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Zhitomir eXtreme fishng Fest 2015

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Respected fly fishermen!
We invite you to accept participation in festival "Zhitomir Extreme fishng Fest" fishing club ZhRK on it catching fish on company tackle with's distant zabrosom (match-Bichon Frise) and fiderom, which will mark 22 November 2015 on water feature the Grouse at the county beach (gidropark)

Location conducting on a map

About conducting festival "Zhitomir Extreme fishng Fest 2015" fishing club ZhRK

1. Goal and tasks
Contest ???? with goal:
nurture cautious relations to nature and harmonious development personality;
raising fishing of excellence participants in poplavochnykh and fidernykh disciplines;
compare efficiency-zabrosa floater and fidera on it catching passive fish;
reveal strongest.
propaganda healthy way of life and popularize fishing sport in Zhytomyr area.

2. Organization and holding contest
The general governance preparation and the hardest to competition servesfishing club ZhRK.

3. Timeline and place conducting festival
Festival "Zhitomir Extreme fishng road of Fes 2015" fishing club ZhRK , on it catching fish poplavochnoy and as snastyu in personal 80 of is conducted on a reservoir the Grouse at the county beach (gidropark) in 1 tour, the duration 4 hours.

4. Participants competition
To participate in for competitions are permitted all wishing to, podtverdivshie their participation in for competitions until 20.11.2015g. The total number of participants not limited.

5. Rules conducting competition
5.1. Resolved basis that is one poplavochnoy snastyu (match, Bichon Frise) or fiderom with one crocheted. Impose only with reel! Fideristy and poplavochniki compete in different zones.
Number of cordages collected on Bank not limited. The nozzle sitch without restrictions.
5.2 availability of benign charge a long not less 1 Dam - necessarily;
5.3 In laps. Go all species fish any size;
5.4 All here on for competitions fish after weighting released (let off).

6. Regulations contest
22 November wood.
Hour fits Registration
August 30, 2007-1050 Logon in zone, preparation
09.50- Zakorm
10.00 - START;
14.00 -FINISh, weighing up the,s. Ukha
14.30 Coordinator, awarding winners, closing festival.

7. Definition of results
Definition of results in weight & chips that gets picked fish.

8. Costs
Ribolovniy club ZhRK bears costs associated with organization and the hardest to competition;
Registration collection with participants competition 60 Grzywna (. (On ear).

10. The applications
Bid must contain:
F. I. O. Stakeholder

Preliminary the applications are served to 20 November wood. In this the Frost Forum either on the telephone:
0931227557 Taras
0936001067 Dmitri.



+ 1 Sribnyy Nikolai (feeder) :rain:



Registering the:

1. Woodpecker Taras - your fishing bobber
2. Vityuk Ivan - your fishing bobber
3. Begerskiy Dmitri - your fishing bobber
4. Vonsovich Sergei - feeder
5. A. Troyanovsky Denis - feeder
6. Khalimonchuk Yuri - feeder
7. Sribnyy Nikolai - feeder
8. Dzyubak Igor - your fishing bobber
9. Lobachev Andrei - feeder
10. Malenovskiy Vlad - feeder
11. Sachinskiy Paul - feeder
12. Koval Andrei - feeder

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Respected participants competition (of Zhytomyr) convincing request until 20.11.2015 pay premiums on ear and other treats!
Pay premiums can be either Tarasu (Music "Rybatski tsatski), either me under personal meeting!



-spender festival - company flagship of the



Yesterday tournament "Zhytomyr linked" past without extreme weather, but in friendly & roll standing! All participants remained happy with, especially winners in nomination your fishing bobber and feeder. In this year company flagship granted prizes on this tournament and participants had to to push even harder in it catching careful fish!
Me as the organizing unfortunately swim fish particularly once was, increasingly time helped selecting laureate preparation and control the most process preparations caldrons and traditions.
In nomination feeder won Sribnyy Nikolai, to the same catches and big Fisch tournaments in gift received feeder sherman pro 3: 30 and ready to prikormki for Cold water Ready Mix.
In nomination your fishing bobber the best was the most young a participant Evgeni Babsky Andrei and in gift received matchevuyu coil skvadron match 3,500 (before these a month ago he same won matchevoe place it on 3 st stage the tournament ZhRK).
Want express lasting gratitude sponsor companies flagship of the for support globally televised tournaments in Zhytomyr and special lasting gratitude Alexey Pashukevichu! So same want thank of our cooks Uncle Vityu "daddy out" for a gourmet ear and Sasha for barbecue!



On weekends had very large pleasure to participate on festival Zhytomyr extreme. Before festival not broke a work out, and I decided to get somethin 'its proven composition prikormki. On the evening, before festival, not startled among reserves grinding halt after prikormki, freaked out and made a sauce Brickhouse mixture of from all, that --something under hand. Under hand engulfed black a dace in , is biscuit a dace in , bream Royal in and Lake pro kompetishn from flagship. All of this I still watered down clay Lake is biscuit and Lake black from Tarik. (the second time not will be able repeat this composition :D)
On start zakormil four trough on secondary distance and five on round 6, began enleve with average. The first poklevka was bass on 40 th minute. Added very, accelerated the pokormil, and process went Blicca bjoerkna, podleschik sometimes perebivayuschie bass. In the early poklevki were barely distinguishable. But thanks to gentle kvivertipu and ukorochennomu put a leash on a poklevki have become more clear. Failures in Cleves almost not was, and I on not cater, but confidently behaved to win. Aware of, that I on festival, and not on Sally, I not I got worked up, not thought about competition. And not despite little bitty stinging rain :rain:, routinely received from fishing pleasure. I and not expected, that receiving [kayf], I still and few prizes from sponsor flagship for first place and nomination big Fisch. For me this was super closing season! After official parts of closing season, all small have shifted to the informal-eating caldrons with super secret sorry addition of from Bati and takeover bids traditions made Sasha. Celebration worked, and we honoured have closed this season. Thank a permanent sponsor zhitomirskikh competition company the flagship of the for valuable prizes (especially for feeder sherman pro 3: 30). Thank you organizers Vodka the woodpecker Tarasu and Begerskomu Dima. Thank you our Internship Service uncle Whyte "Bata", and Alex. And of course same thank you all participants festival, who not scared nor rain, nor low temperature and not despite nor on what forecasts Ah, this is great, arrived for my this festival.



Good fellows, guys! :cool:
Not despite pessimistichnoe mood, until the last hoped, that be on this venue. But force-Majeure at work contributed their readjustments and I remained without weekends. In any case I with you and with their anti-imperialist already hardly'm going to part.
I congratulate winners and until meeting on water in next season!


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