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Help in great need of repair rods up Shimano

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Has acquired here on day birth itself udilishche Shimano catana 3.6-4.2, and have him here is such marriage
Modicum varnish on the ring in the first (a replacement) the knee.
Otherwise not want because that the price very the good, the more in length of his 4.2 judging by past seasons yet to not more 3-4 fishing trips in year.
So here is exactly question than this drop at the can be to remove?
The first thought was natfilkom cautiously get shaved down and from above buff right out. But can there is other ways?



I would not touched at all, nothing to acquire terrible in this not see



And that knife replace not has tried?? Nadfil, too, shed, only not Kala :mad:
Text or than you leader was coming ring cause very :canthearyou: Wu him hardness increases; this-mother not sound so glum, nadfilem not is a scratcher.



Until about concrete instruments for this repairs not was conceived, only on the morning took away udilishche came home brought together, and here Hi, such, upset. Like and not leader was coming tossing handfuls "for horizon", and suddenly will need.



I would took something type plastic maps and, huge specific effort, tried to would scrape it off varnish. Even as option to freeze (ah little whether) and then to remove.



If simply replace fear thorny the brink chips will package must prepare the fishing line (pletnyu).



Epoxy to polished the surface rings not stick afterwards pleasantly, modicum get killed doing it :dontknow: A the surface, which making contact with chef of, shershavaya- and even with it acute knife glue destabilized.


8 wrote:

thorny the brink chips

Oh, that hurts, chief of. Steel do Skol on monolithic abrazive- :canthearyou:



Yes not zamarachivaysya for zabrosa and vyvazhivaniya I think this a drop nothing not will give and there glyadish over time the very won or svyknishsya



On advice Antrate and sedative messages Mike about how that epoksitka not Jessup after you to the rings took plastic map and soskobil "collection of pus."
All thank you for nebayduzhist!


11 wrote:

But can there is other ways?

Russia of nozhnichkami neatly destabilized! Keyboard is thus sposbom not times. Try and not worry about :flirt:



Obsessive-compulsive disorder fish-maniacs. :D
Subsequent his in 1,85, under a magnifying glass, and the entire okay?.
How the konveernaya, here is and fly tank.
Sometimes and with letterhead wait until account for, sometimes rings "splutter", the same're trying to cut.
A new always need finalize the, yes and together and to do is to rub his, warm us in the hands of, soul in him its invest need. :)



Good narodzhennya. Not want stvoryuvati iiao subject write here. Oglyadayuchi fder pobachiv when "a scratch," on ostannomu koln (eoae vstavlyatsya kvvertip in nizhny the). On sklki sufficiently dire struck podryapina? Potrbno renovating aeacoaaoe i ?? Thank you.



Mature can to answer only rodbilder (the repairman) having looked live.
Likely nothing terrible, but for complacency need to eliminate, :)



Thank you.



Oleg D wrote:

potrbno renovating aeacoaaoe i ??

If breach detected there is no, simply a scratch, then nothing terrible.
But in principle, can be cute bandazhik on anyone-for Appeasement souls.


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