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The Asian Dnipropetrovsk region 2012.

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About conducting Open Cup Dnipropetrovsk area
On it comes to shagging fish fiderom 26-27 on May 2012.

1. Goal and tasks.
1.1. Contest ???? with goal:
- popularize fishing sport;
- raising sporting of excellence athletes;
2. Place and time conducting.
2.1. Contest ???? 26-27 on May 2012. On str. Quay Lenin (auditorium of the quay) Propulsion Home town of Dnipropetrovsk
3. The organizers. Refereeing.
3.1. Leading the competition – Dnepropetrovsk mill oblasna the federation fishing sport.
Master-spender DOFRS – company “flagship. ”
3.2. Preparation and holding competition falls to major test immediately board.
3.3. Spending on conduct competition and sending participants bears Dnepropetrovsk mill oblasna the federation fishing sport.
4. Participants.
4.1. To participate in for competitions are permitted all wishing to. For participants is installing with start-up premium in the sum 150 Grzywna (. With stakeholder. For members DOFRS. Contest personally-command. Team consists of two people.
4.2. Participants competition owe know and fulfill rules competition on it catching fish fiderom. Abide by rules behavior on a reservoir. On their own pass medical examination. Not cannabis alcohol beverages.
4.3. The total number of participants limited and not exceeds 30 chol. (15 teams).
5. Program competition.
5.1. Contest ???? in 2 round.
Until 06 :3 0 – registering the participants;
06 :3 0 – draw sectors;
06 :4 5 – expressed a solemn opening the competition;
07 :0 0 – 08 :3 0 - preparation for competitions,
08 :3 0 – 13 :3 0 – contest;
13 :3 0 – 14 :3 0 weighing up the fish,’s.
06 :3 0 – draw sectors;
07 :0 0 – 08 :3 0 - preparation for competitions,
08 :3 0 – 13 :3 0 – contest;
13 :3 0 – 15 :0 0 weighing up the fish,’s, awarding.
Play around in Friday 25.05.2012g. In zone competition convicts are until 18.00).
6. Rules and order conducting.
6.1. Contest on it catching fish fiderom ???? in 2 round efficiently 5 hours.
6.2. Draw sectors is conducted before rounds. The size of the sector for one athlete not less 10 forge the
6.3. Had forced fish produced one fidernym pounder, which can be before coils, leskami or sort of cords, fidernymi kormushkami or shipments. Rods up can be park on holders (supports). Forbidden use metal now string in as a stem and detection poklevok any type..
6.4. Participants permitted have under itself unlimited number of spare cordages. During competition some permitted enjoy platforms, top marginal size which 1-by-1 meter. Platforms must situated in one line outside water or partly in water. Alongside the main a platform can be set additional platforms, designed to auxiliary equipment and materials.
6.5. On training to competitions stands out not less 60 shadowing On preceding athlete to his sector he owes lay down their hire fishing riot gear in his sector and after this to leave sector. Any preparation cordages and other things arm forbidden until first signal.
6.6. On first signal “Logon in zone ” athletes occupy their sector and are beginning training to it comes to shagging. Additional some tackle, and also the nozzle sitch and prikormka can be turned over to to an athlete through Chief Justice-supervisor until signal “Start. ”
6.7. On signal “Start ” athletes inmineaza to it comes to shagging fish.
6.8. Time on with start-up zakorm not accorded. forbidden use specifically formed balls prikormki. Forbidden enjoy slingshots ran amok and missiles.Povoleno use trough any volume
6.9. To an athlete permitted apply prikormku and the pourer natural origin. Can be use attraktanty and dyes. Tineri purposefulness, containing living or dead fish, and also because the fish. Forbidden the use of narcotic and odurmanivayuschikh fish substances. an authorized span prikormki on one tour on one stakeholder - 12 liters. Moreover, number of survivors components not more 1.5 liter, in including very not more 0.5 liter.
6.10. Participants forbidden in as bait use on the hook artificial jamborees, the pop up jamborees (pop realization), such as foams, cork and camping on D., and also use follicle installation of.
6.11. Participants forbidden enjoy the electronic means for detection fish and measure depth.
6.12. Athletes not have rights to accept from athletes and other faces practical assistance in prepare seats competition, cordages, nozzles and prikormki, and exert aid other some.
6.13. Torchbearer not has rights without resolution judges enter: Diving.
6.14. Here fish deposited in sadke, bycore in water. The length of the charge not less 2.5 meters. Capture will fish've counted and then, when she accidentally captured not for his mouth. Deliberate bagrenie fish prohibited from. Participants, not akess means for storage fish, to competition not are permitted.
6.15. On third signal “OK, it's over ” athletes end the enleve and remain in their sectors until arrival judges-supervisor for catch of the day tonight. To midweek weigh-in takes into only going to hear live fish. Weighing up the produced low--as headings, for the entire zone. Outcome we get is input in Protocol and confirms signatures judges and stakeholder. After weighting fish remains in sadkakh before the end of weighting all participants. Field this fish released (let off) after signal “Release. ”
6.16. After the end of the competition a participant owes to remove in his sector the entire garbage.
7.1.’s is undertaken on the basis protocols forensic collegium.
7.2. Winner and Paralympic in command Monster are determined by on the last the sum seats engaged team on serving 2-'s stages. A command place after every phase is determined by from sums seats, people employed participants one team in different zones. I.e., than less this sum, the higher a command place. Personal place athlete in zone is determined by weight capture of. Under equals ulovakh, place athlete is srednearifmeticheskim seats athletes with equal catches. Participants with zero the result occupy place, equal srednearifmeticheskoy the sum seats all participants with zero the result in zone. Under absolutely equals results of teams in attention drip irrigation overall major team catch, weight & chips that gets picked fish for two stages competition. Winner in personal Monster is determined by on the last the sum seats, people employed in zones for two stages.
8. Awarding.
8.1. Winner and Paralympic competition nagorodzhuyutsya medals, N.A. Brizgun and valuable prizes.
9. The applications.
9.1. The applications are taken to 24 on May 2012. Inclusive in this topic, and also on Forum, register can be on address: Propulsion Dnipropetrovsk, Neberezhnaya Lenin, d.15 - Music “Tourist. ”
9.2. Participants are arriving on contest on their own and for its expense.



Are starting registration.

1. "Normark 1" - Dnipropetrovsk
Fighting Oleg (to)
Page Vitaly.

2. "Normark 2" - Dnipropetrovsk
Forty Bogdan (to)
PR Sergei.

3. "East-Vegas" -, Donetsk
Udovichenko Alexander (to)
Kenzin Ildar.

4. "The intercom" - Zaporozhye
Virchenko Sergei (to)
About ten species Alexey.

5. "A quorum" - Dnipropetrovsk
Oliynyk Oleg (to)
Perepelitsa Roman.

6. "Flagship of the" - Dnipropetrovsk
Ageenko Igor (to)
Mikhailov Alexander.

7. "Fish Time" - Dnipropetrovsk
Ivan Taranov (footballer) Alexander (to)
Pindich Ivan
Chebanov Sergei - coaches.

8. "Mr. Fisher "-, Donetsk
Gordienco Mikhail (to)
Naraykin Alexander.

9. "Rybmaster" - Dnipropetrovsk
Deev Viktor (to)
Vinogradov Vladimir.

10. "Yuzivka" -, Donetsk
Alexander Romantsov (to)
Viktor Fedkov.

11. "Are cool" - 1933 it was reorganised into
Zolotukhin Alexander (to)
Ayvazov Andrei
Wolf Igor - coaches
Wolf Anatoly - spare.

12. "Chic" - Dnipropetrovsk
Kondratenko Ivan (to)
Sherstyuk Vladimir.

13. "?" - Dnipropetrovsk
Netyaga Constantine (to)
Fighting Wladyslaw.

14. "Little worm" - Dnipropetrovsk
Skripnik Vitaly (to)
Balls Andrei
Andrukh Maxim - coaches.

15. "’ and Ko" - Dnipropetrovsk
Ivaschenko Alexander (to)
Gostischev Alexander.



3. "East-Vegas" -, Donetsk
Udovichenko Alexander (to)
Kenzin Ildar.

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"Fish Time" - Dnipropetrovsk
Ivan Taranov (footballer) Alexander (to)
Pindich Ivan.



"Mr. Fisher "-, Donetsk
Gordienco Mikhail (to)
Naraykin Alexander.



Am asking register team "Rybmaster"
Propulsion Dnipropetrovsk
Deev Viktor (to)
Vinogradov Vladimir.



From Zaporizhia will 2 team accurately!



Team "Fan-fucking-tastic" Propulsion 1933 it was reorganised into
1. Zolotukhin A.
2. Ayvazov A.



Team "She-" Propulsion Dnipropetrovsk
Kondratenko Ivan 050 98 74 741
Sherstyuk Vladimir



Team "Yuzivka" -, Donetsk
Viktor Fedkov (to)
Alexander Belov.



Team "Interkom" - Zaporozhye
Virchenko Sergei (to)
About ten species Alexey



Team "Fan-fucking-tastic" Propulsion 1933 it was reorganised into
And coaching composition:
Wolf Igor
Wolf Anatoly



In ties with the emergence of on festival ancored GCC's buoyant steamboat, a power almost two sector, been decided conduct tournament on the opposite Bank of Dnepr. On str. Marshal Malinovsky in district Merefo-Kherson bridge.

P. S. Remained two major team seats + one thing in team with Igor Ageenko. Who wants participate - log. :flag:



In team "Yuzivka" climate. Request adjust
Team "Yuzivka" -, Donetsk
Alexander Romantsov (to)
Viktor Fedkov.



So, registering the is over! 15 teams - 30 participants! Until meeting for the!:flag:



In ties with weather conditions not are contest?



And you forecaston tomorrow watched? Not feel hot, wind in the back will - on La - calm!

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A small fairs HERE



2 th Day competition poraduvav weather an uphill struggle athletes, triumph alone and fiasco other not December a common atmosphere this arrangements. Propose a watch a bit photographs with seats events.

kind right Bank with seats competition :cool: here a little bit of a "prettier girls"

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High-end PHOTO! :cool:
Huge thank you,



Major team score, bro … e.jpg.html
Personal … 9.jpg.html … 0.jpg.html

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Skloubeni busy briefing!
Photo super!



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That exactly and all, our beat. :jumping:

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I congratulate from the entire souls the contestants Cup Dnipropetrovsk area 2012! :flag:
So same want congratulate team "Kvorum" with victory in command Monster,
Aleek Terranova with victory in personal Monster :cool: :cool: :cool:
Guys, beauties VSE :cool:
Want that would shabby.There were held such contest, who collect large number of people.
And importantly that these people such through contribute big contribution not only in development fidernogo direction in a fishing sport, but and in propaganda healthy way of life and the right relations to fish resources, that personally for me is an important factor!
For themselves kinda glanced a bit useful practices have Olega Boeva. :cool:
P.S. Thank you El Amigo for are nice photo. :flag:



Rashid Pasha, derzhitsya class, even Max something my block, would put forth his perhaps soon :)
All thank you, liked very :)
Otchyotik will try write later :yep:



I congratulate RANCH guys with victory! A quorum, Fish Time! :cool: Alik Ivan Taranov (footballer) and Oleg Oliynyk - Alien will boast! So keep! :cool: (Now can be and for retirement. :D )
Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks, too, good fellows! Finally, have ascended on our the pedestal! The intercom + Zolotukhin - :cool:
Thank you ALL for participation and claimants heightened passions! :flag: Thanks guests for attending of our modest tournament’s! :flag:
Separate lasting gratitude organizers and judges for accomplished the work! :flag:
The Asian worked. Fish was. Bonus golavli and Crucian carps were have many. :O
Rashid Pasha, thank you for derzhitsya! :cool:
Until meeting on Dnieper River. :music:



I fotik in machine forgot, on the evening'll post an


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