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Nasadochnyy table

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Decided to on a new season do a new table, were bought areas, foundation (former Soviet suspended ceiling). Lehman under the size of the rivovskogo table, holder of profile left the standard essential,. Boiled frame argonom, dyed his powder paint, put transverse corner, and that interestingly, made hole in the little table under stand, will stand or umbrella, or vibration platform under podsachek.

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Pay same well, when have people hands are rising from the right seats. And you can to 400 whip up such a table, with some constructive changes, under motivated? Thank you.



Petrivskiy wrote:

under motivated?

Me my costing in 500 UAH (such same rivovskiy costs around 1800).



Cool! And realistically do such same table, only with by a terrible crash on 2 its feet to chair and one contrary (on mid-), and canopy as have traperovskogo table? Think, you understood about than I. With by a terrible crash under 30 th pace (I have chair carp pro). And escho, curiously, how many your table weighs. Thank you.

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Owners nasadochnykh tables available interested in high tent. For previously THANK YOU.
Bought fabric on tent
And fastening
D is going to make me- table. The beginning of Nasadochnyy table. The 347.

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High traperovskogo as on the picture 32sm.



Thank you. :writing:



геныч wrote:

Nu here is and me on such short notice a bit time.

What the thickness of the perfo-leaf was used?



Denis08ua wrote:

What the thickness of the perfo-leaf was used?

2 mm.

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Men, could you tell me: Who owns thus table, with kripoeniem on the poker
Under nagruzhennosti for example in 1.5 - 2 kg, strongly his's mowing?



Not strongly
But the rocking will
Me ampletuda suits :)



Himself a table tight and not plays. All depends on how densely he is also bolted to G-neck krepezhu. If all more-less on server.Usig distributed, then normally. If all in one a corner pull rank on (box with kormushkami or big thermos, for example), then perekosit a little bit of a.
If stowed, directly to G-neck krepezhu Preston new Off Box Cross Arm, then there there is convenient nut, which can be survive fixing instruments and enough rigidly his fix. But me decisional laziness such to do - G-shaped fixing instruments is worth not actor on got and platform. With so officially spiraling. / it's being twisted himself a table still the pleasure. So I have mounting your through bystrosem Korumovskiy. Taking of course present even simply so, but me this absolutely not irks.



I think zamest mega can tray, do 2 the table super can tray - for slice and dice, himself (feeders, tea, cigarettes) and this table, strictly for bait.



I made so:
On’s front leftist become through the poker Preston BANKSTICK Bait surpassed - exclusively for tool and jamborees
On the back leftist become Preston SIDE tray Large - for boxes and povodochnits, has reinforced adding two peg in the form of "legs."
On right-wing’s front become Preston GROUNDBAIT Bowl SET - the pelvis for prikormki
On right-wing the back become Korum Cool Bag and Accessory Hoop - for curiously closures, cozies and sandwiches with tea :)



Here is such budget razbornoy table did for industrialized fishing with levees :crazyfun:



JohannHans wrote:

unfond of men, Podskajite: Who owns thus table, with kripoeniem on the poker

Under nagruzhennosti for example in 1.5 - 2 kg, strongly his's mowing?

If necessary rigidly fix BANKSTICK Bait surpassed, then I for slice and dice, himself'm using representing the poker. All's when I place so, to bands side table with bottom were bracing in the plug (its feet platforms.



Continuation of office 365. Ah here is and I for its table. I think write many not d, will make report in caricature.
Remained to attach clips for transportation legs and u.



And how many such tool is worth with last photo?



pavlikua100 wrote:

A how many such tool is worth with last photo?

Rashid Pasha, bought these in lease.



From what safety can be prisobachit. Raze not can find the money. There is in available leaf aluminum, but small holes drilling as something not want, yes and fat, too.



pavlikua100 wrote:

A how many such tool is worth with last photo? … ategory/47 Music is in your city of :flag:

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Thank you. After Easter'll take a look in Warsaw, can cheaper a little bit of a



Question to leading: But as so broke a, that have a new razdvizhnogo table there fastening narezana not inch, and the metric - not have looked, yes? :D
Bought today this a device - all well with him, but here is only to screw it in on and a half turnover just :disappointed:
When asked on Vasily Grigoryevich Perov table for me to lift with platforms (himself not was able turn off o.o.), so seller-consultant his with plaskogubtsami) tried to to lift. Then truth undetermined found, but I only homes already understood what he with plaskogubtsami around him been writhing around :D
Okay, I his for industrialized fishing with bolonkoy bought these - there nothing heavy questioning / bind / putting yourself not will, but nipanyatna as something why such at all sell% -).

Photo from themes Kharkiv retailer flagship:

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Is worth do remark leading.



duffy333 wrote:

nipanyatna as something why such at all sell

All will table will offer buy adapter with carving BSF 3 / 8 "kh20 :D
And if there is no the to properties :mad:



Not, let immediately these adapter first Chinese :angry:



Vi me seems they simply kosyaknuli. A normal common man not will buy with such carving that would seek adapter either whet. Either wait until "flagship of the would open America" that would invented adapter to his a new devaysu. :crazyfun:



And can flagship went on meeting creative rybolovam planning produce a got a body kit on would directly kill and racially task with metchikami, why seek and buy BSF can be ordinary. :D



Can flagship of the thought :question: and after some diesel dyke I'll... I'll figure that will indeed enjoy the demand :idea: and we strike it rich. Joke of course, on the door frame, think is worth leading otpisatsya on this about.



Unsubscribe and extradite Prize the who messed up is all :crazyfun:

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