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Karp on feeder

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Hedin wrote:

Fox Warrior system 12 just, 3 mikronization.

Dimka their sold and season not surviving a challenge :( only 3.5 and 13 just. Says oak. Sonics him more appealed :dontknow:

I they throwing good and fish vyvazhival. Stick as stick. I would eiaee :flag: But I OK not a purist,.

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Viva, very appealed SONIK sk4 Common Address Redundancy Protocol ROD12 ", 3.5 a1,600., after Fox Warrior S 13", 3.5 a1,600. Simply as the :cool:, until 136 flushed, cargo 120 "grape". (On because of the counter) my record. Wand kiduchie, not dubinistye as Foxes varior, then add a thin the form, convenient coil holder of. There is have them 2.75 mikronization, for not very distant competitors and Gloria are fishing simply pestnya! :flag:
For their gave 1295grn / Tennessee
Reform. Dealer in Ukraine 0990221221 Vladimir Mazepa, call, increasingly popular opinion attributes. By the way he sends stick for test, can order different and determine, that in hand will be borne.



Ah normally you my purchases such poo :D.
3 mikronization like not cola, try in short.



Some chief Sunny Jim was laid from companies Grace and opened production Sonic camping on Untangle essentially the same Grace, but for smaller money! Hhardware the entire Fuji.

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DIMASIKKr77 wrote:

Which something chief Sunny Jim was laid from companies Grace and opened production Sonic camping on Untangle essentially the same Grace, but for smaller money! Hhardware the entire Fuji.

Sonik SK4 even near Chub Outcast (old, not Pro) not was sprawled out, not to mention Greys. Sonik SK3 were significantly more interesting and can be was put in line of between Grace and chabom, but, unfortunately, their hard to find (old-style).
Hardware and on crocodile can be put, but better it from this not will become.

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Debate here is thus meaningless, whom chaby, greysy, Foxes, and whom and Sonics. Question was the price-the quality of. I presented its opinion as -field-tester on sonikam.



DIMASIKKr77 wrote:

Sporit here is thus meaningless, whom chaby, greysy, Foxes, and whom and Sonics. Question was the price-the quality of. I presented its opinion as -field-tester on sonikam.

Excuse, me simply pleasing and statements: Chief as during is gone from companies, and made "its the blackjack table with whores", more cheap and awesome qualitative. "As during", perhaps, full specialist around the manufacturing and R & D process. Although on fact this the usual product manager - Tony Anderson recepted.

Incidentally, in its time sought precisely SK3, got called down with Bozhychi. Was several strange conversation, so as I wanted to precisely stick SK3, let and under Made to Order. But have them commanded any the bar (with British partners, and they received stick only from Taiwan (or China, accurately not remember, but like TW), but type this one and the same stick, and at all SK4 better. The British same said that yes, can send stick directly, but through usw members at refused. Spharischen looked I on this picture, understood that not with whom there to speak, and bought the first their chabiki autkasty (the price cheaper withdrew, than sonik sk4) in sportfishinge, and after already through this same sportfishing ordered and a couple Greys Stalker whatever 7ft. And on alone and on other realistically works unconditional the lifelong guarantee of. Familiar broken on zabrose stick (without overload) through 4 year use, sportfishing adopted its on the table, confirmed suppose to in during days, and immediately returned new udilishche.

PS: This I to what impossible trust brand have which official representatives not can normally fulfill their duties (to Vladimir no claims, went badly so not request). The same the most hell is that incidentally and to Maveru.

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Prichine as increasingly is difficult, in is year autumn Lviv karpovyy club been an option for pokidushki on expanding and the accuracy of.
Think in this year will, most time for "pozhburlyat" different rods.
Think Paul By should you suggest the-help.



VIVA wrote:

Comrades karpyatniki!
Advise karpovoe udilishche optimal on correlation of the price / the quality of. Such itself substitute for fidera dura-Ace Bistmaster.
Ah and the coil what normal?

ESP Paragon different the ratio the price the quality of. Concern Drenan - ESP … _rods.html
Daiwa Crosscast X and S … stage.html



лёша wrote:

Prichine as increasingly is difficult, in is year autumn Lviv karpovyy club been an option for pokidushki on expanding and the accuracy of.
Think in this year will, most time for "pozhburlyat" different rods.
Think Paul By should you suggest the-help.

Not, is not difficult! Me Valery Ananiv at all gave a unique insight now advice - harvest fiderami ekstrakhevikami Dutch Master. Nourished German would still three days time on fishing trip I not can find the money :D yes and with fiderom some as already learned be governed.

But would still all thank you for advice. Until alighted on two versions: Budget … 50lb.html/
And the average: … 75lb.html/ in 12.6 feet away.

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Viva, simply advice. Not launching Chub Outcast Plus. "Kitayschinoy" gives very strongly. Try find such same only from straoy collections chabov, with hands buy can be cheaply, but with Lite-test hard-find, have us they not particularly popular were, usually 3.25-3.5lb all. And if not certainly - ah then already better a couple Greys, not despite price, the quality of and pleasure from these St - on perform well! This clean paraboliki, they softer, not such rapid, as Foxes and camping on P., but and respectively they not such oak.
Ah and for order to terminally sure in as a that greysov that old chabov autkastov, couple "zapilennykh" and bayannykh video:


Chub Outcast (not Plus):



Little was word with on Feders. Now and on Karpov udilischam again 25 :crazyfun: :cool:



VIVA wrote:

Comrades karpyatniki!
Advise karpovoe udilishche optimal on correlation of the price / the quality of. Such itself substitute for fidera dura-Ace Bistmaster.
Ah and coil what normal?

And where harvest rallied? Whatever headings, mostly comfortable experience work? On any made it?
And at all - what experience in karpovoy it catching there is?
When choosing karpovoy stick in primarily make up your mind that you more important on karpovoy a fishing trip - an obscure impose or same as predisposition of udilishche? From this depends test and in some least build vybiraemoy you / you stick.
And still nyuans, quite ??? offers - length pruta, what comfortable experience hurl and vyvazhivat (mainly hurl). Here choice a small, mostly 3.60 and 3.90 (there is 3,66, 3,80 and totally but this of templates not so suchestvenno). Plus still and stalkerskie stick-3.0 and 3,30 with intelligence in 1,5lb, 1,75lb, 2.25 and 2,50lb.

All why something began to immediately concrete model advising.

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optimal on correlation of the price / the quality of

Most absurd the notion of in modern society.
I have in corner gathering dust for shiny new telescope for 120 Grzywna (disambiguation), the quality of as on such money vaasche-BOMB. And that with moreover? And if given that me his had been given so the ratio the price the quality of for me vaasche did an bomb!
Or can first need to would figure out what TsENU we are prepared give and then let us seek some free among alternative options in the same price range?
In my opinion, but my personal I.M.H.O.,.
PySy. And what unit measure such a ratio? :disappointed:
PySy2. Question rhetorical. :whistle:



Proposal on this branch-do emphasized tactics industrialized fishing carp in concrete conditions. Suppose-plan enleve carp on a wild a reservoir. Kind of cordage-method. Fish-sicles-such a. Time year-such the. My actions povyboru seats, prikormki, bdliny defence wakes up aggressivity such the. According to such conditions weather I sat to dam, in guzyr. Under termokline normally do that the the and the the. Saw problem in this-decided to thus. In general-more Nitty Gritty on action the fishing trainer and his reaction on those or other problems under it comes to shagging carp.



Yura north to start to discuss all that you higher wrote need for starters have information about sparse carp in a reservoir and his average size, and so same maximum. Here is then if 4-1-1 not Pyrrhic can be boldly start to discuss made yes as. And so this all with empty in porozhnee.

"Fish need harvest there where she there is" (with) :tomato:

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Here is and write about how, that eiaee on such a the a reservoir (hectares) ,-such a the, the species composition such the. Catching in koryazhnike, kamyshe, brovka and vast. Pressure, wind, level of water. Interestingly what the exit was made for decisions the or another problems (temporary, blanket beskleve). Exchange their know-how notions. Until not season. And on Spring-through their sheets. More practice! Think so, not how many of crystals Mohammed Mandi on form yours rods up. Raise would themes on Forum-daily allowance migration carp in a reservoir in time or another year. In general all what is happening across the from the fishing trainer in water. As the so.



Юра СЕВЕР wrote:

That and write about how, that catching on such a the a reservoir (

Ah as example. In the past year I eiaee the carp fish in five reservoirs.

Two dam this sports karpovye, where the main collateral success this the right the distance in awoke place and the right zakorm. -the servant-trophy-fish on these reservoirs a substantial, BUT she "puganaya" and your belly was fed. Therefore the main moment success this pick a prikormochnuyu program on that fish will respond. So as these retaions pixels exclusively under karpfishing to discuss their not makes sense on this Forum.

Another two dam, if borrow on English classifications this commercial retaions for matchfishinga where in including practice principle caught-release, in which pristustvuet varied fish taking home trophy size ranging from small fry and bream and ending the carp and-Amur Khabarovsk.

One body of water enough deep (to 5 meters in 20 fringes metres from Bank) and a small (zapruzhennyy ravine), of a fish spread it: Karp (in including and trophy), trophy White Amur, bream (more 1 kg, too, there is), large Crucian, Ling, tuna melt. From for specificity of pond (width in some places just meters 50) harvest accounted for or along reed on their Bank or under kamyshom on the opposite Bank. ???? fish on this a reservoir hard little animal and from-for this she extremely grudgingly reacts on zakorm than something unusual. Body of water-the puzzle, so I until that in the process his solutions to this, but fish the servant-trophy-there more than decently. As me seems the main moment this its sytost. Its there realistically perekarmlivayut, but all fishing on this a reservoir were despite, simply I understand, that potential have dam realistically more. The nozzle sitch # 1 - maize. On both: Boyle fish at all not reacts.

The second body of water diverse on deepness and beneath the. So in dependence from time year the most are efficient different seats on a reservoir. Spring fish is famously lovilas in Tail pond on depths until 2-'s meters and on ilistom bottom with grass, and than further to fall the more fish descended in a deep part of pond with seals like until 7-1930 meters with a net upside. ???? and on distance been observed similar the situation, if spring and summer distance there is not exceeded 40-pay meters, then autumn accounted for hurl already and on 80 meters. -fish big, BUT to to capture trophy copies of need to decently to feed. On dust mostly suited fish until 3-'s kg, and here is if paint a bullseye on something more serious without good zakorma cereals, pelletsom and boylami simply raze. The nozzle sitch for the servant-trophy-fish # 1 - Boyle, although fish to it was initially not reliable (little who on both: Boyle there but). On Amur river and dust is karasyu the nozzle sitch # 1 large PAC!

Another body of water this "a savage", truth in rent power, on which trophy carp and White Amur prefer to cling exclusively in koryazhnike, apparently they understand that if can set it on random their likely it (though on a reservoir acts system bonus if fish trophy room release), so canny and cautious eat meat ryp :crazyfun:. To count on success to do impose virtually in koryazhnik and sit near udilisch to operationally sreagirovta on poklevku. Even several-second dance delay will lead to bent - precipices (in the past year I missed two very serious spoils). Rsschityvat on the capture of a taking home trophy carp outside. Virtually futile. Karp until 3-'s kg enjoyed around the the pond mixture with a bream, karasem and plotvoy major. The nozzle sitch # 1 for taking home trophy carp Boyle! Karp smaller enjoyed on maize.

Ah roughly so real quick. Name increased the not give voice. Not in my rules. This forum as me seems not for moreover was created to to identify the "WHERE are biting" :flag: :crazyfun:

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There is question "almost on topic." Under it catching carp (and not necessarily carp) with distant Optim, many (korpyatniki) use brick your fishing bobber.
They break through bottom, and after as point alternatives are raising your fishing bobber, further zabrosy geared on this the marker. This allows clearly to see point industrialized fishing and very conveniently work on this point without use clips that in turn allows have a bang on this with with the locomotive. I to what give a one-- far you peanut rigging relatively markernogo floater? Deal in is that if he’clearly on him with a small ?????? in I might go (left-right on meter) the times with 10-15 th necessarily do the jimmying as such markernogo floater and my point. After this account for on a new bombarding the marker zaklipsovannyy on grinding halt after distance there is on path orientiru. Raspugivaya thereby fish.

On Dnieper River, zaplyval on boat and were dissing on bottom building block with tied on a rope empty bottle, and near in a meter from "buoy" dumped the build prikormki. A bottle of operate as the some Marker on which was guided under zabrose, here zatsepov less but increasingly same they have place be. Interestingly hear from experienced - who as struggles with problem piece of fastening. Thank you.

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Fiestvod wrote:

I to what give a one-- far you peanut rigging relatively markernogo floater

Will the right thing would have say "far you put snap relatively zakorma."

7.10. There is two options. Squarely on zakorm and for zakorm (or until zakorma in cases when had forced is fought not on the sidelines. In the first case you can catch a mostly fish the smaller (ah for specifically fact dam. In the second case for zakormom enjoyed more's aging trophy fish, so as she prefers to collect on the edge of fodder. This a consequence 1949-1969 poimok and otpuskaniy ah or were zhiznenyy experience suggests fish that such a freebie. - not just chafed. :crazyfun:

???? sometimes 10-15 meters for zakormom this the Hood, and the and further. But under this need to to nozzle of promoted an additional tota. Both: Boyle on Supreme ah or the gelva stick. Ah or the gelva package with pelletsom. Ah or were on method are known fodder, and zakorm need it come to for order to began Train in place industrialized fishing. And fish not was leaving far, i.e. rotate in is place. All I.M.H.O.,!

Can I and not rights. Not third strictly.

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Fiestvod wrote:

nteresno hear from experienced - who as struggles with problem piece of fastening.

I the other simply - inhalations, memory and your fishing bobber I have under it catching not is swinging :dontknow: Even more. Your fishing bobber I'm using only for order to find place appropriate. Then I klipsuyus and on spode am running under clip-on earring the same distance. So zakorm I have goes accurately in one seat. Accurately so same can be zaklipsovat workers stick and after the heel zabrosov is obtained moisture to cargo with precision + -5 meters (that is why I believe that better to all rods up and coils were same assessment), and then to lift as such with clips. For control on workers my own rods on a fishing line can be to leave placemark karandashem for of calm helping.

If is happening “any cordage reconstitute distance easier simple rastyanuv on Bank as such marker.

Ah roughly such thought. The marker leave in water under it catching this moreover not moreover. Only when need the marker in water this under zakorme 5322991 or cobra. But him there constantly hang out not necessarily need to simply continue to cast until on time zakorma and then old rope-a-. Ah or were pritaplivat his during industrialized fishing.

In general whom as conveniently the so and makes.

Yes and at all skurpuleznogo answer to this question there is no. All depends on conditions industrialized fishing. Yes many from what all depends.

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Large thank you Roma for the answer. When "the Bank" relatively not far the the marker as vіdmіtka grinding halt after distance there is not need in principle camping on K. Lack other guidance and when is fought basis that is on created 700GA the Bank visible only in very a good weather and the on how Bank field - very difficult navigate. Impose on marker very comfortable in terms of training accuracy ah yes okay, perhaps the right will moisture to snap further left than that or more to the right on distance 5mi meters from marker. About size fish - agree, zakarmlival parachute on one distance there is and tried to made there same harvest yes as the no matter, after as perekidyval zakormochnoe blot on 10 meters routinely received good poklevki carp until 3160) bottom there truth finer and homogeneous. Broke a that zakorm 5322991 until 65 meters and basis that is with 80 fringes. More just concern that in any moment can be hooking off under water markernuyu rigging yes and fish can for him lead the rigging and tickles really boring vyvazhivaniya fish together with the entire in River Kymi



Romeo wrote:

Perhaps I and not rights. Not third strictly.

As the me, then very even rights. For example, under it catching carp with kormushkami "method" on two rods up, one the feeder Masonic on coarse blot, and second, with right complement-num-num (type boylika) - further left than that (more to the right) and further on 10-15m, with not necessarily in one thing and the same place. In a result, typically, on zakormochnom blind nibble intense, perezabrosy (dokormka) more often, fish more but the size of the its less. And at the second udilishche poklevki are less common, but bonuses vletayut much more often. Brick your fishing bobber with such tactics need only for launch zakorma, if not like it or diffrent his together with bonus. On job udilishche, for preserving distance there is fishing, enough be remembered number of gather steam; coils until coarse spills. The second udilishche is in able free-search around coarse spills, and gives opportunity to experiment with prikormkoy, nozzles and camping on P.

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In this season decided to under it comes to shagging carp on feeder very large attention paid pelletsu in as a prikormki for fletok. On this moment am in searching for route chart is being mikropelletsa with appropriate for this characteristics. Prices such pellets from European producers morally kill o.o.

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With this Aw, that's sad :disappointed: I in "economy-package sizes" (2kg +) micro-pelletsy (1-2mm) not met :dontknow:
Have Carpio there is Khalibutand ATC code A16AA06 Greenein size 2mm. But only in pre-packing on 900gr. But the price not much below what same Fonz.
There is still have Carpio Halibut sticks baja potencia 3mmin packaging 900gr and hazardous waste bins on 3kg and 7kg. But I this product not has tried :dontknow:
Like as Karp 352 in his the catalogue-2013 showed pelletsy in 2mm. But, too, in package sizes on 800gr. So that on "byudzhetnost" count not particularly account for. If anything can on spring the exhibition "Hunt and fishing" will more the big info on this product.

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I saw have Skyrocket pellets 2 mm. But me seems that the rugged pellets (in one donetskom no clothing left shupal), which not will be shaped by of salad on fletke. Who has tried his? Ca there is an exact 4-1-1!

The price something for 50 Grzywna (. For 1 kg if memory not changes.

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Me as something not request with "kleeniem" micro-pelletsov only expense of their softening point - the not hit on me, then razlazilis in bag for :dontknow: Don’t was confidence that with good zabrose pellets together with fletom okazhutsya in one point :D “I don’t safer was in them stick a bit promoted for of polyurethane.



The main thought, that need pellets, which can be use WITHOUT stick :flag: so and think that need something that with processing circulating well on the edge of razmyagchaetsya. And dozen 2-2.5 mm :idea:

For example on 1 kg pelletsa buzanul grams 200-300 syrup a similar. He "It expanded" minutes through 15 and forward with pestnyami.

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I has tried roketovskiy. Written that time of disintegration 2-3 hours in describing
Has lain I have hour in water (specifically deserted in a bucket) - tverdovat
Can if) inject.



Used here is such 4 mm
Basis like fishing, slightly everyone aromtizirovan. Is famously stuck in flety and fish couldn't speak highly well, couple of times way under full glushnyake. The price the bad)


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