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Were with mate on Artemovke 14 July, soon here will hold its contest, he decided work out. Populyaren with date of origin in the hope that Gismeteo in which times'll make a mistake, but this not happened. Toured on a dam and rain already morosil, in end zameshivalis and raskladyvalis under parasols. In coastal zone many grass, mow need many, but on slippery wet levees this to do not have become and I is housed on previously whom the vychischennom . Need was pass diagonal position couple of times, because as couple of decent fish in the grass I increasingly same leaked. Week ago in this same place, the outcome dvadtsatiminutnoy work:

Understanding that high tempovoy industrialized fishing from under have an umbrella not tickles, immediately decided to use a bit feed - one pack quite closure of active, second large Fraktsionnuyu sticky mixture of, heavy. Also decided to add molasses making prikormku more of inertial in the hope that be appropriate bream. Week ago here same Blicca bjoerkna and a dace klevala very slow, major faction in prikormke been lacking for its of saturation and accounted for prikormku obednyat.
My composition:

1 kg Brain premium sport, 1kg Brain premium feeder, Brain molasses with caramel axis 120ml.
The first prikormka melkofraktsionnaya, black color of, with unqualified, the smell, is pomegranate, active. The second major faction, with large adding ground of grain, brown color of, with a shining aroma cinnamon, oppressive, adhesive. The good mixture of long holds aromatiku, in water not vykrashivaetsya, exactly vymelennaya. In general the this prikormka on my view very-very similar in Physics, used and color on prikormku G-STREAM socket may sport and G-STREAM socket may feeder devised Alexei pugachem. Bought Lekhinoy prikormki on two mailbox in the early season, enleve Ideology often, so similarity immediately saw.
Startonuli in 9.00. The distance 32 meters (an obscure the brink clams with sock of sand), udilishche Preston Exel super feeder 12 ft, vershinka the average (wind in face 3- 5 meters, with aspirations until 7-1930, wave of), coil Shimano stradik GTM rc 4,000, the main the cord YO-ZURI create Hardcore X8 Original Soundtrack, 13Lbs, there's gravy a small closed Fidersport 28 gr, Pater Noster (disambiguation). In as a povodochnoy first time put 0.104 Sunline Powerd Ayu Vip Plus raskosami Divine :cool:, me very liked. Initially put favourite soft Maver SLR, but under tempovoy it catching with two kicking ass and motylem on the hook she not suited - strongly curls up, is deformed. And this the fishing line is on rigidity that the secondary between soft Maver SLR and hard Preston Reflo. Tested mikrometrom not plyusit unlike Reflo.
Three zakormochnykh, linked the ceasing, impose fish has become immediately, Blicca bjoerkna and a dace 100 150 "grape", klevala on falling on ceasing 1.2 Dam. Quite often vletala fish more 200 "grape", but so same was and petty gustyorka grams on 40. There's gravy has fallen, through two of seconds is happening poklevka. Sometimes were pause - waited, slipped something into coarse a butterworm and Pinku, but major fish was little, only couple of skhodov a white bream in the grass near Bank. A minor podleschik 150 300 gr ever responds, too, actively, but his need was long wait, where the minute - mucus after as there's gravy has fallen on bottom. In this day the best outcome made their on plotve and gustere, although can be questioning in short ceasing and deliberately harvest a white bream. Perch was just couple of units grams on 30. Was biting, actively the entire day.
Week before this and my country the situation. Catching virtually those same:

The distance virtually the same. Fish was proshenaya , sluggish klevaki on falling, just lame-o a butterworm, lungs crap, Hi. Did you from forces 3 pounds. Meters 150 right sorrowful Kharkiv provides the distance closer meters on 5, the situation the same, fish the same. Complained on as inert nibble. Nibble for days was so, on the morning with 6.00 enough actively and to 14.00 smoothly on downturn.
Another a good the inauguration for me was hook Decoy K & R-28 Fine mini 14. Man gave try, told that very successfully but on him.

Thick wire, is a long Handguards, me he as the not grassroots in the early and I decided to let lies. From for inconvenience with wave of, rain and umbrella for disabled telecom, simplex, several likely Milo ami suehiro 305 (to gain Maver Katana 1040). Put Decoy. Hi,, realistically working a hook :huh:, implementation the good (from 11 zabrosov consecutive 11 fish, on 12 st zabrose he missed to the left 2 Dam in end wtf nerealizovannaya poklevka). Is identically the that on him many can be clothe 2D panoramic the pourer, quickly dress the bait and sack the fish. Still d in Saturday there same, stuck swim on him still.
Outcome fishing, caught more 7 kg.

Can be was to capture goooooooooooooorazdo more, but accounted for several times prolonged to duck in machine and to drink coffee when rain and wind strongly attempt. Rain behaved the entire day and only after 16.00 gave us reconstitute.

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Fish this season:
1. River Seversky Donets. February, temperatures air + 1. In 5 fringes kilometers from tets winter always open water
2. 16 th April. Shoal, the depth of in place industrialized fishing 30 centimeters to me. Eiaee under a balancing Bank on flet. Throwing good on easy slope Bank and stolen anything flet on meter: Diving
3. The end of the on May. The overnight fishing on immediate created
4. Until the biggest blackmail threat has been removed I bream 1,65kg
5. Catfish 6.5 kg took the bait on 11 milimitrovyy nasadochnyy khalibut S - PELLET SONUBAITS
6. Karp 10.2 kg on flet.
7. Pike perch 3,1kg took the bait on the worm
8. Karp 9 kg and 12 kg on flet

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Yurchenkovo 21 July
After fishing trips on 2008 usually always bear to go swim carp. In this time decided to to go for a holiday with friends, to teach their harvest fiderom. They long were asked take their with a, and the first fishing on feeder me seems must be on the koi a reservoir. Lost in Music, bought them shimanovskie budgetary fidera and coils, took cognac wash cordage, meat on barbecue, two pizza and forward.
Entire night behaved rain, on the morning the sun, but wind Yair, change weather. Decided to to go there where always are biting, last time on Yurchenkovo under good weather for clock Hi. Did you about 150 kg nekrupnogo carp and amur. A major nothing not was, the main fish carp, White Amur 1.3 - 2.5 kg, many was toddlers about kilo.
In this time a strong trolley onto a side wind, from for rain Bank dirty little, chilly. Feed received many.

Decided to swim immediately in two ways, flet and Ah, classic feeder with inlaynom. For flet fidera made a sauce 1 kg metodnoy prikormki Bait Tech hemp & Halibut, for the second stick made a sauce on whisper of vanilla soles of 2 kilograms Brain premium feeder.

Here same added bank canned corn and 24s slivovye and strawberry both: Boyle Brain slit chetvertinkami.

The distance the first 32 Dam - next of brovka. An ideal stick for these conditions, my favorite, dvukhchastnaya, slow by building Fox duo lite Avon 12ft, coil Shimano stradic 4,000 GTM RM, the main raskosami Shimano tehnium 0.25, inlayn, there's gravy middle fidersport 28 grams, hook Decoy K & R-22 # 8 (a good, inexpensive, worker karpovyy hook), ceasing 20 centimeters from to secure povodochnogo material ProLogic Desert Viper 15lb (indeed the thin and under this were instant material, why the have all producers 15 a1,600. What the different :dontknow:), was a hair installation of. Do five zakormochnykh zabrosov, on hair two canned kukuruzki, 'm to collect second stick and through five minutes the crease.

The distance the second 45 meters - rugged the assistant with bugorkami. Preston Proven track master 13.2 of, coil Daiwa TDR4012A, the main raskosami Shimano tehnium 0.25, there's gravy Preston in-line flat large 45g, ledkor ProLogic Supercharged Soft Core Leader (soft, smooth, without from lead web. Eiaee them first time - the good thing, expense of elasticity well is borne on beneath the), hook ProLogic Hook XC3 Size # 8, ceasing 10 centimeters from povodochnogo material ProLogic Desert Viper 15lb, follicle installation of. On hair put Snegovichok Boyle Starbaits Grab & Go Vanilla 10 mm in diameter together with synthetic interpraysovskoy kukuruzkoy with with plum flavor. The first poklevka minutes through 20 - amour around 3 pounds. In principle this combination of well worked and I not saw sense seek that the still and catching all time on him, guys a on 2 corn on Aurum /.

Mentor decided to dokormitsya spombom. Cut his 2 kg 24-'s Boylov Brain with strawberry and with plum aroma, also whup-three zhmeni 16 fringes millimeter as much as Boylov Brain liverpul, couple of jars canned corn and poured this all Brain SSL.

Have spread Shimano Super ultegra big river feeder 4.27 with a dedicated present, vershinkoy, coil Shimano ultegra 4500 xsc. Couple of spombov on klipse put an on round 6, six on far, also syponul children on point on three spomba.

Was biting, enough often, guys, too, enough actively a, but major fish of us no one so and not caught. Mentally of the staff and at night decided not harvest, and nights sleep.

Are dealt a pretty dew, temperatures 16 degrees, damp, guys without a special clothing have frozen, and one I entire night to be bored not wanted to. Caught with 21.00 until 23.00 six fish and went sleep. Biggest fish tank were two amur around 3 pounds.

But would still, rest up for a with steeply, I caught more forty fish.

Have guys, too, on two more 20 fish, they remained satisfied as elephants and on road home already planned the next trip.

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Artemovka 2 August.
Arrived with friend on body of water about 5 morning. On levees in this day passed contest have poplavochnikov, so managed sit down fall levees with hand sea. Impressed outcome aleek Terranova which he showed on ChKh, like, too, try swim in pace and show friends (newcomer) as can be quickly harvest fiderom.
Under giving a lending gruzika 56 grams am onto the next picture: With forty five meters until 40 meters an rugged the assistant, with forty until thirty the conch has the power, then Dam four - five vague "perestuki" (increase the conch has the power with ilochkom, sock of sand), then again the conch has the power until plates of. Was a bit grass in 10 metres from Bank, leveled enough quickly (a dam well been cleaned up on previous for competitions). Zaklipsovalsya as times on anomalies - 28 meters.
Have spread just one stick Preston Exel super feeder 12 ft, coil Shimano stradik GTM rc 4,000, the main the cord YO-ZURI create Hardcore X8 Original Soundtrack, 13Lbs, there's gravy the average open a metal mesh DRENNAN been Cage 23gr, Pater Noster (disambiguation) with brief leverage. Ceasing 1.2 Dam, 0.117 Sunline super Ayu II, already fancied by hook Decoy K & R-28 Fine mini 14.

Monopoly through 4 flushed a sieve, mixture of Lies an equal,s dark zemlistogo color of, active, with prevailing cinnamon. Catching several times prikormkami Brain PREMIUM series of, can say that prikormki good - long hold aromatiku, not vykrashivayutsya in water, exactly pomelennye, well lubricate. The good novelty on Ukrainian market.
8 Of the morn. With start in began harvest on 1.5 metre ceasing and two kicking ass and three-four motylyami on the hook, startonul immediately with a leash around without zakormochnykh zabrosov. With first zabrosa a dace, and haters. Understood quickly that with motylem do come not particularly need, on three pink kicks was biting, sumptuously, under this their, too, need not was often to change. 've shortened ceasing until 1.2 flushed, began bandy in crime as many kicks and oparika, a dace klevala of seconds through two after the fall of the trough on bottom. Was biting, very actively hours three, poklevki evil, idle almost not was, then a bit became quiet and increasingly began peck a minor podleschik 150-250 grams.
Ended prikormka, I domesil 1 kg Brauning Grand Slam and 120 ml molasses Brain with caramel axis. Also in the process industrialized fishing inscription coarse very 0.5 kg perebitogo clay.

Saw as athletes on plug actively standing there hitting good a white bream and decided to, too, try swim closer with clams on 18 meters away. Used to bandage snap: There's gravy the average plastic Fidersport 28gr, inlayn. A short ceasing 40 centimeters, 0.104 Sunline Powerd AyuVip Plus, hook Decoy K & R-28 Fine mini 12.

Can say that on todays day this the best raskosami on which I catching.
Startonul with a leash around and at the second zabrose confident poklevka a white bream 250 gr. On the hook two oparya and four - five moths. Again confident evil poklevki, mostly podleschik 150 - 350 grams. The one who kept throwing constantly many coarse very, all gender kilograms took on 1 kg prikormki, slightly slightly gave on point kicks and grams 100 boiled some dried bread and barley and pea plants peretertogo through a sieve B-. Fall trough, 20 seconds - poklevka. Very like of course to capture of bream, but his unfortunately not was.
Nalovilsya from souls, the outcome six and a half hours active fishing:

Hope information will be useful for foreign teams which will visit on direct Ukraine.
Entire THE FlSH had let of that stuff back!

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8 August. Artemovka
Naloviv many fish last week decided to consumes friends that would they, too, received pleasure from excellent Ah, this is great. Weather such a same, direction and force wind, pressure, all exac in exac as six days ago.
Had gone meal for, in 3: 30 morning sit down NEGDE. Had to long be convinced experienced fishermen point to five meters on dam, have them on the udilisch scattered as for good reason, on diagonally. Guys some as found place, I decided to wait until are gonna be gone the fishers which sat with night (for clock one a fishy on two). In end zameshalsya and corporate CEO on levees looked who that but. Absolutely all complained on very as inert nibble, absolutely and my country the situation with the which was six days ago.
I while profoundly, in this time and decided to rest in bream. Zamesil on soles of Vrain scopex 120ml 2 kg Brein premium feeder and 1 kg G-potok sport. Aromatiziroval the clay and has broken 300 gr prikormochnogo very, spilled boiling water on my 200 gr oparika, U.S. through 4 mm a sieve peas, all have spread on tubs, and inscription which packed. Fish-sicles for 3 hours nastoyalas, Lies the good leschevaya, krupnofraktsionnaya "kashistaya" mixture of, under this enough active.

Harvest began about 8.00, from Left from tree of. The average the distance 35 meters - the conch has the power increase, Preston Exel super feeder 12 ft, coil Shimano stradik GTM rc 4,000, the main cord YO-ZURI create Hardcore X8 Original Soundtrack, 13Lbs, there's gravy Fidersport the average closed 28 gr, inlayn. Ceasing 0.8 Dam, 0.117 Sunline super Ayu II, hook Decoy K & R-28 Fine mini 12. Gave on point three zakormochnykh without nothing, linked the about ceasing and with first zabrosov two small fry, then pause (1 oparik 5 moths). Immediately same became a minor podleschik 150 "grape", pause increased, syponul on point two trough with motylem, two with shparikom. Poklevki very rare and neat crap. Put fidergam 4 mikronization and ceasing 0.104 Sunline Powerd AyuVip Plus a long 50 centimeters, hook Decoy K & R-28 Fine mini 12 (2 oparya, 5-6 moths). Poklevki rare, vague, podleschik 150-250 gr.
Near sat father with son and with the far-( roughly 50 meters) rounded up couple of podleschikov on a spring, three defence wakes up aggressivity on 10 centimeters, on the hook floating dough PAC.
The distance Ouite a 55 meters - all finer the clean without clams. Preston Proven track master 13.2 of, coil Katushka Daiwa TDR 4012A, the main YO-ZURI create Hardcore X8 Original Soundtrack, 16Lbs Silver, there's gravy Korum Open ended 60 gr, inlayn. Ceasing 0.104 Sunline Powerd AyuVip Plus a long 50 centimeters, hook Decoy K & R-28 Fine mini 14 (1 maggot, 5-6 moths). Again immediately couple of plotvin and poklevki rare, vague, podleschik 150-250 "grape". , too, slipped something into shparika and a butterworm. Round 6 20 meters tried two my friends - at all nothing, have all worked modicum that the harvest on restoration 40 meters away. In this time big the percentage of soliternoy fish.
In general was biting, in this day goooooooooooooooorazdo worse, was time to try harvest and with long povodkami, and try all sensasovskie and vde-shniye pshikalki. The largest fish have Comrade - podleschik 700 grams, Blicca bjoerkna only soliternaya, sometimes sea bass, one of friends constantly a routine one of these in.
On levees enough quickly be empty,, but instead to looked - have all scanty catches and "proshenaya" fish.



All summer each ten me to go on body of water in village Sumskoe, mentioned that there actively enjoyed nekrupnyy carp. But after not very successful attempts catch some of bream I agreed. Long already me like swim that the similar on acquired still winter stick Drenan Red Range mini carp feeder 9.6 ft with test until 60 grams.

Dvukhchastnik, slow by building, shorty (just 2.9 meters), on my view stick perfectly suited for industrialized fishing an and chopped-carp weight until 2kg on distance there is until 30 meters. Very soft, on vyvazhivaniiee can be world steel rope market in ancient, with so marched number of skhodov minimally.

Overall weight 60 grams throws vigorously without no fears the good inexpensive fishing pole.
A body of water: Commercial, for fishing trip on a reservoir not coalition, and coalition for is thin fish (least should buy 3 kg on 45 Grzywna (/ kg, and there how many soul pleases). Fishing only daily, the main fish carp 600 1,200, heard a that there is and big individual.
Arrived excellent very close in 6 morning. Zamesil 2 kg G-potok premium feeder on soles of Brain tutti off 120ml. In prikormku fell to sleep 1 bank canned corn.

On anyone case monopoly bottom meters from 30 and until sizhi on bottom nasypan the whether rubble, the whether that the a similar, zaklipsovalsya on comfortable distance there is 20 gather steam;. Took as always with a Pandora with together boylami, pop m..., a floating corn, Pandora with trend to, karpovymi whistles, hooks, povodochnymi materials and camping on D. Always drive with a VSE.

For free on a reservoir can be take corn for zakorma the which there fed fish all time.
The main Preston direct mono 0.22mm, there's gravy the average closed Fidersport 28 "grape", inlayn. Ceasing 15 centimeters from delicate povodochnogo material ProLogic deser tviper 15lb, hook ProLogic XS3 on 8 numbers. Initially strongly I bred about 30 letters - put Snegovichok from a floating kukuruzki and 12mm s palette, then understood that a fish are biting actively on all, and still a hook enough quickly tupitsya about stumbling. Decided to put on hair two floating kukuruzki and podgruzil drobinkoy - in end hook served entire fishing trip.

With start began many harvest, threw all in a hatchling pond, and then only karpikov about kilo.

Polovil gender hours and went help friends, teach knitting volosyanuyu snap, to explain nuances
Was biting, increasingly time throughout the morning, of course nalovilsya from souls, friends satisfied as elephants, all they rounded up many (a on bondyuelevskuyu maize on Aurum /).

A body of water in terms of trips with children, friends newcomers. The nature of the good, furnished with well, a bit not exhilarating to past 13 kilometers roads to the pond, but nothing kritichnogo.

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Initially was vision to go with friends on karasyovyy pond, but by the end of weeks weather worsened and pressure fell below have nowhere. Crucian and carp very a fractious meteozavisimaya fish, so all decided not to risk and to go on a body of water where a hundred percent is bite.
On a body of water toured in 6 morning, standstill, smoky tops clouds, the sun long-winded veil.

Correctly made that took with a good prikormki, if last time in a good weather is identically was biting, on all, then in this time friends zameshav inexpensive a mixture received on airline its very fewer poklevok.
My composition: 2 kg Brain premium feeder zameshanye on 120ml molasses Brain with aroma tutti off. In prikormku added virtually entire bank inexpensive canned corn that and nasazhival on hook.

Comfortable the distance 23 Dam for rods up Drenan Red Range mini carp feeder 9.6, coil Shimano stradic 4,000 GTM rc, the main monoleska Preston direct mono 0.22, installation of inlayn, hook ProLogic Hook XC3 Size 8, hair tooling.

Works on point five feeders with feeds, put on hair two canned kukuruzki and began to be bored. If poplavochniki still that the polavlivali, then I have about half an hour at all nothing! Then rozklevalos, but would still, had to Bandage ceasing and to do length hair under one maize Upper Worlds ABYA demagnetization products. Harvest karpika on subtler graceful cordage this tight and short flexible pounder - one thing the full pleasure.

Only after as ea breeze began active nibble, all on Bank immediately now become vivid and began to well harvest. Have price poplavochnikov carp Orthodoxy with President, two times I saw as the fishers jumped: Diving and went after their rods up.

Managed in this year many swim and for themselves shut down question about likely and povodochnykh materials:
Hooks in different size: ProLogic Hook XC3, ProLogic Hook XC5, ProLogic Hook XC1.
Povodochnye materials in size: ProLogic Desert Viper 15lbs, ProLogic Abyss Link 20lbs, ProLogic Super Snake 25lbs Camo Sinking.

And this at all mega hit if] However carp not on hair, and doing picking up maize directly on hook. Expense of the right podgiba attacking parts of hook sechet fish eloquently.

Have guys initially was a large number of not implemented poklevok, gave them try this a hook and affairs have them went GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAZDO better.

For fishing klevali different imaginations. The main the size of the 600 "grape" and 1100gr, sometimes vprygivali here is such key kids.

After lunch began to gather, outcome fishing 24 kg:

In this time less, but would still pleasure received mass of. Very a good body of water, cushy sizhi for fishing - very easily podsachivat fish.

Derive attitude hosts dam which have made all for moreover that would people could to come families and for a holiday. Many people with children, children satisfied gets caught fish. All opaque until little things screening, free the surrounding, several tables available with arcades in the shadows, purely, neatly. The entire zone industrialized fishing oborudovanya thus that virtually the entire day you] However on sizhe in the shadows from sun, under this trees not prevent zabrosu. In general one pozitiv.

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, the dam Murom reservoir. The overnight fishing 27 September.
In recent days heat, when still relatively warmly at night decided to still times Myslivny on night fishing trip and swim bream. Day here virtually always are biting predominantly a minor podleschik, petty a dace and krasnoperka. Fishing in this year on Muromke were virtually always very criteria, in late on May and summer here can be was for night to capture more dozen good little slapping. And nightly fishing - this always interestingly, each time need was that the try, ship types- wet, conjuring up. Very good results have yielded if was nice already with experienced friends, so better is obtained deal.
Basic my expertize on this the pond: Always enleve at night on two made it two with sticks, on start'm feeding both, I allow on 5 feeders. The first Ouite a the distance restoration 38 meters transition with level silt on hold a shell up (lungs perestuki), from 35metrov and until Bank an equal the conch has the power, further for 38 meters an though. The second next of the distance 20 - 23 Dam. Deal in is that initially a major fish becomes on the far-distance there is and works roughly until 23.00, then gradually is fading and insurance is next of. Closer to dawn turns off next of (here is beginning to enjoyed triviality) and again insurance is Ouite a. When] However on a near at night need not forget about the far-and periodically to do perezabrosy.
Arrived with friend on place in 17.00, people many, some fly fishermen prepared to fishing profoundly.

:cool: :cool: :cool:
From Left were on the ground my four friend experienced fly fishermen (all they well steadily gets caught), right from me another comrade with very good prikormkoy. Have all virtually those same distance there is, all copiously sypyat on point a good not cheap fodder, sypyat very, moldy worm. Crashed so quickly, zamesilsya, 19.00 already virtually dark.
My composition:

1 kg VDE Dynamic Feeder
1 kg VDE Super Cup
120 ml molasses Brain vanilla
Always I take with a Gone Fishin '(two the composition and if not walking tolstolob, then'm kneading it active prikormku, and if see that that loiters just downstream there not far from Bank the'm applying sticky heavy prikormku. Also proactively has broken 250 grams prikormochnogo a butterworm and homes spilled boiling water on my 200 grams moldy worm, the peas in this time decided not boil, although summer perebityy through a sieve commercially he works sumptuously.
The first the distance next of Preston Exel super feeder 12 ft, coil Shimano stradik GTM rc 4,000, the main the cord YO-ZURI create Hardcore X8 Original Soundtrack, 13Lbs, there's gravy Fidersport the average closed 28 "grape", Pater Noster (disambiguation) with corruption from fidergama 6 a1,600.. Ceasing .6 Dam, 0.117 Sunline super Ayu II, hook Decoy K & R-28 Fine mini 12.
The second the distance Ouite a Fox duo lite Avon 12 ft, coil coil Shimano stradik GTM RM 4,000, the main the cord YO-ZURI create Hardcore X8 Original Soundtrack, 13Lbs, there's gravy the average closed Fidersport 28 "grape", Pater Noster (disambiguation) with corruption from fidergama 6 a1,600.. Ceasing .6 Dam, 0.117 Sunline super Ayu II, hook Decoy K & R-28 Fine mini 12. From old age and from more for travels on Calderon already povygorali all calligraphy.

Friends toured two hours previously and already in good pace been caught a white bream 150-200 grams. I began harvest when already it was dark fully. On both distance there is put an on 7 feeders net feed without adding a butterworm and oparika. Through gender hours the first poklevki, initially imaginations nekrupnye, but gradually the size of the was ballooning.
Then gradually began try to lend living components. Increasingly always need promoted which packed and not bandy immediately in prikormku, in this time prikormochnyy night crawlers not gave visible results, and here is maggot worked with steeply. Gave Tyres oshparenogo, when over began promoted live. On hook peak times.The buffet 3 moldy worm and couple of moths, sometimes 4 moldy worm and couple of moths, hook Decoy allows stick a obemnye nozzles and under this sting hook not zatenyaetsya. Guys a, too, hooks big sizes, but nazhivlyali two oparyshey and tuft very. Still very it is important at night to do perezabrosy not less one times in 10 minutes and necessarily to change bait, maggot on the hook should was actively wriggle.

From whom the was biting, better, who the could not deal, from whom the precipices, I have and have Comrade from Left was biting, steadily, the only, need was from him sit down away, 10 meters this very little, we did greater competition each other.

Still VERY an important moment, a frequent one mistake that concede even already experienced fly fishermen - if you retreat, all, from udilisch drinks coffee, eat sandwich, anecdotes spray for, need necessarily vymatyvat stick from water. Yes, can bream and podsechetsya himself and you asking go run up and his to withdraw, but he will enjoy on point trying to free themselves from hook and motylyat the feeding trough and frighten all rest fish kormyaschikhsya in this moment. At night need be precision and still very it is important accurately feed, the accuracy of zabrosa at night - this the decisive factor.
My catch:

Yes, this not the that was summer, just couple of decent fish more kilograms, the main fish 600-900 grams, but if given that on yard autumn 27 September the in principle normally. Healthful Lies fishing, night adds no the romanticism.

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Yes,, my friend, until I on of the match Poltava casualties warm for your you normal fish polovil) - Uh- - Not gonna!, an excellent catch!



Many run the overnight fishing. Directly rejoiced for you. Have us on South Bug River there is Alexandrovskoye, Stavropol Krai created, how many not has tried there harvest at night, caught only several fish. The entire are they biting on the morning and a day to, as only twilight, like as in a basin, you know, bung. Already and forgot, as at night to fish need to.



Closing season on carp we should drink a.
Virtually with the mid-September and until now I could not Myslivny Gone Fishin '(because I have was born child and need was help young mother. Friends bragging about good lasting roads out on couple of days and successful the salvaged ponds, remained only envying. Already began crash and I bought itself still two new coils and another Preston Dutch master. Only now emerged the free oriental tunes, telephoned on a body of water take seats. Owner dam told that last week temperatures was at night from minus 6 fringes until minus 8-1930 and already two weeks Ah, this is great there quite. Would still decided to to go, like swim new rigging of this ship and at all extricate Gone Fishin '(.
Prikormku made a sauce on mineral water that would immediately begin to fishing, not wait two hours until she uvlazhnitsya on a reservoir.
My composition was simple:
1 kg Brain premium feeder
1 kg Brain premium sport
The first phase dampening made in apartment and deleted build on balcony, very a strong flavor spices so, that the entire apartment smells like immediately. The second phase dampening and proseivalsya already in the entrance.
Fish-sicles a cool, very enduring - tanks. Think, the next year will pass under auspices prikormki Brain premium series of.
Weather of course not has pleased. Toured on body of water in 9 morning, a strong trolley onto a side wind about 8-1930 meters with aspirations until 12 fringes, VOLNA and temperatures 3 degrees heat. Two layer termobelya and flisovyy a suit Daiwa this of course well, but dog leashes but also had to in machine knitting. In this time decided to harvest with never on two made it with different trend to and nazhivkami.
1. Kuntsevo the distance 20 meters: Drenan Red Range mini carp feeder 9.6, coil Shimano exage 4,000 rcdh, the main the cord YO-ZURI create Hardcore X8 Original Soundtrack, 13Lbs, installation of inlayn, the average fidersport 28 gr, ceasing 30 centimeters from flyurokarbona Sunline siglon FC 0,225 mm, hook Decoy K & R-23 # 6, kukruza with nobody.
2. Ouite a the distance 50 meters: Preston Dutch master 12.8, the coil Katushka Daiwa TDR 4012A, the main the cord YO-ZURI create Hardcore X8 Original Soundtrack, 16Lbs Silver, installation of inlayn, there's gravy Korum Open ended 60 "grape", ceasing 12 centimeters from delicate povodochnogo material ProLogic Desert Viper 15lb, hook ProLogic Hook XC5 Size # 6, hair tooling with klipsoy under moldy worm ProLogic maggot clip # 10.
First time eiaee with klipsoy for moldy worm yourself a nice, funky pleasant thing, as the before hands not unfiltered. Know several increased the where on Spring this tooling will carp we should drink a pick tower. First two small karpikov take the bait on moldy worm and the third gone alongside sizhey.
In the process fishing it became clear that why the fish is worth 500m 35-40 meters, closer its was not entirely, with the far-50 meters was only three poklevki for 3 hours. Much managed try, various levelheaded nozzles, very hoped on floating dough Puffi sukk with podgruzkoy defence wakes up aggressivity (sometimes this pleasant thing gives the astonishing results), but would still steep just worked simple banochnaya maize. Field and the round 6 stick on 35 meters and began poklevki, a pity that this late observed.
On a near not saw nor one poklevki. Outcome six hours fishing:
12 karpikov common weight 10.3 kg.
Very is identically rest up for a, drank impossible number of hot tea. I remained very exasperated from DM (disambiguation) 12.8 fantastic stick (I have there is DM13.2, now still and DM12.8, now still want DM13.8). Ahead Bartnik on the river, in independent area there are several classrooms seats where winter not freezes river Seversky Donets.

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Interesting sheets.
That you say on povodochnoy a fishing line Sanlayn, I see you its often are using.
, too, put an on it eye, the difference between Veep (saint) and aju much? Siglon used?

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Thank you!
To leskam and kryuchkam in recent couple of years am very seriously. Very often see that people are spent on expensive rods up, reel ,-, but why the "zhmutsya" on good the qualitative raskhodniki, prikormki, both: Boyle.
I enjoyed very by many topovymi leskami, Vip plus believe the most better on todays moment from thin povodochnykh. I'm using and in other leskami, accented conditions where enleve soft Maver SLR, and hard Preston reflo, love obese diameters wood, "um, guru, Vip plus'm using most often. Have its precise dozen (tested mikrometrom), the good breaking burden, the tenacity on junctions, memory minimum, on rigidity something secondary.
Super Ayu II, too, 'm using - the good qualitative raskosami.
All filament povodochnye have the in refrigerator on separate dust and never on fishing not Masonic under sun - so they serve very long. Is also important starting to store in packaging. Open nakidannye in a bag, en masse between themselves can term is under transport (Barrel rib one starting about to let the line out on the other if they, en masse adamlarsa)
Siglon only flyurokarbon.

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8 November. River Seversky Donets.
In recent pogozhie the Days incredibly like extricate on fishing and have new of new purchases. I has acquired new udilishche Zemex rampage river 3.90 150 gr and under him took another coil Daiwa TDR 4012A (polovil such same actively in this season carp, is worth I have on Preston DM80 emotions the most positive, coil AGON). Proactively persuasively about on body of water in drying cities leaving rampeydzhem karpovyy my weight bullet 80-cultural with fishing line the main 0.26mm and shokliderom. Want on it harvest carp on flet. Put coil Shimano super baitrunner 6,000 xtr ra a bit Ukraine 610 "grape", but that would harvest big fish most the. I have steadily is obtained to throw on distance 115 - 120 meters power, but 80 grams race it, perfectly will 90 grams, i.e. flet middle 60 grams + fodder will in the most times. Bought, check it out, put an, and all ???, in heat, like swim on it.
'm calling friend with proposition Myslivny, he says that his friends poorly otlovilis on created, couple of plotvin on two. Seen the reports- everywhere on stoyakakh already ALL. Decided, if to go, then on the river, the more that one of my comrades told about good Cleves on Donce, fuck in dark time. Day bibika type mikroplotvy and mikrookunya with ershami, and here is when as it gets dark, is beginning to peck podleschik.
Fishing Lies a spontaneous, I man, has awakened in 10 morning, until rallied, uploaded machine, was already 11.00, through the entire city in the other the end of the for mate to go, then still for alive components of on market, then again through the entire city back and 40 kilometers until water.
That would not hinder prikormku on kholodnyuschey water from rivers and wait hours and a half when she'll swell, I decided to zameshatsya immediately that would prikormka managed well uvlazhnitsya and not pylila on devices up.
Bought in one of inexpensive water and the first phase dampening has done still in city of.
On place until uvlazhnilsya and put build in trunk, Denis zameshivalsya on arrival with the help shurupoverta.
My composition:
1 kg heavy a sticky Brain premium feeder
1 kg active Brain premium sport
Initially thought on 1 kg brown fidera add dark heavy VDE turbo S. U.V. black that would prikormka Lies heavy and importantlys dark zemlistogo color of, but 2-'s 50-pound packaging VDE was was ruptured and vanished of Chinaon balcony, such a sense of that she at all not smelled like nothing and I decided to its not bandy. Toured on the river about 14.00.
In this place width rivers about 60 fringes meters, for secondary, the depth of in line with about 5 fringes meters. Terrain very simple, essentially meet , in meters away with 12 fringes from Bank goes sval on depth and only under a balancing Bank there is very clear rakushanaya brova with 3000m depth in meter and further the conch has the power until the most Bank. Structure trawling sand with rare islets rakushanykh polivchikov in 2-3 Dam. Mostly I decided to harvest in line with 500m 32 Dam on blind seashells, for this better global expansion coming DM80.
Parsed Rampage (video game) it's stuck in her on a new katukhu a new the cord Sunline super venite 10lb that would sake of interest try swim on brove.
In end there in bright spot time I caught couple of good pair plotvin and bass.
This point worked, but I understood, that for a white bream more promising place in line with and to by the evening I moved on round 6. Denis is located in a shelter and catching higher downstream on and 500m a bit further my.
My beloved Building tools:
Sunline super venite inexpensive a good four zhilnyy the cord, many with him started, I have one such served 6 years in end on a fishing trip friends gave.
Yo-ZURI duel hardcore a steep very active person the cord all, but he has one purely aesthetic lack of vykrashivaetsya color and he becomes ryabovato - white objectionable color of.
Exhilarating to trough from DOKA, good your nice, with effect aging. On osnastkam all the same Pater Noster (disambiguation), there's gravy 80 grams the average cell, ceasing 70 centimeters Sunline powers victors plus 0.104, hook Decoy K & R-28 fine mini # 16, the nozzle sitch one oparik and five six moths.
All bright spot time days have both of us klevala a dace and perch and as only it was dark I have the good poklevka on of unintelligible until now reason podleschik grams 600 are getting away near podsacheka. Through minutes 10 the good confident poklevka and the first podleschik grams 300.
Through minutes 10 have poklevka have Denis and again poklevka I have and already fish bigger than others.
We immediately voodushevilis and as the not chilly became, 8 November, and podleschik actively are biting. At all, the right clothing decides increasingly. Instantaneously they found water in capacity with motylem, began to obmerzat rings, accounted for should lower my before zabrosom udilishche in water. Feared that the cord popushitsya, but increasingly nice, go anywhere without no problems. Between poklyovkami print enough of them motherfuckers tea popit and to communicate, on the evening became on River as the delightfully quietly. Began to get caught both have good imaginations.
Began to lend copiously Tyres coarse a butterworm, on 1.5 kg feed in end dumped the 250 grams. The good fish took the bait have Denis hours in seven the evening, resistance unbelievable, I saw as chameleon the fittest tugging his MAP Parabolix, but yuzanyy and already embattled, ceasing decided to all :huh:, in end social on gender distance there is. At all, Deng handsome, Hi. Did not less my, plus minus equally.
Very a pity that have him bream has gone, wanted to would I on this fish get out, see. Intended already in eight the evening, increasingly frozen, is it, oaky about that, with President all have become covered rime, machine obledenevshaya, but us was as the quite not chilly. A pity that on cold sat accumulator on a camera and I not was able increasingly guys wanna take pictures of.

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Sasha now understandable collateral success raid leschaurisov, this need on heroes labor fodder knead for directly near roads)



Soar wrote:

My composition:
1 kg heavy a sticky Brain premium feeder
1 kg active Brain premium sport

:cool: My a favorite composition on Cold water. (Have "as the flagship of can be a similar lay down their) A on warm have us bombezno showed Premium Feder and a dace.
And fishing SUPER :cool:



23 November. River Seversky Donets.
After each feerichnoy fishing always want its repeat. Passed two weeks and we decided to go again in the same place. In this time to us with by Denis joined the still three guys: My friend Alexey enough husky fisherman able already well many harvest and two the beginner Kostya and my brother Sergei. Kostya persistent, aren't you newcomer in terms of fishing, wishing deal, Sergei - real fisherman lover of which Daniel makes it more rest and swim when are they biting. If fish not pro-active, he not unless in the that would to capture modicum that the, and simply dormant.
For day before this Denis already was on this same place and in day time well otlovilsya on podleschiku, come across and good fish until kilograms. But would still him not ready contemplated thought about the fish which have him rolled off then under reckoning last fishing. So when I proposed to go on evening, he not thinking up big agreed.
In this time was warmer, entire week behaved rain and temperatures at night was plyusovaya. We decided to go after lunch, took umbrellas, Shelter, so as until lunch, too, well polivalo.
In this time we, got all dressed up better idea. The first, the second tier termukhi, trousers, raglan flisovyy and rain-a suit NESH. Finally the I has purchased itself for fishing normal shoes.

Good sudbu (with the camouflage choose a soles), warm shoes ProLogic Max4 Grip-Trek. Cushy, enough lungs, at all dirt not fear.
This winter we want allow harvest on different tracts of not rivers and need was in Years profoundly. I already long is content would on a fishing trip in nothing but his underpants, jeans and pile sweatshirts and coats. Long understood that when you not can keep warm the thought your not about how that on bottom is happening and that in this moment need fish, and about how as homes well and governing. A deserved cases when with me came friends on nightly fishing and, basking have a fire, or in machines even when a major fish very well klevala. And sense then in fix? Have you can be back rods up and reel, and sitting you on got with obvesom and fodder cool zamesil as need to and sifted through yet and poured animals components and pastanchinki and . You the entire powered up , you spent time and money on the remittances, NOOOOOOOOOOO if you 2000 there you thoughts remains ready not on fishing!
This fishing was in most his resembles on previous, I not see sense write twice, the only, a minor podleschik 150 250 grams became on point still in bright spot time with-thirds trough and began actively enjoyed. A major fish accurately so same has drawn when absolutely it was dark. First time I tried harvest on prikormku Brain Premium Bream for yellowcake color of.

In here times fish actively was feeding on and I decided to in this time give fish WELL food. Fish-sicles intense, smells me caught immediately, but, on my view, prikormka for summer. This will be, perhaps, my espoused prikormka for cyprinids kept increased the and Summer raid water basins to gain Muromka , travyanka , Vodobud. A good, the rich kashistyy fodder for good a captured little slapping, but in this case unformal was would prikormka Brain Premium Feeder. Still cool I its paint over paint, he continued and like to moisturize (, my friend, know regulation report to read, thank you for throw me a solid, this paint me perhaps ????? years on ten). Volume of gender tea phytosterols on 2 kg and here is outcome:

Denis already actively began harvest small podleschikov, I, too, with start caught units five six and went guys help with search for distance there is, montages have put on, there here passed gender hours. Returned when it was dark, Denis already began harvest large fish in good pace. I began polavlivat podleschey, caught couple of grams 800-900 and ALL, failure in klyove, and have Denis approaches went immediately several good fish.

I tried to deal, with right complement, put thinner povodochnuyu, hook punier when one realizes, began even already on its fodder sin no , although catching Deng, too, very, very, very similar kashistym feeds G-STRIM premium feeder with than the even. Has destroyed tower when Denis caught huge bronze of bream weight 2,100, then still couple of fish more kilo.

I floated have brother prikormki Brain Premium Feeder, thought, can that the not so with feeds. On fact all was far easier, Denys me explained that in this moment deal not in stern and utterly in another (expertize his, tell shall not pass, wants - will share). So always the case, always increasingly solve small beer, and I catching exactly so same as on last fishing. Hint Denis and I began, too, well harvest.
That is why I like touring already with experienced boys, so much faster together deal. Last time I before has understood and woman suggested that mouth and, in this time contrary. So always and strangers believe in what the miracle compositions, miracle snap, mega likvidy, and spend time on the that would can boost its concise impose never there is no. Forever the prenominate point (not it's exhausting in case blunder), many of unintelligible the fuss and in end say that have you fodder steep.
The largest fish I have was 1800.

In this time rounded up all, who wanted to to capture. Well otlovilsya Alexei, guy sat in side from all and steadily exactly eiaee, a pity that they with Sergei sooner left. Seryoga, their little slapping you still you catch!
Kostya - handsome, guy stand sitting and all until the last, caught a good fish.

Necessarily I will head out still, I harvest not d, and d to explain you, don't we under-inspired terms as in its time on training taught me Seryoga Popov.
A until 23.00, nalovilis from souls. All guys and I issued absolutely entire fish.

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Sashas, thank you you for aid on fishing :rolleyes: Dont expected, that on River can be caught such large little slapping, yes even in late November. Here is only a little sorry for, that I have not request to capture, I simply "acting establishment. Precisely not request, as something immediately not matter, and after all increasingly was for moreover, to catch some. But you good fellows, with steeply otlovilis. :cool:

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Sasha, good fellows. And still, in doubly good fellows, that found such place on Severski Donce, fuck. I long sought before. Many run fishing!



Yes perishing, fishing's been a hell of feerichnaya, and I have so two consecutive), I report immediately for two write. Sanya, an excellent report, as always. For facial paint, not for that, now, paint on health.



I committed huge stupidity!
After my past reports with photo with seats on River Seversky Donets there actively began to touring experienced fly fishermen and well harvest that has attracted attention local poachers there. There are already leaks about is that there actively I initially networks, and then still and electro line. Catches slowed, soon there will as scorched land. Loath was taken decisions more not shine a few snapshots of good promising seats.
So, river Seversky Donets, 25 December. Closing season 2015.
Still very long we with mate found coolest part place vacation on River, several times tried to there harvest. This was years 12 ago, when we only started explore fidernuyu fishing trip, so pleasantly there we nothing decent not a a dace, Blicca bjoerkna, a minor podleschik. I decided to seriously to scour that place and proposed my friends Dima go there again and try swim at night.
Dima experienced karpyatnik, Promoter on for competitions, appears fisherman which not lazy deal and try. In its time we started together harvest fiderom, much tried, failed together failures, proletnykh fishing trips, until I not decided to step on couple of years in fidernyy sport that would terminally deal, Dimon is gone in karpovuyu fishing trip. Then I his just tugged up your on fideru, and he me on karpovoy topic.
Deal in is, that place not bad, but there is a series of small shackled. BKV on machine can be to only one from shores of, in this place rivers a small turn, then spill does meters until 70 fringes, placid a minor beach with enough rapid the passage and the good fossa with backward link even 4000m2 as well as under a balancing Bank. I.e. hurl need meters on 50. Still before we been caught enough fat cords and feared fling heavy trough so pleasantly are known harvest there have us not worked, trough suggested.
I and now love harvest enough fat vosmizhilnymi cords, on stoyakakh 13 Lb, on River 16 Lb. Now I understood that harvest in this place will have far and the main length pletni will in place with the most strong the passage, so in this time decided to also wind that any's a little bit thinner. Abbas posts Alexei pugachem, he told that actively yuzal in this year cords Sunline super venite 8braid. I decided to, too, try put the main 10 Lb and seven meters 15Lb four zhilnogo on shock leader. Now understand that facilitated would and 8 Lb the principal with shock. A good not expensive very active person this simple on price good chetyryokhzhilnogo.

Had gone day, after weeks rains the road not very. Wanted extricate on couple of days before when entire week was an equal weather, finer pressure, but Myslivny broke a as always on change weather. On two prikormku zamesil homes, composition very simple. So as harvest was supposed in the pit with backward link, then I decided to do not strongly severe fodder. On one pack sticky Brain premium feeder I added couple of packs premium Roach cold water and one pack premium universal Sold water.
Lies mixture of smell cinnamon, pomegranate and vanilla. Prikormkoy for Cold water eiaee first time, not love smells pomegranate, although leschu and plotve he very likes, and here is smells vanilla adore. Faction winter prikormki's a little, an equal, through a sieve 2 mm has passed the entire, tanks the good, enduring -.
Still on a brighter on fodder actively has become a dace 100 150 grams and such a same size Blicca bjoerkna. We with Dimonom typically recognized until darkness to capture on among the fish and only three small a white bream on 200 grams. Harvest winter even such not big small fish already interestingly. There's gravy DOKA 80 grams has rested well, and now is to shoot its pounder Preston Dutch Master 13.2 of one thing the full pleasure. I eiaee on center pits on conceals 5.5 meters on sand with rare shell, Dima sat downstream and eiaee closer exiting from pits on well-defined blind clams on conceals 4 Dam.
With the arrival darkness as like enshrined the switch, please and we began bandy podleschikov in our marketing.

Good poklevki, good potyazhki, a powerful resistance, :cool: :cool: :cool:. In the feeder provided Tyres many coarse very. I forgot homes starch, accounted for borrow schepoktku very, brad (break) modicum as the prikormkoy and did these crime as. On the hook 2 moldy worm and 6 7 moths. Pinky not managed buy. Povodochnaya raskosami Sunline super in II 0, 117 mm a long 70 centimeters, hook used 10 th numbers.
First time I tried this trigger the impression the most positive, the good thin wire, long not tupitsya, not never not razognulsya on fish, one lunatic looking social when I tried to take a picture of good of bream in moment skating his in podsak, a good a powerful final jump and bream me was willing luck

With the next already better broke a.

Outcome fishing: :jumping:

The entire fish launched so far back podrastat.
A powerful shining a Light my a new nalobnyy light Fox, very a cool incredibly powerful pleasant thing. Very convenient vklyuchenie- disabling from more strokes their fingertips, summer no substitute illuminating red light very touristy areas when at night she pesters negligble speck, do moths fly and prevents paranoia (they not fly on Red light).
Enjoyed similar less a powerful the lantern? Fox,, too, a cool warm and almost weightless thing, but there not was such functions incl otkl and I decided to his reverse. Big a corner broad a powerful lighting is indispensable for cyprinids kept for travels, when have you on the hook 12-toast for certain, man on Hevy feeder.
Good ending the season 2015. A good year, many classrooms, many botched, but useful fishing trips. In this year I got acquainted with many boys newcomers, many tried to help, with many befriended. A good year, a useful.
The next season promises be not less interesting. In next year aside from fidernykh fishing trips I will more actively explore enleve big Karpov on kheviki and ekstrakheviki. Very greater desire to allow with karpyatnikami and to catch some good fish, until my record carp 12 kg. Also in next year I plan with boys to do video sheets with fishing trips. Now already give a one-talk with opreatorami, want to do good small videominutes on 15 20 Without much tinsel and overload information. Ordinary not the tableauwith ordinary for travels.

All with sincere wishes with the coming Happy New year!

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This was a pretty short cube Processors PLUS NOT MONTIROVANNOGO rollers Tikhonya summer. Hope operator soon would end installation of full movie, on this a fishing trip was been seized unbelievable number of fish.
First my experience emki, I very strongly worried, so broke a in my even funny.
Not third strictly!

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Alexander video :cool:



Thought and hoped, that had forced was on a wild Donce, fuck, and here it turns out donations the assistant with warm water



Sanya, I realistically nothing not understand, as such can be? O.o. places on next day after you, the same place. Was been seized 3 fish une chance sur deux. And the... they threw there same roughly, in than sign In?
With you can be Myslivny Gone Fishin '(?

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Oleg_dv wrote:

Sam: I thought and hoped, that had forced was on a wild Donce, fuck, and here it turns out donations the assistant with warm water

On this place for 5 days until of filming stood the ice! River there enough wild))



Oleg_dv wrote:

Sam: I thought and hoped, that had forced was on a wild Donce, fuck, and here it turns out donations the assistant with warm water

Thank you for video

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Sanya, cool the commercial, only observed!



1 1 March. The first attempt to to capture carp.
Long not was for travels Gone Fishin '(, on River in season already harvest not like, and ice on rags reservoirs gone just couple of weeks ago. Telephoned Aleksander - the storeowner dam on which successfully eiaee in the past year small karpikov with goal ask his tell as only will the first signs of awesome sauce. Alexander said that already caught one o.o. :confused: we are going :flag: Called an friends, had gone the five of us along the meat on nature, looked forecast weather allows.
On a reservoir in 10 morning, shines the sun shining, a small wind in face, super, better conditions and be could not. Karp spring are biting mostly in the side pond far wind eyebrows wave of. Sector industrialized fishing with a small depth.
All a big 10-4 worked out, zamesilis, I decided to harvest immediately two udilischami on flet and on the classic fidernyy installation of with the feeding trough for differing prikormku, at different made it. Zamesil separately Brain carassius proseyav his proactively in a sieve 2mm.
Otseyalas roughly-fifth of package major faction, like to moisturize slightly more stronger conventional for moreover that would prikormka well has rested in flete. Lies adhesive mixture of with yadryonym the scent of garlic. If moisturize stronger, then not will thrown from trough under zabrose on very long drives distance there is. The good prikormka, am confident, that slightly-slightly later with progrevom water on karasyu will work very well. The second composition as times contrary pylyaschiy not until can be seen quite clear Brain Premium Roach winter cold water. Here task was attract carp actively pylyaschey prikormkoy.

The first the distance next of 10 meters from Bank in side under cane. Udilishche Drenan Red Range mini carp feeder 9.6 ft dvukhchasnik slow by building, Shimano exage 4,000 rcdh, the main raskosami he 0.25, there's gravy Preston civil-line flat large 30G, ledkor ProLogic Supercharged Soft Core Leader, hook ProLogic Hook XC3 Size # 8, about ceasing 10 centimeters from povodochnogo material ProLogic Desert Viper 15lb, follicle installation of. On hair put two-tone 10-fringes Belarus Brain pop-up Freak fruit from series of F1 and podgruzil hook take drobinkoy.

The second the distance Ouite a 35 meters, place it Fox duo lite Avon 12ft, the coil Shimano baitrunner 4,000 niet fa, the main raskosami ProLogic Mimicry Mirage XP camo 0.25mm, inlayn, there's gravy middle fidersport 42 grams, ceasing 20cm Sunline Super Ayu II 0.165mm, the thin hook M-001 Round light # 10, the bait sandwich worm with nobody.
First time I catching this fishing line until sensations the most positive, me very liked - raskosami intense, further consider, took its two starting 1,000m in different diameters for 4,000-'s coils and for large mini-change place coils for industrialized fishing a captured Karpov.
Also two and a half hours without single poklyovki, have all five ANYTHING. Was grifted's, roasted meat, stick in side, pro them already and forgotten. Went on anyone case to believe and saw that have Comrade as the suspicious raskosami in side has moved leapfrog and the first in this season's a little tiny pooch or I'm gonna.
Your baby here same had let.
All perezabrosili, drank tea and I get a believer the crease on flet on a near way and already fish a bit lot more.
And then went fever, periodically the beginning of do a peck have all, the only worked only Ouite a the distance.
Poklevki strange, mostly several twitching...... with massacres at regular intervals in minute and only then a good the crease. It is unclear, can he the feeder butsal? Fish klevala on worm with nobody, or on tuft moldy worm.
Still the most important moment was that installation of necessarily should was be sliding and hook small and easy. Mood have all lets one know, was biting, well but just couple of hours until 16.00.
Good Karpov we until not rounded up, but all well otlovilis.
My catch: :jumping:

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