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Well in village summer

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Summer spent in village with were a couple skrinok "browning" Since describe but'll post an you several reports.

Middle of the June. River Seversky Donets Our time for standing pat fishing limited. Weather some hot with eastern pulled. Testimony my fishing barometer were favorable for forthcoming fishing.

While very seriously. Did two fodder the composition. One - oppressive, adhesive, large-factional prikormka for of bream. Grand slam + River + Big fish. The second - the average faction, that a bit pereuvlazhnil for industrialized fishing small fry, and other gustery. Gardons + black magic.

Level of water in River low. And continued fall! For weak. Water + 20

Such weird conditions, allowed use trough relatively a small weight. And even, finally try, easy 3-'s metre Super bomb feeder from "browning" - with test until 50 grams. For nightlife fishing Fr more a powerful prestonovskiy "• Proven track master" electric his 5,000-oops coil with fishing line Cenex feeda line from "browning." Used povodochnuyu to let the line out from program until 0.128 from "Colmic." Hooks maver catana and colmic bs 5,000.

To a fishing trip began about 11 morning. Chose two "point." For easy fidera next of brovka. The distance 15 meters. The main - thin "sanlaynovskaya pletnya", plus footnotes from feeder gum. And necessary immediately be noted, that the entire fish was there! The first bream appeared far not on the evening. Vyvazhivanie easy line very enjoyable huge pleasure! And here is with directions, increase a dace and a minor perch on DM-100, get questionable pleasure! So without fluctuations, and adopted decision, feed in fact under with their feet. That and brought outcome!

Basic events on leschu began in district midnight and ended before dawn. On the morning has replaced ceasing on more a short and pegged hook lot more, for savaged that a dace. Nasazhival couple of as much as worms and units 5-6 oparyshey. Triviality of course pastering, but bream not left without attention such "bold" sandwich!

In 6.30 nibble cut off. Even a dace but died down. Barometer "fell", and means time flock home.

Comrade, too, not dozing! And what peas Fr! We his used, adding are in every the feeder.

Our modest the table teenagers my fish chowder. We were boiling coffee and tea on a fire. Impoverished. And even, in this time, not turned sour, on evil June the sun.



Fishing 3-5 July. Short fees and backpacks crawled into us in shoulders. Weather some hot with a strong northeastern Western pulled, that eased quite a long transition and otgonyalo evil bugs.

Would still accounted for relaxing, yes and beer was still frigid.

The road moves away with steeply down. And what species are opening! Even my spoiled by eye one enjoys!

Another a halt. Through meadow had to literally to flee! On Landfill actively blasted away and bullets posvistyvali.

Have reached! Classy place for himself. All in the shadows, even tent has become, as need. Under's flank bumps, but not feel hot and even day can be sleep. Donets quietly bears their water, fish walking, barometer shows magic figures. So will walk thru!

First been caught on the remnants of prikormki with last fishing. And then I Fr "Sweet Bream" from "browning" flamboyant prikormka with very sweet the scent of, present connotation mint. Facing its not became. Fish appreciated!

Leashes are 0.125 from "Colmic" very high-quality raskosami! Lack on clock and more, until fish not will disrupt

Second clock not brought surprise. To habitual already fish to brings golavl and even a trout. Long his not met in this place. Couple of fish leaked the. One very solid. Need to work over mistakes. And more carefully brush your from algae-Nymphea alba place fishing. Fishing happy with. "A tad" wowed.



15 July, I could even watch on barometer and here is they magic for fishing figures! 1002 HPA, sorely tested already not times! From sela The beacons are cloud. Gromykhalo. But, me rain not scared away by. Yes and the younger volunteered exhausting to bring heavy a bag. Have reached on time, as only set tent - immediately, Covered to burst! But, after downpour, purity and beauty. Funky to breathe under easily! And washed up all blood-sucking creatures. Means me expects a remarkable evening.

My easy fiderok, weighs just 140 grams, but with 1.5 untsovoy vershinkoy well Felix Blumenfeld for industrialized fishing on a near distance there is.

In this time made a sauce prikormku dollar, in producer, but added aromatic supplements. The nozzle sitch maggot dipovanyy cinnamon and scheiss the worm. Dug up in balconies and terraces!
"Fish Dream have" bream plus betain
Spelt be scattered 200 grams
Sweet appetizer from "browning" to 50 "grape"
Brasem Orange from "browning" to 50 gr
Kastery how many nakovyryal from boxes

Was biting, frankly loosely. I at night not fighter, but have until 2 night longest held. All hoped. But, alas me.
Embarked too little, too late and began only in 7 morning. About 8 on done.

Through 5 minutes another.

Found myself and a major a dace! Until 11 morning well thing podkhvatom!

Meet dawn another days life in such a place. This costly is worth!

My a favorite "• Proven track master - 100", as I before without him catching of bream?

Periodically global expansion coming and such a tiger-striped with gracious behavior baron! Zagibal quite powerful your cast!

The sun all higher. 's been accumulating fatigue. But. As same nice was the fishing!

In general I forced was reconsider its opinion about July, as "dokhlom" period, when fish enjoyed poorly. Learn never late.

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22 July after noon, saw, that barometer gives good! Backpack and bag always are collected, all in an ideal order. And here is maggot, the entire transformed in's dolls. Take have. But good, that there is a shovel and a kitchen. Quickly dug up of dung worms and put an in "refrigerator." The British who created fishing backpack, contemplated - and, as same this is important in heat! On conversations local, fish leisurely and are biting only at dawn and late on the evening. Because and
Decided to get somethin 'proven composition from "browning"
"River" 1 kg
"Grand Slam" 1 kg
"Of Morgan Fish" 1 kg
Spelt be scattered 300 gr
"Sweet appetizer" 100 "grape"
"Brasem orange" 50 "grape"

The first evening has passed under sign gustery and small fry, wall made on prikormku. About midnight, when already while exhorts down service saw very hard "submission" on khevik! On vyvazhivanii zatreschal progress has been slow we understand Friction clutch. Immediately understood, that this is not bream! Dutch master-100 in arc! With ’, even just popping in water in starchy foods. And already in a meter from podkhvata regrettable social. On the hook sort ot hung quite much Blicca bjoerkna with sodrannoy in scales. This was with the mustache is a master rivers. All. Porugivaya uppity "seeds the Teddy bear" started climbing in tent. On the morning after violence of small fry, on prikormku came the, whom I waited.

My modest workplace. That managed communicate ????. All most necessary.

Nibble lasted until 16.00, after have become to make the commute motor boats and all had tapered. Although task I performed and can be sleep!

Our neighbors proved enjoyable and decreased. Their very are interested in, as enleve and as'm knitting snap, what trough and vast.

However, without chub no one not hidden. The height of the summer and he very is active!
Who on minnow back that chopper in the air
And who and on the crust bread.

Friday. Early morning. Petty fish was furlough zorku, and here is bream not licked.

Decided to on the sly to collect things. Day promised be very the.

All time been observed activity major pikes. But all outs of in the grass, in lie mudded, where ordinary purposefulness not draw. On open water a cougar not used to walk. Decided on place fashion some option of the lures-turntables with single crocheted, where sting force is done "usikom" from hard wire. Experienced with Bank. Grass passes. Place, where used to walk huge-o teeth in the room here long. Decided on whom swim. And after all feel hot and I namakhalsya for two days fiderom. Comrade younger than and In. Stood in for hours and stubbornly he was combing through reduce the on emotional outburst during in old direction. I already brought together things and has combined the undercling in cover. And here is he, as cry even. There is! And here still added, that podkhvata he has no, spinning test until 7 grams and hand he its borrow not will. Fears! And pike already pulled the boat in old direction, in your safe little slime. With such speed, I never its shtekernyy 3 metre podsak not been collected! Oh, thank the Roman, that suddenly appeared boat with men-turystami and they immediately agreed, give you a ride tool to community brutal battlefield.

On such veseloi note and finished fishing.

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On the eve was day saintly Ilia the prophet. And people long observed, that "with such widely days night length, and water cold." Long that was to visit and conduct day-the other in one status quo – or place. Early on the morning I mentioned and decided not deferred journey in a long Pandora.

To accompany me volunteered, too, Ilya, but not strict saint the Prophet. And my the younger son. And his comrade.
The road passes along old directions Siverskyi Donets River. Pits, bumps, line in face. Markedly, that people case a bit. In already distant childhood, here we and ticked Donkey "zakidushki" on little slapping yes yazey. Now, here is only, almost there is no movement water. Lemna or is moss. A whimper and Crucian carps.

That place, I have long had nicknamed "damn pipe" Many years ago, organization for right running water decided straighten direction rivers, vykopav a ditch a long meters 500, wide 25-30 and depth from 10 until 14 meters! Canal've tunnelled their through benighted wood, all kick and barrels forever are gone under water. Bank not reinforced and old huge poplar, continue to fall in the river over the this day. On bottom a graveyard of trees! And to be sure, in such places usual the most different fish. For it, this the most the real fortress, where she in full security. Here is try its reach the!
Here is so "a bloody cube" ???? last winter. Looked at still then!

And here is, finally and came true dream old vagrants. I on place!

Bank it.

A small the fruit bowl and tent put already in the forest. Seats lacked. But all posted and suddenly became comfortable experience! Me liked, prilnulo to psyche and immediately it became clear, that’m gonna stay on two overnights.

Twenty years ago here were reduce the blackberry, some bushy shrub, and now here is vymahal wood. Young still. After all for trees this quite not age.

With a took a bit prikormki and decided to engage fishing, as will come evening the cool of or at dawn. Still very feel hot. And so, my with a fire ,-kind tea and coffee, watched for River. However - fish lovilas and the most different.

On the morning telephoned my friend. And apparently expressed to in my voice fruits with fame only, said one thing word: Food!

Arrived not only comrade, but and refrigerator with it sale of alcohol!

Spent evening and morning with fiderami. Mentally have spoken. As can to speak old comrades and simply people, which have such focus on maintaining, as fishing. Deep at night was coveted on done, but in the process vyvazhivaniya's the shackles, head podkhvata with the first knee. Here is you and shtekernyy the undercling! Had to couple of times deeply dive!



Arrived my senior. Middle of August. Very feel hot!

I decided to ambush for him a small celebration. Much and a spacious mangal. Heap wood. Convenient approach to water with bridge. A table. All that anywhere! Catch fish, wash ifyou, get some rest in one word!

Still feel hot. Nature has been Petrified in anticipation fall. Nor breeze, there is no movement air. Only the sun and stifling heat. So feeder! For fishing pole still not it's time. Fr roadwheels mixture of. Already accounted for use on River Dnepr river. Now let's see, that will on Severski Donce, fuck.
Sweet bream "browning"
M7 "browning"
Big fish "browning"
Supplements, too, from "browning" already're rather fond of these
Sweet appetizer
Brasem orange
All made a sauce on G-potok-me from soles of with spices

Celebration worked! Senior assistant catching very neat and easy line. She and weighs just 140 grams. Very thin sanlaynovskaya pletnya and equipped tooling on the basis of feeder gum. Is called "bungee links filmed of" were used subtler leashes are from Colmic potok 3000.00-0.103.

Now can with certainty say, that my • Proven track master survived after clashes with zhlobyaroy on boat. Vershinku I buy a new, but the form clearly survived!

Imperceptibly flew the first clock. The impression from fishing very positive and decided to remain still on one night, and darkens already quickly.

I have remained only kilos prikormki, but what!

As it was dark razboynichal pike perch! I gnawed on gusterku, as transport!

In prikormku we added as much as of dung worms. And in 22.00 came serious "guys"! Wow, as same was nice!

Major gustere, too, identified with prikormka with by a worm

And plotve, far OK without it?

On the morning barometer "fell" But, on know, for the road licked podleschik. Under collection things.

My surprise vacation quickly flies to fall. Try to put use every day. And ah. Will give whether fate still times such chance?



Boeings autumn. Water + 5 old direction Siverskyi Donets River

Fish-sicles from "browning"
1 kg "Gardons" only deleted large particles
Mere 0.5 kg "Black Magic"

Nasadochnyy night crawlers, maggot, kastery, the worm. On the evening small fry not was, but apparently too little, too late began. But savaged that Blicca bjoerkna and at times bleak. Prikormku had to mentor moisten.

Until midnight it skip only one podleschik.

Night already cold. Need a winter clothing and minusovyy sleeping bag. If, of course, there is desire to spring from have fishing gear. Morning met chipper, Daedalus boiled coffee. A dace very pro-active with 6 until 10 morning. In Ama night crawlers. Unambiguously! Although of solidity and on moldy worm. Worm fish ignores, that in general, for all already not news.

Eiaee easy 3-'s metre fiderkom from browning. 1 untsovaya vershinka. There's gravy 20 grams, ceasing Colmic potok 3000.00-program a long until 80 centimeters, hooks 14-16 Number. Very exasperated this line! Yes and themselves a. :)


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