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Prairie stories.

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Finally, die aller neueste Kreation aus. Slumbers in which color the tip rods up just signal about poklyovke, have become take action.
On the evening days project included the Resurrection phone has now issued phone call a friend, with which in season travel Gone Fishin '(,
- Greetings! That tomorrow one takes?
- Hmm. Yes especially the and nothing. And that?
- A go tomorrow on fishing? It tamp down, yes rods up spolosnyom!
Two times such questions in peak of fishing starvation ask need not.
Morning. The sun. From moreover seats yous from its feet are rising the flames designed a.
- worms and you maggots I have there is.
- A prikormka?
- What-i.e.?
(Pomyatuya "respected komradov read to come winter evenings), I said, that need have the that need to, not what that there is!
Alas and Oh. Music was closed. The second, too,, and in the third. Ah his on figs, the the third Music.
In end was purchased prikormka Gukk, the kind that was on the shop window and the aft night crawlers in as a living sostavlyuschey. Perishing not was special difference. Importantly ON fishing trip.
And here is he hillsides, indeed do one of inflows Mikhail Kakhovsky revenues Canal.

In transported colleges Picker Trabukkovskiy and Maverovskiy Volkswagen Jetta TDI, although knowing sayta eat, he been filed wasn that for company, for easy movement hands there's gravy uletele would on the other Bank. Ah and to max und match, ah this is so, on anyone case, suddenly war and we are not prepared. Pro chair Corum perishing and to speak not worth.
Ur. Toured.
People sits and something but. Even one the guy with fiderom pulled up next.
Ox logogram- my! Ah who same so puts udilishche? Ohhhh. Not read you reflections those who remembers than reeks gunpowder Italian battles.
In day discoveries season, the speed evolving just that was, can be compare with speed dressing young cadet in FLETC.
In selmagovskom tazike (sorry perishing, until here is so) was proved is bought prikormka plus package Fish Drimovsokgo "Fidera", as it turned out this about offense talked, in the context something there is ah and night crawlers of course.
Until the entire this "vinaigrette" nastaivalsya, I tackled disciplining chairs in state of Fighting willingness. I repent, immediately privintil Prestonovskuyu "raschyostku" striker what. Then thought, that this is not there is well, revised. I sat in chair and figured, well Picker to nose. Hmm. Conveniently. Ah here is so a little bit of a, little to the left and zeer good.

From weaponry:
Mr. Picker - Trabucco Neox Bomb 2,7m.
Coil - Ryodi Stamina 2000
The fishing line is - Trabucco Fider 0,18
Ceasing - Trabucco T-Force (0.1 mm - 30 centimeters
Hook - accurately not remember a digital significance model, ah accurately Gamakatsu, Number 14-ese with long one tsevyom.
In as a snap - Pater Noster (disambiguation) associated separately.
The bait the worm and maggot. (Maggot in principle the and not been used on reason fortune - kerydk).

And here is now seriously. Very difficult to overcome in itself the, that wass budget provides for and utrambovano with the first fishing in five years yes on todays day.
Not monopoly bottom. Brick poplavlok not yet bought, and dzhigovym method enjoy not becomes. Yes and not became, thinking about how, that terrain this Alternatively Canal known, doing upside down cone. Impose, under the Bank. And ZAKLIPSOVALS.
The first time in life. Ah and understandable, that the first time in life after such a zabrosa forgot close it.
Not klyuvait.
Passed minutes two.
And again want say BIG THANKS THANK YOU all those whot share here skills, experience yes and simply Council. Read same, that in the early fishing need perezabrasyvat with massacres at regular intervals in mucus-two minutes.
Journey took it out of tackle. Rang crime as, pishknul "Maritime cancer" from Rocket Baits, again impose. With little gun-shy. And suddenly now blow in clip-on earring and Enura Abdullayeva-Enura Abdullayeva tooling?! Keep place it vertically, according to the as Dr. prescribed, in end impose have ah simply the.
Silence. Hmm. Okay, let us rest. Again perezabros.
I?eyoaeu, makes customer satisfaction as a two knuckleheads them loaded foam, and one fiderom only nedoumyonno watched for me.
And again perezabros. Poklyovka.
In the hands of proved it's also an size of with and a half of match box. Turn around and let-ON. With this initiative.
Not can say, that someone became on point, yes and not was the point, for zabrosami point has turned into a the table, diameter of meters in five. But in end seven karasey poluladoshechnykh and so much same unmet poklyovok yes and two in a bay leaf. Wind roughed up nerves, forcing change the tip on play rough, all, for the most soft from arsenal, if to believe concern to written in 1 oz, acted as a under aspirations wind increasingly that wanted to. Yes and the grasses forced pomatyukatsya.
Strange, but worked all two spray, given this "examine alternative treatments for river cancer" and "Goker" from FD. Why worked? Because, without vneshnogo influence, poklyovki not occurred.
I?eyoaeu caught in two times more, but his feeder srabtal just two times, and increasingly else on foams. Ah and figs with him)

Ur! Season OTKRYT!

Sorry for mountains words and just one thing photo, worms have prepared, and here is grids on a camera not even loaded!)

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With the inauguration season! Have read gladly! :cool:




Thank you! So much waited this season and here is it, die aller neueste Kreation aus!)



The imminent Sunday fishing entire week not ready contemplated, Moon soul color dreams in which feeder hunches in arc from poklyovki, ah and monster somewhere in the recesses of souls little worm doubts, relentlessly did its work entitled, A suddenly'm painting the ceiling fishing?

Not collapsed.

Afternoon with utter clarity worker day transformed in the full torturing, thought was one, How would have time infishing Music until his closing, just hand that shit increasingly buy that need to?. Yes and shiny new nasadochnyy table Stonfo while another burned hands, perishing quite was excited right now his somewhere no chair or any space.

Look at on their counter retailer range of prikormok FD yes and not only, I on some time podvis. My company reimburses me, and that same borrow?. Ultimately a counsel with themselves a yes and with a consultant for in gamazine stalled on next set, two package feeder , two package gross-carp with betainom , package red carp and flavouring BigFish increasingly Fish Dream have, and so same 300 grams cannabis Rocket Baits that after a mess. Thank you Alex (template: User ru), snabdivshego me fair amount portion moldy worm, which leader was coming add in prikormku in as a zhivoyo component of and on which in principle something and leader was coming harvest.

Whew. Increasingly.
The remittances of was appointed in Sunday noon. The road confronted not delivery to, yes and not close 120 km. That tenderly greets side, berdyanskie the fishers, indeed do fisherman roughly explained as get on hillsides?!
Under about fishing la-la and talk on naval mould-topics (i?eyoaeu Colonel aviation in store) we and not noticed as are poised on rate Dakhno, that in Berdyanskom district, Zaporozhye area.

Lyudeeeey . That of Rouvray in bank.
Thank you berdyanskomu counterpart, seats were booked in advance. Familiar with Oleg, owner Berdyansk fishing club, with which until this bit only through the phone and the internet. On his information people hard but dimensional an ah and kiloshnym, and the and more karpikom case the brain.
Dismount up here with speed of light, (my God and as only in ZAZ Lanos Pick-up so much just fit in there).
'm kneading it prikormku, ah and until she comes to konditsiya restricting place. In mind moreover, that a normal brick your fishing bobber in our stores thing AWN2 / workspace6 sum, have been arguing prostuchat bottom gruzilom. With hard understanding, that I there snitched , zaklipsovalsya measures on forty.

Place it Maver Genesis Black Ice 3.6 forge the
The coil Cormoran Corcast 5 Pif 3,000.
The cord Sunline Super PE 20 a1,600.. There is I have suspicion, that pudgy, huh as for the medium, if yes, then tell respected colleagues?!
Pater Noster (disambiguation) associated separately on a fishing line.
Ceasing Trabucco T-Force (0.1 mm.
Hook Gamakatsu # 14 with long one tsevyom, a series of not remember.

Ah that, will walk thru?
A dace UEFA were complimentary immediately, I would even said instantaneously. Not always giving a hook with the bait slide on bottom. The increasing number of oparyshey nor to what not led, indeed do plotve and verkhovodke was on't care. I?eyoaeu sitting and is quite surprised watched in my side. Have him zero, not despite two as and feeder, and I have here such the vaudeville. Do sandwich maggot-maize. Ah and that. The same a dace. I?eyoaeu bugs from water an. On worm . So. Global priority. The worm increasingly-??? managed plodding until trawling. Confident poklyovka and SUMMERS YOU. Indeed do perch. Ah and the well, already not a dace.
Worm on hook, donku: Diving!
Again poklyovka . Ah finally . Sea Bass. Led in podsak and quietly has sighed. So. With plotvoy more-less worked out. On worm Crucian ever responds more-less do. The only but, the percentage of implementation poklyovok was the 50-the 50. 've shortened ceasing doubled. Marriage became less. Poprobovav nazhivit maize received one an in a hatchling pond and one social.
Grew dark.

On today ?????.
Ah, it is time and also enjoy our specialties.
Stars was the recipient the sky. Beauty was indescribable. Modicum astronomy study. But eyes the snow, demanding give them sleep. Morning began in half of chyotvyortogo. Under nightingale trills, I a bit on Different established chair.
And again increasingly first!)
In end, hours in 10-00 was taken decision two legal with President. For this already wired on rybozagotovku.
In end I have 6.5 kg an and small fry. Have a friend lot more, but two as (and at night at all four) this not is considered. And a carp we so and not and facebook.

That liked?
Hillsides, nature, a good Crucian, a dace, too, not petty. Nova star the sky and nightingale trills. Yes and popping virtually under with their feet the emerald lizards added the usual. As I understood this were, males, for scramble they staged sublime.

That not appreciate?
Songs pro passport in blood, "screws", rigs and so on. All of these "modern" creative us they were trying to sell neighbors. Ah and their semaphore on dubinakh ispi-make a sound me the entire the brain.

Until accurately not d am confident, that I eiaee in perspective field place, not far fell, analyze that any sooner. Fishing Commission itself and Slava God.



Schnur Sunline Super PE 20 a1,600.. There is I have suspicion, that pudgy, huh as for the medium, if yes, then tell respected colleagues?!

Javadxan. As least in 2 times less, and the and 8 a1,600. Will "for eyes"



Danser wrote:

that pudgy, huh as for the medium

As the me, thick in the body for fidera I.M.H.O., at all
Text or How a new coil themselves has shown? I have obtain not broke a (sorry for pun), somewhere on New mails to steam it out. Already after holidays.

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aha. As least in 2 times less, and the and 8 a1,600. Will "for eyes"

Thank you for advice! ??? my suspicions victories, ah and very prodvinutomu "adviser" in no clothing left, which in October me vtulil this the cord separate "respekt."




usage How a new the coil themselves has shown?

It is difficult to answer unambiguously! Worked well, deal not has driven down on zabrose, but. Without confident poklyovok on "vzhzhzhzhiiiiiii." Difficult test work clutch, but carp us ignored.
So that. Claim until there is no.



Judging by from design (big dozen shpuli and respectively clutch) increasingly should be good, but practice-the best test.



Danser wrote:

Schnur Sunline Super PE 20 a1,600.. There is I have suspicion, that pudgy, huh as for the medium

On Environmental udilishche, (maver abis, 3.6), I have is worth the same cord, only 10 mikronization, given that account for fling and 70 Propulsion Kormaki net weight, then in the most times.




on Environmental udilishche, (maver abis, 3.6), I have is worth the same the cord, only 10 mikronization,

As the saying goes, "Dont is exposing the, who nothing not makes", - and loath d buy a new the cord.)



When domestic voice says, that need miss taking a spontaneous road fishing trip, means need his listen to.
Not listened. Ah as same, fishing trip miss? It impossible by definition.
- Ljoska, nothing not Buy, I have increasingly there is?
- fish-sicles, maggot ?
- There!
In end, prikormkoy proved team selyanka from heap began packages different producers, and moldy worm can be was use in as a chemical weapons, so he blagoukhal off with ammonia.
Another lesson on subject, not figs hope on someone, increasingly need to do very.
In as a a body of water was chosen the Gulf Mikhail Kakhovsky reservoir in district - Brusyliv. The, that is on a highway Kharkiv-Simferopol, on between Zaporozhem and category: Melitopol.
Had to rush on the morning on hillsides, but alas. All seats were USSR dubinschikami. Can be was sited on stones, in fact on railway hillocks, but as something news harvest fish when literally behind have you trains, snooping around.
Until found free seats, already quite dawn. Looked where will have to fish and thought, that better was would sited on stones, for so much debris on Bank I have long not saw.
Overcard! The bottle raznokalibernye, banks, packages from under prikormki, yes and simply packages . Our people perhaps impossible accommodate to purity.
Until raskladyvalsya, was playing on the Stripper head on all four hand, as a-a fighter, for popping in of refraction viper not provided contemplated. Understand, that themselves they not decry, but increasingly would still, ah his to now be off this theory.
Fishing was cognitive.
The first. Obkatal novopriobretyonnyy brick your fishing bobber from Korum. Not Id say, that now everything know and understand, but certain clarification in anybody increasingly ??? there was. And on how thank you.
The second. Filled up slender ranks murderers vershinok. Reading about how respected're all compadres break kvivery,, wondered Nu as its can be break the?. It turns out increasingly very simply, no magic there is no and in speak of. Impose and You're a mess the cat ?????????????? Vaske. Even and not understood from-for what? The most the thin the tip on courses Mavere became on seven centimeters in short.
Third . And here is third me very strongly puzzled. The percentage of implementation poklyovok was very low. Poklyovka, kviver virtually in arc, strike and a zero. A montage Israels right to-line. There's gravy AKhS 28 grams, ceasing 30 see Climate length defence wakes up aggressivity (reductions) nothing not gave. Misunderstanding underway very strongly iai?yaaao.
In end, and a half dozen ladoshechnykh karasey, are those days the tip, vytrepannye nerves and square from heat head.



Danser wrote:

Climate length defence wakes up aggressivity (reductions) nothing not gave.

On logic, need to was lengthen.



BAMBUR wrote:

Skyfall logic, need to was lengthen.

Thank you. 'll keep that in mind.



Danser wrote:

Third . And here is third me very was quite concerned about it. The percentage of implementation poklyovok was very low. Poklyovka, kviver virtually in arc, strike and a zero. Installation of Israels right to-line. There's gravy AKhS 28 grams, ceasing 30 see Climate length defence wakes up aggressivity (reductions) nothing not gave. Misunderstanding underway very strongly iai?yaaao.

Crucian carps like such deal :flag: Such a sense of, that he not-the pourer in his mouth, and be standing for absurdly remote / the tip Takes and pulling in side. In next time under such other conditions will prevent try installation of "helicopter" - sometimes strongly helps.
And at all man for rule do on 3-4 mounting type simmetrichka / nesimmetrichka / "helicopter" / to-layn and do in bags with a - many seats they not occupy, and reverse installation of and try something another always quickly you can.



duffy333 wrote:

Such a sense of, that he not-the pourer in his mouth, and be standing for absurdly remote / the tip Takes and pulling in side.

In the early 90s, one familiar gamekeeper in Belarus, mentioned roughly, too, most, that Sergei says. Crucian nurtures as in public dining room. Came, saw, ordered, received and is gone, "for a table" sat. Neatly karasik took and in's ghostin 'in side, to no one nothing not unionized. Himself eat and nor with whom nott share. Otherwise, will-will come supostaty and they'll take it away pay puffs out it. And eat khotsetstsa all and always. Law of nature - to devour and flourish.



Danser wrote:

You can was sited on stones, in fact on railway hillocks, but as something news harvest fish when literally behind have you trains, snooping around.

As this us accustomed)

Danser wrote:

&. Filled up slender ranks murderers vershinok. Reading about how respected're all compadres break kvivery,, wondered Nu as its can be break the?. It turns out increasingly very simply, no magic there is no and in speak of. Impose and You're a mess the cat ?????????????? Vaske. Even and not understood from-for what? The most the thin the tip on courses Mavere became on seven centimeters in short.

, too, most an and me. ???? before zabrosom checked to not was perekhlesta, but in of last stage zabrosa in sight mono obmatala the tip, camping on K. Kormukha at flying 10 of-the-has slowed and I heard "click." Now need to buy 0,5oz on Shimano



duffy333 wrote:

In next time under such other conditions will prevent try a montage "helicopter" - sometimes strongly helps.
And at all man for rule do on 3-4 mounting type simmetrichka / nesimmetrichka / "helicopter" / Israels right to-layn and do in bags with a - many seats they not occupy, and reverse installation of and try something another always quickly you can.

Thank you Sergei! Recording and-imposed rigidities - as have establishment Picks. Exactly I received response to question, which not In ask, "Could a montage to influence implementation of poklyovok?"



Nafanja wrote:

Also most an and me. ???? before zabrosom checked to not was perekhlesta, but in of last stage zabrosa in sight mono obmatala the tip

Is about. Always is allowing, to not was perekhlyosta, yes it the very tested, say so, when before zabrosom podmatyvaesh to let the line out. But alas. Something there not worked.



Festival Fishing Life 2012
My the first contest, fishing the first.
Increasingly Footbal backdrop in Berdyanskom district, on rate near khutora Dakhno. The organizers and sponsors: Berdyanskaya for the district administration, berdyanskiyfishing club Fishing-life , Zaporizhzhyafishing club, TM Trophy , TM Potpourri (music) , Ribolovniy club Rybolov Land , and so zhmenya berdyanskikh newspapers and television channels.

Was the likelihood, that I can overshoot with the participation, on transportation reason, for my previous not was able to go. Thank God, kuma long be convinced not had to. From him fisherman, as from me deltaplanerist, but importantly homes not sit. From category: Melitopol even were participants, team Hi. Cool, in the composition of the Alexander Zolotukhin (baby template: User ru) and Andrei Ayvazova.
After Friday night a football senile, when unqotable emotions were jamming fair amount share beer, a Saturday on the morning in anybody zinged. But fees not none, and in 8-00 we sail off from home Bank.
Hillsides met solar, but perishing excessively windy weather. Had registered had, indeed do registration past only I, for Kum said, as cut off, I disgrace ourselves not d!.
The organizers called essentially, and the fishers moreover or conjures mogul poloskali rods up. Decided not to train, for our body of water more-less known, yes and can be to combine retreatments with while, simply standing alongside Zolotukhinym and observing his work. Sasha without hiatus on 15, skirdoval dace and casualties, which were teetered wall.
Near representative 15 fishing club, catching the same casualties, but already on match. Plug in such a weather was more liability, than assistant.
Opening the.

Zazdravnye speech, popular songs, pep talk from Cossacks, again same songs in their execution, and then us decided wine and dine kuleshom.
- My company reimburses me. Who would have such homes ate, and. And here on cheers matter.

Moreover from judges.
At all a bit about really festival. Thirty participants, with utterly different levels knowledge and training. The most junior, was years on 11. Comment judges, about how, that had forced deal with the one pounder, poplavochnym or fidernym, industrial hall equipped one crocheted triggered roptanie in ranks,
- Glyayayayaya A chegoooo one hook. Let us although would two!
But judges were're very adamant about that, basic un sports fishing not are discussed.
Then people went to on presentation products trade brands Trophy column and Potpourri (music), ah and then master class on fideru from Sasha (baby template: User ru) and on it comes to shagging poplavochnymi rigging of this ship in execution representative Zaporozhian club object star Vitaliy (hope with surname not Shiller wrong).

The most often raised question denial so,
- A how many same this increasingly is worth?

Zolotukhin tried to explain, that all of this entourage athlete, lest during competition not lose time, but me seems, that his little who listened to, people stood with square eyes, many the first time saw fidernye rods up. Then turn just beneath until poplavochnikov.

Then boys, having entered Raj, are starting teach young people zameshivaniyu prikormki and exactly zakarmlivaniyu.

Ah and then already, got 3 Batyj took Ryazan, we took by storm refrigerator with beer. Feast can be has been delayed until not quite remember racking up how many. Fishing that, anecdotes, and therefore laughter stood on camp.

Grapple settle down, everyone, truth, someone, not d show finger at in side of the highest for fisherman, gender night was stumbling on either camp in search of his the phone.
Morning. 5-00. The rise. All with pomyatymi, but grave officials, truth supply laugh even remained, and loath camp to wake up under our ha-ha.
So as on water feature sufficient number of a carp and an, rate decided to do on him. For a month ago sea Bass lovilsya enough well, cosiness of draft competition plotve.
Hi. Cool are starting for prikormku. To not lose time, I, too, decided to work some magic, indeed do do is a clever kind of. Two package FD Gross Karp with betainom mixed with two packages FD Karp XXL, added liquid aromy Skopeks, plus 300 "grape" rasparennoy cannabis und maize Bandyuel. Wasn that remained with shamanskim FIBPlus around pelvis jump, but drum does nearby not was, even friggin 'sense drum and moreover not was.
Sifted through yet prikormku in a sieve.
Red line of being able Zolotukhin,ve smelt prikormku.
- Yummy)
Zherebyovka. The first in life. Get 16 th sector.

Delivering things in sector and'm to set chair, for that immediately same from judges received an earful,
- Things not disassemble. You will on this a host hour.
Apologized and left sector. Qom, which chestiune me in coaches, poored butter in the fire, yornichaya on in this or about. Neighbors proved the fishers in age, which take aim in such derp wind harvest floaters. Already easier, that not someone from monsters fishing of workshop.
Entry in sector.

Hour Kolkevich virtually imperceptibly. Recent 15-Ventotene minutes until start sat in got and tried to draw it in anybody taking some action plan. Such round 6 zone under Picker, for on this rate large carp sometimes are they biting under with their feet, and are starting enleve with the far-zone.
Importantly could engage in battle, and there will in sight!
Bank-Bang! . Rocket has moved in the sky.
Zakormil with only does round 6 zone, and siding with on meal the far-, here perishing had to tinker the feeding trough. Truth point create not broke a, for wind depositing their adjustment. Poklyovka on moldy worm, zero. The second. So same zero. Bleak, mother its . But we the on an take aim, let us his be convinced. This and was my the most the main a mistake. In end, on return beyond 1.5 hours I have in sadke wandered along the tunnels two ukleyki, sunny sea bass and sailor size of from jokes pro mayoneznuyu a jar. Change the far-zone on round 6 nothing not gave.
As here not recall words see hvonder's been at, This is some the shame .
So, with karasyom unique gold, and the thus can be take honorable 30th place, then move the last. Immediately imagination expected me to see it wrathful headlines in urban newspapers, taunting e-replicas demonizing, closed to me doors fishing stores, year syllabus ban on Forum .
Brrrrrrrrrrrrr .
Siding with on Picker, so worked more accurately moisture to the feeder. One bleak, the second, the third .
And can perlovku try? Yes, not quite sports and, but now not until zhyru!
A dace, with the good. So, interestingly, and if honey spritz? The second a dace. Hmm . On moldy worm bleak bugs, but on perlovku a dace. Ah means dance Danca from this the stove. Glance on clock, remained until finish three hours. Almost two hours spent in empty.
Poklyovka . Crucian! Did?
Can another. Betraying me with poppy seeds. Again a dace.
Sent his a trainer for line Front. Through gender hours NIE has brought the next to wage, athletes gets caught dace and casualties, those who on easier either at all nothing not gets caught, either on connected with gave gets caught an hasn't. Easier not became.
Such, such, such. Pause in klyove be tackled podsadkoy moldy worm.
Are, across the line. Toured.
Sit, skloubeni.
Delegation from judges, organizers of, the telenovela people, the rest of and until me.

Scales, have shown 1,200-. Quickly, I could even watch in Protocol, figures in 40, 80, 100 grams me calmed a bit, thank God not the latest. Qom, he same coaches, which was running with my a camera, said that have ZAVa catch Senate.

Collect all their belongings.
All results not have become to declare, began to with 10 th seats. Having heard weight capture of, immediately became understandable, that me in the list not will. Zolotukhin fifth, his partner Andrei Ayvazov the fourth, zaporozhtsy [third and the second place, ah and the first with weight in 2.7 kg policies--and fisherman, which exactly and baited in the connected.

That rewarding for, his little boy, the latch is years 11 fringes, policies--and sixth place. Awarding, dignified celebration winners, awarding gifts. All participants a consoling prizes in the form of of ratification of. And the thank you.
Me ate away at curiosity, ate away at so, that shavings kept falling,, I then what place policies--and?.
It turned out that 11-most know Has analyzed their actions, and became understandable, that lost clock on ugovarivanie an, emptied me seats in 2010. Ah not idiot, and?
Posyorbali Ushitsy and managed not to. Pores was to go home.
And me liked, if honestly. On Different you look on fishing. Brains Mehdi Karrobi immediately, forcing seek exit from situation. In any case experience very ensured and a useful. Not whether competition, for this same time had to content with isolated poklyovkami, and figs would who I bred about 30 letters, and here not the best drawer that, but more kg increasingly ??? nadyorgal. Here is you and figure.
Thank you organizers.
Thank you all children, which shared its experience, nothing not obscuring the and not, withholding!

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In Friday telephoned i?eyoaeu, aaneaou as I on expense moreover, to in Sunday to go Gone Fishin '(? Not giving him pleasantly to end phrase, I said, - Eating.
Spouse, having heard about my plans on the only output, do not justify phrase wolf from
Flushed / sovereign Lived-was,
- ShO? APT?
- Ahm!
Prevailed a friend, to sacrifice rybalkoi on platnike, sake of trip on Kakhovsky (disambiguation) conflict - Canal. Likes me this our body of water its fish tank and its unforeseeability. In past Year, he gave me beautiful golavley, harvest which one thing pleasure. In this time, too, was surprise, but about offense slightly later.
The remittances of was appointed on afternoon with utter clarity evening. After work time facilitated wasn only swing by in Music for prikormkoy. We take aim on an, but Andrei Ayvazov, consultant retailer Oh, cool place , and on moonlighting a participant team Hi. Cool , advised pay attention on leschyovuyu component prikormki, do its leschyovo karasyovoy, truth FD Sea Bass on search retailer was missing and for lack makes been decided its was replace Karpov ingredient.
FD station wagon - 1 kg.
FD bream - 2 kg.
FD Karp with betainom - 0.8 kg.
Rasparennaya cannabis 0.4 pounds.
Bank corn Bandyuel - 1 Tennessee
Maggot 200 Propulsion
Path on hillsides, and this 160 kilometers flew imperceptibly. Here is and Canal.

I decided to on the evening not harvest. Established equipment, (even times BIG THANKS THANK YOU all, who advised that me bought chair Korum and got a body kit on to him), zamesil prikormku and decided to work-out with Marker. Exiting from directions, has found dM clams. Obvious brovok not was, or I poorly sought.
At night enshrined for, which suggested his grass, with all stemming consequences. Remained only wait, when turn on the spigots'm getting my name on.
Hours to 8 morning, for waned.
Crucian, another. Sea Bass ever responds heartfelt, grams on 300. Have a friend poklyovka and on the hook proved podleschik, grams on 400. Then another. Then confident poklyovka I have and this you snot-nosed proved in podsake. Then another and even. Again confident poklyovka, leapfrog and . As same pleased feel elastic tugging on how late string.
Neatly began to pump rypku. Place it practiced all tugging enough well, but on anyone case weakened fritskion, for not knew with whom I play in tug of war. Hoped that this bream, but rival proved the weighty Crucian, on glance, grams 500-600.

Sometimes was glitching a worthy a dace. The entire fish was captured on sandwich - solvents and maggot.
In 11-00 decided flock.
Fish they were catching, soul have been downgraded and is spectacular.
In next time, need harvest khevikom, for there's gravy in 52 grams, yes even under good wind not quite comfortable cargo for the medium on this water feature, in end two k snap and sawn-off twist are spaced on klipse, but this already on my impulse, and crime as with less weight, for kept turning. Ah and pea plants add in prikormku, who same thought, that podleschik so brazenly themselves will to wage, and on the idea of, there where podleschik, must be and his senior brothers and sisters?! Taking aim on an, and it enabled as broke a.
To word, this my the first podleschiki!

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Death "ear what I had heard"

In majestic celebration Day fisherman's, think you are going on fishing. Me particularly no one and not asked, aaneaou tomorrow eat with overnight sailing, two machines. Will ukha! A Saturday on the morning, when I took aim go infishing Music, to know to wage with fields , watch what fisheries products has given birth to and that from this me simply necessary, was sent telephone phone call,
- Ljoska Hi. You goin '?
- From / To fields?
- At fishing . In 14-00 I have you, prikormku Buy and on my soul, then we'll figure it out!
Clock showed 11-00. Had to include system and more to promchatsya on shop.
FD bream 1 kg.
FD bream with betainom 0.8 kg.
FD Sea Bass 1 kg.
FD station wagon 2 kg.
Completely fluid aroma FD "Brasem."
A tinned cannabis she - 1 bank.

Already homes boiled grams three hundred some dried bread and barley and so much same polovinchatogo pea plants.
And again hello Kakhovsky (disambiguation) conflict - Canal.
Raskladyvalis under rain. Truth long he us not bathed them. And here is again is shining the sun shining. Such kardibalety with weather not quite contribute to a fishing trip, ah yes okay. Eve holiday increasingly-???.
Promeryat bottom exactly and not cost, all was zaklipsovano with past times. Gorge myself (word-then what) five kormushkami. Are starting harvest, indeed do "rinse rods up. Zero full. A sense of, that fishing in swimming Tongge. Variations with the bait nor to what not cite. Have five inherent different prikormka. Not Phi-HA . Ah and Allah with it, with the fish tank. Let us also enjoy our specialties!
Morning began in 4-30. On as our passengers must have been tempted by Crucian. Crucian, this well. But in any case on ear lacks.
Udlinyayu ceasing until one meters (what cost me this step) and double I shrink his dozen until 0.1 mm. (Thinner filament simply there is no in arsenal). On hook three moldy worm andm closing Custer.
Through couple of minutes confident poklyovka, but perishing any nervous systems. A dace. Oh-so- iaaoou caldrons we increasingly ??? we'll eat?!)
Remont, the bait, the worm andm closing were a couple oparyshey. Through some time don't bother me sailor. Poklyovki await the five-seven minutes, then perezabros.
The tip rods up began smoothly'll bend over, increasingly stronger and stronger . Common or Bronze Bream. Then another. Already easier.
Poklyovka, strike indeed do Im taking picture place it with racks, for on a coil pletyonka and Friction clutch dumbfounded vzhiknul. A small Chemponat tudoy-syudoy and in podsake proved heartfelt Crucian, grams on 700. With hand neighbors just came flying currencies C2 and yornichestva, for they cigarette.
- Nu understandable. Dragged us Gone Fishin '(figs knows where, and themselves on something gets caught and us not say!) What, exploded podleschik?
- Javadxan!
- Nu and thank God.
Ukha Commission itself. But me seems, that on the evening she was would more to community. Ah yes okay, reality deal such. For the remaining time vymuchal even one an and your heelbone podleschikov. Increasingly. ?????. It is time flock home, for to saw 160 km., and tomorrow even on work.
, I take it out a hatchling pond, ah lest he managed get yourself cleaned up and here struck khalepa In sadke lay cargo, some sort of lead Hi,, in and a half kg weight, and so as trabukkovskiy a hatchling pond noted: Their recent days, Hi, this has found quite subtle place and has done in offense bucks hole, through which the entire fish and ducked out sometime on my the eyes of. Looking on the, with what relish these tailed's rushed in native mix, I has laughed. Loudly. Stood tossed in the hands of the murdered a hatchling pond and are observed perhaps on the whole our body of water!)
- What happened?
- Sadok ruptured and the entire fish ducked out sometime!
Gathered, sat across in machine, I yawned and I a fly! Had to stop, for i?eyoaeu from laughter could not to hold on to drive cars. Here is such a fishing Lies in Day for fisherman!

p.s. Sorry that without photographs, for photo camera exploted in making [a buddy)

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(On hastily formulated)
Yesterday were on principles (Kakhovsky (disambiguation) conflict - Canal). Virtual time fishing six hours, with 06-00 until 12.00.
Eiaee on feeder Maver Genesis Black Ice.
The bait sandwich - the worm with nobody. Fish-sicles Fish Dream. On the station wagon + bream + Sea Bass, with adding boiled answered pea plants and some dried bread and barley, all of this sdobreno aromoy Fish Dream. On the Brasem, truth Isaev ??? pereuvlazhnit prikormku.
In end two a white bream, grams on 700, one kilogramovyy bream (my personal Best (film) for this fish) and seven golavley, ah and two the vanishing. Two bass and one a goby not believe. Have a friend catch easier, two golavlika, sea Bass and two very decent plotvitsy. Increasingly would well, but the coastal strip the grasses fucking had enough of, from-for it lost two podleschikov.
Failings in klyove have left very many questions, indeed do the reason failures. Should several poklyovok, then pause in gender hours. Steadily ever responds only golavl, cosiness of in fact on falling borrow bait.
There is it extricate tudoy it. The guys from the team "Hi. Cool" (other athletes on neighborhood there is no), yes see for them, as they solve such problems?!



Feel, pleasure received from fishing. :) At photo smile has become brighter! :) hymalayan, in derzhitsya will?



Yura. Removal of, my "Nikon" so and got laid up for all of this time in parlor scene car. Immediately was not until pictures (batter's box now prikormki on me), yes then same even need will very. In the process industrialized fishing photographed was with, for i?eyoaeu, too, are OK is fishing, and after fishing not was already forces.
But I'll do better. I promise))



Danser wrote:

Yura. Removal of, my "Nikon" so and got laid up for all of this time in parlor scene car.

Alexey! Willingly believe. Himself such. On extreme a fishing trip can be same was derzhitsya do about it, so I all time were fumbling as not with prikormkoy, so with River Kymi. All experiments pose, to fish "efforts" sought. :)



Ode To "liveru."

Some leap kind of the situation at work, entitled madhouse, not allows to escape Gone Fishin '(, yes that there fishing, on forum go once was. Only and watched in side their cordages, yes moaned.. Truth increasingly same one more time peach Gone Fishin '(, but its recall not want, for to three hours morning, I terrible hated Noggano , and their felony drunken in blind passengers ready was shoot her) and dismissing in water feature, or same contrary.
Thank God, friendly co vacation, size of even 4000m2 as well as in whole week and understandably, that two days were devoted a fishing trip.
Again there same, on Kakhovsky (disambiguation) conflict - Canal. With virtually in the most his undoubted origin, where the species composition fish very big, yes and there is no the zaregulirovannosti, which there is after the second, the third levees. A tentative NIE team Hi. Cool , confirmed, that podleschik, Crucian, golavl on place and await us.
On water feature were to by the evening. Weather first. Frankly, on evening zorke and to fish especially not like. Until such extent strapon these stone jungles , that I more enjoyed nature, than preparing for a fishing trip. But time passed, chair toppled, got a body kit on BOUC:, udilishche is prepared.

Fish-sicles to this time already just beneath.
Fish Dream. On the Feder 1 package.
Fish Dream. On the Lesh with betainom 1 package.
Fish Dream. On the station wagon 1 package.
Bank canned cannabis.
Peas, varennyy established and boiled spelt be scattered on 200 grams.
In as a living component of maggot and night crawlers.

Until darkness was couple of limited poklyovok, yes during vymatyvaniya cordage, after first gather steam; on hook sat ladoshechnyy sailor.
About game:
Udilishche Maver Genesis Black Ice 3.6 m
Cord Sunline 0.8 a1,600.
Ceasing Sunline 0.12 mm
Hook Preston, a series of 322, Number 12.
There's gravy Feder Sport, 42 "grape".
Morning pleased its plough and oh, the exceptional weather. Decided to do with start-up zakorm the raised the feeding trough, but after first two zabrosov refused from this ideas. The depth of big, order seven meters, and Netimer just planning in thicker water not will give the main feeding trough to land in the same point, where was zakormochnaya.
After third zabrosa received poklyovku which proved an idle, then another and again kholostaya. Have a friend in sadke swam couple massive karasey, and I have until clear cutting theory. 've shortened ceasing, until 70 see Impose every five minutes. Poklyovka, and my Crucian is sent in the landing net. Again poklyovka, golavl-robber, mellow during vyvazhivaniya scare off entire makes triviality went to there same. Again golalv, then another. It the well, already not with empty-handed, but where same podleschik? Gave obratku, had to harvest deflection (ballistics) under zabrose, to there's gravy sleep in one point, ah although would theoretically, although force tide the capitol and the table increasingly ???'s all screwy.
And here I recalled that literally for day before fishing, on advice Sasha Zolotukhin I bought spray Leaver from Rocket Baits. Ah pay. Poklyovka and on the hook Mr. Sisson is unhappy with maaaalenkaya gustyorka, through minutes ten a little bit of a lot more.
- Hmm. Not perishing the as on science, first has drawn triviality?
Get confident poklyovku, and . And dulya, ceasing as razor-sharp obrezalo on clam shell. Okay, we'll wait for.
Again poklyovka and the weighty podleschik stopped by in podsak. Then even and even. Common or Bronze Bream both with golavlyami, which their kavaleriyskimi attacks would bend in arc-third letterhead rods up. Only forgot process nasal spray bait, in as a which Ugandans the worm with nobody, as poklyovku accounted for wait very long, that exactly and did previous, is quite surprised despite me. I have sustained are they biting, and have him rare a twitch, although sat from each other in ten metres. But throwing good he roughly there, roughly here. Truth then beheld, that I'm using nasal spray.
- Yes perishing Ljoska, who would have think? Any stinky, and such a difference in klyove?!
Yes I and himself, frankly a bit was shocked such backyards. In end, to 14-00 when fever has become and head of, yes and flock it is time, and the to go home even two hours, in courses sadke proved catch common weight 7.4 kg (weigh the chain. did you in Milovskom 15 fringes litrovom the bucket), and have running mate, only three a white bream, three chub and three an. Here is those and - He got liver.

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Increasingly raze not has ever managed extricate Gone Fishin '(. Ah modicum far any. My fishing previous AWN2 / workspace6 is engaged in a, and have other, then diarrheic, then scrofula. There not'm going to go, here not want and so on .
In Saturday on the morning brought shoes Mitya in Music Oh, cool place. Yes simply so go, communicate with boys, modicum partly satisfy some this, the fishing hunger, although wasn can conversation about a fishing trip, replace the very fishing trip. Utopia.
Andrei Ayvazov, a member of team Hi. Cool , with someone spoke on the telephone, look at my snout in doors retailer, said to his telephone the interlocutor,
- A here is now and discover
And already recalling me,
- Lech. Go with us Gone Fishin '(?
I slightly not'd jump up on place from joy,
- Kudoy?
- In Zaporozhye, on Dnepr river!
Therefore ordinary in Music devolve into in procurement prikormki, difficult feeders, for there for and so on. Hi. Cool decided use VDE, I same decided not showing off, the more that baggage my knowledge even very caged, lest using expensive prikormku achieve from it outcome, and loath train bare feet because this on cats , then move on products FD.
Decided to take Feder, station wagon and bream with betainom , yes sdobrit the entire this vinaigrette Busterom Roque- nroll from Rocket BAITS. In as a living component of prikormochnyy night crawlers.
The remittances of was appointed on 2 hours night. Some leap kurazhu inscription the fact, that the imminent fishing was the first in my life fishing on Dnieper River, yes and long I wanted to spend some time fishing with compete. Something to learn, something ask?! The road under the full la-la on fishing themes went a-whistling by imperceptibly. Even until Check-Out, me warned, that there even will need we go on foot meters 300 , so that desirable to go nalegke.
Chair in transported, plus in the same transported the entire got a body kit on, yes plus a hatchling pond, build with prikormkoy, cover with udilischami . I a complete nutter, from such a nalegke. Draggin 'your ass had to through forest thicket, for in the dark it turned out that I pleasantly not remember as go. Some as have reached.
Free seats found immediately, Andrei Ayvazov sat in alone, and we with Sasha Zolotukhinym (template: User ru) occupied place in twenty metres. Until increasingly have prepared, zameshali prikormku, it's dawn .
Ox Oh, my a boogeyman . Beauty something what! Over slopes of mighty Dnepr stood easiest a, and surrounding us wood ah simply played turn paints eventually become addicted. Awakened and the boatmen, which began to as cockroaches to come waltzing tudoy-syudoy.
Zolotukhin long and thoughtfully this bottom, somehow until unfathomable for me way by style of. , too, tried to find style of without markernogo floater. Not fig not has found, truth on one of protaskivaniy metal weights on each end sensed legke Greek Max -- knock-Greek Max -- knock-Greek Max -- knock . Iaaoou the conch has the power?! Zaklipsovalsya.
Udilishche Daiwa Akvalayt 3.9 mm.
Coil Tica Sportera 4500 (after this fishing, appeared thought that she the easy for such a rods up).
The cord Sunline PE 0.10 a1,600.
Tooling is noose associated separately.
Hook Preston 322, on trabukkovskom tight leash 0.12 mm.
For immediately same establishes weight feeders 80 gr. Enjoyed fidersportovskimi bedlinen
Impose and Dont ways short until clips. Even times and again such a same khalepa. Know that Dayva must tossing handfuls figs knows where, but I have not is obtained. Zolotukhin sitting near not won their MAVERom consigned the feeder for horizon , and here such two choppers sho Sanya has brought their readjustments,
- Lesha. You udilishche at all not do your soul work with, because and such a the distance . Not afraid.
- At, share!
The flip and Sanya easily took out until clips, if would not she, then there's gravy would even flew by with couple of tens of meters.
- I see, I see. Let us learn.
Going gave to lend their results. Thank you Zolotukhinu.

Increasingly well, weather, nature One but, not single poklyovki in for hours. No one, nor I have, nor have cool. Variations with the bait, night crawlers separately, night crawlers with nobody, maggot . Not Phi-HA. Isn't quite your thing not worked. That for on figs? Ah be such a not can. Took out worm, purchased already in Zaporozhye have local chervyachnykh affairs craftsmen. Sooruzhayu sandwich with nobody and'm throwing up bricks here Minutes through 10 followed poklyovka, the first podleschik went to in a hatchling pond. Zolotukhin immediately stated this fact,
- oh-so- 1 :0, athletes lose.
The worm on hook, donku in water .
Passes even minutes 10, and the second podleschik.
- It two zero . Andryuyuyukhaaaa We stalking!
Then was 3 :0 and 5 :2.

In end, to 16-00, on three figures we nakolyadovali dozen podleschikov yes one dace. But athletes ??? streets. Yornichali about long!)
All of captured sank!
Opposite path, from rivers to machine me virtually've buggered. Felt every grams, just his skarba.)
The road home as always seems in short. Drinking with Andryukhoy beer, it anecdotes, discussed all perepitii fishing! In a whole rest up for a well . And fish. In next time'll gather them!)
For themselves completes his turn with those, that phrase obdobi Lenin, Study, learn and even times learn , as never daunting in matters fishing. Even need buy a good a bag, lest in matters trip nalegke not pull with a all belongings. Army's send on retirement, yes increasingly ??? buy normal their clothes. In this issue very attracted a suit Norfin Gale. And train themselves in matters genesis, range missiles and importantly accuracy zabrosa.

PySy. Am asking your pardon for number of photographs. Caribbean with a camera all was once, THE FlSH a.)



Opening the season. Hi,!)



Danser wrote:

Opening season. Hi,!)

Yes perishing, who would have think, that in 21 century, such opening the can be. But I think, that normal and comprehensive opening the soon. Luck and NKhNCh.


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