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The Asian Dnipropetrovsk region 2012.

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El Amigo wrote:

That exactly and all, our beat.

Good fellows! :cool: A our fish more rounded up! :flag:



Pleased, that 1933 it was reorganised into gave honoured! Good fellows "Hi. Cool"! :flag:



Report, winning the Dnipropetrovsk area 26-27.05.2012

Training began to for week before competition. The root information ???? so - bream gets caught only at night, an something not in sight, a dace until he's coming around after spawning of. On weekends managed conduct two coaching received, clarify information on fish (Blicca bjoerkna, a bit small fry, bychyok, sometimes golavl, sometimes sea Bass), figure out with prikormkoy (worked different plotvinye options, safer just - classic, vde turbo + secret), posts main set (steadily worked brovka on 30-35 metres, sometimes vystrelivala Japanese Coast Guard brovka on 15-20 metres), assess for (70-80 grams on 30 metres, 40-50 grams on 20 metres). For day before competition other trend weather, sharply it is getting cold, had to begged off with work and conduct even one retreatments. Dramatically nothing has changed - on 30 meters away quickly spy on point Blicca bjoerkna and a dace middle weight 30-40 grams, for retaining fish need a good pace of, through hour-and a half after start started frequent failings in klyove, global expansion coming bychyok, sometimes vletali golavli, sometimes arrived Crucian.

In the first round finish my poopoo not in bad sector A5, from Left, downstream - Vanya, partner aleek Terranova. How I know, have him prikormka on base vde, it's Turbo, as and I have. 'll release on 30 meters away, Vanya - on the same distance there is (as it turned out, this was coached game fixation - choking off me oxygen). Higher downstream on Zolotukhin (aka template: User ru) and Virchenko is released and closer to Bank. Quickly raskarmlivayu point and try to put keep high pace of. First increasingly is faring almost on plan, has drawn Blicca bjoerkna / a dace, the converter implementation of and for the first hour caught 16 small fish. Worse, than on training but tolerable. Then increasingly break, failure in klyove proved protracted, neighbors right are beginning carrying golavley one for other, Vanya, too, pulls out maybe there, on eye - grams 800. I have quiet, and have vanya., too, fish vanished. Turn on 18 meters, here something there is, the smaller, implementation worthless-- but modicum any fish enjoyed. On negotiate yet another zabrose potyazhka and I have, too, there is golavlik grams on 400, in mouth have him full of the light krupnofraktsionnoy prikormki. As it turned out, this prikormka ZAVa, he ventures, made rate on bonus and won. Catch up with his and Virchenko it is unrealistic - they continue to carrying golavley. Try to focus my mind on small beer, need to modicum Vanya catch up with. Double enclosed couple golavlikov grams on 100. Vanya not moves away with 30 meters and sometimes bugs the plotvichku the gustyorku. As only have him enclosed fish, I'm throwing up bricks here on his distance, enleve one-two imaginations and return to melyuzge have Bank. One times was I have chance to capture a decent bonus. Under zabrose on 30 meters on falling feeding trough happens smooth potyazhka, something heaviest on the hook, first pull on nest friktsione, this something not kicking. And I in the process solve the, that this puchyok grass, slightly lifting Friction clutch, even turnover coils, puchyok's a-twitchin 'in side, Friction clutch not has time, ceasing is tearing. The remaining time continue to punch on distance, seek fish. Reckoning, weighing up the, hear applause have sector Virchenko. Have Zolotukhin, too, nothing so ulovchik. Exerything out my a hatchling pond. And when I managed naplyuschit so much small beer? Stock from ZAVa just on 60 grams. Weight joint, 64 imaginations, I the third. Vanya fifth. My your partner with your the line less are blessed with sector, he the fourth. In team broke a not so perishing poorly - second, from vanya. With be seeing Alec're falling behind a little on one pass.

The second tour, sector V2. A "hello" around with ZAVom, he now from Left, in B1. Yesterday in this sector Ivan Taranov (footballer) now broken zone almost dozen golavley. Zolotukhin reassures me, promises, that today he shoe-in on triviality. Peacefully I are splittin 'up on distance, he on a near, I again on 30 metres. Start, right Bogdan was easy feeds on on those same 30 fringes metres. I have quickly becomes plotvichka, there is couple gustyorok. Have Soroca - 1500 meters, have ZAVa - such a same fish as and I have. For half an hour of exercise enleve 9 small fish and are they biting deaf. And template: User ru polavlivaet, here is of her bonus bass grams on 300 took out, invites on its distance, nourished German, why harvest Opa on the far-, on a near this is much more convenient with InternetCELL to do. I get back a little when and agreed. On a near already Terrace which's polavlivaem. Here and Bogdan had crumbled and moved to us, on round 6. Truth, 1500 meters his so and not have receded. Passed even a bit time and even the kind fish, that remained, starters capricious, was it. Had to utonshitsya until defence wakes up aggressivity 3000.00 and hook # 20. On negotiate yet another zabrose, suddenly big poklyovka, something severe slow bucks. Recall yesterday “defence wakes up aggressivity, carefully’ve worked friktsionom, 'm letting go drag rear course and as tips fingers be standing take out a simpatichneyshego sudachka on 1.2 pounds. Thank you ZAVu for support and on time the removed tackle. Cachaca and gets again for triviality, which raze not wanted podsekatsya. Template: User ru reaches chub grams on 600. Give in advance zagotovlennyy a long ceasing with large crocheted and pyatkom oparyshey, minutes fifteen have been arguing seduce modicum any golavlika. Not broke a, again't seek way to reel in modicum any gustyorku / plotvichku / casualties. A flock many uklei and an opportune ceasing sow for couple of minutes until finish. Weighs me, 2620, 63 imaginations. Weighs ZAVa, 2,100. Yesterday electoral loss I finally, have us on four bala, skloubeni results zone A. Ivan Taranov (footballer) there the third,, too, four bala, but have him catches povesomey. With lichkoy understandable, and that in team? Vanya unsuccessfully gave. Roma, too,, again not was lucky with a, fell in yesterday sector Boeva with pile semitrailer on bottom. Lyov the jerk reneged for has but Virchenko gave not so aptly as yesterday. Increasingly it turned out only when on pedestal free has remained only one there's a step. Our with Roma)

Ah very intriguing have the plot. Until the last was it is unclear, as develops a 80bln table.
Mass of Washington organizers and all participants, glad d all meet on next for competitions.
Thank you ZAVu, my neighbor in both –, for fun fight and a pleasant company.
A separate thank you my partner, the line Perepelitse, for hard fight in complex conditions.
Until meeting on a fishing trip!)


A small set of photos



All Hi! A special - participants KDO-2012)
'll interject announces Max and & download, about how as and that they cast

About'd be tricks and ulovakh on fidernykh for competitions

Transition in photo album on clique while on the picture, a pleasant viewing! Just - 70 photo)

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