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SHIMANO. Fidery class LIGHT

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At the request Normarka, conceived cycle articles sensitive sensoring equipment combined subject products fidernogo direction companies Shimano. The first article already withdrew in magazine "Rybolov Ukraine" # 3. Naturally these same articles d vykladavat on your Court and here. Not third strictly, for "dryness", but needed the organization in in taking some but. Under this I sought to, to avowedly advertising was smaller.
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And so itself article

"Seriously catching on feeder I began engage more 10 years ago and as me seems, reached in this the form of industrialized fishing quite good results, in including, and in sporting event feeder.
I a big fan Trade Mark Shimano and not, only because, that with before period year am member of team Normark on fideru. Its positive opinion about this Trade Deutschemark I received even 5-6 years ago, this in no small extent contributed to educators the study of products and technical characteristics this Mark, and so same numerous reviews from buyers. On Serka day I can with Ukraya certitude say, that on the for as it comes to shagging firms trading DM Shimano ranks first. Among fidernykh udilisch this trading DM densely took a their positions where, with one hand can properly compete with known e.t.c. brands, and sdrugoy hand densely took a political udilisch in average price range. Constantly spend the testing and tackle shop, the results which is posted on several fishing forums. This material this the first magical article from cycle articles, which will help, as beginners rybolovam, so and rybolovam with-serving autocrat orient in assortment companies Shimano on as it catching. This cycle articles will include the review as coils, so and fidernykh udilisch.
Today talk about the most lung fiderakh class Light in order rises from budgetary series. Speech goes about models, which easily find in sale in stores Ukraine.
Laytovye rods up Shimano designed to industrialized fishing different a white fish lungs, kormushkami on a small distance there is. Length all laytovykh udilisch Shimano equal 3,35 Dam with test 70 grams. If these 70 grams translate on actual weight, then maximally comfortable zabrasyvaemyy weight trough equals 40 utmost grain,, and comfortable the distance industrialized fishing is about 40 meters. Although continue to cast until can be much further and greater weight, but better udilishche not reload. Also in some series there is model with got twin variable-.

The most molodsha model class Lite from line of fidernykh udilisch Shimano. Under creating udilisch this series of teetered task offer for enough small money fully-fledged feeder. Naturally, not
Go off without austerity. This has been illustrated in the form of kit from two vershinok (kviver-types of), input which is spun glass. With one hand, this austerity, and with the other such done much more sensitive than their more expensive moderated reactors fellow brethren. So even an anemic poklevki capricious fish not will remain unremarked. Also had to save Ina material letterhead. He is made from graphite XT30. Despite the, that this the most budgetary model in lineup, external kind of have enough attractive. This model equipped full-fledged probkovoy raczka and quality manufacturers with fittings. This feeder is famously be appropriate beginners rybolovam for unhurried thoughtful industrialized fishing different fish.

Ranging with this model already arrived some pristine a family trait,s inherent the main most part more expensive fidernykh udilisch Shimano. This and geometry letterhead, and type of handles, and katushkoderzhatel. Type of removable vershinok such same, as have more expensive series. But despite this, a series of Vengeance is even relatively inexpensive. This is expressed in using graphite TX30 and in staff the two changeable vershinkami. Under this, as and all rods up Shimano, this feeder very qualitatively is made and not causes no issues on this about. The combination of low automatic letterhead and use of nizkomodulnogo graphite has led, that udilishche broke a quite... Kind of gelatinous under vyvazhivanii fish, that cannot be not be noted, as positive factor. Negative side such a a combination of is that udilishche broke a enough lapshistym under zabrose. This a series of can be recommend Italiensk for Begyndere and not too demanding fishermen.

Shimano Catana CX Feeder Lignt.
In this series of is beginning to be the message a new concept in geometry letterhead, which first time in firm Shimano was used on already "KMP BLITS" with production series of NEXAVE. The crux of the this conception in is, that thanks to a new geometry letterhead rods up on authoritarianism succeeded the more rapid unlike more senior series with slow, averagely - slow marched. Ranging with udilisch this series of in replenishing already includes not two, and three removable done. Previous generation fidernykh udilisch CATANA have become, on truth, popular independent, this were the most sold series of, (shovel on very a wide circle buyers. Producer under draft this series of added additional capacity, so, and actual zabrasyvaemyy weight this rods up have several higher. Aside from model with standard-there is model and with got twin variable-. Have this model constructively present ad hoc footnotes (prolonga). Breaking down the this prolongu, we can hitch up her feeder until length 2,74 Dam and in fact monetize this udilishche in Picker. On todays day this the most powerful laytovyy feeder from line of Shimano. He perfectly analogy as for industrialized fishing a white fish, so and for industrialized fishing an and carp on paid gills. This place it comes complete three vershinkami mere 0.5, 1 and 1.5 ounces of. In version with got twin variable-set of vershinok several a different - 0.75, 1 and 2 ounces of.

Shimano Beastmaster BX Feeder Light.
About this model like would to talk to the separately. If a series of Catana can be called popular a series of, then a series of Beastmaster can be called the most successful a series of around the most prestigious modeling agencies a range of. Very good the combination of geometry letterhead with bones of resin in fluctuates XT60 has led, that in end have, perhaps, the most hardy a form across lineup. Under this using more vysokomodulnogo graphite XT60 povleyalo on the, that under zabrose in fact fell through Parazitnye fluctuations, i.e. preventing "lapshistost" virtually rolled off on there is no. Body of super these faktorokh led to, that this model, on weaponry, took many athletes-fideristy Ukraine and not only. And after all, have bolshenstva athletes demands to characteristics udilisch, often, very high. Naturally, and have places this udilishche gained the most a high assessment of. On outcomes past year this was most notion place it among udilisch class Light. This place it comes complete three vershinkami mere 0.5, 1 and 1.5 ounces of. So same, as and in previous series of, here there is model with got twin variable-( 2.74 - 3.35m), kit vershinok 0.75, 1 and 2 ounces. Thanks to its different work in both number this model received such same the spread of among athletes and places, as and model with fiksirovanoy-.
The price plus excellent characteristics, my recommendation.

Shimano Speedmaster AX Feeder Light.
With one hand this model from - for prices already cannot be call mass, model surgical on izyskanogo and demanding buyer, with other hand this perhaps the most high-tech and interesting a series of from just model series of fidernykh udilisch Shimano class "Light."
In this series of producer resigned from the traditional "spidmasterovskogo" rapid by building, in favor of more any by building, camping on E. The entire focus made on ability to pounder as can be more "knitting" fish. If say in other words, then more parabolichnyy build allows under more subtleties osnastkakh much easier cope with major fish tank. Body of such a by building and very light letterhead (grams) on dignity estimate many athletes and on this Speedmaster AX Light on for competitions on fideru can be enough often.
Ranging with this model in kit enters tube for transportation, that even times underscores high class this series of. Another comfortable feature of this series of is Complectaion rings in titanium frames pinned. Such rings easier ordinary rings and fixation their on the form promotes more rapid "it" letterhead after zabrosa. In other words, with more easy showerbooth rings, under zabrose manee are indebted Parazitnye fluctuations letterhead.

Shimano Antares BX Feeder Light.
An upper-level a series of udilisch companies Shimano. In these my own rods embodied all the most advanced technology Rod building. Fidery Antares are equipped with excellent manufacturers with fittings Fuji and manufactured by East from vysokomodulnogo graphite XT250LRC with low bones of resin and material Biofibre. This allowed producer create unique on their characteristics the form. Capacity and elegance of here is how in might be characterized this feeder. The quality of enforcement every rods up above lauding. This not simply fishing pole, this present the art. my personal opinion this the best laytovoe udilishche, which me ever accounted for keep in the hands of. On a fishing trip don, that feeder is worth their money. This the form so the thin and easiest, that not want issue his out of the hands. On zabrosakh place it is behaving very predictably. So-called soplivosti there is no at all. The optimal weight empty trough 40 grams. On vyvazhivanii udilishche perfectly predisposition of all tugging fish, that positively is bad for efficiency. I have with this fiderom skhodov there is no at all. Sensitivity vershinok great. Their in goes three 0.5 1 - 1.5 Oz. This well enough even with it comes to shagging very careful fish. Udilishche is famously suited for speed industrialized fishing the most different fish, but more all, I like his work on leschu and plotve. This an indispensable tool the right athlete-fiderista. "



[b]Feederals organs is 74dobriy narodzhennya are no zapitati you have because on rakhunok Vibora fdera-of Lite vibirayu microchips speed ? beast master BX. 2012 season vdlovivsya pkerom nekseyv 2 70 the result dovolniy, oaia? want shos-of Lite, after iiaea aooe ye fder klasichniy parabolk so ? shos type takzvanogo na?aaiuiai aeo?iae shvidkogo by building.
? klasichnim Beast master all clear ? your opisv, and from speed master opisu not znayshov.

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and from speed master opisu not znayshov.

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Shimano Speedmaster AX Feeder Light.


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