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Exhibition "Hunt and fishing"

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Visited and I Show (Autumn-2010).

Shaken feeder Mitchell, station wagon - grassroots, not it is a liquid and not tight - for the middle tide in the most times.

Trough for fidera saw in several places - from 20 "grape" and until 125 "grape".
Unfortunately, as our, and so and not our producers not have filled properly "political" feeders for pikerov and laytov - on 5-15 grams, perhaps, because, that there is no from us proper demand on them. :dontknow:

Bought, that wanted to - super coil for super the far-industrialized fishing from M. Zammataro - Feedermaster 9600 (Balzer).
To it has acquired the cord Stren Microfuse 0.10 mm - 5.9 kg (270m) at very "tasty" price (credit roughly 30%) - for-zabrosa with the shock of leader. :flirt:

Have Italians Trabucco've got myself some hooks series of 620 # 16.

Incidentally, about the Germans.
Quite soon group avtomobiley follow up on Tiananmen before of Beijing Exhibition center - tickets are sold freely!

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In what price coil was?
And pletyonka. Incidentally precisely about it on week read reviews not very nice. Can find exile, if you interestingly



Incidentally on picture with kormushkami from Left seems Ivano-frankovskie trough. In Luhansk was connected poschupati.



Romeo wrote:

By the way on picture with kormushkami from Left seems Ivano-frankovskie trough.

Yes, this they. We them already fishing. Cool trough for tide. :cool:



Boev wrote:

Yes, this they. We them already fishing. Cool trough for tide. :cool:

Likewise. Conducted testing. Trough that was all right. Only poobryval a bit (almost on same place, where on of the match area in the second day sat :))



Hook wrote:

In what price the coil was?
And pletyonka. Incidentally precisely about it on week read reviews not very nice. Can find exile, if you interestingly

1. Coil in normal retail price - slightly more one thousands of a?eaaiu. She not was, - she and now there is have Balzer-Ukraine in sufficient numbers.

2. "Is a master" friendly Forum Dima Salapin published desired article about it comes to shagging with this katukhoy M. Zammataro, now can be look the film on German and something understand, even when is nor boom-boom. magazine N6.2010 - 50 st. Fidermeyster. Part of 1. / / read more Salapin Dmitri (aka Starnak) -

Reviews for this pletenke from spinningistov read, which found in Internet. Alone write, that 0.06 mm on bottom lokhmatitsya and is tearing, where --something, other Ireland write, that this cord averagely-a normal and on characteristics slightly better Fire-line. And fideristy about this document with a string nothing until not write. I this one took exclusively for-zabrosa with the shock of leader. From-for quite-??? smooth the surface, small diameter and discount roughly 30%. (As prescribes regulation to Foksam FX1 - FX3: The cord 0,08-0.10 mm + shock-leader).
For clams, pressing brovok and etc. "Same" for cords being seats - I have there is another pletnya.

3. Today again visited Show - found on goods retailer Laki John - they have trough several species from nicknames, and in camping on CHAMPION Even small scale for Mr. Picker here - lights (though are worth in range roughly 15-25 Grzywna (), and mass other interesting little things, - through Briedisi-two'll cruise in their Music on str. Of Tupolev, in Kyiv and zhestkoy would take a good with assortment of.

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Boev wrote:

Nice trough for tide.

In our area such have use. Tide there is no. But on-start there is more interesting things. And here is in Luhansk routing so as there Donets place # 1



2-6 March on territory IEC, that in Kyiv on Brovarskyi Corso (about subway Levoberezhnaya), will exhibition "Hunt dive 2011." Trough VOS and products FishDrim will represented?



duffy333- Serezha, not with 2 th, and with 3 th … fault.html



And here is and all participants … mbers.html



Today corporate CEO on mall 20 th International, potolkalsya among looking for and eager - people something views and. Buys! :love:

Laki Fischer presented trough on 170 gr (somewhere 25-30 UAH), and also floating trough (for 2 ?o - 89 UAH).

Grassroots feeder 4.20 flushed with test 30-70 gr, costs around 100 have. E. - recently someone asked about such a glass tinkles - it turns out, is available.
Name me xenophobia, something like Desco.

FishDrim presented "Aromu +" Cinnamon and Coriander, also new species Pelletsa and others. A new products.

Its favourite firm from Cimferopolya B.A.M. (sells do Byron and I have) so and not found.

Pictures of the with Shows:

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I there in Saturday I get there :jumping:



duffy333- to Saturday already little what will remain)) I wanted to score some hooks Colmic - on one sip buckets have them troshki remained, say for first day vygrebli. But full trunk FishDrima ??? home the cabbie dropped! People many, crowds many, but expected greater from the most exposition of. Grope finally Maver Pauerlayt - nice, but 2,100 Grzywna (. And this already somewhere alongside Preston)

In general, to go need to))



Yes not question, that to go need to. But I have office on Pushkinska Street - until made there if you make it out, until ago you get back on this a homicidal traffic. Easier then quite in office not to emerge :crazyfun: Nu and pro purchases I not anxious - already not climbs, but I anything can find the money. All the more flagship again discount to 20% on period exhibition announced% -)
To why, me very this winter the situation with discounts liked - the flagship sell-off on New year, brought the, then dive in honor relocation and discoveries a new retailer announced to 23 February discount in 23% on all (three till as machine guns's maxims treschali without, bap, "you), now flagship again. Competition, up there its in swings, :cool:



Today visited Show again and found ??? firm B.A.M. From Simferopol.
s Ostbahnhof station get back a little in side from now schemes and in strongly urezannom the form of, compared with by previous exhibitions, - on wide one the counter.
Bought everyone loads of likely-vertlyuzhkov, and on the principle of "it not need to, but Slippery to aoei!", bought even 4000m2 as well as for 241 UAH Byronic Vinklpiker 270 centimeters, 3-25 "grape", 2 done (lurk in the hilt), build soft, Mr. Picker clearly for rags increased the. Homes other allegations - 180 gr (scales, with precision + - 10 gr).



Having I ??? until exhibition today! The impression:
1. Although exhibition and is called "Hunt and dive. SUV ", more 50% (as least) centered on precisely fishing.
2. Saturday. Be parked alongside of Beijing Exhibition center it is unrealistic.
3. On emotional outburst during turn, to enter inward. Enormous hall-hangar exhibition center buzzes from dense crowds istoskovavshikhsya on clean water fishermen.
4. Most importantly - this not exhibition. This Fair, bazaar, the market - or whatever you want as anywhere, but not exhibition. Realistically normally to communicate about products enough difficult - buyers simply not leave on this time.
5. Real problems have advisers on stands with knowledge the examination products. Any more less advanced set the user fidernykh and tackle shop / prikormok / accessories in 90% c?ffin their questions these sorrow-advisers "for terrible stare."
6. 10%, where me as least interestingly was to communicate - this stands, where were people realistically not the first day turns fiderom. Very appealed stands Lucky Fisher and Rocket Baits.
7. Not will mask, I planned to come in Saturday largely because, to get acquainted yourself and to communicate with Sergei ZOOM th. Moreover interestingly was to communicate with representative English companies MAP - he was in able easy shock from volume of exhibition, number of people and interest visitors to fishing products. Also highly interestingly was watch / poschupati new goods for Ukrainian market - rods up from MAP (level of Drenanna, I.M.H.O.,), coils from this same companies, diverse set trough from NISE, in including and floating.
8. Rocket Baits. I have them on booth spent more hours - until overhauled / 've inhaled too much / pereschupal all, that only could from indeed very large entire products. Moreover can be was obtain fulfill explanation as in composition / autogeneous / contributing, so and on application of and use of. When applied to as it comes to shagging very interesting since various "isn't quite your thing" - dipy, sprays, atrakanty, Booster. Try not try. Also interesting since paste and dough. Much from this was, a stable and with look forward awaits wings.

Now "thought in canard about":
Surprises, that no one from sellers in an exhibition not suits test-, links, their products. I understand, that weather a bit not the, to hanging out on the street, but anyway. Such tests under such a numbers potential consumers - this kind of advertisements :flag:. Near there is place on closed from entry by parking, where can be conduct those same contests on the accuracy of zabrosa, for example, or still something such. Moreover, Dnepr river under through - can be something perhaps, too, devise.



Deconstructing homes after exhibition advertising dropped leaflets had, stumbled on flyers from producer animals changeable tips companies WormExpert:
Interestingly, did and have us indeed emerged producer diversifying colored moldy worm? If still and the price will be sane :rolleyes:.
Or this again Polish :question:



duffy333 wrote:

did and have us indeed emerged producer diversifying colored moldy worm?

Producers there is, we even bought as the for this comp moldy worm. But the price as have the Polish was. Pinky and vpomine in Ukraine there is no ("native" kicks). And in Poland, familiar mentioned he in Poland product buys, there conceal says this moldy worm cars. Kureni are worth says and there their produce. Refrigerators there, all affairs and maggot what like it or in size.

And dendrobenu, Sergei, I not know now. Maybe, you there is or not, I have familiar as thelitrovymi banks on subway "Pionerskaya" there de increasingly for day-care services. There was pop stand with fertilizer, there and were selling dendrobenu. With on price. Then (if not changes memory 25grn. Liter)) Perhaps and now. Maybe, you sell. D here is to go in Chernigiv so can'll come by'll ask.



A slight video with rolled exhibition, centered on Intersec Lucky Fisher and products MAP.

Guys, immediately am asking forgiveness, misspoke 120 Tymoshenko trough will for this coils a little heavy, optimally until 100, exhibition seething, head we have exclusive, who was all will understand :)

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And again in glorious city of Kyiv in Exhibition the center of the on subway "Levoberezhnaya" passes Autumn exhibition "Hunt and dive." And as usually it more resembles on big bazaar :D
Now about interesting. I British on it only for one - see something from Preston / SonuBaits on booth official representative networks stores "dive." But something there have them not succeeded and much from moreover that should be in an exhibition so and remained on a :dontknow:
Preston. Me was interested in only here is this hell is that: … ms/PFORM1/
And she was! Touched, with her knockers, popinal with their feet - d borrow :flag:.
Well shown exhibition samples products SonuBaits. Me zainteresovali a couple prikormok:
Carp Boilie Crush Method Mixconsisting of VERY krupnofraktsionnoy a mixture from kroshenykh Boylov, peletsa and any something enough. See this prikormku as excess fare major faction on of bream and carp. Our price me not said, but in of England such good is worth 6 ?for package in 2kg.
Hemp & Hali Crushunwieldiness from a mixture kroshenogo peletsa Khalibut and cannabis.
Also very interesting since various gentle nasadochnye peletsy, dipy(Action beef dip), especially white shekolad and strawberries, and special paint(Bait Paint) for immediate painting changeable tips directly on the hook or in some capacity / package.
Incidentally, in an exhibition in entire sell Berkeley Nanofil. So here is on all spots sales there is any dozen except 0.10 - proved the most khodovym.

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Soon 23.02.12, and that means, that many of us, after accumulating money's not good enough on gift itself favorite, cast bones in district forge the Left-on exhibition "Hunt and dive."

I have question to forumchanam, a. Are participants exhibition -- Are you sure, that such there is - can be as something see scheme participants, to for themselves little-related -- lay down their route?



Better to know list participants - can any premieres will, or the presentation. And so go on this bazaar already and desires there is no - all the same without tolchii in stores watch can be.



duffy333 wrote:

Better to know list participants

List and scheme - notions identical. Plus schemes in is, that already initially can be chart route, it cagey now from Nozhikov, boats, and other not interesuyuschey tripe.

In any case will nice, if anyone responds to the, and we will know modicum something.

P. S. List there is on site Chamber of Commerce and Industry despoil sho, but scheme ??? interested in.

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I here is not gather additionally in any way guys but as there increasingly ??? at prices? I heard from alone that realistically cheaper than in stores retail, other say more expensive, so same say that sellers make discount in recent 2 days exhibition, truth whether this? Simply himself live in city of High, and me until of Kyiv 360km, not want see for good reason, but uchtvaya my-range of as products in Propulsion Exactly think increasingly same to go. Want buy Backpack on back for fidernykh cordages (trough, chair, the bait and camping on Afghan), a tripod with comb, fidernoe udilishche (want watch and hold browning Hot Rod Power Feeder 3.60m 40-100gr / 3-8lb and Maver Abyss X-series 3,6m.) and chair with generous seat roskladnoy not big. Ca who saw that the from this autumn and as the case with prices.



Backpacks with chairs (precisely chair with generous seat) makes Golden ketch-Iicaa saw something about 250 Grzywna (. I have such couple of years, so itself, but best not come across brilliant live. And the tripod people on Forum ketchevskie ever ever compiled praised-with flat was coming out feet, eloxadized aluminum, is worth somewhere as crafted backpack. Grebyonku on-my separately need to buy, although accurately not know




so same say that sellers make discount

On exhibition 2011 (Spring) toured with Kent on the second day. Discount for us were quite lots. We this estimate later on retail prices in stores. Truth and money spent about 9 tys gr on two.



Discount from 10%.
Browning in an exhibition not that - Music "Three China" not marketed at knock-down. So that if there is desire to, then need case to them in Music.
To why, from subway "Levoberezhnaya", where is Exhibition Center and be held exhibition not far until retailer "dive" and one of stores networks "flagship." And until one and until another can be without direct get - stop alongside shops. These trade point on period exhibition and have themselves in stores can launch additional discount. Here is only choice in stores on any will more, than in an exhibition.



duffy333 wrote:

By why, from subway "Levoberezhnaya", where is Exhibition Center and be held exhibition not far until retailer "dive" and one of stores networks "flagship." And until one and until another can be without direct get - stop alongside shops.

. And both they will in an exhibition, in parallel (if all will on old scheme) providing discount ~ 20%. So whether I from High, then after exhibition peeked would to Badardinovu in 3K, this, too, not far, and on road on station - in "Sport Hotel fishing trip" on Zhilyanskoy. In end and participants exhibition looked, and basic neuchastnikov visited)



Guys and you can give physical street address stores that alongside the show, in advance itself will make route on GPS. Simply Kyiv know very poorly. In advance thank you.

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Three whale

Mir the fishing trainer (Rusanovka)




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