumchane please can you tell me! Today came coil Dayva revros mkh2004. Dragged nut on of fixing pens until the end of but taking would still there is? Z. L? - 1649. Xcuse me for question about the "nefidernoy a coil"!

In these on such meets often, I have, too, taking not big, not many not the, but harvest can be.



't seek scheme reel "Cast Master 4500" from "Flagman." D very appreciate it!



sendy wrote:

One budget from current shimanovskikh beytranerov even on secure authorization servers is worth not cheaply

Here is so inclination is to Thick.



Кафоля wrote:

shirs wrote (and):

And can more precisely knows anyone?

91 see Times zadolbalsya :D. All data here: … -p-24.html
(Today 01 :58: 16)

I would not was so adamant, have my katukhi on their data 74 centimeters for turnover and realistically 61 :D



Mathematics knows all! For order to to know how many coil winds a under namotke "under the lifeline to the" (incidentally, have dura-Ace precisely this significance referred in such specifications coils), enough know dozen frontline of butt-end shpuli and significance peredatki:
P = d • to • k, where
R - vymotka for one turnover
D - dozen frontline the railing
To - the number of "PI" (3.14)
K - significance peredatki
More this meaning the coil accurately shaking its not will ;)
On this about I have was interesting the situation with my coils Aspayer 4,000 and PXR 5,000. Eiaee on point first a psychic with Aspayerom - was simply a hard-on. Then "suddenly" gave water - in move went khevik with PXR. Here is only I project became brovku :dontknow: And decently. Have one coils like '10 "or above for turnover. And have the other on passport, too,. Only in reality all on doogomu! Have Aspayera dozen with-wound under the lifeline to the and peredatkoy 5 :1 on vymotke gives 76sm, and have PXR filament winding on 52mm and peredatka 5.5 :1 gives 90sm. Now believe difference on 50 scandisk% -) Manual partitioning this, too, peremeryal. Informative however.
More just me in this situation killed "stated" '10 "or above for PXR 5,000. Incidentally, PXR 4,000 under accurately such a same diameter shpuli as and have 4,000-dura-Ace exhausting on start 84sm.

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duffy333 wrote:

More this meaning the coil accurately shaking its not will

Will, but only slightly. The cord is borne on spiral, not ring-the difference will, but a small :dontknow:



Incidentally have PCR 6,000 all honestly, formula coincides with fact, 1 meter.



Yuri wrote:

scheme coils "Cast Master 4500"

As Kolmik, 'll use my handphone to.
On kaymanovskoy box scheme there is, but she I have with backdating drag.

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floMaster wrote:

1. Balzer Syndicate Light Feeder Zammataro 7400

Me talked, that under that spool need gentle Building tools. With harsh are possible of beard.



Alexnord wrote:

that the you can say about this center of the spool, wanted to would put on khevik with scales feeders 80-120gr, the price in 190doll, like suits.

I have accurately such a same only is called Freams 4500J those same eggs only kind of with a side of (Nabaldazhnik on handle only the other). The good katukha, dope in it with endowments of, not can only spare shpulyu to it buy.



Alexnord wrote:

that the you can say about this center of the spool,

The Beautiful :love: :D



Knob for forceful reel the right :cool: Recently, was playing on the Stripper Shimanovskuyu coil in 6,000 th size with US market (bought these have Nycolas-but). She has Knob on such a same principle made - is famously is borne in hand and very comforting on dire the scale. After it the standard Tbilisi-shaped Knob have Ultegry 5,500 seems simply uncomfortable.

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duffy333 wrote:

After it the standard Tbilisi-shaped Knob have Ultegry 5500 seems simply uncomfortable.

Voicemail have Tyyne Apa. Knoby make under Made to Order.



Knoby under spining several the other forms have us make, yes and money are asked under 300grn, under the power coils cheaper with Ibaya order.



In light of discussions coils aero, was caring, on prospect such a coil Shimano yra C 5000FG, in my she more fidernaya and newsworthy attention (until theoretically). :flag:



And the price issue? Something me suggests (especially after the emergence of "family Aero"), that she hardly will cost less 300 dollars.



But and characteristics on order higher, and given that found Music where ultegra ne 4 worth 220 usd. 8-)



Looked on it prices - 275-350doll, plus shpulya -70doll, plus hard time delivering.

Weight 300grn, not heavy.



In my on a medium -samoe the. :cool:



Yra 5000FG is worth from 300 and higher with transshipment. The average the price - 400 it was as though in
Without spare shpuli incidentally - shpulya still order 70 it was as though in + 30 hard time delivering

And incidentally there, too, applies X-of Vestfold



This now, consider what prices will in late winters. 8-)



Олег 32 wrote:

Shimano Sustain C 5000FG,

Further digging, in Productions about this coils and betray him what the. How I know all coils for the US market traditionally have a high peredatkuand katolozhnaya abriviatura such coils looks so - SA5000FG (Shimano yra SA5000FG). But why the in directories for Europe this same the coil has peredatku normal and another abriviaturu - SUSC5000FG (Shimano yra C 5000FG) :dontknow:

Incidentally the video for this katukhe.



Feederal_74 wrote:

But why the in directories for Europe this same coil has peredatku normal

So this and are interested in + weight + 5,000 Directwind the size of the will vvymatyvat about Dam for turnover. :cool:




Code is (g) Sharikovye bearings roller bearings Emkost shpuli (mm / flushed) Emkost shpuli (a1,600. / yds) Zapasnaya shpulya ratio the number of y. Length fishing line of yours for turnover pens (centimeters)
SUS2500FG 240 8x S-ARB 1 0,18-290/ 0,20-240/ 0,25-160 6-200/ 8-140/ 10-120 1 5,0 :1 72
SUS4000FG 280 8x S-ARB 1 0,25-260/ 0,30-180/ 0,35-130/ 0,40-100 8-240/ 10-200/ 12-160 1 4,8 :1 77
SUSC5000FG 300 8x S-ARB 1 0,30-240/ 0,35-175/ 0,40-120 10-240/ 12-195/ 16-140 1 4,8 :1 81


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And Knob the right. 8-)



Ah nah for such money coil on feeder% -) - there is in been cheaper models that nothing not worse will cope with meet the task. Better would someone did prostavki in shpuli for order to not use beking.



Oleg 32, under peredatke 4.8 Dam vymatyvat not will and not fact, that for Europe will such Knob. Personally me embarrasses the availability of hew "Since" in abriviature. Usually this he or (for coils dura-Ace with Japanese market) denoting type of corps - "CD", camping on E. Under shpule greater size is used Corps (and mechanism respectively) from previous size. In this case 4,000 th size or if say on Different leading place characteristics have 4,000 and 5,000 th will equal. But under other equals the size of the 5,000 increasingly same can be preferable if:
1) lesoemkost shpuli increased at the expense output diameter shpuli (expanding zabrosa), and not for expense depth shpuli.
2) increased length leverage handles (pull).